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What stocks does /biz/ own? What stocks do you want in on?

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Ur mum

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I have stock in Toyota

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I don't own any stocks currently, but I'd like to try investing in a few. Any articles or advice I should take in?

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Mercedes Benz, SAP and another one I forgot about.
Their prices haven't moved a lot but they have a nice dividend

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I own some stocks at the bank I use. Nothing much. I think they are worth a couple of hundred dollars, but I only make like 10 bucks a year on them.

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Hi guy from v4c :^)

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What are some good stocks to invest nowdays anyway?

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I own boring dividend ETFs

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hello :^)
[s4s] here

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Anyone else interested in collecting info, links and tips to a sticky/pastebin about the stock market?

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implying 14


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how to make monies. pls help

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good idea

also, how should we call us? /biz/arros?

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/biz/nessmen is the obvious choice

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I own 500 stocks.

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Bought BAC at $5

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Swing trade stocks between 1-10$


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I like that

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>buying stocks on individual companies
>not just buying ETFs

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>not investing into an actively managed portfolio

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you own the second pair of trips as well

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49% share of a large wing of my family company.

That's it.

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>thinking that active management can beat passive investing


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>baby's first investment

Most of my money is in regional businesses.

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I own Appl, bought in at around $450. Interested in getting into biotech, need to start my research. After that I think I'm done with single stocks. May start to heavily invest in passively managed index funds, firstly Vanguard Life Stratergy.

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>thinking markets are efficient

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exxon mobil

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wait till their next oil spill so you can buy low.

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I own £4000 in TXO.

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I own 125 google stock.

Got them around $1k, now they're at 1100. Idk if I'd advise anyone else pick them up though.

Tesla has been a good buy all the time. Wish I had gotten in lower. @$200 it's probably going down soon, but it won't stay there long.

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I put flappy bird on my phone so I could sell it for a profit if that counts

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I don't own any stocks or have any concept of what I should be doing. I heard this is how white people get ahead. Please advise.

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Amazon, Netflix, Google

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Moot would make a good robocop

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3rd post nice m8

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Posting in second /biz/ thread ever made!

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are you fucking retarded? i doubt there arent even 3 people on this board that can really "invest" in google

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Standard Life

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its at 1200. and its obviously a bubble. i owned it for a week and it was fun, but i wouldnt consider it a solid long term investment.

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This is the most important things to know in /biz/

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>implying it's P/E ratio is too high
nigga you need to do more research on how stocks are valued

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I have decided to contribute to this thread.
Contribution over

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Ill get some stocks in Nintendo after their price goes down for 1 or 2 weeks at the end of april (when release Fiscal year Numbers)

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>mfw I remember when Tesla was a $35 a share
>mfw didn't bother buying
>mfw now $200 a share

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I currently own Bank of America, General Electric, Wells Fargo, Micron and Energy Recovery, Inc.

Previously owned and sold for hella profits with Chipotle, Tesla and McDonalds.

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Can someone explain how does stocks work to a retard? Should I have stocks?

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Wipe come home from /pol/ please.

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CCL since it gives on-board credits.

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still waiting on that blockbuster 3d printer in every American home

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ZNGA everyone should invest in this

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How much initial funds do you need before you consider investing?

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You have at least a few options for trading/investing.

>Currencies (forex)

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you clever faggot stop trying to make people invest in your penny stock so you can sell

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trading fees are normally $10 on securities (stocks)

i use tradeking.com so the fee is only $5 a trade

but with like $100 it will be hard to make your trade fee back

>need 5% gains to cover the trade fee

$1,000 is a decent amount to play around with in my experience (fellow poorfag, amateur trader)

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and if you have Windows 8 you have a stock chart app on metro

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In my mock trading game with some friends, I've invested in cannabis. It's fairly solid.

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It is not "solid". Those are penny stocks and you will lose it all.

In other words, you could gain 1000% or lose every bit you invest.

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godamn, that fall

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I have always considered investing, though I have like 10k€ to experiment with only, and I think something low risk low reward would suit me better, like investing in brazil, india or some other hole that is developing quite quickly.

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Watch out when investing in developing countries, it's all a huge bubble

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how come?
India has huge amounts of gas and shit.

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Well yeah, India may be pretty solid but I was thinking about Brazil and southamerican countries

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>not investing in goatmeal

It's like you want to be left behind.

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Would call it a bubble, but it is definitely risky.

Personally, i would like to invest in african stuff, there is some companies i deem to have a huge potential, but the african stock market is hard to access from the 1st world.
I mean, just look at this article about how the zimbabwean stock exchange works:

On a related note:
How do you get over that mental block when investing money? Sure, it hopefully will get more, but it also might get less.
Obviously the riskier the investment, the less money i put in, but playing round with 50€ or so also is not a solution.

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Vanguard is good

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You got out on the right time with Chipotle.

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oh wow
oh my gosh
this thread is like
it's like
the third post on this board
that's only one post away from the second post