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I have 20k to put in one of these. Or should I put 10k in each? I'm leaning towards LTO

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Anon the filial you waiting for, get LTO

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>The future method of resource allocation for the world vs bureaucratic coin for afghans
gee anon...idk

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HBAR all day, you'll kill yourself if you don't

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This kek, imagine being anon 10 months from now knowing you could have bought 150k hbar you will unironically disembowel yourself

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a coin that does nothing vs LTO

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woah... sir that is some good data,!

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Do you even have to ask?

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LTO will act as an oracle for DeFi

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>No apollo?
Anon, I...

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seeing a lot of HBAR + LTO combo recommendations and topics (also my two of choice btw)
is this because these are the only two with real world adoption utility/potential? I was trying to find others but it seems everything is tied to the cryptosphere

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bumping for only LTO & HBAR thread

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LTO all the way

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Both are garbage,.

kleros. just use KLEROS.

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LTO. Stansberry research describes it as the ethereum of the business world. What did they say about hbar?

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Hi folks, wazzap here?

>Did you see that spam attack on /biz/ today?
These poor pajeets really think that clever trader will look at their shit
Funny haha
>I don’t risk today, my assets are on yield farming on yvs finance and I can reinvest any time

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LTO by far

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I read up a bit about hbar now
Seems like they have some nice usecases in medical tech
But I doubt they have tokenomics as nice as this

>just use KLEROS
For what?
Siding with the majority to win eth scraps?

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Both are excellent coins - HBAR will probably be worth more in the longrun but LTO has better tokenomics - i would put 10k in both

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Anybody any idea what cees van dams latest tweet means? "One of us".

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Is this true?

If the LTO price is getting too high, the bids are going to be less competitive, and less transactions on the network. The node operators can also vote to lower this as it's in their best interest also right? The vote to lower to something more relative - as a % of the transaction would make sense as txns and price go up higher.

There was an interview with Brad Laurie where Rick mentioned that clients were willing to pay €2 per txn as they didn't want to manage and set up their own node etc. As the value of their solutions increase, I can see clients paying more to get some fantastic DiD solutions.

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LTO potential breakout right now frens

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you ever stop and realize exactly how fucking stupid all of this is?

seriously, this tells me absolutely nothing. it's just words on shapes.

you idiots buy on this shit?

i'm out of crypto entirely. this is a sell signal.

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he didn't do the math. that flow is reasonably clear, to be honest.

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it's clear, sure, but it says absolutely nothing. the context is null, it's just like, a blank empty thing that simply says words.

gonna get rug pulled.

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OXEN should be in this pool

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I like both

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10k in HBAR, 10k in LTO

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I'm invested in Hbar and believe it will do well in the long run but like years from now and I don't know anything about LTO

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This thread is fucking weird as after reading up on like a hundred /biz/ altcoins these are also the two I settled on. Seemed less like gambling to buy something that actually gets used.

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It won't, it's just bots trading against each other

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Seems like /biz/ is finally settling for the next generation of coins

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well i'm not sure anyone is expected to throw down some cash off the back of a single .jpg. If you've read anything about LTO it will make sense. It's a flow chart - most of those don't give you reams of context, so i'm not sure what you're expecting here fren.

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I'm incredibly retarded and I understood this flow chart perfectly. Ngmi

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Any thughts on unibright ?

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i'm all in on LTO but I'm a poorfag so diversification isn't an option for me. i'll continue buying LTO every paycheck, hope i'll have a suicide stack. if i had 10k i'd probably buy 15k LTO so i'd get close to that suicide stack, and invest the rest in HBAR and keep on DCAing into it. but i know next to nothing about HBAR.

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Buy now

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my nigga, stacks at 50k / 20k / 15k

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midwits not allowed in crypto bye

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Retail token holders can vote for new features or price upgrade or downgrade in terms of how much an Anchor costs on the network.

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there can't be many transactions if te rice is 2€ right? that'd be a stupid ammount of money to pay for each if you do a lot of them per day

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Anon check out this gem.

$MCM Mochimo
> Quantum Proof
> Scalable and Fast
> Decentralized and Fair
>Price going crazy right now =)))

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its all relative. take the shipping use case, what is the real cost to register a container arriving at a dock? take the wages for the workers, actuaries, insurance, computer systems etc. etc. and then remember it often has to be done on multiple sides (ie, you pay a 3rd party for escrow, accounting, etc.). add all that together and 2€ gets pretty cheap

remember, LTO is designed for businesses dealing with business sized capital transactions, not neets trading anime food tokens for pennies

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I have both and will continue buying both. At least they are being used in the real world unlike 99% of shitcoins

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price predictions in a couple months for all 3?

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you give me a weather prediction for a couple of months and ill give you a price prediction

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Sunny with a chance of rain.

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It's just a visualized concept that you aren't able to grasp yet

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between $0.01 and $10k

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If it reaches $20k I'm coming for you.

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i'll be on my private island enjoying life by then

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I want to sell my FTM. I hold 15,000 HBAR - should I sell HBAR or FTM for LTO or stay divided between FTM and HBAR?

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I'm all in on hban. It will go up in the future either short term or long term mark my word. Take it me the bank!

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All in LTO

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I see you theyre

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I just sold my FTM stack thats all imma say

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Both are good, but Hbar has better FA coming.

PayPal news imminent. And it's much more than PayPal just joining the Hedera Council. PayPal is working on a Giant use-case with Pfizer (have two representatives at the Hedera Hackathon) and FIS Global (Hedera Council Member) with numerous Banks as clients.

With that and the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) to choose HCS (Hedera Consensus Services) for their CBDC, Hbar will get to $1 very quickly this year.

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I sold mine. Split between LTO and HBAR - 15k HBAR 3500 LTO. Will report back when billionaire status achieved.

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2€ really isn't a lot, maybe for small use cases but when big dick corpos start using it to sign contracts and agreements with other entities and store these contracts there's virtually no limit to how much they will pay. Even if it becomes 100€ per transaction. Plus these businesses are incentived to stake and get rewards so that the transactions pay for themselves

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Only high IQ know about HBAR.

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Most of you all don't grasp that, yes, LTO is ultimately using you for funding, but the final goal is a self sustaining network which is fueled by the companies using it. It has economic incentive to decentralize the network, built into the tokenomics.

The shake out which will happen is simply because the price will be high enough so people will consider selling. Yes, even the people saying they will never sell. APY will still be attractive for midwhales though

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So you‘re saying higher fees... good?

>> No.30042776

LTO clients are willing to pay even more, fren.

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I think the idea is staking won't be worth it in the future since the opportunity cost and return of buying a make it stack at higher prices isn't worth your time or money to passively stake, but if you get your stack early passive staking can still be worth it later on, just most people buying will be businesses and the others will be day traders.

I'm gonna sit on my stack for a few years and see what direction they are gonna take with staking rewards before I sell

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Wanted to chime in and say, ^^THIS

I made a quick 3x on $10k in 2017 but then didn't pay attention to crypto for years because the whole thing just felt like gambling. Even, perhaps especially, BTC. But the situation has changed and now for the first time there are blockchains that are actually useful in the real world for things other than buying drugs online or gambling.

So to answer your question OP, get both, but here is how I would break it down:

GRT and LTO already have proven utility and will see linear gains in price over the next few years. APYs will allow you to roughly double your initial investment over 4-8 years if you don't sell.

HBAR and ALGO are vying to provide the commercial/financial backbone of the international monetary system. The tech is good and the use case is there, but there's more risk involved because they are something of a moonshot. That said, the upside is also greater, particularly with respect to HBAR, which, if it ends up working out as Leemon 'Party' Baird envisions--this is a big if--could be worth thousands per token.

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I think VeChain has a future too when it comes to real world adoption but yes so far these two projects are the only low caps like this imo

>> No.30044914

Have you read the VeChain whitepaper? I was interested in VET too for this exact reason but their whitepaper is written in horrible chink Engrish and barely makes sense

>> No.30045072

It will probably be harder for new comers to get a nice stack meant for passive income

However the early backers might be comfy , let's see

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was actually one of the original tokens I got into but for >>30044914 this reason I refuse to risk a big chunk of my portfolio for what could be a typical chink rugpull
when I stumbled upon LTO I felt like I found what I was originally looking for in VET

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This is some sort of prediction for apy,
if you staked early and held through all those years

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Put 10k in Btc, and you’re set for life

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Put 10k btc in LTO
you've secured your next 10 generations AT LEAST

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Gonna have to update the plantation meme to add niggers soon. Africa will onboard GoLandRegistry.

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Imagine being this much of a retarded BTC maxi

Not that you'll listen but here's a heads up, friend: your boomercoin will be worthless (except to the kind of people who collect trillion Zimbabwean dollar bills) by 2050. Screenshot this

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still. try to get profit with this erc fee?
what a fag, use BSC platforms, hold SWG and see bonuses every day

>stop spending your time with shitcoins

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The only answer is HBAR

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How much HBAR to make it? 10? 20? 100? 10000? 15000? 20000?

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Everytime I get bored I buy some HBAR. I don't even get the tech or whatever, I have no clue why I do what I do. I seriously hope this pays off.
t.up to 15k HBAR now

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LTO testing 39c again.

>> No.30048729

sam hyde said not to buy hbar because that dude looks like he should be holding a mop and that god did him dirty

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Leemon is a kind and smart guy, shut the fuck up

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Got 35k AUD thanks to ADA. I really want to sell and increase my LTO stack to 100k. And buy a stack of 100k HBAR and then check back in 12 months. Thoughts?

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Until HBAR is represented by a literal chad demon like El Tio, I think the answer is obvious

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My bitcoin is down 25%, but mochimo is up 100% already :)))

>> No.30050488

hbar, no hesitation

>> No.30050732

ADA is one of half a dozen ETH competitors, including ETH2.0, that may or may not be the de facto smart contract standard platform. LTO has no competition (yet) in B2B blockchain solutions, and HBAR is a revolutionary technology that (if adopted) could make its hodlers insanely wealthy.

You do the math from there. Personally I am staying out of the ETH fight, I am sure there is money to be made but it just isn't clear to me who among AVAX DOT ADA etc etc etc is going to win. LTO will give slow steady gains in the long term practically guaranteed.

>> No.30050872

Appreciate a normal reply on this website. I got 60k of LTO staked to the biz node. Comfy gains each week. Looking forward to the future thats for sure.

>> No.30050946

>BTC dumps
>HBAR barely reacts

its hbar son

>> No.30051464

I hold LTO and AVAX, I've made my bet.

>> No.30051491

Lot of LTO shills switching VPNs here. The answer is clearly HBAR.

>> No.30051701


I have bad news for you son. You're retarded. Flow charts are used for everything. Your computer you are typing on, the internet you accessed. Engineers didn't just figure this out on a whim, they used visualization.

>> No.30051703

Kek, go back

>> No.30051783


almost all VPN's are banned on 4chan and LTO just has a solid little community on /biz/ no need to hate.

>> No.30051791

Lot of LTO shills switching VPNs here. The answer is clearly HBAR.
लॉट ऑफ एलटीओ यहां वीपीएन स्विचिंग को पूरा करता है। जवाब स्पष्ट रूप से HBAR है।

>> No.30052051

These are exactly my thoughts. I'm staying out of the ETH fight. Crypto is mainly speculation, why would I speculate on a contentious fight.
There are enough projects that have little to zero competition.

t. hashchad

>> No.30052160

How can you join the node?

>> No.30052305

Buy LTO wherever. Send your tokens to LTO wallet. Stake/lease to the biz node for comfy returns.

>> No.30052988

Select Xeno node when your start a new lease at wallet.lto.network

See: xeno.finance

>> No.30053095

Click Lease in mainnet wallet, select Xeno from node list, be comfy.

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My goal is to have a HBAR, LTO and AMP stack. Agmi?

>> No.30054481

>b-but muh UN partnership
Partnership with UN is actually bearish af. They'll waste investor money to Afghanistan government, one of the most corrupt and worst country in the world. Partnership with UN is actually death flag for many crypto project.
Example of another scam project that partner with UN:
Devery team exitscammed months after that partnership
Horizon State token exitscammed months later and have ceased operations
Bizonacci killed himself after Ambrosus revealed as scam
Soon will follow Ambrosus footstep

If you want to invest in real use case coin look up Aleph.im (partnership with Ubisoft) and Origintrail/TRAC (partner and endorsed by World Economic Forum)

>> No.30054576

>b-but I've done the math...
I've done the math. It baffles me how people really believe there's ~120k daily transactions on the main net. Do you even realize how much that is? If they register 3.5m land parcels in Afghanistan and 10% of them change owners yearly that's only 1k daily transaction.
Maybe if 95% of those 100k+ daily transactions didn't come from shady dutch companies owned by Rick, it'd help me believe they are legit.
They promised us companies would use their own node soon™ (it was a month ago) instead of going through LegalThings but there's still not a single independent company having its own node.

>> No.30054835

Will, considering LegalThings was just acquired by KATE, they'd probably be in trouble of the transactions turned out to be fraudulent

>> No.30054838


You got priced out, cope.

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>sold his bags at .40c when it's heading towards new ath COPE.

>> No.30055000

Don't mind the schizo fudster.

>> No.30055418

based FUD, you're usually one of the first people in threads about LTO

>> No.30055438

So basically a shady shell company acquired by another shady no name company

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Basically you're a lying seething no good stinking long nose having stinky pee pee poo poo dirtbag

>> No.30056180


soon to be priced out

>> No.30056304

Where do we see the yield %, fee details etc for each lease node? I will join Xeno but want to compare

>> No.30056597

All nodes have the same APY return, only difference is the payout. Xeno node has the highest as far I'm concerned 99% payout and using 1% for maintenance.

>> No.30056721

Thank. What is the APY? Is there a list of all nodes? in the wallet it only has the names, no details

>> No.30056857


An anon was kind enough to make this spreadsheet specifying node details. I think currently it's 7.7%APY.

>> No.30057072

You can smell the curry and desperation in these bot posts.

>> No.30057121

How is this thread still alive? Bullish for LTO.

>> No.30057182

IMO $FRM is the best choice.They have great incubator for presales. 50-100x projects already and we are waiting for more.

>> No.30057309

LTO but later when I fill my bags first.

>> No.30057574

joined forces with the hbar bros
real world use cases alliances
blockchain adoption

>> No.30058148

>What is the APY
Last payout I calculated 7.7%, it keeps increasing along with transactions. We were at 6.6% in january.

>> No.30059007

Any other thoughts on TRAC here?

>> No.30059947

You're replying to a schizo.

>> No.30060919

Im a value investor now, math tells me LTO is going to be worth quite a lot soon enough, math also tells me LTO is seriously undervalued.

>> No.30061059

same , I hate crypto for this, but LTO seems to provide a real value to the world

>> No.30061498

really? 16k HBAR stacklet here.
Are we really in the stealth phase? or should I lube up for the assfucking?

>> No.30063240

Comfiest hold. Afghanis will start putting money in our pockets soon, africans will follow.

>> No.30063364

Its not LINK they are suppressing, its LTO. Read LTO/riddlers post and connect the dots. If it takes you until Q3 to have the epiphany then its just something you will always have to live with. Im off back to /x now.

>> No.30063644

LTO has a really hard time going over 40c for some reason, you might be onto something.

>> No.30063788

I personally think LTO has such a small token amount that its frequently used in coordinated PND groups. I believe it will hit 2$ eoy but you'd be a fool to buy at the current price. Wait til the ADHD pnd groups dump their bags and LTO back to 20cents

>> No.30063824
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Incredibly based to be lining our pockets with the fruits of third world labor. Slavery 2.0

>> No.30063905

I think its the 6k bot riddler referred to that is capping the price No idea who owns it though

>> No.30064161

Wait, i thought we had already had the epiphany?

>> No.30064292

Nah a lot of unnatural shilling happening right now, as LTO is around its peak. Careful friend. I personally set a buy order for 25 after selling. So I have skin in the game. I could definitely be wrong. But always be careful buying or holding at a top. Look at the volume, anon. Or do you just open the riddler pasta everytime your hands shake?

>> No.30064395

In the end I decided on LTO, good fundamentals and still early days

>> No.30064452
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Dump incoming

>> No.30064589

liking the join hbar lto thread
imagine if they partnered up too

>> No.30064629


>> No.30064649

I bought in below 25.

>> No.30064661

>11 poosts
I thought they banned crypto in India?

>> No.30064747

Don't think so.

>> No.30064810

>hurr durr hbar so cheap so it's bad huurrrr
hbar it is in a different league so how can we expect you to understand?

>> No.30065184

HBAR all the way. Still cheap so you can get a good stack and just sit back and wait.

>> No.30067095

>4 posts
careful, you don't wanna be labeled a jeet
better stop posting now

>> No.30068625

How can i buy LTO as a burger? i have Binance and coinbase pro

>> No.30068969

Uniswap, but beware of fees.

>> No.30069853
File: 1.65 MB, 220x400, tenor (2).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Check hbar labs, Jordan Fried guy who pitched hedera to guggle started his own company to bring hbar into mainstream.

Good way to see its future potential,

Leemons vids on youtube also show how it can be used not only as a payment.

>> No.30070882

Compare uniswap vs. Trustwallet's BNB dex. See what one estimates you the better rate. I went with UNI for my ~61k stack

>> No.30072256

It's on binance if you use VPN, I don't think it's on binance US

>> No.30072264

Is there an easy way to look up the trust wallet exchange rate without actually downloading it?

>> No.30073137

Do ACH payments show up immediately on my bank account? I did one and bought crypto, but not seeing the charge yet.

>> No.30073251

Ask Joshuwa Roomsburg, hes just joined the LTO team to help them penetrate the US.

>> No.30073632

I buy coins shilled on /biz/ that I think have actual potential and these are two of them. My other hold is PRQ. I'm going to be buying a stack of Cudos or Kylix when it's released too. I'm most confident about Hbar personally. $1 will be the minimum it goes to.

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