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I'm talking to a petite black lioness on bumble because /biz/ said they have the tightest pussies of all races. Wish me luck frens

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lol you are such a fucking retard, they are the loosest obvious, I've fucked one yesterday. The good part is that they are very much into it, get very wet and squirt easily
t. Brazilianon

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>get very wet and squirt easily

thats my fetish

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You're making a good decision fren.

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enjoy the Brillo pad action wigger

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>niggers have the biggest dicks
>black women's vaginas aren't the same

Biz IQ ITT, selling anything in my folio biz rec'd

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Someone post the study.

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does no one have the study of vagene sizes?

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better make sure she has no mileage cuz it be loose

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No stick to your shit race. We don’t want weak genes

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vagina adapts to brain size of the baby, niglet have smallest heads

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he didn't say he was going to preggers the black ho. Have some fun in your life anon. "loosen" up.

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49% of black women in the US have genital herpes.
Have fun with your lifelong dick sores nigger lover.

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is this true - >>30021036

do you have dick herpes?

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>We don’t want weak genes

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Ask about her pooper

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yes its true

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wm and bf = best parents

wf and bm = worse parents

it's science.

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