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YOU FUCKS CONVINCED ME!!! You fucking told me to sell my GME shares at around $45 dollars. You told me it wouldn't go back up. You FUCKING TOLD ME!!! I fucking sold at $45 after buying in at $70!!! FUCKING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

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never sell faggot hold for 1 Million a share

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paper handed pussy

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It'll never go back up again.
The squeeze was already squoze.
It's done mooning.
If this moons any higher I'm gonna eat my dick

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Charts dont lie anon

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I'm gonna eat my own dick

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>He fell for the shill FUD
kek never gonna make it

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Institutions are buying the dip anon

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Weak-willed slugs like you were never going to make it in the first place. I have no pity for you.

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Oh look it’s this thread again

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Back you go.

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You acted on the advice of others, what you ultimately decide is down to you. Market performance is always speculative, you had all the ability to research actual reasoning for any speculated performance but you also act as though random people on the internet can reliably predict shit, this is entirely your own fault and if you don't accept this then the one thing I can actually guarantee is that you will never ever make it.

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The only reason I've managed to skate by on hopium after I bought in at 310 while investing for the first time was constant shilling to sell.

How new r u if you didn't recognize it for what it was?

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Buy low, sell even lower.

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I'm gonna fucking kill myself

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I know where you're from

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I'm gonna tell you a secret: No one knows which way the market goes, anyone who tells you otherwise is a lying scammer faggot because if they did they'd be billionaires already. All the people who make money rationalize their choices and provide BS technical analysis on why they were right. There are general trends and indicators to tell what direction something is heading, but that only applies to actually solid companies with strong financial statements and good potential growth over a long period of time.

GME, AMC, all that kind of shit does not follow any trends nor does it follow any logic beyond hedge funds on one side and hedge funds + retail investors on the other trying to fuck each other in a game of tug of war. If it moons, they'll say "I told you so" "[stock] CHADS RISE UP", if it doesn't they'll say ">listening to reddit" "lol you only lose money when you sell faggot" ">bobo.jpg".

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You unironically still have time to buy

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Look I'm holding some bags too but let's be honest chances are it's not going up. and it's irresponsible to tell people to buy in hoping to make profit.

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It had some good pumps, but GME has no use case. It’s just another pajeet rugpull.

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Thats what you get for trusting a bunch of randos on an image board over your gut.

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We also told you about Apollo but i don't see you surfing this pump desu?

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Yeah I did. Thanks for the cheap shares.

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>"Hey guys buy this stock and hold until it moons :D"
>Do the opposite

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about as annoying as RBC posts now

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People like you are the proof you really can't trust people in this website because 99% are a bunch of morons like you. I called people stupid to still buy GME at 40$ but I was wrong and I wish I did

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Forget about it, you're priced out now, but go to wsb and check RKT, it legit seems like the next thing.

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Never trust /biz/, always r/wsb. One of them understands irrational decision making leads to gains in a clown world market. When someone tells you they know something for sure, like /biz/ often does, it means they are talking out of their ass.

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Watame wa... warukunai yo ne!

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Fucking paper handed peasant.

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You by your own admission are one of those 99% retards you fag

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get a trip so you can stream it please

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Don’t ever listen to retards on this board. They are all fucking 19-22 retard kids that have no experience. Just come here to lurk and get ideas. Occasionally you will see some good DD. you’re better off doing research yourself than relying on moronic retards that go to a shitstain board in the corner of the internet to give you ideas on how to invest your money.

There’s literally people on this board that will tell you to SELL SELL SELL a security that’s gonna go up in hopes that they’ll trick someone out of making money because they lost a lot and don’t want to be left behind. Same thing with buying. People will trick you into buying shot that’s obviously a bad investment/trade in hopes you’ll lose money.

There’s some good people on here too but don’t forget that at the end of the day this place is fucked up and so are the people in it.

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i wish i could give this post reddit gold.

but seriously, this anon is 100% right

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>failed spoiler tag
How the fuck is this bug still here in 2021? This fix is like 2 lines of code in javascript what the fuck.

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1500 would be 100 billion market cap, the same size as shopify or target. but shopify for all of 2020 made 1.59 billion in revenue. gamestop made 6.75 billion.

$5000 is 355 billion the size of walt disney. jim cramer says gamestop could be this if it beats earnings and has massive turn around.

10000 is 710 billion about the size of ali baba group

12500 is 887 billion about the size of tencent holdings that owns alot of game developers, discord, fortnight, pubg, clash of clans, weibo chat, q56 the youtube of china.

22000 is the size of amazon at 1.6 trillion.

30000 is 2.1 trillion and worth more than apple.





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i dont know what this means

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You are the one taking financial advice from 4chan cunt

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Are some people really this rotten?

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Now biz is telling you to buy back in. Do you do it?

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it's not a bug. what's there to spoil on a business and finance board? the bitcoin price? the ending to the wealth of nations?

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slavebrained faggot listens to other in how to use his own money
you were never gonna make it regardless

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Fucking state of biz where retarded redditniggers out themselves as the low iq apes they are
Why dont you all fucking retards go back already

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This, big players move the market, unless you have insider info, you are might just a dice, none can't predict shit, even less so than normal, market is completely irrational for over a year now since the corona shit started

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>Board tells you to fold
>You fold
What did you expect?

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too many crabs in the bucket now

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What if... We're all retards

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It means that guy's bags are heavy as fuck and he's trying really hard to convince himself that there's a legitimate, non-meme reason for GME to pump to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. You can tell that this is cope by how different it is to earlier shilling.

No one ever thought that gamestop was just a super awesome company that deserved to be valued in the tens of thousands per share. Undervalued a bit, maybe, but pretty much everyone was buying because they hoped the price would skyrocket due to shorting memes. Now that even the most delusional morons are beginning to accept that there will never be a short squeeze, they're inventing new scenarios where they can still get their money back: the fantasy world where gamestop's business model of selling used, physical copes of games (50% of the in-store floorplan) and cheap chinese anime merchandise and funko pops (the other 50%) is criminally undervalued to the extent that it should be valued on par with companies like Disney.

That's the level of cope we're on now.

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DFV dropped 2 mill around 38. you’re not making it even with a God giving you a sign. Retard

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Faggots like you need to be branded or something for being such a fucking loser.

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get the camera ready, nigger

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bought at 280 and iron fists still

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Wow, sounds like you're pretty influenced by what you read on the internet.

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thanks for playing

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and still, here we are. some talk real >>30032767
not just stoopid BUY SELL
thats why we are here

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>leddit was right

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Just write it off in your tax form and move on.

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DHT is your next opportunity, read about it anon

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I don't pray to reddit idols, go back to simping for age old doge memes

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