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Cause it's going to 1k eoy

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It's just a good project.

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Cause Sergey is finally dumping his scam coins.

It's over.

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It's happening, TONIGHT!!!

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project runescape is in full go. we stacking some coins bro.

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Because it's recovering from the vicious dump that BTC took you stupid linktard.

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I just bought 1400 Link, like seconds before it started pumping. Feel great.

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>LINK recovers to where it was prior to dip.

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but you didn't buy on saturday night when it was like $20?

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It's pumping against BTC you mong.

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kek willing we hit 40 this week

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I was recovering losses elsewhere, I couldn't do it then it would have been a terrible decision. If it keeps pumping I've timed it spectacularly well.

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>hurr hurr hurr it goes up cuz dumping

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>up 13%
so this is the mind of a LINK holder...fascinating.......

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It's still pegged to the #11 market cap until it's more than 23% greater. LINK usually osciallates at 11-18% of the #11 cap with occasional blips at 20-23% then crashes into band. Right now it's at 121% of #11.

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because its the future duh

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Anyone notice that there no fucking sell pressure in LINK? Are we about to start the frucking bull run??

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you had 3 years

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I like the token

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The kikes are having trouble keeping the price of BTC down, they wanted it to dump to 30k. So they are using Sirgay's Law to cause a BTC dump - any time LINK rises more than 5% in sats, a BTC dump is guaranteed

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folks are getting brownpilled on link since the shittybank news dropped

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It just passed Lite!!!

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last time it looked like this link doubled

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Would dubs lie?

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Dis iz why

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This is fucking it boys, squeeze about to be shorted skyrocketing us!!!

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I have 5 link. I am gmi.

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Didn't sell, never will

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uh bros? what the HECK is going on? is this a bull trap?

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because 5.5% interest

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How does $405k sound?

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it's not stopping

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Best of the top ten!


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Anon, please suck my dick

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Because my $5k tax return finally came in. Invested it this morning and caught the pump. I fucking love you Sergey, took the IRS like 18 days to process that shit.

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>tfw traded 150 LINK for BTC
>BTC crashes
>lost $200 in gas fees
>now LINK pumping
At least I still have 500 left.

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Anyone else earning interest with 30% of their stack on celcius and going to put another 20% onto blockfi to make 8 link per week or is it just me

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liquidated again lol

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I can't fucking use celcius cause my iphone 6 literally won't support it. Where tf is the desktop version?

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40% of my stack is on nexo
Thinking of moving over to celsius even though the interest is lower because Mashinsky is based and nexo is not

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Token IS needed

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Link and BNT will make you rich

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lol stop looking at charts to trade, only look at charts to "go shopping"

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Don't worry he'll come back and say he opened a new short at 35.

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I use Celsius because the LINK team uses them to hold their BTC and ETH. I don't trust NEXO

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Why not put all in blockfi since their apy is 5.5

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>Link is $2
>I couldn't do it then it would have been a terrible decision
>Link is $8
>I couldn't do it then it would have been a terrible decision
>Link is $14
>I couldn't do it then it would have been a terrible decision
>Link is $20
>I couldn't do it then it would have been a terrible decision
Do you see where I'm going with this? I have to ask because you seem to have a difficult time with pattern recognition.

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Yeah. Celsius is the safest bet given their low interest you have to pay on loans and you have to put up much more collateral than nexo

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My retarded ass has been holding 600 coins since 2017. I forgot about them until I checked this shit hole again. Thanks you bums

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I just figured it was a good time to swing into something else. I could honestly swing it all back and I'd make a few LINK out of it depending on the gas fees.

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Oh man, it's at 123.8%. Almost.

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Lolololol anyone seeing how much volume needed to pump it? Literally no one is selling.

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Holy based.

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Id be happy to make 50 buck frend

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Bros how much longer till this reaches the 300-400 range?

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Check CMC right now.

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Spreading my risk cuz we still don't trust these centralized platforms. Only using them until defi layer 2 is here and its easy to find 4-5%. Or, you know, stake it on the network but who knows when that'll be ready for retail investors

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still under $30
double digit shitcoin

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No link support on blockfi wut r u talking about

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comfy Seinfeld LINK meme, need some more of these

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Target acquired

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Can someone redpill me on this bros. I wanna make some more Linkies

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Check again fren it's being added tomorrow

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>using coinmarketcap

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Wasted dubs

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some shitcoin called citibank mentioned chainlink
they can't even spell city right

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You get paid in link weekly?

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When LINK starts validating election ballots, that'd be the day nico spreads her pussy.

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it is chainlink

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Yes, they pay interest every Monday.

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he'll come back and say he opened another short at $100

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What’s the weekly percent they pay you?

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let's get him Ramirez

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4.51% in LINK.

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Um, did you miss last November anon
Daddy joe stole the election via chainlink. We NWO now

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This. You’re a faggot OP. This is not a pump. This is still crab hell where LINK is doing literally fucking nothing compared to everything else.

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Can also use your LINK as collateral for 1% loans. You don't earn interest on link that's locked us collateral but still a great rate.

>> No.30023334

just deposited 4k linkies on here. really hoping this alex guy doesn't steal them from me. but the chainlink team uses them and alex put like 200 mil in so...

>> No.30023392

I've got 3k on there. Getting about 2.6 a week

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Literal who company can’t even afford a name that’s spelt correctly probably only has 2 employees who are both Indian. Link always advertises deals and news with irrelevant and possibly fake companies.

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its gonna crash to 1,49 cents

and be a 1-2$ coin for the rest of its run until it eventually becomes a ghost chain and ADA replaces it

I looked at its git hub updates there aren't really updates at all just minor edits.

The tech to run all these smart contracts would cost a company at least 100k starting + the token price and it all runs on centralized ETH.

There is nothing groundbreaking about CHAINLINK. Its already greatly outdated. Its gonna be replaced. Would you use a phone from 2015/16?

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Thing is you can get liquidated in a flash crash. I’m terrified of that. I know there’s a thread around where anons talk about how to hedge against that. I really want to take a loan out and buy more Linkies with it

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Wait so if I stake 10K LINK on Celsius I’m gonna make 451 LINK per week? That seems like a yearly rate bro

>> No.30023813

25% value and they contact you before margin calling

>> No.30023892

So I would have been liquidated on the crash from 36 to 20.

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OMG are you a dev?

>> No.30023950

Meds, take them now!

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I get 20 Link a week from Celsius
One link a day on Gemini
Will probably move some to BlockFi (8,000)
And keep two suicide stacks (2000) in cold storage on the ledger just in case.

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you know why

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I wanna put half my Sudoku Stack on Blockfi, but Im afraid of getting rugged. And I don't trust Celsius because they had a whore as a financial manager.

That fat piece of shit needs to release in wallet staking REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Nice. Think the rates will stay like this and we can make $20K a week in a few years?

>> No.30024147

no they ask you to add more crypto for collateral. its not like your immediately liquidated like on AAVE. they will contact you.

>> No.30024152

Wait this was the girlsdoporn chick’s company? Yeah that’s an immediate pass

>> No.30024164

Not making Sirgay fat thor.
Missed opportunity

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its down 30 percent anon....

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Gotcha. Definitely better than AAVE. But this is my meal ticket out of wagecucking and I only have a /make it/ stack so probably wisest to just wait until this shit moons. I don’t know about you guys but the citibank pdf has me bullish as fuck. If we come remotely close to overtaking Bitcoin we will all be disgustingly rich

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Just shut the fuck up. If you’re impressed by this just fuck off.

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don't you have to pay back the loan in link though? so whatever you buy using the loan would need to outperform link substantially for it to be worth. hence the low 1% rate i assume? correct if wrong

>> No.30024603

oh yeah great more sats perfect that’s all that matters. retard

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I missed the citi bank document. Mind linking it for me?

>> No.30024715

It is. This shitcoin performs so poorly that a 13% in a day is huge even if the whole market went up 16%. Linkies are the new XRP schizos

>> No.30024734

It +15% when BTC only 5% you should be happy with this because it breaking out you fucking retard. This is how it broke out the $4 prison...

>> No.30024781

here you go fren

>> No.30024809

First time in a year lol

>> No.30024831

Grayscale is nowhere close to that, maybe by end of 2021

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Based thank you

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Nice beenis

>> No.30024950

Went to their site and all I saw were giant pictures of niggers. Close

>> No.30024962

Yeah, come back and look at the price tomorrow. You faggots jump the gun every single time and it always ends in tears.

>> No.30024998

Time to sell my bags

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IDK how you got that. You'll get 8.67 LINK a week

>> No.30025248

I'm saying you can use your LINK as collateral to borrow USD or whatever and buy more LINK or a car or whatever the fuck you want.

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Dubs for $40 EOM

>> No.30025330

ill prob be taking out a celsius loan for USD for a down payment on rental property, and have the tenant pay off my loan. you just pay back in whatever you borrowed, so for me USD.

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kek what an adorable little green candle. Cant wait for it to be extinguished mercilessly with the force of a thousand whales coming down upon it

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I’m taking a loan tomorrow for about $25k to put a down payment on a car. As bummed I’m was gonna lose the interest on the collateral so was gonna send more link from cold storage but now that BlockFi is open for business I will just send it there and have my Link in another basket earning money.

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>25k DOWNPAYMENT on a car

Nigger that should be more than enough for a car, what are you doing

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Last chance under $30

>> No.30026091

if you know you know. good week to be a linkie

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>> No.30027150

Yeah look at the yearly, that’s where the confusion was.

$8K a month ain’t bad

>> No.30027197

*a week rather

>> No.30027241

How are you making one link a day on Gemini fren?

>> No.30027340

Where's uncle Oldfag? We need his FUD to pomp it to $30

>> No.30027385

thought you couldnt get loans from celcius if youre in the states?

>> No.30027427

40 LINKs @$18. Am I going to make it?

>> No.30027433

God that's enough money for a 5K Toyota Sequoia and 1K for the timing chain replacement too.
Fools and their gold.

>> No.30027566

ITT: Midwit 10k stacklets once again showing how retarded they are

If you put your link in a fucking cex for the "le comfy apy" you are giving them the funds to suppress the LINK price for the foreseeable future

I can't believe how many people are falling for this shit

>> No.30027784

4000 LINK... am I going to make it, anons?

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>thought you couldnt get loans from celcius if youre in the states?

damn is this true?

>> No.30028068

Chainstink is pumping? You know what that mean

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Saw your thread on this.

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>> No.30028663

hell nah its not us 10k stacklets doing this, its people with 50k+ feeding them because they can "afford" to risk more linkies, if you have 10k you don't want to risk going below

>> No.30028690

wtf this post feels nostalgic

>> No.30028796

I have $2.3k, so I sure hope so

>> No.30028863

Chainlink always pumps on no news. It dumps on good news (see OCR reaction) often. Crabbing is sometimes the biggest strength for CL.

>> No.30028924

this. don't know where this moron >>30027566
is getting his facts from

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>see OCR reaction
the jason parser can scan documents and do OCR now? for the small contracts? very deedful, sir.

>> No.30029025

The pump hasn't really started yet

>> No.30029297

This desu

>> No.30029340

>hell nah its not us 10k stacklets doing this