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Passive income chads post your comfiest schemes itt

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Buy high, sell higher

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make that nest egg grow.

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ALGO sui stack

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Compound.Finance. Got 8 figures collecting nice passive income there

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Strudel. I just put 1 vbtc and eth into their farm, probably will leave it forever. Strudel tokens and my vbtc and eth can grow together.

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Did it for too many years fren

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Delta Financial - engineered to explode

Delta is the new project of the CORE devs. It will be integrated into the upcoming coreDEX for options liquidity. Many people got rich off CORE, which went from $130 to over $9000 within a week of its launch. Like CORE, Delta will have almost no sell pressure initially because it’s fairly launched, this time by way of a Limited Staking Window during which you can buy rebasing LP tokens with ETH, and nobody will own Delta upon launch.

However, several key features of Delta basically guarantee that its launch will be an unprecedented success:
- Delta has a 14 day vesting mechanism, only 10% will be available immediately after buying. This means there literally will be no sell pressure for days, resulting in the biggest green dildo in history.
- Delta has hyperdeflationary tokenomics. In addition to the abovementioned 14days vesting, other vesting, re-staking and burning mechanisms will result in most of the supply being removed from circulation.
- The Delta rLP is programmed to rebase itself 30 times upon launch, which will result in billions of trading volume on Uniswap. Yes, of actual trading volume. Combined with the green candle of the Delta chart, these ridiculous numbers will attract every ape in the crypto space.
- Only 1500 ETH of the thousands of ETH already raised during Delta’s launch event will go to Uniswap liquidity, which makes the price relatively easy to move (CORE had MUCH higher liquidity and still exploded).
- The mint price of new Delta rLP will increase by 10% per day, effectively supply capping rLP tokens.

In the longer term, Delta will play an integral part of coreDEX, as this vested liquidity standard will be used for options trading and allow for liquidity provision without impermanent loss. Delta LSW is open until 4 March. Then Delta launches on Uniswap. Be there or be late.

Use my referral to get 10% bonus to your LSW contribution: https://delta.financial/join/510

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Literally all in on BNT

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KSM, generating 1 every 2 days. At current rate about 3k a month. Pretty good for free money

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Fuck, will check it for sure. These Scandinavians or whatever the fuck they are kill it with apy

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Stakenet rewards
Linkpool rewards
Link staking when it's out

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Comfy just staking my bancies making 8k$/month at the current bnt price

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>When it's out

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we're gunna make it

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Stakenet dex, link staking, eth 2.0

All "soon"

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How much does it make it total

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I meant atm? I am staking balancer and sushi on AAVE

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That means neet nodes at the protocol level. Now since i own linkpool im gonna be just fine and comfy.

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Oh just atm

Roughly $200 per week from my xsn nodes at current price (12+ nodes)

Roughly 3 link from my linkpool.

Expecting a huge increase in my profits when the stakenet dex gets released lol. (Soon, probs april)

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Should add that linkpool is every 2 weeks

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What’s the deal with linkpool. Do you have to stake your LP tokens somewhere?

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BREW on cafeswap.finance was doing phenomenally for weeks. It was somehow the only coin that didn't dump during the last bloodbath and only increased. I was tempted to leave it there forever but I'm just not comfortable doing that with BSC coins.

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About £7000 worth of Eth per month, staking Eth2. It's locked till merge though so I can't actually use it.

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what are you doing on 4chin if youre worth 8 figures

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They arent using chainlink oracles. Have fun getting rekt.

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Stani is famously a mongol finn. He applied the same horse trading and juggling mechanics used from the times of Kublai Khan himself. Pretty smart guy if u ask me.

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How much DAI are you lending? I'm interested, but at a 10% APY my 50k stack won't do much for me in the long-run.

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Finns are Scandinavians in my books aren't they?
He is buying so much unhealthy and unnecessary shit for my household rn

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DFT stack, on the way to easy 1000x.

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Staked my BNT today, what do I do with my vBNT, wait for space in the vBNT pool to open?

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hes autistic

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Finns pretending to be scandinavian is like ((them)) posing as catholics.

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Get a suicide stack of 5600 to earn one coin a day with the full APY. Thank me later

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Yeah you're right Finns arent scandinavian since scandinavia is in Sweden/Norway
Finns are finno-ugric, highest iqs on average in Europe and the most blond/blue eyed

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asko staking..

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I've been hodling a single btc for 7+ years, feelsbadman not raking in the apy. I need to dump half of it into something stakable.

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Either that or use it as leverage while keeping ur bnt staked. But I advise you to Dyor, they explained it pretty well on their website

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buy wbtc and stake it in bancor wbtc pool

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Except your passive income won't last when these tokens go down 90% in the next year lmao. Unless you bought last year, no reason to hold them. Whales know this.

UNN is the next.

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how risky is staking though, like is it possible to have control the private keys and stake 100% safe?

Or does it always carry a degree of risk?

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bumping for answer to this question

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Prove it give me $500

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So comfy

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I made ~$800 in BTC today just by leaving an automation running on my comp. It’s just a telegraph bot that gives you BTC if you click

t (dot) me/BitcoinRewardsBot?start=1603248544

Is this an easy BTC play or am I missing something?

Happy to walk anyone through the automation part if anyone’s interested bc then we’re all comfy

pic related

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Anything that asks for your private keys is a scam.
There is 0% downturn to staking. Some are more complex than others but for instance in ADA you stake through the wallet with 0 downturn 0% of losing funds and always accessible

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Smart contracts always have risks. That's why the ones that have been going strong for some time (like Aave and Uniswap) are worth so much money. This increase in popularity reduces the APY significantly, it's all a risk/rewards play. manage your greed and choose wisely.

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How can I make $30/$40 a day biz. That would safe my life

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LTO, apy funded by paying clients, deflation built in.

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refer to >>30032448

I made $800 today in BTC and counting

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I already told you I don't believe you. Prove it by giving me $100 then I will bite

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Why anon seriously why, earning a dollar a day is fucking pathetic. Where is the price of this going . Please breadcrumb

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>Happy to walk anyone through the automation part if anyone’s interested bc then we’re all comfy

Please do give more details fren

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They are unironically closer to hungarians. Even language-wise.

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lol I don't need to prove shit. Happy to post screen caps but my bots worked hard for this $ and yours can too. Happy to show you how

I was under the impression you manlets needed advice on how to be a comfy passive income chad

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All Telegram clickers be like
>Congratulations! You got 0.01BTC just for clicking button.
>Want to withdrow your earnings? Send us BTC to our wallet, to pay gas.
>Nooo, you can't pay from telegram bot balance
Totally not a scam.

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It depends on how much money you have. I guess new bnt pool is the most profitable but riskier than stablecoins

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What is this?

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absolutely fren

get the murgaa autoclicker and set the time interval to 35 seconds.

If you leave your computer display on all night it should add up pretty passively

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I guess i could put $250 in something I don't have much. But $30 a day.. That's the goal..

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screen cap of a telegram bot i've had my click bot clicking all day

Says I've made 0.016799999999999843 BTC an counting

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You hold the token and get airdropped a cut of their income every two weeks. But they're going to update the token soon to an ERC-20. Although that depends on whether they can keep their project going after their co-founder got removed last week.
But yeah, I have LinkPool + some BNT staked.
Everyone should look into BNT if want easy passive income.
I also have a lot of LINK ready to put into something but don't trust anything enough at this point.
CItibank said today that LINK will be worth more than BTC so I'm not keen on losing any LINK in some shady exploit.

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>implying anything is better than farming on pancake swap

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I got in early to Bancor with 5k$ and it's been raking 30$ per day for me with current prices pretty comfy

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Definitely feels scammy but hasn't proven to be yet.

It's asking for 10 referrals then you can withdraw.

If you guys give me enough referrals to get this BTC out of here I'm happy to share the love. Only need 2 more

t (dot) me/BitcoinRewardsBot?start=1603248544

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The best crypto project is $MCM

> post quantum secure
> future of crypto
> no ico
> didn’t solicit any investment

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That's a scam, bro.

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How much for the withdrawal and how does this process work at all? You have to register at some telegram group and give them your wallet?

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I wish I had even 1k to stack

>> No.30033460


how so? the only info I gave them was my email and wallet

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It says min withdraw is .01 BTC. All you have to do is join the group and start clicking

pic related

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ycrv looks good

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>10% APY
why not waves dex

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>that pepe
Is that fucking Althusser?

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Amazing how no one here actually knows how to utilize their stables to the fullest. I'm currently averaging 400% APY on mine.

Even with just Curve and Yearn you could get 30-40% easy.

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low IQ retard here. Is this the best pool on curve?

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Where should one start even looking in to this

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What ever happened to core?

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uhh you know you can make 6.75% on that just by hodling it on voyager right

>> No.30035777

yeah what he said

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yes faggot

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thank you anon. i have no idea how any of this words so i might start with this

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If you had 100k you could get it by lending stablecoins. Right now I like mirror. You put in ust and can buy mirrored stocks/trusts and pool for 100%+. Only concern is that the tech behind luna won't be able to scale massively beyond the current traffic. Being conservative if we say 70% apr, you'd just need 16k

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I have 55 AAVE

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$150k+ investment for $1 a day, NGMI!

>> No.30038506

The team has been super quiet, building a DEX and this Delta thing. I have to admit, I didn't know shit about how it works, I just aped in with a couple of eth. Had at one moment about 4 eth worth of core, foolishly thought the insane apy is gonna last forever. With delta and things to come, it's quite possible that CORE becomes the DeFi, we're looking at a possible 10 to 300x from here. As always, DYOR.

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just discovered UMB on Uniswap

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whats going to happen with unn ?
got myself 100k before its too late

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oh shit, why and how do you know Althusser? you degenerate genius

>> No.30039321

what is that??

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lol fuck off pajeet

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>probs april)

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>I'm not keen on losing any LINK in some shady exploit
so where do you park them?

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