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how much did you make this bullrun?
what were your best plays?

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That’s a man

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yup. Surgery already. Well along in HRT but a man none the less

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I’d add some milk to her bok choy if you catch my drift

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I dollar cost averaged into bitcoin @ $10,500 in 2020, and bought 25 eth at $220. Also I got 58 link for $2 back in July 2019.

Total investment was $21,000 and two weeks ago I was at $102,000. Now I'm at $85k but holding.

BTC, Eth, Link, and maybe 1 or 2 others are all you need to make it. If you're not in by early 2020 you're late and maybe better off waiting until next cycle in a year or two. Just my 2 cents.

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Yeah right...sure bro

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how many times have we been over this?

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I made 2 grand haha lol

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Sold the top of Asko. Made 10k. Was pretty sick.

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>The grocery store flash/twerk viral trend
I have 16 gb of different thots doing this in pics and webms. Good times.

Made a killing on BTC mainly. Other shitcoin profits pale in comparison.

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share pls anon

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Bought $1100 of asko, sold when my stack was worth $2500. Regret not selling when it was worth a lot more, but it was my first scamcoin pump ever and I can't sit at my computer all day and watch numbers so I consider myself lucky.

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Making back over twice your investment is never something to scoff at.

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plx share anon

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I had roughly 840 DFT, and I've up, like, 7k? Pretty okay.

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faggot you cant just say that and not share

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Who is this man?

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What did he mean by thjs?

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ESD, DSD and VGX. Started with $12k last year and now at $2M.

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x10 by fomoing into ada after swinging link and getting priced out

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N00dz are easy to find. She takes BBC for you freaks that love that stuff.

I’ll post a grocery clip or two in a few for Anons who asked. Have to swap hard drives and dig up some. 40tbs of thot content and counting.

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$15k+ in the last 17 days. still have 90% supply remaining. tangible assets.

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which cereals did she end up buying?

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His vagina is all over the internet for you to see yourself.

Kek. I have one where a thot gets Coco Puffs I’ll have to post just for you.

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...what's in the boxes?

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im down about 500 usd

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>N00dz are easy to find. She takes BBC for you freaks that love that stuff.
>blacked ameriasian

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Bought MUSE at $3 now it’s $80 and the MC is still only $40 million.

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Imagine her riding you reverse cowgirl.

Fuckin' wew, man.

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grt ~$0.60 and sold at $2.55 then rolled some into nucypher and dumped that after a small gain

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But why?

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Bull run has just started senpai
Ask me in December
I suppose it will be JISTACK but who tf knows

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They'll probably be worth 100$ resale in the future

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Did you just buy the toy from the supplier or steal it from the delivery truck?

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My best play was unironically aave.
Went a little over double from that alone.

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I lost 8k by buying high and selling low. Bull runs are when everyone loses money, right?

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Genius fucking play. The resell market on those are already stupid high. How much would you sell a box for? If you need any advice on where to find a market for it, let me know.

I have 18 multiple drives full to the brim with OC, I might be slow to post as I run into them and Im doing other shit.

No u, faggot.

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Did pretty good. Actually heading to Colorado in tomorrow on a ski resort getaway for a week, anyone want to meet up and compare stacks hehe

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I'm shredding winter park tomorrow. we got really good powder last week. We can compare dicks while we're at it

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11 bucks

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damn women are whores arent they

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Is that where all the townies go? I'm a beginner so don't want to get bullied by mountain chads, I'm down to cross swords though no homo

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I'm gonna shove my chinese peepee in your tight little butthole white boy

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Nyan $9 - $120, sold to Bitcoin
Core $400 - $5000, sold to Bitcoin
Wynaut $0.009 - $0.20 sold to Bitcoin

started with about $3k last summer, have almost 6 bitcoins now

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How does that's a man sound?

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