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>Chainlink hits a new ATH of $810,000
>Even a small stack is now worth 8 figures minimum
>You own land all around the world
>On one of your many beaches, you receive the news of LINKs new ATH
>Sipping a delicious cocktail, waiting for the sun to set over the ocean
>Surrounded by a harem of nine women who were specifically picked to match each of your fetishes
>As you look away from golden sunset, you look at your harem and chuckle to yourself.
>"Heh... my linkies really do stay stinky"

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I dont need that much, I wiill share with family and friends

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I have leg pain from a broken femur surgery tmj from broken jaw and back and neck from scoliosis and teeth pain from failed root canals and thinning hair and ibs. I'm also an ADHD schizophrenic. How will my Link make me want to live

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Please don't fuck with me OP, I can't afford to imagine such luxury

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if link even hits $150 i would shit myself

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>Surrounded by a harem of nine women
Only 4 I'm muslim

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>still at work at 11:15PM
>trash everywhere
>no fancy watch
>knows how to do gang signs
>not wearing button down dresh shirt
>wearing some hoody or something
yep, it's an actual LINK holder... some drug addled janitor somewhere

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Will I make it with 220 LINK ?

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>9 women

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you absolutely will. visualize it. picture it. frame it in a corner of your mind. you're almost there but your brain hasn't caught up yet.

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then you woke up from that stupid dream

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Top of the line medical and mental health care. The extremely wealthy do not suffer from the shoddy butchery that is mass-market medicine

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As long as you invest in Ethereums layer 0 you'll make it... All in on Link is just stupid considering that Ethereums going to eat the $1.4 Quadrillion dollar Derivatives market. Have you seen the numbers in Geyscale of ETH? Hopefully Link gets there too...

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Investing in hardware company is superior in investing In software companies.

LINK is blockchain HTTP protocol.

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At least could pay for the sickest bidet

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Why? If Link’s service was that valuable, what would stop a thousand other services from doing the same thing? This is not like bitcoin- something where being the first mover is best. Links stop making sense over a thousand dollars, and probably well before that.

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and how the fuck is ethereum going to eAt the 1.4 gorillion derivatives market without fucking chainlink you dumb fucking piece of shit?

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>Holding 16 Linkies since 2018
>All the other fags buying stacks of 1k, 2k, 5k LINK
>I'm a simple man, I only want 16
I'm going to make it

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>This is not like bitcoin- something where being the first mover is best.
it actually is though

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This. 9 is way too many I’d feel pathetic like Dan Bilzerian. Just 3 for me thanks.

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I'm worth $25mil if it link hits $1000 so that's fine, hell if it hits $200 I'm gonna start selling some

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Why? Something else just comes along cheaper and businesses use that

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