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Bancor has got a lot of hype lately and for good reason as its TVL and trading volume has been skyrocketing. While its TVL continues to grow faster than uniswap and sushi on account of its succesful single sided staking pools, right now its still very undervalued simply using Fully Diluted Valuation/TVL

Uniswap: 6.32
Sushi: 1.53
Bancor: 0.81

This could very easily see a 2-4x from here. Not only is it way cheaper based on current TVL, its growth rate is also a lot higher.

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Not to mention, unlike Sushi and UNI tokens which are basically made for the sole purpose of dumping, BNT has actual use cases.
Not that I'm holding a lot, I'm just staking my profits from 200k USDC and 100k DAI. Measly 3k BNT here

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15k bnt reporting in. added 4k into genderswap pool yesterday

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BNT tokenomics much better than sushi, and in particular UNI which has zero value capture right now.

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The longer BNT stays cheap the longer we get high returns.

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just sold 100k

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What is the suicide/make it stack?

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Literall mooning rn
I guess 1k/10k kind of works

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back to 1b

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For a $1M payday, prolly active 1000BNT

You can make it other ways. Find out what you think the value of two maybe three earned BNT a day and LIVE off that in the very foreseeable future.

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bancor truly is bluechip in the sense that if/when defi goes into the next level then retardedly high valuations really will be possible

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I can’t see us making it with just 1000 bnt - that means 150x from now right? We need 20x to beat uniswap mcap which would value a bnt at about 130. Maybe 10k make it stack?

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I hope you’re right fren. I’m going to hold these as long as I need to

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another day of waiting for burn mechanism and arbitrum

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not just beating UNI, but absorbing it's value
at least we're making bancs in the meantime

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True. I love it. Bancor gives me an erection.

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Eh I put it around 400 each being conservative

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just accumulate what you can

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Bancor and Galia are not interchangable

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Problem with all these things is that their is a burden of knowledge barrier. This is why exchanges work. You put fiat in, get coin. UNI, BNT, etc. not for the average normie, and probably will not skyrocket in value any time soon until it is made more user friendly.

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i agree with this, but i think given how much the crypto sphere is driven by influencers (both shills and legit), we could see people learning about advantages of bancor sooner than expected

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You guys think pic rel will pass?

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There’s a new UI coming soon, along with Arbitrum and vBNT burning. This thing could pop

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Yes and we want it to

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I have a question about the staking rewards on bancor. Namely, do you get them constantly or do you get them when the current contracts run out? (8 days from now for a bunch of them)

Essentially what I'm asking is, are staking rewards being sold constantly or will they be unlocked for dumping 8 days from now?

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>>30036077 (checked)
Nice, this is my comfiest hold so far.

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shit scam pajeet

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yes. grt will become a giant pool too and hopefully we can inflate uni pool to the point where it has more volume than a pool on uni dex itself

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Rewards are paid in real time. The reward period is almost certain to be extended as well, so if you’re staked you will continue to accrue rewards

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You get them constantly, but you're incentivized to not dump them regularly because of IL protection timer and rewards multiplier + now is not the time to sell imo.

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I hope you are right
I am still accumulating
Only 3k bnt so.far

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>inflate uni pool to the point where it has more volume than a pool on uni dex itself
Kek. That would be some juicy PR tho.

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making the uni pool with LM rewards is the biggest development in the last month in terms of BNT growth potential imo. in a couple of months a quarter of the uni supply will be stuck in bancor lol and people will start to realise "wait a second this is a dex just like uni why don't i just use this instead"

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as long as btc doesn't shit the bed this is a no brainer $50 coin by eoy.

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And if there's a new UI and 50x lower gas fees when they start to pour over, it's going to be a hell of a show.

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Anon check out $MCM
They are gonna rock soon.

> No investments
> no ico
> original concept

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no room in the UNI pool
gonna have to restake some rewards to make room hehe

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Maybe, but Staking 1000 BNT could be 4000 BNT after 2 years and active compounding.
Long term investments in this space to most, are like 6 months, but offline 2 years is almost short term.

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Is there a way to figure out when is the best time to compound?
I was thinking every 6 months or so but there must be a calculation that shows the most proffitable time frame.

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I suppose that completely depends on how much reward you’ve had. However with arbitrum you will be able to compound for pennies. And they’ve hinted that once arbitrum is released they’ll look into autocompounding

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Don't forget that every time you claim then you loose your reward multiplier

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Is this a good time to jump in BNT ??
I have $1200 to invest.
The fees to stake are going to be crazy to get in no ?
Buying ETH on binance <= fees
Swapping ETH for BNT
Sending BNT to metamask <= fees
Stacking BNT <= fees
Is there a better way ?

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You could buy then wait for arbitrum

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Arbitrum should hopefully be released in the next few weeks. That’ll make staking 50x more affordable.

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used to use binance but they're getting real cheeky now, withdrawals are too expensive. i've gone back to coinbase, you can actually buy bnt with fiat on there.

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It’s tempting to get in now.. thinking about selling my XLM stack for this

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On coinbase I can buy directly BNT, so I will avoid some fees.
And then to transfer from coinbase to metamask ? Is not that expensive from wallet to wallet no ?

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coinbase > metamask - not very expensive
metamask > bancor - gas is super expensive. haven't done it lately but may cost you a couple of hundred bucks. try to work out what time of the day gas is cheapest in your part of the world, before you transact.

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in case you didn't know
you send your fiat to coinbase via bank transfer
then transfer fiat to coinbase pro

don't buy bnt directly from coinbase

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Thanks mate, I’ll buy and hold on metamask before it moons and transfer to Bancor when it will be worth it.
$1200 of bnt not worth paying $150 on gas

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I didn’t use coinbase since 2017.
Why not buying directly BNT with credit card ?

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Fingers crossed arbitrum is released in March and you can stake very cheaply

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I would imagine it is based on how long someone plans on staking. As well you can snipe a new listing and get 300% for a day or 3. Might pay or the gas fee.

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Don't mind me, just casually breaching 1 billion TVL in crab market

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>I didn’t use coinbase since 2017.
me neither, but now they have a lot more tokens
haven't checked lately but i think coinbase charges about 4%
so you should use coinbase pro, which is a proper kind of exchange

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>which is a proper kind of exchange
GDAX bros...

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Why March? Is there any info on a tentative release date?

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Once my 1400 can all get staked I can make about 6 a day once the multipliers hit. Is it really this easy to make it?

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Nothing public, they’re being quiet. You occasionally see comments from the team along the lines of “watch this space”.
I say March because it’s been on testnet since January.

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It's so beautiful how it left BTC, so sick of everything tracking what BTC does to the second.

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I love how it decoupled from BTC. So tired of seeing everything else track BTC to the second.

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well, we had the big jump, but since then it's resumed its coupling desu, until today. holding up well today.

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Optimism releases in March and they will want to be released ASAP due to that.

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Kind of, but generally speaking BNT didn’t fall nearly as much as other alts in fact you could argue that the retrace from $6.5 to $5 was even just a normal post pump fib retrace.

I’m so bullish on Bancor bro’s. It takes a while to explain why it’s so good to people who aren’t super deep into DeFi but once you see those sweet, sweet rewards accruing it just clicks. Got my buddy raving about it now.

We are going to suck up so much liquidity from Uniswap and other platforms. Once all the improvements are implemented, I think this can hit $100+ in the bull run.

$5 is criminally undervalued.

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What's the minimum you'd stake with? Will staking become less worth it over time?

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>undervalued simply using Fully Diluted Valuation/TVL
why is this metric important?

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it comes down to understanding liquidity and realizing then realizing
1) bancor has and will have the best solutions
2) we are still so early that you can get obscene amounts of BNT just for getting in position as an LP

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it's important to robots and not humans. and a lot of automated trading occurs on robots.

we're betting on robots here, not humans.

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Yes, these three are basically guaranteed to get rewards for a full year.

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Will be nice to get back up to $6+ soon

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You guys think 50K BNT could realistically get me to a few mil EOY?

>> No.30047389

back at 1 billion TLV

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If you're staking the whole time and assume we get to $25, yea.

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It could. 50k BNT could be 100k BNT in a year. If everything hasn’t collapsed to shit at that point you could feasibly be sitting on millions. Let’s say bnt does 10x to $50 - you’d have 5m

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2) u mean providing liquidity?
im providing 17k usd worth of matic liquidity and only earning 1.5 bnt a day. is that obscene amount?

>> No.30047975

yeah used to be called gdax. used to be free as well.

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how does 2,500,000 sound?

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fuck, when will this eth worship end...

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matic doesnt have rewards at the moment. but since matic is gaining traction i can see someone proposing matic rewards in the future. then youll be having fun

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So what's the best pair to stake my newly tarded BNT ??

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what are you talking about?

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Before the BTC dump season this coin had a shitton of potential and made me good money. Hopefully it got back on track.

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what will this do to our reward apr tho?

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yes, but only on the reward bnt that is staked not your original stake

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rough math shows staking rewards only every 4 weeks would give you an additional 36% more bnt at the end of 1 year @80% apr, but you’d also have to pay 13 extra gas fees. Staking rewards every 8 weeks would give you an additional 26% bnt at only 6 extra gas fees

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Reward APRs will definitely dump but we know that increasing liquidity will bring more traders so you'll get more fees

As always, the best time to get in a project is early. You're still early, just not as early as the people who bought at $1 and have been staking for a few months

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we’ve crossed the rubicon. Last time we did this btc took a dump and we lost over 20% of our liquidity. looking forward to seeing where this pumps to without an immediate btc dip

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staking right now would put you around 80k bnt end of fiscal year. $2m would be $25bnt or $3.5B mcap. Sushi is at $2.5B, UNI is almost $8.5B mcap. if auto-compounding goes through, $2.5m end of fiscal is very likely, $1m is almost a certainty.
not financial advice

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How do you stake with only BNT ?
If I stake in BNT/usdt I to pay twice the gas ??

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Is it better to stake during a bear market or during a bull market?

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checked I know my next question is just a shot in the dark estimate, but where would you see our reward + fee apr in one of the big 3 pools if we were to reach $3B liquidity at maybe a $2B mcap?

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no, 1 gas fee if only staking bnt

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nigger, the whole selling point is single sided LP. what are you even on about.

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What's the minimum stack worth staking lads? I take it you're staking directly with bancor? This and atom are my long term holds, currently staking atom with exodus at 10.5%, my bnt stack on coinbase gets zero apy :(

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Think they’ll renew the rewards for stable coins? My stacklet is staked in the usdt pool.

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Just buy high and sell low.

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at current price, your gas would be covered staking only 500bnt when you hit your 4 week x2 multiplier. this is assuming bnt price is the same after 1 month

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Bancor UI is so fucking bad.

Why does fees & rewards not show my all fees and rewards? Shouldn't initial stake + fees & rewards == protected?

>> No.30053217

it's not good but people are also fucking retarded

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It all depends on the pair you are staking no?
Which one would you recommend for small bag of BNT ?

>> No.30053540

Even if I was smart enough to know how to do that math, you would need to know which pools are holding liquidity (aside from big 3) to reach $3b, how bancor's liquidity compared to other DEXs at that time, so you can know how much traffic (fees) we could collect from aggregators. Not sure it's possible to know that.

It also misses that Bancor will probably be the first large DEX to deploy L2 (arbitrum). The period of time between when bancor launches arb and the other high TVL DEXs launch an equivalent L2 will decide a lot. If it's a long time, the fees collected on bancor are going to be fucking outrageous.

>> No.30053777

this was assuming a conservative 80% apr in one of the big 3 (link, ETH, wbtc). you could potentially make more if you’re willing to gamble on a higher apr pool that may not be renewed

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lol, this niggers want to shill fucking rubbish on /biz/
I don’t believe in this spam
>SWG and Binance Smart Chain
>That’s our future

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hi CZ

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There is 2 fees actually, the first transaction approved fee of 11$ and the gas

>> No.30055013

Protection starts at 30% at 30 days and goes up by 1% a day. After day 30, you'll see the protected number start to surpass the Initial number

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Its not undervalued, the feminist anti-white leader is priced in.

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>this was assuming a conservative 80% apr
Which pair is doing 80%apr ?? I'm seeing 8.73% at best for USDC/BNT

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That was a spicy little pump action.

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add rewards + fee

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Nice work fren. Thanks

>> No.30055968

Mmm ok thanks, don't know much about it. So you get let's say for Link 85,64 + 3,48% per year ? Paid in vbnt ?

>> No.30056055

What site is this?

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link has 18 + 3 paid in bnt. bnt has something like 80+3

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>UNI at $8B pic related
Source for her being a “feminist” with her all male staff please
>but she has a vagina
have sex faggot

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Yeah sorry I meant BNT on the link/bnt pair

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two fees != twice the gas