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And are you all-in on ARKG?

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I can't find any pics of her feet or cleavage, but she can stimulate my genomic research if you know what I mean

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why am i attracted to her?

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It just goes to show how if you're right about 1 investment 1 time, everyone thinks you're some genius.
She's just like all these famous short sellers who've cashed in one time and have been wrong countless other times.

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she's another ryan jacob

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Everyone is a genius in a bull Market.

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She made some money during the longest bull run in history.

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ARK is too big to pick up little gems now

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>WHat We do AT aRK is haRnESS THE rEAl huMAN poTenTIAl oF uNDERvALUEd game cHaNgErs. advaNcemeNTS In RObOTiCs ANd QUAnTUM computING WIll haVE LARGer iMpactS In DAY tO Day liFE, ANd wilL LiBEratE US. THat's wHy we vAlue bLoCKChain aT A gAZIlLiON dolLarS AND wILL bEGIn To iNVest HeaVILY on DeeP learnING QuaNTum cRYPTO alGoriThMs.

Why the fuck would I take advice from an econ that hasn't got a clue about the tech she shills? I wanna suck on her tits though.

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But some are more genius than others. Notably the one with the highest-performing ETF of 2020.

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shes hot. anyone got any lewd pics of her?

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The fact that she is the same age as my mom makes me fear that she is a clueless boomer buying into hype.

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>some money
She drove several of the top performing ETFs of 2020. Just admit you feel upset when you see a woman smarter & more successful than you.

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How did she know? Go look at some of her interviews a particular round table one where she called $1000+ Tesla a few years back and everyone smirked like she was off her rocker. Pretty based

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Show bobs and vaginr

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I want to pitch her my innovative feet-sucking startup bros

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Because intelligence is sexy.

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Can someone please find this holy shit

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there's probably a fat hick in the south that outperformed her as well doesnt mean hes a genius

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i bought the top so i put in a buy order the other day at 90 to average down but it barely missed and now it's rebounding

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She's kinda based

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That’s a tranny and IT gets plenty of help from (((them))) to make it seem like its a genius.

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I don't understand the fundamentals of biotech, because I'm not a scientist.

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Half a century of sexual experience without 'the change' drying her out.

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She understands the power of disruptive tech better than any financial guru boomer her age, and she's a christian nutjob WOMAN.
Disruptive tech/ai is going to explode in the coming years.

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You know she has multiple teams of both Finance people and extremely well educated professionals in the fields that they are investing in, right?

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>Disruptive tech/ai is going to explode in the coming years.

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fuckin saved
i'm still right though nigger

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