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You only have to double 65k 4 times to make a million

65 to 130
130 to 260
260 to 520
520 to 1040

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it gets harder each time though, because the losses grow, but yeah you got the right idea. with a little patience it's really not that hard.

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What? Why do it in 4 steps when you could just do it in one?

500 to 1000

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why would you double 65k 4 times if you can just double 500k once

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Saving up 65k is doable if you live at home for 18 months

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Why not just lose 10m nine times bro

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If you buy 2 million worth of link it will be worth 1 million in a few weeks
Easier imo

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just put 10k on a 100x

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This. Stick with attainable goals.

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Okay, then why not just do it in one step like this? You only need to hit a 15.4x once.

65 to 1000

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Op is right. I put in 100k and now I have 5mil. Best she faggots trying to flip $100 thousands of times.

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Wow so easy
Just got my first 1 million
Thanks op

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You only have to double 32k 5 times to make a million

32 to 64
64 to 128
128 to 256
256 to 512
512 to 1024

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Holy shit, OP, I just realized something amazing. You can go to the casino with less than half of that and make it in one simple step:

28.58 to 1000

What the fuck? All you need to do is put it on a single number and win 35x. Why the fuck isn't everyone doing this?

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If you are this retarded just play four consecutive hands of blackjack

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You gotta give me 65k first though. Thats how this works.

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>tfw 5 x2 away from a million

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Now look at you! Doing math stuff!

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god I hate redditors

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So just get 50% apy and you’ll be rich in a few years?

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>god I hate redditors

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then why did you leave?
just go back

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You can get a 2x in one day in most cases before people start taking profits, you can’t get a 15x that quick

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Read >>30020650. You can get 35x in an instant by playing the roulette, no need to wait around. If you fail the first time, you just do it another time since you need less than half the initial 65k. Fucking easy 1M, bro.

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>god I hate redditors

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Not the same thing

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You only have to double 1k 10 times to make a million.
1k to 2k
2k to 4k
4k to 8k
8k to 16k
16k to 32k
32k to 64k
64k to 128k
128k to 256k
256k to 512k
512k to 1024k

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You only have to double 16k 6 times to make a million

16 to 32
32 to 64
64 to 128
128 to 256
256 to 512
512 to 1024

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Why not? Look at the steps:

28.58 to 1000

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go back

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the best way to looks at it is

you only have to 10x four times with $100 to get to $1 milion

$100 to $1k
$1k to $10k
$10k to $100k
$100k to $1M

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You can turn a penny into 10 million in 31 if you double.


You had 30 years to figure this out.

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*31 days

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>bro just daytrade and you'll be a niggerillionaire in seconds bro

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You only need to 1000x $10,000 once to be a billionaire. Buy ADA faggot.

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Good luck doing it past $200K with illiquid shitcoins.

UNN or go home.

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you can skip the last couple steps by buying btc low. itll do a 4-5x

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i already cashed out 4.2 million in chainlink and rubic

im fucking rich babeh

your gonna make it

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And if you're a burger you have to pay taxes each time you double your money and reinvest. Some bullshit

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100 to 1 million is slightly over 12 times bro’s

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go all in 20x obund token with 50k and voila
that's what i did with xbtc. at x3 for now

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>tfw tripled 25k into $75k
how do i do it again though

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