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How do they do it bros? 1.50 How do they make money It's like a Capitalist's dream

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Because I buy 12 at a time

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fuck yea ,god question. Ive always wanted to start a business but Ijust dont get how stores stay open. Like even those wierd ass corner stores selling chips and shit. Like wtf.

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overpriced membership covers the loss made from selling a hotdog at 1.50 in the current climate.

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Get people in the store so they buy products

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>WOW sugar water, shitbread and meat scraps are so cheap!

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Idk wheres that costco or something?

Nobody goes somewhere like that just to buy a htodog unless youre a fat low IQ cheapskate.

>go to costco
>Costco do 1 dollar hotdogs im gunna go there
>drop 100 dollars on shit
>costco are such idiots selling such cheap food

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it's called a loss leader

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Fun fact their food is made by robots


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If an all beef hotdog from don and millies is 4.50, and a membership is 80$ a year, I only need to buy 27 hotdogs before it's worth it. not to mention the pizza.

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you're not going to costco just to eat hotdogs retard, or if you are you're spending that money in gas.

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>they manufacture the hot dog meat and bun
>a cup of pop has like 5 cents worth of syrup on it

I don't think they sell them at a loss, the whole meal probably costs like a buck to produce. They just don't need to mark it up like a fast food restaurant because that's not their whole business model.

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>calling a pizza a pie

americans are truly stupid

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Its not overpriced idiot. Its one of the nest investments you can make.

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No soda tax

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Its literally a loss leader

It costs them millions of dollars a year but it brings people in the front door

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>spend 60 bucks to spend even more money
wow yeah that sure is a smart investment.

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>get rid of a loss leader
No business will be dumb enough to do that.

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I wish Costco had small restaurants that just sold the polish dog and churros.
I would unironically eat there every day.

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What is buying high quality in bulk

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It’s now well known to middle class Americans that Costco’s foodcourt is a loss leader.

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Pepsi fucking sucks

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>No business will be dumb enough to do that.
You'd be surprised. Fortunately for all, cooler heads prevailed in the end.

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I do, frequently. I buy other things, but I could easily justify the expense solely with hotdogs

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I'll give you a secret champ, if you want to ACTUALLY buy in bulk (you're not actually buying in bulk at costco) and not have to pay a membership. there's restaurant supply businesses that will be happy to serve you.
Costco being cost effective is the most retarded boomer lie.

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onions, mustard

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They made it so you have show membership to buy it :(

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They lose money on every purchase. However, the amount is negligible and the loss from a few jews (ALL BEEF OIY VEY!) coming into Costco to buy a cheap lunch is offset by the membership. Also, thanks to covid, they likely aren't losing money anymore because they won't let you in just for food in a lot of places like they used to.

Costco is also the #12 or 14th (I forget, can't be assed to look it up) largest pizza chain in the USA by virtue of them selling pizza at all their locations.

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Hotdogs are toxic waste for your cells.

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what is a loss leader

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>be me
>no membership
>outside food court
>suddenly start checking membership card
>all those birds i would feed become skinny
you hate to see it

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Its a loss leader. So much so that they now check for membership because too many poors were getting the cheap food.

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that image is fucking based

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Costco makes almost all of the revenue off the membership, everything is a loss leader. They have over 100 mil members paying $60-$120/year depending on membership type. That’s roughly $8bil in annual membership revenue. In 2019 they reported profits of $3.6 bil net income from $152 bil in revenue. That means they lost $4 bil on the sale of goods when you back out the membership revenue numbers

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That's strange, I keep pounding on their warehouse doors demanding they give me cheap gas but they keep turning me away

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It's a loss leader, plus you pay club fees and such

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Stablecoin pegged to costco hotdogs when?

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that's because you smell bad.
come back wearing some deodorant and we'll talk prices.

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Horse meat

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its a jewish trick

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Absolutely fucking based and red.hotdog

Lurk moar dumbass

Cool. So Bezos just copied and scaled up the Costco wholesale business model?

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IKEA does the same shit.
except, being Yuropean and cultured, they have even cheaper vegan dog options because not all fat Burger cunts, you don't need a membership as no 4tonnes per head weekly trash bulk buy needed, they sell nice shit like lamps and you don't get shot at by niggers, schizos and random wagies gone rage as much.

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>they sell nice shit
Ikea is poorfag normie trash """furniture""". Sometimes a necessary evil when you just need some disposable shit to fill space in your house/apartment, but nowhere near quality furniture.

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They have to add all that shit for flavor lol

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these are 2.50 each at my local taqueria.

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>ingredients unknown

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You’re getting ripped off anon kek

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They charge customers membership cards just to shop in their store. $50 per year for basic $100 per year for executive.

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I dont eat horse.

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There's a youtube video that explains it pretty well.
1) They use ingredients they are selling at their store, so this acts also benefits as advertising to encourage customers to buy the same products (the all beef hotdogs for example).
2) It gives some people to either visit Costco and buy more goods, or linger longer to buy more goods.

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bar s weenies huh? thank you for feeding needy mexibros

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I paid for my first costco membership because I was working nearby and it was the only place nearby with food.

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Costco has everything bulk for cheap in one place you retarded faggot. Just shut up.

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I could’ve sworn this was a dollar at one point

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It would seem insulting Costco is tantamount to insulting god for amerilards, see how they lash out violently.

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Big Jim gonna fucking kill you if you even think about it.

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It's a loss leader. They don't let you buy food there if you aren't a member. You used to be able to buy food as a non member. Besides don't eat that literal poison

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>74 cents of products

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hot dogs? Do you keep in freezer?

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>Besides don't eat that literal poison

you acting like people aren't putting worse in their system on the daily, wtf

far far worse in higher frequency than a damn rando hot dog for lunch

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fuck costco its a scam to get you to buy more of what you don't need. You don't actually save money because so much food goes to waste or you buy too much of what you don't need. Fuck their membership, fuck the Karen customers and yuppys. I'd rather shop with the poors at Wal-mart.

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processed garbage meat is the worst food you can put in your body. Enjoy your colon cancer.

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Bro i love taking my lunch break at costco. get 2 of these bad boys and a pepperoni pizza with a massive diet coke.

Best shit ever. Sit on the benches and trade crypto for an hour

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>I'd rather shop with the poors at Wal-mart.
**dances and claps your path**

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I do. I ride a bike to a Costco it’s a mile away.

Piece of pizza and hot dinger for less than $5, free drink too. Solid lunch, can’t beat it

Get fucked

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Costco membership for us is worth it purely for the dog food. We can't get shit with chicken or beef in it and their costco brand salmon dog food is cheaper over the year compared to any limited ingredient food even with the membership.

Also I got money back from buying a new truck just by having the card that paid for over 10 years of the membership fee by itself

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3 Words
Human. Meat.

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Costco is great when living overseas can get some products I actually know.

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Its called a loss leader retard

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Their hotdogs are decent quality

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>nice shit
If your in your 20s living in a shitty apartment maybe.

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They lose on the $1.50 deal. They new execs wanted to raise the price but the founder of Costco told them they better not or he would kill them. So they do not make money on the deal. And they accept that.


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60 and 120, anon.

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I bet you're sexy

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Because the "sausage" is made from chicken beaks and pig anuses

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Just had one yesterday after a whole year spent inside the house.
Fucking bliss, almost cried. I'm not even american but they are my favorite

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>there's restaurant supply businesses that will be happy to serve you.
They wont let you buy unless you produce a business license.

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nigger, milk is 2.50 a gallon at Costco. definitely worth the membership and is honestly the only thing between killing the entirety of the US Government and me.

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Because the hotdogs and chickens are loss leaders. Costco makes all of its profits from the membership fees, and they sell all of their actual goods at just enough above cost to break even. All of the stuff in the store is there to get you to buy the membership.

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>he doesn't know somebody with a restaurant
ngmi bro.

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It's just a fucking hotdog with bread, they aren't losing shit.

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Probably also causes people to shop hungry because they plan to eat after. Or at least as hungry as Americans ever allow themselves to get.

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Actually I’m in the wholesale business and Costco food is actually a good deal. You’d only get bigger discounts if you’re buying pallets, daily.

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Costco secret is the membership. Not so much the fee itself but as a barrier to entry for blacks and other poors. I enjoy shopping at Costco because I see fewer blacks and Costco enjoys having less shit niggered from the shelves.

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The stores with cheap food stands like this sell the food at a loss to get people in the stores, driving up memberships and sales

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will be funny when 0.01 xBTC buys me a proper Chicago dog tho.

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you're retarded me and my friends go to Costco all the time and get chicken baked and churros, I can eat like a king for under $5. I don't buy anything else like you insinuate. We drive to Costco, walk in, buy our food from the food court, and leave. They don't make an extra dollar off of me going there.

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>It's a loss leader. People are enticed to come for cheap food and buy more profitable items

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>Proof swedish people are smarter than us
or just proof vegetable scraps are cheaper than hot dog scraps

Bug Dog will be 50c

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>helps ensure that the finished crust doesn't have those huge air bubbles
What the fuck, I love air bubbles in the dough.

>> No.30025227

You realize that at a $1.50 it's basically at cost or maybe a slight loss if you include labor. You also forget that food waste is a thing. You're clearing out inventory they would've likely thrown away. You also have a habit of going to Costco. It is only a matter of time until you buy something else with your food. And of course you're free advertising to the rest of the store to get food in the food court. Thanks for advertising the awesome cheap Costco food court in this thread for free.

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I love Costco because I never see any niggers in the store.

>> No.30025437

Hey guys get a load of this faggot ass moron

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I wish I was american so bad bros

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How do the boxes hanging off the side stay up, bros?

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weirdly true

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no nigger is gonna pay 120 a year to steal when then can do it for free at walmart

>> No.30025814

Can't tell if greasy fatass or muscular chad.

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if I were a worthless and degenerate drug addicted hobo fuck, you could be damn sure I'd keep a Costco membership so I could eat a good meal with pennies I found on the ground

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the power of christ

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>milk is 2.50 a gallon at Costco.

just like at any regular grocery store? what is wrong with you?

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the same way they can afford to pay $16 minimum wage and still sell you shit cheap.

>> No.30026311

milk is like 5 dollars at my local walmart

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who gives a shit about quality furniture? ikea has cheap and attractive furniture. fucking wannabe patrick bateman retard

>> No.30026421

In CA they are trying to make it so anyone with EBT/ WIC is able to shop there without a membership.

>> No.30026462

>How do they make money
the secret is that they don't (and that's a good thing).

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>Chicken baked

In the future there will be no more baked chicken. Only chicken baked. You will eat the chicken baked, and you will be happy.

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if you want to avoid niggers just go to publix. niggers dont shop there because everything is more expensive.

>> No.30026607


I audibly "Oh fuck"-d and let out a grim sigh. It is all so tiresome.

>> No.30026614

>who gives a shit about quality furniture?
people with style and taste
you disgusting subhuman mongrel

>> No.30026723

I'll give you a secret champ, restaurant supply businesses don't sell in quantities that are practical for a household. I don't need 2kg of parmesan and 4L bags of tomato sauce

>> No.30026761 [DELETED] 

horney cake is enq, that is what you should look at now
look at it and tell me that I am stupid
check their pos and poa nodes, if you clever you will learn everything

>> No.30026782

Have more children.


>> No.30026787

its called abusing animals now stop being a piece of shit and eating meat

>> No.30027163

>spending 50 bucks so you don't need to be near poor people
it's an incredible investment, faggot

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does anyone actually use such a terrifying amount of relish on their ‘co dogs???

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Same but with 7 at a time and a churro

>> No.30028589

The Costco food courts are outside of the stores and you don't need a membership to order food. Just shows how many know-it-alls are on this board who don't know shit.

>> No.30029060

the correct answer is women, only women care about furniture, and you'll never be one.

>> No.30029100

>I don't need 2kg of parmesan and 4L bags of tomato sauce

Why not? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Also buying directly from farmers is cheaper

>> No.30029170

Hot dogs are good, but where are my chicken bake Chads

>> No.30029285

>are outside of the stores
Store specific. Some are inside and you need a card to go inside.

>> No.30029354

It took this long for someone to post this micro Econ 101 term

This board really is full of complete fucking retards

>> No.30029390

muscular fatass

>> No.30029516

They buy that sausage made from ground up bones, flour, and left over animal parts for 3 cents a piece.

>> No.30029526

"food waste" fucking please you're telling me that costco's food court is entirely just shit that was going to waste? fuck off. you more correct with your second point - it's marketing. costco is a catered experience - samples and food court. they bank on cheap delicious food netting them a positive rep and damn right it does, here I fucking am. you're welcome costco
fwiw you gargantuan nigger, I don't even have a Costco membership. my friend does and I only go with him to get food. so fuck off with your "eventually you'll spend money there" bullshit. publicity, yeah, they get that from me. whatever. hidden cost of a chicken bake.

it's literally called a "chicken bake." I just wrote chicken bakeD on accident because I'm phoneposting

>> No.30029645

leaf detected

>> No.30029688

mmmmmm im thinking based

>> No.30029706

don't need membership to get the food. Just go in exit. I used to go for lunch all the time when I worked near one.

>> No.30029757

>50c less
>tastes like shit
>somehow compares to the costco chadog meal

>> No.30029782

wait wait wait.. you mean costco's business model ISNT SELLING cheap ass hotdogs and soda, but rather the merch that comes in gigantic boxes?

try to get your gf/wife to leave costco with spending less than $100. it's physically impossible for the female brain to not go ham on all the bullshit there. no honey we don't need 36 muffins, i don't care how cheap they are.

>> No.30029784

this lmao

how out of touch can you be, a pack of hotdogs is like 4-5 dollars even for a consumer

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File: 8 KB, 256x264, 1612513851580.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Store specific. Some are inside and you need a card to go inside.
You do not need a card to eat at any store. You also do not need a card to enter all stores and even the ones that do you can tell them you just want to look around and they will let you in.

>t. staying under the IRS's radar by keeping my job at COSTCO until I can get Portuguese citizenship approval. I even miss car payments/rent due date/ credit card bills etc so I don't get noticed
I worked at a pizza shop the whole way through high school and they use this spiky mini rolling pin on the dough before they put on the sauce that prevents bubbles from forming. Just tell them not to "dock" the dough. Enjoy your bubbles, fren.

>> No.30029936

Like how they call a chicken burger a sandwich.
Nigger it's a fucking burger, just with chicken. It doesn't suddenly become a sandwich when you change out the beef.

Fuck I hate mutts so bad.

>> No.30030022

It's called a loss leader. Notice how they put the food court at the exit, so that you have to go through the store to get to it and potentially buy something. Their rotisserie chicken is also a loss leader. They keep them in the back so that you have to go through the rest of the store to get to them.

>> No.30030091

based, fuck nigger wagies

>> No.30030143

>he doesn’t buy 2kg of parmesan

>> No.30030233

are you retarded? a burger was always a beef dish both in germany and the us.

>> No.30030245

fuck off john, what you're doing to your cat is animal abuse.

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I need 100lbs of potato, 50lbs lump charcoal, no less than four chickens, and half a pig.

>> No.30030342

Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Mutt.

There is nothing I hate more than you fucking sandwich eating faggots shitting up a perfectly good concept as a burger.

Oh, so if I had blueberries to pancakes are they still pancakes?
How about if I make stew with lamb rather than beef?


t. mad ausfag

>> No.30030344

lmao this thread

>> No.30030373

The funny thing is, most restaurants and shops (like gas stations) earn by selling drinks overpriced.

These fucking 1.5$ dogs go with a refill offer. This absolutely amazing. The meat probably isn’t the best quality in the world, but hey, it’s 1.5 bucks ffs.

>> No.30030439

Whats wrong with blueberry pancakes?

>> No.30030640

i don't think I've ever had a costco pizza they look amazing in terms of the amount of ingredients they put in. got to try one day.
the hot dogs are nothing special, but I guess the price is cool. $1.50 is how much I paid as a kid for hot dogs at school in the early 90s.

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File: 190 KB, 1300x1390, 1614233242329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He is autistic. When other people do not reciprocate the obsession autists have with unimportant minutia, especially that which they have created in their head as the architecture of what defines something, they lose their shit and reeeee. This goes double for chinks and he did say he was from Australia so 50/50 chance he's asian.
>t gf's brother is a severe autist and if I hear one more Qanon spergout I will hang myself

>> No.30030841

I don't think getting mad at retarded burger idioms makes me autistic or a chink.

It just means I am not cucked beyond belief for saying stupid things like 'smores', 'snickerdoodle' , or 'womxn'

t. pure white anglo aussie

>> No.30030993

makes sense, it's called a loss leader

>> No.30031083

They sell pepsi unfortunately, and have been off the coke train for a while desu. I wish they had pretzels and chocolate yogurt again senpai

>> No.30031160
File: 35 KB, 720x576, 1453586663004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's a hamburger sandwich

>> No.30031223

You're a fucking idiot. It's called a burger because there's hamburger meat on it.

>> No.30031226

Haha, ok. I will let the poo farmers who worship 8 legged blue rhinos speak slowly to me while they earn 2 rupees per year.

I will agree that we do drink constantly and are quite racist.

>> No.30031273

Seethe harder mutt.

They're burgers because they are in hamburger buns.

And there is literally nothing you can do about it.

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File: 761 KB, 3000x1687, FairyBreadHERO-2d76dbff1148408eae97eb0185867388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Australian hot takes on cuisine

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File: 1.62 MB, 1280x1280, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Incredibly based snack.

Pic related

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It's the will of Goddess Discordia! Hail Eris!

>> No.30031610

I didn't need a membership to buy the food until the lockdown don't tell me you bought the membership just for the food?

>> No.30031654

Im not going to buy 1000 hotdogs to save and extra 25cents per dog and have them rot because I can't get through them fast enough.

>> No.30031720
File: 68 KB, 726x677, 7fqo7lv2k2961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not going to buy 1000 hotdogs

I already have 5000 hotdogs, my position is golden. Hotdogs are going to the moon this year, you penniless faggot.

>> No.30031730

With Gods love you retard have you never read the bible?

>> No.30031746

The horizontal boxes are empty and glued together all supported by the vertical stack.

>> No.30031764

costco executive membership $120

after purchases we got a check for $180 so we were paid $60 to shop there.

>> No.30031779

>Not having a big network of family to make the quantity worth it

>> No.30031800

high school kids used to raid ours until they changed it to members only.

>> No.30031807
File: 100 KB, 1080x1080, O7q85ZR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


They taste better that way if you're making smoothies, but otherwise no

>> No.30031881
File: 53 KB, 600x833, HNNY3uo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Dont blame you, shits pretty cash money. Eat enough hotdogs and Goddess Discordia might bless with being an American next life after you die of the fattyfats

>> No.30031892

They sell at a loss. The CEO insists on that price point because of the good PR... they make more than they lose off that per customer from purchases.

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Kids suck, sell children buy hotdogs.

>> No.30031958

checked, based digits fat ass.

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this guys gets it
also checked and hotdogpilled

>> No.30032014

fuck it i'm going to say it and I dont care who hates it, there was a hotdog spot near my place in berkeley and I would eat veggie dogs all the time when i was drunk it was kino eternally

>> No.30032051

checked based digits. i eat deer.

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File: 926 KB, 1860x4032, xm226trd6e561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I prefer to eat pork ones to piss off jews and muzzies myself, if you slap them in the face with a pork hotdog they freak out, it's the weirdest thing

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File: 1.54 MB, 519x299, download (11).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Shud up whore and eat dis weenie

>> No.30032151

real europeans eat real sausages. you fucking niggers can go ahead and eat veggie onions cocktails that are far more toxic than the bargain basement hotdog.

>> No.30032193

easy: they buy the fucking hot dogs at Costco, so it's a fucking deal

>> No.30032292

>Eating 2kg of parmesan
When did you last take a shit? 2018?

>> No.30032295
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Also the probably use someone they know's card, to save even more

>> No.30032349

I fully agree with this based anon. Very few niggers in Costco and the ones that are tend to be well mannered.

>> No.30032422

The weird ass corner stores are sometimes a front for illegal operations or the products are bought with food stamps and resold.

>> No.30032525


>> No.30032555

did you grow tits and cry a lot?

>> No.30032585

I check both you newfags at once.

>> No.30033048

trips of truth

>> No.30033341

>it’s real