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You need 10 million dollars minimum, a passive income stream of 3 million a year, a job paying 5 million a year, a penthouse in NYC, multiple overseas homes, 8 yachts, and 1000 hookers a year to make it. Anything less and you will be miserable.

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no just mommy milk

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Those milk bags look like they will be down to her waist by the time she turns 25.

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made for bbc

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All you need to make it is to achieve some knowledge of yourself in the time you have

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yeah, none of that is aging well, hard pass

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That's a man

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I wan milkies

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Jannies allow jail bait but delete my trap threads. Fuck you jannies

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stop posting whores

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Saggy tits that bounce back and forth during doggy style is the best

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I'd probably be perfectly happy with half a mil

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Thats not enough you will be miserable and you can't do anything with that.
Todays 500k is yesterdays 500

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>some dumb thot you don't even know indirectly is the motivation behind your efforts
maximum incel mode activated

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>has a middle aged lunch lady's face
>but because her body is young and tits big, some sad simp will marry this whore after she's had a hundred dicks and wake up in 30 years wondering what he ever saw in her
>then she'll stab him when she catches him looking at a young slut with big tits on tiktok, only to realize it's her old videos but she couldn't recognize herself because she got too fat

The way of the world.

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Giving women access to the internet was a mistake, btw.

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>wearing socks

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is this true? will this coin make me rich mr anon?
or you just trying to shill people with trash
>I have already hold SWG and got bonuses
>BSC will be amazing for project development

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>living in jew york.

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Fuck I miss easy college sluts

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how come guys don't like big natural bazoingers anymore? i don't even mind if they sag after a while that's inevitable but young white girls with giant tits are a blessing

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Ahh I ducking hate iPoo

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Why wait this long ?

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Low test guys don’t like them.

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I own nothing and have never been happier. Checkmate atheshits

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*Kevin from The Office voice*

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Why pass on it now though? Obviously, you don't wife anyone that makes tiktok videos anyway, regardless of how they'd age.

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In addition, you also need a Braphog farm with at least 2,000 Brapsows for an endless supply of feminine Braps to sustain yourself. If you're not planning for this you're ngmi.

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I need today’s equivalent of $75k a year and tendies. that is all.

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Only for retarded cooomsumers. I'd be just happy with having my free time, and being no where near fucking NYC. I left that shithole and never plan to return. I'll take my money and get a ranch/farm so I can have almost everything I need.

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I just need one million dollars to quit my wagie job and travel through Asia, America latina and Eastern Europe just smashing sluts in tinder while continuing to investing and increasing my net worth. I don't need fancy card or big house not do I want them. I just want to see the world and smash pussy

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>a penthouse in Jew York
nigga I haven't even made it but I will pay money to never set foot in that nigger-infested shithole

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See, people tell me I won't make it without a million, and these are the people telling me that. Complete hedonists who just want to chase after expensive thrills.

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You underestimate the level of despair of some anons here, they are seriously appraising the wife and progeny potential of some random sloot gifs, literally a bj away from the plantation

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You can retire nicely in the Philippines or Thailand with 500k. Maybe even 300k

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That whore probably shits out of her ass

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>premarital sex

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Please don’t be 18

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>that ass
I gotta call my ex

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very ugly girl

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I hate women so fucking much

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lmao check how this stupid genius tries to have some cash from these homeless guys

Fuck him.
Already took part in yield farming on YVS Finance and their genius staking system with low fees. That’s what you should look first now

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>A hundred dicks
I wish my waifu had a hundred dicks before me, maybe she'd have learnt something

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>a penthouse in NYC
Why the fuck would you subject yourself to living in NYC?

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I'm trying to make a parody of people on here saying that anything short of a million is not enough if it wasnt clear

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>child's bike

That whore is literally someone's mother.

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>implying France is better than the US
No mutt, you don't even live in Europe France is a 3rd world country

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I know, I just wanted to shit on new york for a second

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Short her boobs come 30

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Nice .webm you assnigger
What the fuck am I supose to do with that shit

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Thats why you start fucking something else when she turns 25 like based Dicaprio

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short positions are profitable anon

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I'm canadian, I meet french people daily. Tourists and quebecois.

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Jerk off

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Unless you are a faggot hangars are the the best boob type. Veiny hangars > torpedoes > perky > flat

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Based jannies

kys faggot

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Her socks look really cheap

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