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I’ve been using this coin as my savings account. Anyone else?

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Right into the toilet

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10k stack purchased with average buy price at .94. I don't even care that it's not the most ridiculous moonshot coin, I'm fucking comfy staking and I'm gambling that long term algo is going places

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She's literally just a rando posting a job listing and besides this is boomer-tier fud

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She works for Algorand

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She literally does not

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It's a good long term hold that will pay off. If it hits $25, I'll be happy and just keep saving. I top of the APY, the coin gains value, good shit. That and with the US printing monies like it's going out of style, it's a solid long term. Fuck, I just want that good buy. Should have bought more at .97, just thought it would drop more. FUCK! Just pissed. I'll wait... I'm already in, but just want that 1k at a good deal. Fuck, maybe I'll just pay a premium and buy at 1.05 but only 200 and just watch it each week.

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post proof faggot.

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Ah another day stacking Planets on the Algo blockchain :)

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I have to be real, this scares me. >>30017320
Well, explain it guys. Is she just doing saying it for social just points or is it legit?

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Algorand is a strong choice.

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Oh damn! BAZINGA. I'd bet her feet are so cute. I'm so BULLISH now. Thanks anon.

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I don't think that's true but if you have proof please post it

Just DCA $100 on Sundays and be ready to buy any dip below $1.00. I'm unironically sold on the MIT/glowie meme and even if I'm wrong, no bank is giving me 7% daily compounding interest

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I swear if Algo starts diversity hiring I'm dropping it. Half the reason I bought in was because they have a logo with fascist undertones.

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Actually she is on the algorand foundation but who gives a fuck

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i would sell right now, they put hired some twitter activist who is going to hire more twitter activists. its unironically over for algo.

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Does anyone use this thing? I see they can make ASA but is there one? I don't know it seems like another useless project no one cares about and all the predictions from the people who shill it on the site have always been wrong.

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they just keep stackin,
I love me my planets

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post evidence

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eh, its what I do, 100$ every week and then immediately stake and lock it for a month.

Every week all my 4 little stacks slowly grow some more.

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your concerns in this post highlight why youre ngmi

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Wait did they do some kind of Uniswap shit with Algorand? What are Planets

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Ctrl+f "Addie"

She's the global program manager. Whatever, I'm still bullish and I really don't care

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pic related

ooh happy to see a fellow planet stacker and 10k+ ALGO steak chad on biz. Just started and it looks like about 500 planets a day, not too bad.

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Nah, I'm mining the air.
Algoswap comes soon tho

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Its over algobros

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Google "Algorand use cases"
Google "Algorand MIT"
Google "Algorand Gary Gensler"

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great thanks. just wanted more pics of that cutie :3333

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how do i collect plannets?? i had about 1.6k algo.

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Also, Program Managers don't do hiring.

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i'm going to link you here, but it's your job to discover the planets

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You get 500 auto with the sensor! :)
Did you buy yours in algo as well?

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paypal kek

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>(((Shai Halevi)))
>(((Fabriece Benhamouda)))
>(((Ori Shemtov)))
>some Caminoan roastie that looks like she wants to sell me a clone army
Killing every Communist in academia can't come soon enough. We must break the chain.

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Killing every dipshit who says communists are your typical everyday liberal like your pic should be killed before hand.

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Silence, Jew.

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New algochad here, what are these planets and how do I acquire them? I’m just buying this dumb shit coin and hoping for the best in five or ten years

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Nice, did it tell you to to open a window yet?

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jews are ultra capitalists and run their state as national socialist retard

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It's MIT, bro. They were killing communists with their buddies at UChicago before you were even old enough to disappoint your family

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Yes, THEIR state.

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You can only get them right now by "mining" them with these

They will be on an exchange VERY soon

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Exactly, I know it's a glowie, but we aren't doing Civil War Bigalow any time soon so let's at least make a few bucks. Still stocked up on my ammo and guns if shit really hits off, in minecraft.

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How did you say yours up and how do you cash it out? I think I would like to do this just for the science.

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That’s the most stupid as fucking shit retarded thing I’ve ever seen

Good algo fud desu

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bullish on planets long term. once the outdoor model comes out i'm definitely buying one and 'mining' planets. what a great idea.

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me too! i actually live in a part of the world where I should track my air quality, and why not get paid small amounts for it instead of literally nothing with purple air or wunderground.

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Poles are one of the most informed nations on Algo imo. We have this one ambassador, that made 40+ videos on Ago, each 30 min+.

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Diversity hiring is unironically a legal requirement if they want federal contracts.

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planetwatch app, it's still super new and you need the sensor in order to mine. Going on a top ten exchange soon.

sick trips, but actually it's pretty based since it tells you when shit around you is getting fucked up. The data itself is very valuable, that's why they pay you for every reading which is one or two a minute.

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my air is surprisingly clean. have an air filter in the bedroom and I open a window when the weather is nice
token hasn't released to public yet, so i'm just going to stack. you buy a sensor from them, and they give you instructions.
The point is ALGO based assets are beginning to take off. If you are interested in algo you should want to know how well it is working

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One is a Pole? Who? If it's the guy, I'm going 2k.

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I'm using algorand for a web app im making. I chose algo as it seems perfect for micropayments and such because its fast and has low fees. Documentation-wise, its pretty much retard-proof so far.

As for the performance of the coin, market wise i mean, its shit. I wish i never bought as much as i did into what is essentially a stable coin, especially since i got in late and bought above 1usd.

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Exactly. It's an adoption signal which is huge since half these threads get filled with people saying "No use case stablecoin"

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Kek, see >>30019473

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FOMO FUDS, I CAN'T HANDLE IT GUYS! Meh, fuck it, just tell me who the Pole is on the team, if he's legit, I'll go 2k.

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That's cool as fuck, I want but it's out of stock

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Stupid thing.

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I've been making ~$200/day on the swings, not sure what you guys are doing. Did you buy into the "always hold everything" meme instead of using your human brain, recognize patterns, & make moves on them?

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I went full schizo once and did a deep dive on linkedin profiles of people from the biggest institutions working on blockchain technology and found a couple of links to Algorand. Bought as soon as I found that out.

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lmao, faggot cuck trannycoin

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Checked and false

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I know niggers and jews are always a problem, hmmmm. Maybe you have a point. Thanks fren.

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it is kind of dumb 2bh, and probably worthless
i've said too much in this thread anyways

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you have to go back

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Buy it sell? I can buy in the dip or sell now and make a few bucks to throw into some other shit coin.

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It will prob be back in a week or so.

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Dude, it algo has use cases, I never said it didn't. But its definitely looking like it could just crab forever(not a bad thing for people like me and swingers). As i said before, Its great for micropayments and its easy to code in. I just don't think buying it was a good idea for me because the price action of the coin sucks.

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>Glowies know

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good, more coins for me.

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>Half the reason I bought in was because they have a logo with fascist undertones.

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I want to suck on her toes. Cute feminine shoulders and no adams apple. Definitely want her real cis woman self to be in my algorand foundation if you know what I mean.

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Algo on coinbase? Is there proof of this?

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zoom out

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That's his Algorand playlist. He's a technical person, although it looks like he's retired. All he does now is research crypto, although he's not interested in speculating at all. He's interested in researching coins, that are actually doing something useful, but are not yet in the top. Algorand I think is his favorite. I think there is one video of him talking in English about Algo.

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I’m thinking about doing $1k in ALGO for stable gains and $1k HBAR for higher risk higher reward. Should I do a split like this or go all in on one?

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Also here is Polish website for Algorand. He's also writing out there. You could use translate if you're interested.

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she is actually cute, something about her tells me this is just false virtue signaling to get the attention of normies

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Show me her big mommy milkers

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So like you’ve owned it for a month?

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this planet air quality check thing is neat on its own. the fact you'll (eventually) get paid back for contributing data is just a bonus.

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Bought 300 dollars worth at .30 should’ve put like 2k in for the daily coin.

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my thoughts exactly

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i said i got in late didn't i?

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>tfw you see it

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the herpes or the nipple?

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200 top kek

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Hey asshole
You can write a asset on algos testnet and literally claim to be apart of the foundation if you are in contact with the dev team for help utilising the tools.

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Thank fend.

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She's the global program manager though. She's on their website

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The great pyramid
Encoded is christs dna via measurments
Revealing the syntax of the cosmos in relation to the earth

The pyramid is the nexus point of math and measure

Think about that.

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Why do always these thew get so shitty? What's real deal? Any whales up and in this shit?

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Bahaha... global manager of what?
Algo is owned by global command.

How have you not caught on that every single startup and partnership all the sudden is taken over by algo

And quite literally find me a woman today that isnt liberal you dense fuck
Have you not seen the head engineers and masters of the devs?
They're exclusively white germanic

This is my last post
Call sign 888

Try doing you a favor and idiots fall for a organised trannie fud campaign
Over a lady thats towing the corporate line

Imagine missing the only opportunity to help your race and unify globally to destroy the kikery
Muh optics

Real men will rise from the age of the new renaissance
Algo is a tool as is all money to create.

You should probably stop using dollars anon
They're used by faggots niggers and kikes

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You are so easy to spot in every thread. How heavy are your bags? How high did you buy in?

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holy fucking cringe. Kill yourself bud.

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Damn I'm actually pro algo too but uh-

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this post made me bullish on monero

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no larp is that yours?

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I'm buying it all, fuck this meme coin.

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