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Why did he do it bros?

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he did it because he was desperate to escape society. I wish he had made it

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Go back to r*ddit guh nigger

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who is this

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guy who used a leverage glitch on robinhood to lever up $2k into $50k and then bet it all on puts on apple stock right before their earnings call and livestreamed himself watching his portfolio as the report came in
he expected apple would underperform on earnings and the stock price would drop making the value of his put options skyrocket
instead they killed it obliterating the value of his contracts and the livestream captured the exact moment his soul left his body

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>betting against apple

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because he's a fuckign retard lmao

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What do you even fucking do after that

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Exactly my thoughts

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his soul has already left this realm, endlessly wandering

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For real. By the time my phone started ringing I think my soul would also have escaped my body

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Assuming $50k is more than this guy has ever seen at one time in his life

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delete the app and let robinhood eat the losses.

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Don't they have all your info?

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Debtors prisons no longer exist anon, the worse they can do is ban you.

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look at his fucking scowl near the end of the video holy shit he's in hell

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it wasn't his $50k is the thing, he'd levered up $2k into $50k. so $48k of it was robinhood's money. so when the value of his contracts (which had appreciated to $58k) dropped to $6k, he's now out his $2k plus he owes another $42k to robinhood assuming he can actually sell his contracts for $6k when the market opens

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im pretty sure robinhood ended up just eating the debt and banned him from ever using them again

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Cuz reddit is gay

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kek that was for his own good

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Kek if thats true then good on them. I respect that they ate it up because it was their fault for the glitch

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Realistically it would be far more expensive to harass this kid for the 50k he owes which he absolutely doesn't have the assets to pay with. They had no choice but to write it off. At worse, if they are lucky, they could tank his credit score.

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w-what if he bought calls

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his soul would still leave his body but it'd go straight to heaven to kiss Peter's hand before falling back to his body

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> I repeat this until I am sufficiently leveraged for my Personal Risk Tolerance.

This was one of the funniest quote I have ever read on Reddit Kek. I hate how WSB is basically full of cringey cuck memes but there are so many hilarious loss porn stories mixed in with posts from people who made it.

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calls where probably not as cheap since most people expected it to go up, so while he would've made good money it wouldn't have been as much as if it had gone down.

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>25x margined leverage on FD options
>personal risk tolerance
gets me too anon