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Any enterprising anons here making it with alternative business ideas? Backyard chickens, mealworms, mushrooms, fish/aquaponics; house-hacking, garage welding, selling arts and crafts on the side?

Use this thread to discuss business and finance unrelated to speculative investing. How do you intend to make it or supplement your made-it status through other creative or offbeat ventures?

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>trying to talk about unironic, honest-to-god entrepreneurship
>on the crypto schizo containment board

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I plan to start a gin distillery with my cryptogains

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>Backyard chickens, mealworms, mushrooms, fish/aquaponics; house-hacking, garage welding, selling arts and crafts on the side?
>unscalable hobby type things
>making it
If your goal is making money rather than just having fun and maybe breaking even on expenses, you should think about scale, scale, scale.

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Extremely based thread, OP although I think >/diy/ might be more your style. Most of what you posted is quite small-cap. I would suggest that you imagine a commodity which you could reasonably expect to control the entire supply chain of. Examples:
>Cereals --> Brewing/Distilling
>Fruits --> Vinting/Distilling
>Swinherding --> Truffles
>Milk --> Dairy
>Shepherding --> Fleece --> Clothing
>Beekeeping --> Wax/Honey --> Candles/Cosmetics/Mead

Less based, but more creative: art/art broker, retail franchises (McDonald's for $700K) and minor league sports teams ($200K - $700K). https://www.thesportsadvisorygroup.com/


Imagine being this Jewish/Jew-ified.

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Not necessarily true. It comes down to marketing. People will pay retarded rates for organic free range pastured artisanal heritage breed regenerative carbon-neutral biodynamic fair trade onions free eggs chicken pork beef goat lamb cheese honey veggies.

I have egg chickens and will be pasturing broilers this summer. I'll probably do a couple hogs next fall. Looking at getting a beekeeper to place a hive on my land. I've got a few acres of rye that I'll harvest and flip to either a cover crop or pumpkins depending on conditions.

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How are they unscalable? You could scale up any of those things. Have you never heard of farms, real estate investing, or metal shops?

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No, it comes down to scale. Marketing is just an instrument for realizing scale potential.

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Oh ok nigger thanks for your thoughtful input

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i sell digital downloads on etsy. just started this year but it's been going very slowly for me.

i heard another anon buys antique furniture that has been lived laughed loved and restores it to its former glory. seems to be doing well reselling them.

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It's one of the few valuable (albeit basic) insights you'll get out of this thread, so make sure you thank me in your memoirs.

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I flip 5 cars a year. Buy them cheap out of state. drive them back. Minimal repair and detailing. Usually get anywhere from 50%-150% gains

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I like those Plymouth chickens. I want to get a couple.
I have a meager 5 figure crypto stack
20 chickens
1 acre with good produce.
It keeps you down to earth. These neets who never leave the house all go crazy and get depressed.

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i make money from fuck prostitute

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I sell hip-hop beats on fiverr. Some of these retards are willing to pay pretty handsomely for something that took me a few hours or less on logic to produce. I’m actually a live musician but covid has completely fucked all my wedding bookings

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Are you the guy posting "albeit" in every thread?

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Bump. I’d like to do a side job/business but not sure what is actually lucrative these days. Woodworking is fun but I’d have to ensure I have a shop and tools. I know 3d printing but the market seems over saturated. I’m really good at cooking but the money is usually shit for farmers market type stuff. Open to anything really.

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Got more cute chickens to post?

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You're not going to make much profit with that stuff.
But that's good for being a member of a self sustaining community.

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eh i planned to get into as much as i could if i was living alone but i'm not so i don't do anything.

was interesting in flipping shit for a while, that was way back when i gradated though, if I got my own place now I wouldn't bother with that partly because it's probably not as lucrative but i also am just not interested.
As far as money making, I think mushrooms would be the best bet and it's also interesting. Doesn't seem too difficult if you have some lab experience and discipline, and it is just interesting overall. Mushrooms sell for a lot too.

I'd like to keep chickens too, and get into the black soldier fly larvae hobby and everything, but that's more of a personal endeavor to have clean organic eggs (and maybe chicken) to eat. I have no clue how you could make much money from backyard chickens unless you're a master breeder breeding unbelievably exotic and expensive breeds. Like the other anon says backyard chickens just isn't scalable. Unless you get a big backyard kek

I have some other stuff from research a couple months ago.... and i just deleted the entire list trying to copy paste it fucking shit fuck
let me see if I remember some
>cell tower leasing
>car washes
>storage space leasing

I have been thinking about the laundromat for years. It seems to be a really passive business idea. Of course it's not completely passive, but there are places where the entire place is automated. People will always need clean clothes too. Feels to me to be the creme of business ventures that you can do while working. It's my main goto if I ever get enough money to undertake it.
Car Washes is also in that vein, though I think a lot more can go wrong with a car wash than a laundromat. too many moving parts and stuff that can get stolen/and or broken.

ATMs is another I kinda like, but it doesn't make that much, and you have to really be kinda lucky. More and more places are accepting cards so yeah... you can see how it's a bit of a dying venture.

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>no crypto
>no stocks
>Hey, look at those cocks.

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Based. This is a comfy thread, mind set alone you've already made it.

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The other stuff like cell tower leasing or storage space leasing are really just land investments by another name I guess. I got those from this site.

Interesting stuff, I didn't know you could invest in stuff like this. But still a lot of it just doesn't seem all that feasible for someone to just wake up one morning and decide to try.

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I have about 3 years to make enough money in crypto before I can start growing marijuana for sale. That's the idea anyway.

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I've tried to tell /biz/ before but they just fucking hate money.

Indoor. Shrimp. Farming.
Especially if you're landlocked, this shit is like printing money. It's easy as fuck. You will 100x.

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You'd make better gains and have more customers if you bred dubia roaches. Mealworms suck as a feeder.

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I don't want to kill shrimps, are you selling them as pets?

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how do I make some nice passive income? I made 6 figures in this bullrun, so now I'm hesitating between buying a house in a inflated market, or buying land without a clear idea of what to do with it. I was thinking about buying it, clearing it etc, and then investing in weed as soon as it turns legal here, how feasible is that?

based albeitposter

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think about it, who the fuck is going to be buying your shit weed when everyone and their mom can just grow it now?

shrimp farm.

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Based sea-monkey owner.

I am pretty disappointed that nobody responded to me.

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yeah, you might have a point... plus, there's gypsies where I live, so I would need armed guards 24/7. your idea sounds cool but I don't want to kill shrimps :(

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shrimps are retarded sea bugs only fit for consumption.

raise free range chickens then i dont know. but gypsies might get them. gypsies wouldn't touch shrimp i dont think. they typically only steal plumbing and farm animals.

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also copper. I don't know, maybe I'll just plant almond trees or oaks and wait until they turn profitable.. I'd go to wine but I feel like that's a saturated market

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wouldnt waiting for trees to mature take decades?

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i want to have a little bit of land with a nice pond and geese when i make it but i live in the suburbs and know nothing about living off the land and have never been the outdoorsy type, but always wished i was.
i just think geese and chickens are very cute. i want some one day...but will that day ever come? I don't know.

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I breed my own dubia roaches and mealworms for my reptiles but they are very profitable if you go large-scale especially if you live somewhere warm you dont need to heat. They multiply exponentially and littlerally eat scrap veggies. you could set up a reletivly big setup for 1k with most of the expenses going to buying breeding age roaches.

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I think chickens could fall into that category if you live far enough into the country to own a rooster. Buy some chicks or fertilized eggs locally, then you can basically be self-sufficient from there on out, selling eggs and hatching your own new chicks when needed. Get a hybrid breed that's good for both meat and laying and you can even diversify from just eggs to eggs AND chicken meat.

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>shrimps are retarded sea bugs only fit for consumption.

so... eat the bugs. This is a psyop thread?

Sure reads like one. Imagine a bunch of morons thinking they will make it with a side gig in an industry with zero profit potential

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Get house and land first. Then get coop. Then get chickens...
Seriously not a hard dream with very basic knowledge

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Nevermind that. BigBrains have vision, the details will take care of themselves


Dig mine

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Sorry anon, but you plant trees for generational wealth for the most part. Things like fruit trees can be established in ~5 years though. Something like an apple orchard is feasible in your lifetime.

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Congrats on developing that queer house smell you can always tell

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Sounds good. With a capital outlay of, minimum 100000% of annual yield, you'll be profitable in chickens in about the year 8269

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Imagine the smell...

I'm interested though, any good resources you'd recommend?

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My grampa started beekeeping few years ago. First it was small, only couple of hives. Then he started to grow the number of the hives and slowly became the largest honey producer in the region. His hometown where most of the hives are located got a real honey buzz going on. Today the whole town is bee/honey branded and there is a honey festival/market each summer where beekeepers come to sell their products :D

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Ohh sure, generational wealth. Like, I asked around the older generation who are all wealthy how they got that way.

Literally not one answered, "I planted an apple orchard". But apparently it is key to generational wealth. Maybe in the 18th century could be true though

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To keep myself busy, and to make a bit on the side, I'd like to sell hand-made timber frame buildings to people for cabins/workshops/whatever. This is after I "make it"

I love the craftsmanship and using the ancient tools, and I think there are enough crazy rich people who like the "rustic" aesthetic out my way that I can sell them for a pretty penny.

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Tell us where/which state this honeypot entrepreneur is located

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You're looking at a niche market which will probably be in restoration carpentry for use in existing old buildings.

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Southern Finland. Here is the towns website:


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the rothschilds bow to the johnny appleseed descendants

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>I’m actually a live musician
Wow bro do you have any gigs lined up??
Oh? You're playing at the Rusty Toad Bar and Grill this Friday night? I'll have to come check it out
Oh it's kind of like an indie-blues vibe? Definitely bro, I'll be there.

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Seems crucial to have the support of the entire community, with respect to the total environment.

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I know it sounds antiquated, but if you have a stand of timber that hasn't been cut in 50 or 60 years you can make a decent profit from harvesting it. Tons of families do it in the mountains I live in--usually the last people who cut it were their grandfathers.

Same goes for apple orchards. There's a big one in the next town over that makes absolute bank in the apple season from mature trees with specific kinds of apples. I think it was their grandparents orchard.

Just an uncommon thing nowadays since so much of our lumber and fruit products comes from Tingpow China or some South American backwater country. Also not many family landholdings anymore that aren't fucking rekt from subdivisions

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>generational wealth
One of the most based threads on >>/biz/ in a long time.

That is fantastic anon.

The Jew fears a self-sufficient white man.

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I'm fine with that! Whatever it takes to get into it

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>johnny appleseed descendants

Everything he did as a primitive christian was plowed under by 1950 as Dow chemical and Monsanto rose to prominence. The horses were of course, slaughtered.

That is the reality and tragedy of the 20th century.

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I think its the best prospect by far ITT. Places like New England are seeing huge interest in restoration

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I have a bunch of these assholes. All the girls are pregnant and I'll probably sell their babies. But they aren't much for money makers. I need some new ideas for myself and this thread is alright

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>Get a house and land
That's step 1...

I do not care about turning a profit off of chickens I want a nice life for myself and my future family (and to have chickens because they're cute)

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Where is shrimpanon? Did he make it.

I miss his useful guides to shrimp farming

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Build an app that does something
Charge a subscription or service fee

That's how I make my money

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how much to set it up roughly?

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I'm getting my license to run a concession stand. Think like a hotdog cart like you'd see in New York. Except I'm not doing hot dogs.

Very little upfront cost so you start profiting quick. Not expecting to make it just want some experience running a small business and it's the easiest one to set up.

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>Backyard chickens, mealworms, mushrooms, fish/aquaponics; house-hacking, garage welding, selling arts and crafts on the side?
fucking lmao, this is lemonade stand tier

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Sounds like a blast. I used to work farmer's markets as a teen, and that face-to-face selling food to a customer shit was the most fun I've had at a job

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I'm blessed to live in Canada where this type of thing isn't that big because of the long winters. I think I'm just going to grind at it all summer and see what happens.

I'm focusing on cotton candy which has a 94% profit margin, once again to mitigate upfront cost.

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You can certainly make some money off your land, even a lot of money if you are able to scale up a bit. But I look at this kind of stuff more as "insurance" if SHTF.
In case of an economic collapse or other big problems, having the ability to grow your own food is a winning move.

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>Any enterprising anons here making it with alternative business ideas?
this shit involves actual work done bro

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What's the basic gestalt on mushrooms? Risky?

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If you're at all inclined to work with your hands, consider purchasing a plot land that has mature wood. Cut the trees, mill them (you can do this inexpensively with a chainsaw mill), dry them in a cheap, large shed, then make live edge furniture like benches, tables, desks, ect. and sell them at crazy high prices to dipshit urbanites. Advertise that everything was done completely by hand by one person (you). You will make a killing.

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I might start renovating vans into dwellings to resell/ rent to millennials that WFH and want to travel. Kinda niche but been researching it for 2 years now and there is most certainly a market.

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how would someone get started with that, and how much would it cost?

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Here's a person selling a 4m length of wood for 8k CAD: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/479017809/live-edge-sofa-table-home-bar-table?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=live+edge+table&ref=sc_gallery-1-1&from_market_listing_grid_ad=1&plkey=37394b79e7b9b9edfa2f7c72a6a1b98520532317%3A479017809&frs=1&variation0=1042817645.

You buy 5-10 acres of mature wood, put up a metal frame shed to dry the wood (takes a few months to dry), and lay down 5-10k for a good woodshop, and you'd be able to produce hundreds of these.

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I've done some creative coding with Processing, a Java based creative coding environment. It dumbs down Java quite a bit, but it still gives you some coding experience. Pic related is something that I coded a while ago. How difficult would it be to jump from making pretty pictures on the screen to full fledges apps? what resources would you recommend?

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massively based

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>1 post by this ID
nigga EXPAND ON THAT. I wanna farm shrimp.

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Breeding doggos

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I commerical fish in alaska 2 months a year , pays my bills for whole year + extra . Live in central europe with my trad slav wife and build high end custom furniture for side business. Looking at buying a house with a good amount of land and a barn for rent free workshop. Want to start doing micro greens and mushroom farming as well . Trade stonks and crypto for fun - up 30% on stocks this month and down 40% on crypto

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Take 3-4 hours and watch a shitty Udemy on .NET Core and Angular (just search those two things).
It's extremely easy now days to build super legit web apps that run in the cloud and people will pay for (65 IQ pajeets do it all day). Less than a week or two trying it out and you will have something fully functioning
Buy a pre-built angular theme on themeforest for like 20 bucks, make a REST API on .NET Core using Visual Studio's built in templates (they come with all the login/account shit already done) and build a tool that does something useful. Use stripe as a payment processor, use free Google ads credit, etc

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Are you the guy who was shilling us crab bloodletting?
How much aquarium equipment do you need to unload there bud?

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Can you tell me what you do and how you advertise? I have a golden retriever I would like to stud out. How much do you charge?

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dialate tranny

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thanks anon, I'll look into that stuff

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nigger this is how my father made money in the soviet union, by hiding surplus animals from the social collective and selling them on the black market in the big town

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the jew is terrified

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Go to a ASEAN or LatAm paradise, rent a 3-4 star hotel room for cheap for a couple of weeks, hire a few hot hookers for bottom dollar and tape yourself fucking them, peddle on porno sites


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I'm on track to be a franchisee of a midwest food chain

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I keep thinking the low-effort live edge wood table market is going to crash, but it just keeps growing

Imagine how many $800 tacky live edge endtables will be bonfired in 30 years

>> No.29987796

Admittedly, they make nice furniture. I think people just don't understand how easy they are to make, so they assume you need to be some kind of expert craftsman. You don't even need to make table legs kek. What amazes me is that the "blue epoxy resin line through live edge" category still exists. Watching people pour fruity-coloured resin onto beautiful pieces of wood is painful.

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Only $CLF

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