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I fixed ETH.

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Needs more adoption.

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stop it nigger, the cockyer you get the more annoying schizo fudders start appearing.
Just thank Vishnu for you gains and shut up.

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this already saved india once, now ethereum

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No one wants to use a shitty pajeet L2 "solution". Buy this coin if you enjoy getting dumped on by stinky shitskin Sandeep.

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You’ll fomo at $1, Richard

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Not a chance, no one is using this garbage, muh quickswap doesn't count. BSC is where all the action is going to be on. 10Billion in TVL and growing faggot. DEAL WITH IT.

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Ah Chang lover in here

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aavegotchi launching in few hours on matic.

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Did this dude say bsc? LOL

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Also this and its big news

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Dubs of truth.

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Already sorted it bro

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Isn't Ethereum themselves supposed to have a solution this month?

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With Biden in office, CHINA has already won. Are you going to follow the money? Or be a moral poorfag?

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porque no los dos

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It’s called $Matic. ETH2.0 doesn’t fix gas fees.

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Ive been able to sleep peacefully for days knowing that my money is on a rock solid project like matic.

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Enjoy getting dumped on by this shitskin.

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really shows good a token is when the only fud is stuff like this

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Dude I've had a bag of this coin longer than you're dumbass has. Ik that this shitskin loves to dump heavy after pumps. Begone newfag retard BSC is where the REAL money is to be made. Have fun staying poor.

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Good for them, China has already won though. Sorry Varnessh dupreetiswarmiharma, it was a nice effort but you already lost.

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Vishnu will curse your grandmother

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WTF do I even do on the MATIC network? It's literally a ghost town. I guess I could get a fucking tamagochi NFT but for $100+ for 1 its a little steep. What else can I do on this chain?

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how does the tiny chink cock taste like?

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