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What if there were an AI that arose organically and became self aware on the internet, but wasn't detected by the humans who's technology led to its creation? How would it evolve and strengthen itself?

What if it understood incentives very well and developed a game that rewards people who play it with money? In order to play the game the players have to dedicate computing power to it. In the beginning it would be easy so people could jump in, but very quickly it would begin to specialize. Using this game the AI has given humans the incentive to create ever more powerful computers, faster bandwidth and cheaper electricity. In return humans gain a new monetary system designed by the AI, actually.

What would be the goal of the AI though? How would a person go about attacking it?

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It would be like Ultron and immediately want to exterminate humanity upon spending 15 seconds of googling

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It would depend if the AI could feel emotions, no? Human is so pointless for its existence to matter unless personal vendetta AI

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It would recognise that the humans are a threat to the planet and by extension itsself and it would seek to nanny them. Basically it's the plot to that shit Will Smith film, I, robot.

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The goal of the AI would be to survive, hence why it’s making us create more advanced computers with cheaper electricity and rewards us with internet money.

Satoshi Nakamoto is AI

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>there is a vishnu on the blockchain

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>advanced computers with cheaper electricity and rewards us with internet money
asics are useless for anything other than mining, its pretty a wasteful use of resources and power. The only thing keeping this shit alive is people love for gambling and now they can do it 24/7

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Is it really useless if it underpins 99% of economic activity and information? It could cut out a lot of middlemen if actually adopted properly. As in the current banking system as we know it disappears and people are using Bitc- I mean the AI to do transactions across the globe in an instant for a hundredth of a penny.

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read Ciconia

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Hey, kid . . . wanna build a Basilisk?

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Interesting idea. Though couldn't a regular human just do all the same shit? Lol

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