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I am scared this is so much green will we dump again ?

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No. See you at $100,000 for 1 BTC in 2 weeks.

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>he doesn't think it dumps on the way up

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To be quite frank with you, I have to admit I’m starting to get a tad anxious if I may say so

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Yes, 2nd leg down coming end of week

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fucking $1000
purchase and lost on trading
what a tard, now he cries on every /biz/ thread
don’t send him funds
I told him to take part in fucking great justliquidity and hodl bomb juld but seems like he is too stupid to understand it

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I need my shitcoin alts to go back up so I need BTC to go back up, so I can sell and wait for the next dump.

>gas fees made me think I shouldn't bother selling because how bad can one dip be?

Never again.