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>Guy called AAVE integration back in December
>Guy called the solana announcement last Friday the day before it happened.
>Guy says this week is gonna prove the haters wrong
Please post more, Guy

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We don't need insider anymore for this month.
IQ Protocol for the end of the month. Said by the CEO already in a Telegram AMA.

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Insider here.
By the end of this week Parsiq will FINALLY integrate with the widely beloved Tezos blockchain!
Also IQ protocol will be delayed until 2023.

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jeff is a kike and parsiq is the coin of white supremacy. parseig heil

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fuck jeff im on team dale

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Parsiq is actually a black family owned business that supports strong women of color.

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It's not insider info at all. Its just info found on the github if you dig deep enough. I know whats coming soon but you can all suck my dick go find it yourself

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1 L1 protocol integration, 1 or 2 major defi integrations, new threemium tokenomics launch, IQ protocol lending platform launch, BSC chain bridge and Pancake swap listing with possible farming and staking. Should be a binance listing.
All to come this month. 29 days of pumping like a porn star in a nice teen anus.
Anyone not all in PRQ this month is fucking retarded.

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Lmao so who’s going to cry about the parswastika in this thread now?
All these Reddit newfags who came in and bought at $1.50 crying about muh ebil nadzeez:DDD

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>tfw i missed my opportunity to increase my stack at $1.10.

Not feeling too hot, bros.

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>gme in id
Sir, you just got played

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kek, hi r*ddit

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Nazis are inferior to ancap.

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doesn't matter, still crabbing

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Insider here.
By the end of this week there will be news the infinite toilette wipe features

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nazis btfo

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is it truffle? web3? I couldn't see anything else

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c'mon man please share.. i dont have time to dig github.

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possibly web 3 foundation grant, or truffle suite partnership. Maybe binance, I dont see anything on IQ protocol yet

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Big 0OF

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OK, you've done a bit digging. Web 3 grant is for a Polkadot/Kusama integration which looks to have started already.
Binance chain has verified and accepted pull request for PRQ token listing. Everything else on that list ended up on Binance within a week. There is also BSC token issuance on a seperate repository.

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did you see anything about truffle? Im not sure the correlation.

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I don't want everything spoiled, because then the announcement doesnt do jackshit like solana but >>30018555 already took the liberty. Checkin dem trips tho

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>IQ Protocol for the end of the month
the fuck did you just say, is that true?

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Yeah there was a telegram chat AMA with the CEO of Parsiq and he said end of march.

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It has always been planned for q1. C'mon niggers do some research lmao it's literally on the roadmap

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>The big boi announcement drops
>In the same month as staking
>Normies are going to read up on it and immediately FOMO
$5 EOM.
>Doesn't even include the PARTNERSHIP AND INTEGRATION with what is likely Binance, but at minimum "Asia's largest crypto bank"
Retards don't know what's coming

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Hold the fuck up.
Is IQ protocol limited only to PRQ or... or did they just out a new circular economy for the entire crypto space?

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>or did they just out a new circular economy for the entire crypto space?

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Anatoly said he wanted it to be bigger than compound.. so yeah

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The latter.
Any defi project can use the IQ protocol.

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you need to go back

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I did it for you, anon. And the responses seem to have answered my question as to the significance of it.

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you have no idea how hard we will make it, they could have just had this super useful real time parsing tool which would run on prq, but no, they build iq and they build ncase, and they will build much more, because that's what autists do
and the fewer people know, the more time we have in crab city

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Nice try Melvin, never selling

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>plz delete
Holy shit you coordinated shills are so fucking obvious lmao

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Ahhhhh, feels good to be back at $1.30. No more, no less, simple as.

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Look through the thread at the deleted comment making you think you missed something huge with this coin. You didn't. PRQ is a shitcoin

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I'm on mobile how do I do that, why is prq bad

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Asuka is STINK!

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Don't worry, you'll get decked pretty good when you leave your basement.

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Insider here. We heard your cries and have added solving the biggest complaint to the top of our priorities list. By the end of Q1 your parsiqs will no longer make you fart kiss.

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>mfw only have 2k
Good thing my make it car is only a Miata.

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so funny to check their BUYBUY shill
idiots wanna fuck you with all this shit spam on 4ch

don’t believe if you don’t wanna lose your wallet
I get bonuses every day with YVS staking, 1.330 $YVS just for staking

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Honestly these bots are great for bumping our threads.

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who spellchecks these things?

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Such poor effort though. Did anyone work out what one of the largest crypto custodians in asia is yet? Then they were showcasing product for one of the largest tech companies in the world? Nobody?

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Polniggers are just redditors with a bad attitude

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Topped up for the last time at 1.13 yesterday
Time to get comfy

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So did I. Very comfy. Managed to pass my nearest rival in the holders list. Next one is geting passed tomorrow, then I am done.

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It wasn't just one of, it was the largest he said. Anyway, I'm trying to read up on it so here's a start


Most of these are American - Coinbase, Grayscale, Bitgo etc. However

"Of course, not all offerings are one-dimensional custody-only services, most exchanges act, in some capacity, as a custodian. A prime example is Binance, which, according to CryptoCompare, reports a current 24-hour trading volume of 176,000 BTC—the USD equivalent of $1.6 billion."

Binance seems to be the only named Asian custodian - and while they say they're more of a pseudo-custodian rather than a traditional one, they are nevertheless a custodian.

I'm lead to believe that it has to be Binance. PRQ has a close relationship with them already - they were directly funded by them, for one, and I'd say a listing at this point is guaranteed.

And on top of that - remember when PRQ saved CoinMetro's ass? Yeah, there's very real financial incentive to have them partnered. So the question is: how much will a Binance partnership pump it?


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Sorry for the reddit tier spacing holy shit, I thought my paragraphs were bigger and worth spacing out.

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apology accepted

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I found this list which has some large players on it. All Asian digital asset custodians.

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when fucking binance?
i'm almost giving up on this one

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sell now retard

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What is Parsiq?
What does it do?

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Huobi may also be a custodian.

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I saw that list too but haven't heard of any of them. They seem to be fairly no-nameish but maybe I'm missing something? Just for a few quick ones:
Not disclosed, but it notes that one asset manager had nearly 100 billion in their control in 2018.
Most of them based on research all keep their total value entirely private (understandably), so it's hard to say.
But I'd still bank on Binance being the most likely. Either way, PRQ is entering into trillion dollar markets as a side quest.

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just need to sell 200 at $2 on this one to buy things.....

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>to buy things.....

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Fuck. I only get shitty memes. Can I get like a 1 meme sentence and 1 real sentence?

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i'm riding prq for more money but need eat too
We're all going to make it

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here, exactly what you need

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Doesn't parsiq do off-chain to on-chain triggers and also on-chain to off-chain triggers? How is this different than what LINK does? Explain for a smooth brain please.

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As far as I'm aware Link cannot be used for analytics on any chain (once integrated by team) and be able to trigger off chain events (google sheets edits, discord bots, telegram bots, twitter posts, you name it) dyor and you will coom my friend

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Shit. It was out at 0.9 cents? It's already 100x?
But on cmc it's at 150mil.
Suicide stack? Make it stack?
Naively what youa re saying has more value than chainlink. So at least 10 bil mc -> Another 100x?

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Some say 10k/ 100k. Others say 5k/ 50k

The subscription service that out out the report still has its position in PRQ. And that report came out in November, before Ocean, AAVE, BSC, and Solana partnered with Parsiq.

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Cool. I'll start my own PRQ research notes.
This subscription service, are they legit?

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Yeah. Stansberry is the name. Costs $5k/year

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Link chain to chain. Prq chain to irl

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Yeah. The big brain idea would be to use Parsiq one day to somehow calculate which chain would be the cheapest chain to use for a transaction at a given moment in time, harmonizing the use of all chains so that normies don’t even realize they are using multiple block chains throughout the day.