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Comfy HBAR thread Get in here bros.
What can we expect in the next couple of months?

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Wrong image, I meant to use a comfy pepe. Oh well

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$50 EOY

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>wrong pic
Doesn't matter we're still all gonna be millionaires

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I got my comfy make it stack and just shitpost while fags get rekt with shitcoins

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Told girls from uni that I invested in HBAR and they can’t stop sending me pics like this

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Is 26k HBAR enough to make it?

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That’s a good suicide stack. I am at 22k and keep adding when it dips

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Hello fellow hashbros. Welcome to the comfiest hold around, we enjoy reading hedera white papers and shitting on legacy block chain.

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proof OP is real and not a paid shill, no one could be so bad at their job

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let's go for the >>30000000 GET frens

I'll go for HBAR $10 EOY

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Corporate Congress shitcoin with extra shitty tokenomics.

Will moon tho

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too late to get in? Whats the realistic target mid term?

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$10 may

$30 September

$50 December

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Based half-FUD

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Anyone else been mentally jerking off to how much money they're going to make?
>Every Australian will be using hedera on a daily basis
>This is just the beginning

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I hate these posts, that would make me have so much fckin money I can't even think how to deal with so much.

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Why hate? This is my honest prediction and I’ve been researching hedera for 2 years.

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HBAR 20$ EOAugust

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VC scam debunked by coin bureau, VCs will dump their bags when lockup ends

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Debunked 100 times. You post this everyday

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this is a huge fucking bearish sign wtf hbars are for basedboys now thanks faggot

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