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I've yet to see a single dev-oriented person or team talking positively about or showing professional interest in Cardano.

Polkadot made sense because Gavin actually created Solidity and has major credibility with devs and has successfully onboarded a lot of devs to start building projects.
Binance Chain, in its own stupid way, made sense because major CEX washtrading volume and cheap unregulated copypasted rugpull casino.
Hell even XRP made sense because of the banking focus and corporate tier scam marketing.

Cardano however is a complete mystery. It's currently pure vaporware, but even after, there's no indication it won't be anything but yet another ghost chain.
And even in the realm of failure ghostchains, plenty of them have made tiny progress in the shadow of ethereum: Hedera onboarded big enterprises as validators, AVAX was designed around eth bridge, FTM has some third world governments adoption, ALGO has real credibility in the banking sector...

Cardano has literally nothing. All it has going for it is reddit tier retail bagholders, and its CEO desperately tweeting at Musk and Lindsay Lohan for attention. All he does all day is stream on youtube where his narcissism is on full display to anyone with half a brain. He's literally just a white Justin Sun at this point.

There's a complete disconnect between the retail bagholders getting their info from youtube streams, and the reality of development teams and enterprise interest.

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tldr, still has a bigger marketcap than your favourite shitcoin.

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There are oldfags here from like 2012 who DID NOT buy Cardano when it was 0.01$

Imagine being an oldfag andholding on to your boomer BTC LTC and Monero and completetly ignoring Cardano,

som of them didnt even buy Ethereum at 1$ which Charles founded.

IMAGINE being an oldfag right now and SOMEHOW not owning a big fat stack of Cardano. Imagine being an oldfag and not having made it yet.


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Been seeing a lot about quantum computers in the news recently. Buying more Mochimo.

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i wish i could swap my eth for this on a dex

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Ada really is a crypto IQ test. Only the new fags gawking at the low price utterly perplexed to the term marketcap or complete retards hold this shit coin. An example of such an assertion can be readily seen with this specimen >>30032212

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cardano is worthless. buy at your own risk. like bnb the rugpull will be epic

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kek, if you guys fud this down to 1.15 I'll buy some more

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Newfag still doesn't understand

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It seems promising, from what I can tell.
Besides, Coin Bureau says it's good so suck my balls.

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guaranteed chainlink holder

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>but youtuber said
>There's a complete disconnect between the retail bagholders getting their info from youtube streams, and the reality of development teams and enterprise interest.
You really are retarded

Not an argument

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Because it's shit.


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Unironically the thing that annoys me the most about cardano, besides it being a vaporware shitcoin, is the name, because it reminds me of a cardan joint. Yes, I know it's named after the guy who invented those, but I don't wanna be thinking about cars and mechanics and shit when investing into crypto. Bad product with a shitty name

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When are you going to suck my balls?

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is there any other coin that makes /biz/ seethe this much? I do not think there is.

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And of course it's one of the best performing coin of this year since biz hates it

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This is what makes me want to get in on it. People here hate it and I don't know why.

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this thread is a bullish signal

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Not an argument

Not an argument

Not an argument

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Yes idd.

3$ end of march?

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Yeah but seriously, when are you going to suck my balls?
I'm gonna buy $100 of ADA right now just to make your festering wound contract in agony, tranny.

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This is one of the factors for me too. Between the name, the lack of progress, the founder's personality, the large amount of cardano out there, the low price but high market cap. All this, then you remember cosmos has better technology and already has inter blockchain communication.

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They are afraid they missed "the new bitcoin"
That's why tthey are fudding this hard
Not saying ADA will flip BTC, but if they follow the rodmap with resonable delay, it's the best contender of the space imo

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Why are people so salty about Cardano? It's literally a bunch of nerds creating open source software. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Nobody is forcing you. The amount of butthurt over this coin is incredible to me.

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Why is it making me money?

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oh God it's staked, I forgot, I'm done for lmao
good I didn’t go for this trash they tried to shill on /biz/ today
my portfolio with yvs and their farm system. top pearl on yield market with contemporary options

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>Not an argument
knew it

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Yeah exactly. ADA will EASILY reach $10. Much more likely in the hundreds.
It's free money. I don't understand why they are so fucking upset.

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>ADA will EASILY reach $10
retard. we'll be lucky to hit $2-2.5 in march. I can't tell if you're a chink shill or just stupid

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here you go friend

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You're the retard if you actually believe this. It's only in phase 2 of 5 atm.
You just need to realize that sometimes, perception and (((social media))) presence is more important than fundamentals.
You're insane if you don't think it'll reach $10.

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All of these haters own cardano in their wallets. You see, there are 2 types of these idiots, the literal newfags that own only 1 coin like XRP or some other stupid shit and then try to be part of the group by shitting on the popular thing 4chan said.
And then there is the ones who own several coins (ADA included) and are probably trying to short it as well for gains.

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What is your time frame for $10?

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because it’s xrp-tier, both in its annoying community and its blatantly scammer devs. the only people holding it are those engineering or perceiving the engineered pump (good for you faggot) and the normie idiots providing them liquidity

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By September. Screencap this.
Well if you're right, it's still a PnD coin, and watching closely can make you a few shekels.

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Why do I always get the sensation that the greasiest fucking currynigger or rancid nigger types this type of question out?

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Screencapped. Looking forward to when you pretend like you were not serious.

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That was a conservative estimate, anon.
We shall see, shal't we? We shall see.

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selling 4 dag. what else anons?

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You realize that $10 is roughly double the marketcap that ETH has right now, right?
How is that anywhere near conservative unless you're a literal nigger unaware of what a marketcap even is.

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>only ~100x since 2012
>calls btc a boomer coin

fuk u

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This hasn't even performed that great it just launched at a retarded marketcap. It did like a x10 this bull run. Hardly impressive.

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There will be more ADA by September, and that will mean the market cap is higher.
$10 by September.

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that means it will be more than double the mcap of eth...

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DOT REQUIRES $60 million dollars to enter consensus

DOT is Ripple XRP

DOT has max 1000 validator nodes

1000 validators max

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end of may rather, I think the general bullrun is going to last to at least December of this year

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So you are a nigger then...works the other way around retard, more tokens/coins in circulation means that the marketcap is higher with a lower increase of price.

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Tech is not the only important factor. Look at xBTC. Tech simple, and devs have been talking about it since the last pump

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>more ada by September !
>means it's gonna make the market cap even higher!
>what is inflation

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I'm actually dying over here, that's the kind of retard bullruns and the whole gme normie shitshow brings us, moonniggers you usually only see on Twitter, the hoodtards that scream XRP $100 EOY

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Market cap is price multiplied by number of coins.
Why don't you just buy a little bit of ADA and see how wrong you are in 6 months?

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Yeah if you bought BTC in 2012 you could've made between 4000x-14,000x by now, depending on when you bought. Of course I first heard about BTC in 2013

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>Polkadot made sense
Muh arbitrary Web 3.0 bullshit. Of course it appeals to eastern europeans like you

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Convinced you are unironically retarded.

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I don't believe in Cardano and Charles rubs me the wrong way, but I had a small stack of 1k as part of my "invest blindly based on what's being shilled and see what happens" portfolio. After seeing the comments in this thread I'm going to sell sooner than I initially planned.

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idiot do the opposite of whatever biz says. some of these fags are seething they buy and instead got rugpulled by a pajeet shitcoin

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How can a nigger like you be this retarded? I thought you at least finished grade school?

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This. Just look at the threads on this board. 80% of them are about literal shitcoins and PnD schemes. This board is overrun with children and poorfags.

Cardano is here to stay.

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>the market cap of gold is relevant in any way
You're a mouthbreather. Crypto currencies aren't stocks in a company, dumb shit.

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ADA is the new XRP for retarded newfags. I thicks all the boxes to be shilled to idiots who don't understand crypto

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OMG, the more people shilling a crypto the worse it dumps. Stop being an idiot, don’t follow this shit
I don’t believe in this shill. My investments are on liquidity pools with YVS Finance model. I can withdraw whenever I want and any number without drunk fees

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We literally made Cardano-like profits in months instead of years by buying ICO AVAX.
You're risking everything you own on a vapourware shitchain.

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The only reason /biz/ is seething is because cardano is the boomer and Reddit alt. /biz/ only found link which barely manages to stay in the top 10. I. e. Reddit and boomer investors win compared to biz linkies.

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So you aren't trolling, you're actually stupid.

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Usually I sell when I see that I'm surrounded by retards like >>30034256 but I can't tell if this is an S tier troll or a genuine retard. This literally sounds like some shit I would write about GME

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Just seeing this picture screams to me:

JStak dude. Just JStak

>> No.30036493

What boxes does it tick? Or are you just going to continue causing baseless FUD?

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It's the new ETH

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Most of the Fudders here want add to their stack at a price closer to $1. Come outta the woodwork fellas

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What makes it better then ETH?

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>>I thicks all the boxes to be shilled to idiots who don't understand crypto
>Doesn't actually understand what Cardano does

Like clockwork.

>> No.30036813

i'm testing you smartass

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My lil cardano stock doin sum

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whatever, it won't be used, price will drop, staking will not be worth it and it'll crash to 0.3$. Just like every new ETH out there.

You can do with this info what you want

>> No.30036855

somebody is copy pasting this shit all over the internet hahahahah. what a sad little man. ADA is going much higher you can cry like a pussy you are

>> No.30036878

Fantom is also EVM compatible and isn’t trying to be a “ETH killer,” which is why I think it will become more relevant than any project trying to take dApps on ETH

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>like bnb the rugpull will be epic
have you checked the bnb price recently anon

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SingularityNET's Founder on Cardano:
>the first infrastructure with the potential to be capable of supporting large-scale decentralized AI systems
>Ethereum launched something, but it doesn't have the sophistication or scalability of design to support [the world computer] vision
>Cardano with the Plutus smart contracts being released is a much more credible infrastructure for a world computer...
>a secure privacy preserving democratically governed world computer

>if you have a private chain
>e.g. if a bank wants to so some blockchain stuff internally, but they also want to interoperate with a public network, then you can have elegant isomorphisims between a Private Cardano network and a Public Cardano Network
>if you're trying to do that with Ethereum or EOS or something, the mapping of private to public is more awkward and requires more work

>Haskell language has the ability to set up mathematical mappings between smart contracts in an automatic way
>A Cardano Haskell program is its own mathematical formalization
>An Ethereum Solidity program is not (in a useful sense) its own mathematical description.
>A Haskell program is closer to being its own mathematical description
>if you need to map between a contract in a private subchain, and a smart contract on a public subchain - those contracts are very close to knowing how to describe themselves to each other, so you can just map between the two in a formal way
>it's quite elegant
>you can't build those isomorphisms (structure-preserving mappings) between two Solidity contracts in any practical way
>isomorphisms = a mathematical term for a structure preserving mapping
>you can map one contract into another in a way that preserves all the key properties
>In Cardano's Plutus: you can set up these mappings automatically between smart contracts
>In Solidity or WebAssembly: you cannot do this

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>all those things are going to be much nicer with Plutus
>Financial Services Industry will see that because they're always early-adopters of technology
>They're also early adopters of AI technology
You're going to see a big payoff for Cardano and SingularityNET:
>as DeFI Mainstreams
>as DeFI Merges with Traditional Finance
>then you have large traditional finance organizations that want blockchain inside
>they're going to be increasingly dealing with public blockchain markets
>they're going to want nice interoperation between them
>they're used to software that is less crappy than Ethereum or WebAssembly
>their software frameworks are not as good as Cardano, but they're better than other blockchains
>they don't want to take a step backwards
>they will take a step forwards

This could be what turns Cardano into a 100 billion dollar market cap
>Cardano is going to become the engine of DeFI
>Then being the engine of DeFI... when DeFI merges with traditional finance...
>Then as AI gradually takes over Finance, and Singularity NET is jumping in there
Within a few years you can have 10's of trillions of dollars of financial transactions being coordinated by:
>machine learning algorithms running on a combination of public and private Cardano blockchain
>if you look at the logic of it, it's something that almost has to happen

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give me your best one line shill on Cardano. this is a Gigatismo if I've ever seen one. his code must be top tier

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This could be what turns Cardano into a 100 billion dollar market cap
>Cardano is going to become the engine of DeFI
>Then being the engine of DeFI... when DeFI merges with traditional finance...
>Then as AI gradually takes over Finance, and Singularity NET is jumping in there
Within a few years you can have 10's of trillions of dollars of financial transactions being coordinated by:
>machine learning algorithms running on a combination of public and private Cardano blockchain
>if you look at the logic of it, it's something that almost has to happen

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waiting for the FUDster COPE posting...

>> No.30037085

OP, where'd you go?

>> No.30037224

where'd you guys go to?

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BTFO - see: >>30036886

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So what's this? Probably just a jokester coin, r-right?

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fudsters sure got quiet. OP, now you have seen exactly what you claim you've never seen
>I've yet to see a single dev-oriented person or team talking positively about or showing professional interest in Cardano.
I'm sure you won't be posting this thread again, riiiiiiigghhhhttt?

>> No.30037429

lots of NFTs in there as well... the NFT gold rush is beginning in crypto. That right there is a trillion dollar market, and NFTs are supported as first class citizens on Cardano since yesterday.

>> No.30037432

The Jew fears the newfag Cardono HODL'er.


>> No.30037436

100 bill USD marketcap for Cardano !!!!
Ben Goertzel, high IQ AI dev tells you so.
Don't listen to biz butthurts who are salty now.
ADA made already the most millionaires last year and will keep on doing so.
Join the Cardano movement to make the world a better place and to become rich as fuck.

>> No.30037490


>> No.30037519

that's the thing, no one is interested in arguing with you because there's no point in arguing with a retard

>> No.30037630

that's the marketcap NOW but what about in a few months/years? you don't think the industry becoming a multi-trillion dollar industry? how would you know for sure?

>> No.30037693

sell then what's the point of telling everyone about it?

>> No.30037717

>There are people still FUDing Chadano?

>> No.30037843



Cardano is vaporware and its technology is ancient on inception. Polkadot is the future.

>> No.30037897

>>Haskell language has the ability to set up mathematical mappings between smart contracts in an automatic way
as a dev your entire post is absolutely full of shit
the amount of buzzwords is giving me ptsd from 2017 whitepaper vibes

>> No.30037900

they are terrified. They're slowly waking up to the fact that Cardano is delivering and that Cardano is actually going to dominate. that means their moonboy hopes with their chosen coin might be over and are surely severely diminished. so they spend their days fudding cardano, but it's always moronic fud because Cardano is solid as fuck and delivering on the promise of building a world financial operating system

>> No.30037902

Polka dot uses Cardanos consensus algorithm...

Fudding Cardano is fudding Polkadot.

>> No.30037934

>Polka dot uses Cardanos consensus algorithm...
holy shit what the fuck is wrong with this fucking board

>> No.30037944


Lmfao I’m a dev and I bought 3 million ADA in the crash.

>> No.30038005

watch the video dipwad. That's Goertzel you're talking about and 100% he's a coding genius compared to you. Try watching it a few times because you clearly don't get it.

>> No.30038050

Everyone did.
Only biz not.
Now ADA chads are multi millionaires while biz ADA haters are poor.

>> No.30038081

I thought this was DOT?

>> No.30038094

It's true, Polkadot straight up copied Ouroboros. That's not a secret. Charles thinks it's quite great actually and Gavin has reached out to Charles in hopes of working together with Cardano. Anything that Polkadot develops that's great, Cardano can likewise implement... because Polkadot uses Cardano's Ouroboros albeit with slight modification.

>> No.30038162

Biz literally called it a trannycoin. Unrionically alongside early Statera coins tranny coins have made more money than anything else. I wish I got Rubic.

>> No.30038202

Imagine being a DOT hodler but fudding Cardano ......
state of biz
the dumbness can't become bigger

>> No.30038204

Also it’s funny the FUD is everyone hates Charles Hoskinson and doesn’t want to work with him but it seems everyone left and is working with him and Vitalik not as much.

Eth is still unrionically not a bad network. It’s just the eth 2.0 implementation is insane and it will take years for them to build and inferior network to what Cardano will have in 2 months.

>> No.30038216

>talk to my crypto illiterate colleagues who are looking into crypto
>"Hey this Cardano thing looks like a good investment"
>I ask why would they say that
"Well because it's cheap and I can buy tons of it for barely any money. Just imagine if it jumps to a thousand dollars!"

>> No.30038218 [DELETED] 

Anon must check about Mochimo

> Fast
> Scalable
> Quantum secure

>> No.30038239

I don’t own any eth, but you guys are okay. I’m not gonna fume hate speech on my internet connection about Ethereum. Why?

The market had decided and I’ve already won. :-)

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You had 5 years ...

>> No.30038291

>as a dev
Probably a web dev with bootcamp education.

>> No.30038327

>It's only in phase 2 of 5 atm
It was in phase two out of five 5 years ago as well

>> No.30038340

Lmfao meanwhile people with this level of understanding about crypto will make more money than people who go on /biz/ forever. You’re both idiots. Read white papers and come up with coherent arguments as to why something is good or bad.

>Charles is getting arrested by the SEC
>cardano is a tranny coin
>no one wants to work with Charles
>Charles has npd
>the code is bad I’m not gonna cite any specific example just look at the millions of lines of code on GitHub it speaks for itself
>misunderstanding about having to know Haskell or Plutus to design a dApp on Cardano

None of this has to do with the network itself.

>> No.30038343

you have no fucking idea what the fuck you're talking about
nigger just sit the fuck down for a second okay?
so you're saying that cardano somehow has a team of devs so bright, that they solved scalability, interoperability, sidechains, and this "structure mapping between two smart contracts" shit?
just think about it anon, are you unironically saying that the cardano devs are such geniuses, that they solved problems that eth devs could not solve and solved problems that dont even exist yet?
like who the fuck do you think these people are nigger? they've all went to the same schools, went through the same paths, and learned through the same courses. Sure, sometimes there is one or two geniues here or there, but statistically speaking, the "ethereum" dev team, just like the "polkadot" dev team, just like the "cardano" dev team, are all the same workforce.
They have a framework, they have libraries, they have an initial codebase, they work on it and it improves.
Ethereum has been live for 3 years, and actually reached a point when scaling becomes a problem, just like btc was live for 10 years and reached the same point in 2017 where people had the bch fork, when they started looking into scaling solutions like segwit and blocksize.
Your blockchain is not special anon, there is no such thing as "special".
It's the same developers, the same time investment required, and the same problems that will arise.
Cardano is an overhyped piece of garbage, to the point where i'm going to bet my entire portfolio on shorting it once we hit the top of this bullrun, because it WILL bleed, it WILL run into scaling issues, and it WILL have its own drama.
No shitcoin is special anon, swallow the blackpill. The only thing that matters is time investment, and the size of the workforce, and Ethereum beats cardano in that, by 3 fucking years.
Get your head out your ass.

>> No.30038367

It was phase 0 of 5 100 years ago

>> No.30038381

Vitalik and Hoskinson are two narcissistic autistic cucks, they are more worried in larping geniuses than actually making useful tech. You can deduce this from the project's names alone. Every time Hoskinson picks up those books and starts reading random texts, every time Vitalik starts playing a philosopher with his bullshit maths, you know these projects will end up in nothing.
Fantom and Avalanche are already better than what these platforms will ever be and the devs don't give a single fuck about appearing hip and cool.

How can anybody fall for a shit like that?

>> No.30038428

Cardano had 5 years to launch a functional product

>> No.30038447

Cardano is actually working on all phases simultaneously. Governance is in full swing and as such Cardano already has the largest DAO on earth. Governance is an iterative project that will never be fully completed. It will still be undergoing improvement 100 years from now. Scaling through Hydra Gen. 1. is already being built out for release at year end (though it's not even needed yet at all). Goguen is rolling out in Q2. All phases are active. There are different teams working on each.

>> No.30038486

It’s actually stage 3. The Mary hard fork was the first implementation of Goguen.

We’ll see smart contracts popping up in the next few months, pending all goes smoothly. Smart contracts is where Ethereum is killed. Hydra is when bitcoin gets killed. Basho is when the thing can’t be shut down and no one can do anything about it.

>> No.30038534

>that they solved problems that eth devs could not solve
yes anon. that's true. why is that, because they took a formal approach and because Ethereum's accounts based model is a much more difficult system to work with than Cardano's extended UTXO model.
>statistically speaking, the "ethereum" dev team, just like the "polkadot" dev team, just like the "cardano" dev team, are all the same workforce.
fuck no they are not. what a stupid comment. how about writing something coherent other than a rage-seethe post

>> No.30038572

Thanks for the gains ADAfags.
I rode this PnD to the top and got out 10x up. I have never been so nervous in a trade though, this house of cards is a scary ride.

>> No.30038603

I don’t understand why /biz/ of all people is complaining about the most promising technology in human history to shut down central banking and destroy manipulation of wealth through the oligarchy.

>> No.30038617

>fuck no they are not. what a stupid comment. how about writing something coherent other than a rage-seethe post
you're absolutely delusional anon, or you're a newfag, or both, i just hope for your sake you didn't buy above 12cents

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>I don’t understand why /biz/ of all people is complaining about the most promising technology in human history to shut down central banking and destroy manipulation of wealth through the oligarchy.
how can you possibly type something like this unironically, you seriously can't actually not be sarcastic right anon? jesus fucking christ

>> No.30038683

>double spend
>double spend
>bouns blocks
>bonus blocks
>devs delete explorer pages to hide the flaw
>devs restore explorer pages when they're caught
such a great project anon.

>> No.30038693

Lmfao it’s up 6000% since the crash. The one year price is about the reflect that. Then coinbase listing. And then smart contracts.

I got in at 4 cents, but am waiting to cash out because I need to crank my 300,000 sound system louder and you’re angry on the internet crying while typing on a 2007 Alienware computer.

>> No.30038704

But you know what's going to happen? The market and normies can't actually see this, and they're going to buy en masse the ancient meme bags only to get fucked in the ass. Suddenly when everybody realises that a number ledger that runs upon useless work is valued at one trillion dollars the whole space is going to take the biggest hit ever, everywhere crypto will be shunned as one of the greatest bubbles in history and the good tech will unfortunately be fucked up too.
The endgame for the space is that linux Vms will be running upon good, working blockchains, and every single nigger that codes python and javascript frameworks will be building their little apps without even knowing what consensus is, just like today they don't understand what is an operating system.

>> No.30038736

you have zero argument anon. just a lot of cope posting and rage seething. calm down and try to formulate something coherent.

>> No.30038740

>my 300,000 sound system
What you got?

>> No.30038759

You have zero clue what Cardano is about and blockchain developement in general.

Better take a few minutes time, be focused and learn.
I mean what is good enough for Nick Zabo should be good enough for everybody else too, right?

So watch and enjoy:


>> No.30038805

How would a non-inflationary trustless decentralized global currency that allows for faster tps than Visa can provide, loans between peers and financial instruments to be built on top of it NOT crash the central banking industry?

Remember when you could buy stuff with Bitcoin in 2015? Then the network got congested and we realized it could only provide 7 tps. When hydra is released Cardano will have infinite scalability.

>> No.30038840

so same as EOS that nobody uses?

>> No.30038862

>When hydra is released Cardano will have infinite scalability.
After hydra comes Sharding on Cardano, then you're getting closer to that range of scalability.

>> No.30038909

Isn’t sharding a part of the hydra roadmap?

>> No.30038930

You should watch it too.
You are not more educated than Nick Zabo right?


>> No.30038962

I think so but techincally it think it's a separate thing from Hydra (I think) but don't quote me on that. I think we'll know more when they present Ouroboros Omega.

>> No.30038992

i am you'll understand when price goes down

>> No.30039062

Techno babble nonsense

>> No.30039094

You are so focused on short term price movements, no wonder you have no clue about blockchain tech and are unable to see the macro picture.
Stay poor .

>> No.30039099


Polkadot has it's own consensus mechanism.

Anyways Polkadot and its ecosystem is from a different planet than the rest of this space. Substrate will be the dominant tool to be used for blockchain development and there is not anything even remotely close.

>> No.30039144

On what consensus is Polkadots Babe consensus based on ?

>> No.30039157

IMAGINE not having a 100k stack of ada right now

Oh boy I feel bad for you anon
Again, you had 5 long years ...

>> No.30039194

they're polishing a turd that has been done by 7 other projects by now. None are being used. Because you retards don't understand first market movers. BCH isn't going to becomet the new BTC and ADA isn't going to become the new ETH. And it's massivly overvalued at this point because in reality it has nothing (ZERO, 0) and is worth almost as much as ETH

>> No.30039197

Thanks for the discount

See you from Mars

>> No.30039212

Blind Assignment for Blockchain Extension (BABE) is a block production engine that was inspired by Ouroboros Praos, another proof-of-stake protocol. It can be used on its own because it provides probabilistic finality, or it can be coupled with a finality gadget like GRANDPA....

>> No.30039248

i have 100 ADA. Will I make it? Is $400 ADA possible in the next few weeks?

>> No.30039259

Network effect becomes null with EVM.

It’s like saying no one will use a Mac because the internet is coded on Windows and you won’t be able to access the internet on this new Mac. That is not the way it works.

>> No.30039269

2018: ADA at 4 cents
2019: ADA at 3 cents
2020: ADA at 2 cents

But now the biz retards start complaining


>> No.30039359

Biz will keep endlessly complaining. I will have a robot body with a synthetic 15” penis that makes me feel 8 million times the pleasure of normal sex and fuck their wives with my ADA gains.

>> No.30039368

Szabo literally humiliated Ada on Twitter a few days ago you dumb shill

>> No.30039393
File: 79 KB, 665x691, polkaboros.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ouroboros under the hood

>> No.30039440
File: 34 KB, 680x695, 65465432131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't understand it
>therefore it's techno babble

>> No.30039453

Szabo and Hal Finney are the most likely actors who comprise of the Satoshi identity and he’s cracking at the seams because he knows his network is becoming obsolete.

His FUD is unfounded and shows he’s ignorant of the product. He called Cardano centralized when it’s far less centralized than Bitcoin even in its current state.

>> No.30039514

no, Szabo showed that he didn't understand how Cardano updates its system. It did provide fuel to ADA fudsters. Charles addressed it here:

>> No.30039569

Oh look - even Hal Finney wanted to learn Haskell in 2008


Biz tech noobs are such leggards .

>> No.30039609

/biz/ literally thinks Craig is Satoshi and doesn’t know what BitGold is

>> No.30039750

Reading about the technology, ada seems needlessly complicated. Iota has a much more elegant system, that's still simple to understand. So I went in on that instead.

>> No.30039775
File: 20 KB, 243x275, 1548005955127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


how new are you

>> No.30039830

Cardano is a shitcoin that has the same appeal as XRP (muh low price entry), you will all get the rug pulled.

>> No.30039845

most redpilled post on this board
all shitcoins are the same
buy bitcoin

>> No.30039858

needlessly complicated


so i buy into something that is missing the skills

because blockchain developement can't be complex, right? right anon?


state of biz

>> No.30039947
File: 43 KB, 600x768, 1613695993581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best play last cycle was Ethereum.
Best play this cycle is Cardano.

/biz will only like Cardano once they realized the inevitable and jump on board. Most are still pissed they held Ethereum while it has dropping massively and Cardano was pumping.

>> No.30040013

Yes, please make more simple. I am implementing my own blockchain, but with sticks. Will call it stickchain.

>> No.30040118

You don't get it 100% right, too.
Yes, Bitcoin in its simplicity and the new claim to be SOV does what it shall do.
No shitcoin.
Cardano on the other hand tries to be much more, but based on Bitcoin tech.
Therefore it is much more complex and the only POS chain out there that cares for all different tech issues - other projects even don't know they exist.
Or the teams simply don't have the skills to execute them.
So, the only both projects in crypto which are not shitcoins are Bitcoin and Cardano .

>> No.30040152

I actually bought both Cardano and Ethereum today.

>> No.30040169

Poor nADA coiners. Every day they stray further from the light.

>> No.30040198

Lel cardano is over

>> No.30040344

I just had to cda my ass off and ended up losing 140$. I'm a newfag and fell for the ada hype.
It's literally not suppose to be a high value coin like xrp.
Fuck ada niggers and xrp schizos.
Biz I'm going to spend 200$ a paycheck on crypto and not chase pnds.
What do? How do I get back at these street shitters? I'm down like 300$ on the year.

>> No.30040504

I wonder when Eth started were there FUD threads started by BTC maxis that eth is a scam, smart contracts wont work, vitalik is autistic and doesnt know what he is doing...


>> No.30040646

Dev here (worked on Solidity apps before).
Yes Cardano is indeed a crypto IQ test BUT its going to be the XRP of this cycle (obvious just read this thread) so I am currently invested in ADA in the hopes of bagging more Gwei in a few months. Don't be married to your bags and also dont hate other coins, it will stop you from making a profit.

>> No.30040796

i was there, on the poloniex trollbox, eth had smart contracts, no one else did, it HAD a product, there was still some FUD, but not nearly as much as this
because ADA has nothing, only a promise of smart contracts
even if they work, it also only has the promise that it scales, we will never know until a ton of people start using it
in fact, even if people do start using it, keep in mind that defi existed for an entire year on ethereum with fees that were sub 80 gwei
so best case scenario is that ada is "yet another eth killer chain" with absolutely no value added whatsoever
it will probably take months maybe years before developers code things like uniswap from scratch in haskell

>> No.30040829
File: 369 KB, 629x404, 1614127078334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They are afraid they missed "the new bitcoin"

Get ready to hold your bags down to 20 cents.

>> No.30040900

Ethereum is 14 tps.

Porting from Ethereum to Cardano is not only planned in the next few months, but also extremely easy for developers.

Why would anyone use a network that can quickly become clogged or has bugs that cause 8,000 dollar gas fees for failed transactions if it’s extremely easy not to?

It’s like getting a free 5,000 dollar computer and then using a Windows 98 computer because you’re too lazy to transfer the files. It doesn’t make any sense.

>> No.30041001

Most old school crypto people and most devs dont want to support charles and cardano. Cardano had a lifestream yesterday titeled price predictions. What kinda serious bussiness price predics their own asset?? Serious players stay away from cardano hype. They have been hyping stuff up for 5 years for fuck sake, it leaves a sour taste in people´s mouth. Only fanboys moonboys low iq people support cardano and its vapowave and marketing tactics. Devs are migrating to Tezos, a project with a better vision.

>> No.30041005

As far as I know it does nothing.

>> No.30041034
File: 177 KB, 736x675, 09ED0390-1356-484E-8C3D-8C1102D8C518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>down $300
Algorand is the closest thing to XRP. Cardano is decentralized and specifically does not dump on investors. XRP’s price manipulation has nothing to do with ADA.

>> No.30041046
File: 162 KB, 800x800, business-commerce-banker-bank-big_bank-expression-laughing_all_the_way_to_the_bank-mbcn3485_low.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the fucking thing fudders don't realize is, when the fud is so huge on a bull market it makes the opposite effect. I see fud and people seething I buy when I see hysteria I sell. so easy, that said cardano will be 3-5 dollars this cicle easily.

>> No.30041048

it has a big mcap because it markets to the stupid masses. Not much will get built on cardano because most devs find it distasteful, most high iq people do. Cardano is for the dumb stupid masses, and they dont build anything. They just shill it

>> No.30041065

folks I'm ready today.

So -5%, bought top three during yesterday's lowest dips..

>stubid investment and trading for whole day
>low volatility

only one thing saves my money - lp staking and yield farming on YVS Finance. Look at it if you don’t wanna risk

>> No.30041082

Charles never gives price predictions. He never has. This is completely inaccurate. Charles is aware of the SEC and wants to avoid legal ramifications at all costs.

>> No.30041113

Nobody finds a faster network with more scalability using EVMs “distasteful.”

Where are these “devs.” A lot of projects in the telegrams have serious interest in Cardano.

>> No.30041136

Tezos is a projects which devs love much more than cardano. Tezos is 2 years in front of cardano in development. Smart money and devs are moving to Tezos, a real crypto without any marketing hype leader sleazy salesman

>> No.30041206

Tezos has more than 50 dapps, governments around the world uses it. More than 30 dev teams. Cardano is so far behind its laugable. Charles is a sleazy salesman that is pumping his own project. He´s been doing it for 5 years for fuck sake!!! 5 years of hyping up vaporwave, how could any sane person support that??

>> No.30041222

tezos is a centralized shitcoin nice try

>> No.30041241

>Cardano had a lifestream yesterday titeled price predictions
bullshit. cardano does not do this and Charles has explicitely stated on occasion after occasion that he does not talk about price nor care about price.

>> No.30041250

why was his cardano stream titeld "updates and price predictions" then? Yes, the official cardano stream was titled something like that. Clickbait and unethical

>> No.30041276

yeah i think both Gavin and Charles have mutual respect for each other and both hate skelly

>> No.30041300

tezos is more decentralized than cardano haha. 5 successfull on chain upgrades. Cardano wont have on chain governance for years to come. Tezos has e broader ecosystem than cardano, and you have no centralized leader of the project. Charles will fuck up at some point and say soemthing stupid.

>> No.30041308

>it has a big mcap because it markets to the stupid masses.
citation needed
>Not much will get built on cardano because most devs find it distasteful
citation needed. although understandable for bagholders of ETH as they feel threatened regarding their ETH bags.
>most high iq people do
citation needed
>Cardano is for the dumb stupid masses
citation needed
fud score: 0/10

>> No.30041328

cool story but is that Cardano's fault you thick cunt?

>> No.30041334

link the livestream faggot, why are you a lying pos

>> No.30041344

post a link anon. you're full of shit.

>> No.30041361

Evidence of such? Charles has stated for about...3 years that he will never discuss price. It would be insanely uncharacteristic of him to behave in this manner.

>> No.30041367

imagine buying cardano when tezos is better and worth much less. Fuck people are dumb.
Tezos is about to announce partnership with several states and cities in the US, while cardano has barely done anything in 5 years hahaa

>> No.30041389

You all idiots should invest into DOT instead of playing these shitcoins that will rugpull you, seriously.

>> No.30041406

ADA has the third highest market cap of all crypto's.

That alone should be enough reason for your idiots here to buy some ADA coins and hold.

100% chance it goes to 100$ in the next 5 years. 10$ by the end of this year guaranteed.

Buy 1000 ADA and stake it. What do you got to lose?

>> No.30041424

>Cardano wont have on chain governance for years to come
already has on-chain governance:
that right there is the largest DAO on the planet, already and it's just getting warmed up.

>> No.30041426
File: 195 KB, 798x770, 4ki23k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fantom and Avalanche

>> No.30041452

Imagine buying Tezos in 2021. Yikes.

Not a bad project, but comparing inflationary networks with non-inflationary is quite dumb. I’m not saying Cardano is the all end all, but when it dipped low despite its lack of inflation it was quite obvious to buy it.

>> No.30041491

Polkadot is reaching out to Cardano to work with Cardano. the level of retardation and lies astounding.

>> No.30041550

ADA will move back once polkadot overtakes it. ADA is literally the poormans crypto due to favourable entry price, which is an illusion. It's going to be just like XRP - people with no savings buying it up just to get rugpulled by whales.

>> No.30041551

you lose moeny, since you will make more money investing in tezos, which is ready for real adoption. Tezos is so far ahead of cardano its laughable. Why are projects and devs moving to tezos as we speak? Tezos will do a 12x just to get to cardano level. Now which projects is undervalued. Fuck you people are so dumb it hurts. Cardano is extremely overvalued right now. And it´s a borderline scam that is good at marketing to dumb people.

>> No.30041598

do you even know what rug pull means newfag?

>> No.30041607

how many successfull protocol updates has happened on cardano thru on chain gobvernance? Tezos has done 5 and soon 6. Do cardano have private smart contracts or tickets? no they don´t and it will be long time till they do

>> No.30041622
File: 394 KB, 828x1792, EBC08A0F-2AEF-4722-9838-94420AD3B7C7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy I can’t wait to get rich off Tezos. It’s up like 3x!
>cardano up 70x in same time period

You in 3 months: wow Tezos is up 4x this is kick ass
>cardano up 300x

>> No.30041637

Nice copypaste.

>> No.30041646

Nobody is reaching out to charles, he is reaching out to everyone so people recognize his pet project and getting a blue tick of approval to his twitter.

At least Charles had the guts to admit that Polkadot is superior and he's proud of what Gavin has achieved.

>> No.30041653

the cardano community builds nothing. The tezos community has built 20x more stuff than the ada community.

>> No.30041665

>shill me the next x100!

>> No.30041684

>Cardano had a lifestream yesterday titeled price predictions
link or you're a lying piece of shit

>> No.30041696

the average cardano invester only invest with small money. The better plan is to invest in something which hasn´t mooned, not something which has mooned. I ride the cardano train up, sold and put it into a better project which hasn´t mooned yet

>> No.30041721

>says the guy who lies about Cardano's on-chain governance system
which actually live and the largest DAO on earth... CRICKETS...
>says the guy who lies about cardano's dev velocity... barely done anything
>says the guy who calls the most legit project in the cryptosphere a borderline scam
typical Tezos bagholder shitting on Cardano. haven't seen a non-fuckwit tezzie shill yet.

>> No.30041725

Go suck on charles dick. You worship a con man

>> No.30041767

just wait 3 more weeks. That has been cardano´s slogan for 5 years now. Unethical and scammy

>> No.30041772

>how many successfull protocol updates has happened on cardano thru on chain gobvernance?
this is what we call shifting the goalposts. That will occur in future iterations of Cardano's already exisiting on-chain governance system.
>smart contracts
in Q2... imagine thinking that's a long time.
>Cardano's governance system the largets DAO on Earth
this hurts the tezzie bagholders fee-fees

>> No.30041816

Gavin is reaching out to Charles you mong.
>At least Charles had the guts to admit that Polkadot is superior
Why do all Cardano fudsters straight up LIE? do you realize how desperate and fearful that makes you look?

>> No.30041836

I never bought it because I always thought thatt Charles was a liabilit, much like a Elon Musk type character.
Atleast sergey isn't an attention seeking person

>> No.30041851

>the cardano community builds nothing.
do you know that you're full of shit? you're either intentionally lying or pathetically ignorant. which is it?

>> No.30041858

look at this faggot, makes me wanna buy $1 worth of tezos, put it in a hardware wallet and shit on it

>> No.30041877


>> No.30041887

cardano makes the world a worse place for supporting sleazzy marketing tactics, lying and scamming

>> No.30041888

he's a lying piece of shit
>the average cardano invester only invest with small money.
more fantasy fiction. citation needed.

>> No.30041901

You are actually retarded aren't you?

>> No.30041926

>the absolute state of Tezzie bagholder FUD.
thanks for playing anon. It's been a while.

>> No.30041932
File: 13 KB, 224x225, nigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Biz, thank you, I started with just 5k usd and made close to 3.7mil in the last 5 years by investing on shit biz was hating on.

Biz, you called Sergey a Russian retard, you called LTC a fake ripoff of BTC, and now you dumb motherfuckers are calling the guy who helped invent ETH, a guy who was involved with BTC in the very beginning a guy who stood against a pedo that reversed a blockchain a retard... ohh biz never change.

Always, ALWAYS bet against biz.

>> No.30041934

cardano has lied and lied many times through the years. You newfags might not know that but its true. A history of lies and manipulation. No i dont have a citation

>> No.30041971

no lying from Cardano, but you're full of shit in this thread and plenty of lies from you here.

>> No.30041975

cardano has yet to build anything. Tell me any dappps that are being used on cardano. I will be waiting.

>> No.30042001

>No i dont have a citation
translation: you're full of shit

>> No.30042050

Let me bring you up to speed tezzie shiller. Smart contracts are live in Q2. Now, take that info, digest it and reflect on how stupid your question is. I'll wait.

>> No.30042077

what? as a dev that makes complete sense, im not really a fan of haskell (nor ADA) but formal verification is one of its strong points, same reason tezos supporting ocaml smart contracts was a hype point

>> No.30042092

You are a person non grata.
Really disgusting to see people like you in the crypto space.

>> No.30042318

haha it still has no smart contracts hahaha. Big companies are already using tezos smart contracts. Cardano is so far behind. it will take another 2 years after smart contract launch before any menaningful adoption happens. But your not a dev so you wouldnt understand

>> No.30042411

Tezos will be adopted as the offial crypto of several US states within the next months. More than cardano can ever hope for. Cardano is a bullshit hype project

>> No.30042538

>None of this has to do with the network itself.
because there's nothing to talk about, it's an unfinished product that has competitors way ahead of them despite Cardano having a massive headstart.

>> No.30042732

the only thing the cardano community is good at is shilling their unfinshed shit token

>> No.30043932
File: 235 KB, 501x711, 1606542143068.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30044336

I have like 16 ADA. Can't wait for it to be bitcoin share price. I will be rich in future :)

>> No.30044506

weakest fud i've seen this week.

>> No.30044930

Yeah, congrats if you made money on it but that high marketcap and number go up trend are the only main features of Cardano. So what happens when price starts going down? Like OP said, yet to find any interesting projects working or talking about Cardano.

>> No.30045108

Bro, are you old enough to use the internet without adult supervisiom

>> No.30045660

we really need 10 threads a day about this. Feels natural.

>> No.30045900

a lot of peole disregarding what this guy says but crypto will create so much wealth that most of you won't be able to comprehend it.

>> No.30046048


Yup, while being inspired by Ouroboros its not Ouroboros and also it is only one part of the puzzle. Substrate and it's tooling is what will be the differentiator here (not even talking about the relay chain backbone).

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