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sauce me on the broad, fren

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What do you need? I gave you plenty of sauce.

>Google partnership
>fortune 500 partnerships
>copy and paste link to run eth on parachain
>CEO is dawn song - most published (more than ari)
>live mainnet with 20% apy staking
>literally the only viable option for noncollaterlized loans with the partnerships to make it happen
>rank 150 gem
>circulating supply of DOT but actually being used

This isn't some pajeet shitcoin that's going to pump and dump.Top 30 within 2 months. Now is when you accumulate.

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Delete this thread immediately.

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How can I accumulate if I’m in the USA?

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Why wouldnt I just keep buying chainlink?

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Fuck your coin I want to see the bitch.

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But anon, that's a man

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Linkies are accumulating this now because it has more room to grow at rank 150 and is highly undervalued.

If you want to keep stacking link at 25 dollars go right ahead. Most of us have had our bags packed for awhile.

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Will never be adopted my institutions

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>This isn't some pajeet shitcoin that's going to pump and dump.Top 30 within 2 months. Now is when you accumulate.
Many thank you sirs, will load up
Forreal though this could take awhile consider literally nothing fundamental coins are mooning, but this looks like a comfy hold.
.t new oasis stacklet

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Where is this best staked at?

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I mean, where is this best staked at

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Smells like curry

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For fucks sake can you fags please stop posting dudes?

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yeah ill consider it
wish i looked like her

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Can I buy this shitcoin without paying 100$ gas fee somewhere?

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literally binance i dont understand why you people dont know how to use CG or CMC

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I'd like to masturbate to her, so a name would be appreciated

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Listen I'll but your fucking coin if you give me a NAME.

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3/10 wouldnt bang

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I was just about to start a thread about this. Biz are sleeping on this one. Why? It seems like such a straightforward opportunity

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>your brain on coom

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Do you want to know a secret anon? This whole GDPR stuff is BULLSHIT.
Crypto was made to circumvent regulations. The moment you go back to regulations you get gatekeeping for regulatory positions and the jews finding ways to corrupt it and fuck it up again.

BTC was designed to work EVEN IF THE REGULATIONS DON'T WANT IT TO WORK. Monero even more so. And if DeFi has a future, it will also be made in a way that governments cannot stop. DEXes like RUNE. Oracles that are actually decentralized where anyone can become a node.

That is the future or otherwise this is all vain bullshit.

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Are you sure?

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fuck off Craig go con some guy into sucking your stiff

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Is this some secret project nobody wants to tell you because they wanna accumulate while its cheap?

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ROSE you fucking faggot open the tucking links

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I chose Ocean Stake it was the 2nd largest with a 19% apy

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Did the jannies delete the photo? Is this one acceptable?

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I looked into this shit, looks very promising to me. But can't find much info on it. Any valid FUD?