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So I'm looking at a house that's been up for sale for well over a year now and the price is €595k

I'm going to be shamelessly honest, what's the lowest bid I can put on it, without being a troll. I want it but not for that price.
I was thinking about putting a 470k bid and then meet somewhere at 520k. Am I a dick?

>Pic is not the house

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595 and it hasn't moved?

Simply put: sellers are not motivated and/or are delusional. Get an agent to run comps for you and offer based on the low end of the comps.

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This is a good move indeed. I was thinking about a valuation and hoping it would be a lot less. Less good of a move. Though I could get the house and stand alone valuated. The location is marvelous. Really good.


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I got a friend who is a dumbfuck but can buy things off people who aren't even selling, and sell things to peoplw who aren't even buying...
he's been flipping properties lately and one of his buying tactics is to leave price discussion till the very end when he offers 50% of what the seller is asking, in cash, tomorrow
he emphasizes there's no pressure, that the seller should at least consider it
2 days later he calls the seller and either closes the deal or schedules another meeting where they negotiate and usually meet halfway price-wise
give it a shot, OP and remember that they have a much bigger problem getting rid of their property than you purchasing one

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If its that house you should bid 3/4 of the asking price as jews appear to have stolen a full quarter of it

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That will NOT work here in the NL. 100% sure. We're not a country of hagglers. But I do like the tact. In fact I was going to put a very low bid so they will meat me at a lower spot than where we'd meet if I were to bid 540k. So exactly that.

My question indeed was, what's the lowest. 50% in cash yeah haha. I don't have 300k though. I have close but I need it for my startup.

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It's not the house.


This is.

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who would buy or sell houses with cash in that price range

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That anons mate

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>So I'm looking at a house that's been up for sale for well over a year now and the price is €595k
Did someone say "BEEN"

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does it have literally no garden? and why is there a container on the next plot?

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Fellow NL fag here, I bought my son a small appartment by bidding discustingly low. So it might work does not hurt to try man!

The house Ibought was also for sale for over a year and the former owner just wanted to get rid of it so I went 15k under his asking price of 110k. He accepted.

Don't be afraid, you wont offend anyone we are all cheapass dutchies anyways we always want bottom price lel.

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I would never give more than 400k for that house. The interiors are nicer than the exteriors, I'll give it that but I'm sure you would find much better than that in the 500k range.

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Yeah the garden can be measured with a ruler. And apart from a little herb garden and space for an occasional barbecue I really don't care. Will pretend I do though.

I don't know. And I hope that spot on the left side of the house is for sale too. The one on the left is probably a a sold lot that will see some action

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>buying a house
>as we enter the biggest bubble in human history

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Triton cointainer

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>we are all cheapass dutchies anyways
So true haha

> but I'm sure you would find much better than that in the 500k range

Yeah, you will. I think so too. I just really liked this house and environment.

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2 things are scarce in the future:
Jobs and housing

Just buy it and do whatever u can to pay the mortgage
Fuck renting and having to compete with 200 other cunts all ringing up the first day an apartment is listed.

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Exact same price rotfl. But far away from where I want to be. Southern Netherlands

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Whichever one you buy, make sure you HODL

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It wont be the last one, it's ghastly! But I'll wait a bit. No hurry