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biz shill me your greatest suicide stack gems for purchase right now

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i hate this fucking board. i cant even tell if its a man anymore.

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Silver, wait till below 20 to buy.

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she's hot. source?

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that's a man

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oh and 100 ozt is the stack

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0xBitcoin is a hidden gem
It's a man.

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/thread lmao

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Amp u tranny loving faggot

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You see that bulge down her left leg. That's a dick.

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>no tits
>horse face

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FEG, releasing their own exchange soon

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>prominent dick under pants
>obvious estrogen patches
You better be being sarcastic.

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buy 25,000 KTLYO right now

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thats a man

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10k STA. Now is unironically the perfect time - sentiment on biz is at an all time low with marketing about to ramp up this month

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This image confuses me so much

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I already own a stack unfortunately

I am strapped in already anon


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Unironically 1000 LINK
Unironically 400 UNI
Unironically 18.7 XMR
Unironically 1 BTC

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He’s got a dick

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i'd give you advice but you're tranny posting/ maybe just cut to the chase and kill yourself.

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you can see her cock...kind of telling

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the penis didn't give it away?

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god she's hot, buy amp btw

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Delta Financial - engineered to explode

Delta is the new project of the CORE devs. It will be integrated into the upcoming coreDEX for options liquidity. Many people got rich off CORE, which went from $130 to over $9000 within a week of its launch. Like CORE, Delta will have almost no sell pressure initially because it’s fairly launched, this time by way of a Limited Staking Window during which you can buy rebasing LP tokens with ETH, and nobody will own Delta upon launch.

However, several key features of Delta basically guarantee that its launch will be an unprecedented success:
- Delta has a 14 day vesting mechanism, only 10% will be available immediately after buying. This means there literally will be no sell pressure for days, resulting in the biggest green dildo in history.
- Delta has hyperdeflationary tokenomics. In addition to the abovementioned 14days vesting, other vesting, re-staking and burning mechanisms will result in most of the supply being removed from circulation.
- The Delta rLP is programmed to rebase itself 30 times upon launch, which will result in billions of trading volume on Uniswap. Yes, of actual trading volume. Combined with the green candle of the Delta chart, these ridiculous numbers will attract every ape in the crypto space.
- Only 1500 ETH of the thousands of ETH already raised during Delta’s launch event will go to Uniswap liquidity, which makes the price relatively easy to move (CORE had MUCH higher liquidity and still exploded).
- The mint price of new Delta rLP will increase by 10% per day, effectively supply capping rLP tokens.

In the longer term, Delta will play an integral part of coreDEX, as this vested liquidity standard will be used for options trading and allow for liquidity provision without impermanent loss. Delta LSW is open until 4 March. Then Delta launches on Uniswap. Be there or be late.

Use my referral to get 10% bonus to your LSW contribution: https://delta.financial/join/510

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I'm afraid we're seeing potential risk

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10k HBAR suicide stack

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Oh haha, she said it was a MrBig... hoho boy was i in for a treat :o

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Some women have penises

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I'd fuck that tranny, no homo

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dick size prediction eoy?

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I'm seeing a potential upside.

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18.7 xmr

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I bought some Auctus, looks pretty good to me at 7m cap but not getting much attention. Seems to be a decentralised options trading platform mainly and is already integrated with AAVE and BSC, they use 50% of any fees generated to buy back tokens.

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1000 eoy

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BOND 100k suicide stack
check it

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disclosing your monero stack? dangerous

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If I were to get rekt by a LGBT gang...

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Wait till Jigstack is out fren

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If you want a girl version she looks exactly like amber hardin



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Doesn't matter, fuck 'em all. According to the Romans, it's only gay if you're receiving.

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No one cares about your shitty meme lines

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the hormone patches MIGHT be a clue, you moron.

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yeah i saw u in the other shill thread kid stfu

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Hbar 100k

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Fire Protocol

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that, my good sirs, is a man.

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It's always a man, regardless of gender

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This. If it is believed to be true 1 SAT=1 dollar / 1 Btc = 100 million. Then 1 Link = 1000 USD , stack of 1000 link = 1 million.

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about to break out?

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If you want slow but almost risk-free profit, get into:

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