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Look at that. Not only does CryptoMinge bundle proposals together, he's running governance mafias and chimping out when someone asks him to compile a list and do some inflation calculation.

All the while that automated soi bot, mbr, sucks him off.

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i literally went all in
sold all my BTC
all my ETH
i think this has so much potential to actually 10x
based or retarded?

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>based or retarded?

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Retarded timing but based play overall

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maximum comfy, enjoy

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Newfag when it comes to bnt, what's its role on DeFi? Is impermanent loss actually a meme? And how is it for staking?

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Just asking. Can Bancor into NFT?

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What's with the gold rush of newfags lately in these threads asking the most base of question that can be answered with a quick search? Where is the old guard?

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Bancor is the DEX that invented the automated market maker. Uniswap and Sushiswap exist because they copied the concept. Big issue is that Bancor has struggled to get market share and gather liquidity for the past few years

Now they have a heavy duty reward system, impermanent loss insurance, and one sided liquidity pool staking (you don't need both tokens, only what you want).

It's amazing for staking and that's like half the selling point

BNT is way undervalued. It's probably a top 30 project also checked

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>Newfag when it comes to bnt, what's its role on DeFi?
It's an AMM and has pretty high liquidity for some pools now, so it's actually getting decent volume.
>Is impermanent loss actually a meme?
Huh, of course not.
>And how is it for staking?
Very good right now because they went big with the liquidity mining rewards. They won't stay this good forever and will probably taper off with time, but it's successfully bootstrapping pools and the gamble has paid off big time, so you can probably expect good rewards for the foreseeable future at least.

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You're probably going to be fighting a bear market but this will probably x10 in sats, so both I guess

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Based, are gas fees are what's keeping value in BNT to continue rising? Pic related.

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>You're probably going to be fighting a bear market
>says this has perp swaps normalize and futures are looking great with weekly open candle rocketing green
Retarded FUD

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look at coingecko top 100, it's not just BNT

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I'm sure it contributes, but I think it's mostly two things:
1) People got scared of the whole market dipping and pulled funds
2) People are scared of committing due to the dip

Assuming this recovers and LM is extended, I think it's extremely safe to assume that chart will keep going up quickly.

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It's not a meme chart for no reason, anon. Nothing is set in stone but we're 3x an ATH, and though the media isn't in a frenzy I've a hunch that the top is in because of Musk and his rabid fanboys.

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>le stupid misinterpreted meme chart
>le musk
I heard the same shit last month. Fuck off midwit. Go learn volume profile trading and order flow analysis.

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>all my ETH
>i think this has so much potential to actually 10x
>based or retarded?
its a seriously baller play, If I had the same kind of guts you do I would have made a fortune but I am way to convservative. I did flip a bunch of stuff into this at 1.80, i have a 40k bnt stack staked and right now is throwing off 120bnt a day in reward... If I went all in I would have bought like 600k bnt and it would be throwing off thousands of bnt a day...oh well, its just to insane a move, satisfied with hot its playing out, not gonna what if it..

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Isn't a lot of that just reflecting the price of BNT?

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I'm also all in.
Though I should be honest that I am still fairly new and have no idea what I'm doing.
I have about 4k BNT, only just enough ETH to cover potential gas fees, and 57 GRT

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Still very confused on how BNT has a smaller market cap then UNI and Sushi, when BNT INVENTED the AMM. Plus they have now added IL

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They are on TG arguing about shitcoins and listings.

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why's the timing bad? I was thinking of throwing in .5 btc

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10k stacklet reporting. Learn from my mistake and stake everything in a single pool instead of spreading your bancies too thin.

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all in is always retarded.

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the market dip pretty much.

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I don't have enough money to not go all in

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GRT now has LM. Can anyone explain why it looks so mental? A glitch as it’s brand new on?

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please be 18

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I'm all in link on both sides

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also got myself a 10k BNT bag yesterday. Just staked it all in on the LINK/BNT pool however I also wanted to stake some of my linkies but that pool seems to always be full. It actually opened up after I deposited my BNT but only for a measly 2k linkies and when I tried to stake my ledger fucked up and it was full again. how tf do I get in with at least 10k linkies?

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It's because the pools don't have much liquidity. Once they fill up more the % will drop to normal levels. The rewards are fixed for this pool at 20k / week so they get more spread out the more people get into the pool.

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yeah its just because it was just added, when the pool fills up the rewards will normalise. UNI also has rewards.

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Oh, for sure, and not just BNT but all the other non-stablecoin assets too. Just didn't mention it because I figured that part was obvious. But I think the value of the assets going down against USD, ceteris paribus, would have made a flatter chart rather than a fairly big drop, so I think the factors I listed earlier are playing a significant part.

Because it's an extremely illiquid pair. The big APY will incentivize people to start putting BNT in and it'll drop as the rewards are distributed to more people.

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Thanks, that makes sense. I put some grt in earlier as I figured it’d win the vote

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I heard gas fees had gone down recently
How many grt did you stake and how much did you spend in gas?

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Please dont be 18

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Technically correct, Jordyn is 20
A bit too old but good for posting in BNT threads without ZOG coming down on you.

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You’ll be lucky to find it with space for 10k in one go. I got a bit in this morning and have seen it open for link a few times the last week, but only ever a few k here and there never as much as 10k

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2k grt, cost about 80 dollars in gas

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What is the general consensus on adding LM rewards on new pairs though? The main argument I see is people saying they dont have any volume, but isnt attracting volume the whole point of LM? Grt, uni, rook are all ok projects with large trading volumes that could eventually migrate to bancor.
So while I do understand worrying about increased reward dilution I think in this phase attracting volume and new traders might be more important, so I dont stongly oppose new projects as long as they are decent.
Besides opening new pools might be connected to increased staking percentage and thus decreasing circulation, due to people seeing this >>29979595. I noted it has increased by 10% of total supply recently

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how much did you get in? I'd be fine with 1k-2k here and there, as it should still become profitable pretty quickly with gas fees but last I checked it was open for fucking 18 link. could the devs decide to make the pool bigger or would that fuck over the IL protection?

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18 haha!

I got in just under 1000 link. Similar to my grt stake gas was about 80 dollars

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bought at 6.3 USD and feel like an imbecile.
still holding though

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Anyone who used their vbnt for anything? Im really tempted to use em for bnt but its probably a bad move before burn. The thing id like to do is stake em in vbnt/bnt pair but i dont know when and if that will ever open up.

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I have 60k usdc
how much can I make x month with bancor?
Which pools should I put money into?

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dont worry, you bought just before the entire market corrected, youll be fine soon.

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You could exchange that for BNT and then put it in either one of the large cap pools (ETH/WBTC/LINK) which are pretty much guaranteed to have LM rewards extended or you can try to be in one of the newer ones like UNI / GRT so you'd get a bigger chunk of the smaller LM.

If you keep it in USDC just look at the APR for fees on the UI and then look at the APR for the LM to predict your earnings. Keep in mind the LM might not get extended or they might be reduced but they get the most fees.

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>guaranteed to have LM rewards extended
when do current rewards expire? couldn't find that info on their medium

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Starting by putting it in the USDC pool...

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NM just checked, no space. Just convert to BNT

>> No.29982101

It's all in the UI here, look at the countdown https://app.bancor.network/eth/data/

There's some proposals in governance about what to extend and how but everyone seems to be for extending the larger pools at least.

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retarded, same thing except not a lot of money in the game

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holy shit that's too funny. been whining all day about that fucking pool and now I could stake 20k in one go

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thanks fren. been looking into BNT since a couple weeks ago, seems like the easiest and safest 3x in the short term. chart looks super bullish desu

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did some whale pull out or what happened?

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Nice work fren

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Yo lets start a proposal to ban Cryptomessiah. How much vBNT we got togethher?

I got 10k .

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>you can try to be in one of the newer ones like UNI / GRT
what's the risk of this new pools?

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% staked on platform has only gone up last few days, someone withdrawing 300k link would be a few % down so I think it is just coninvestment limit going up on link

>> No.29985156

I have 110k but I like messi so no

>> No.29985237

Maybe its the increase in value of BNT. Shouldnt that open space on LINK side?

>> No.29985931

You guys think any chance DIP vote will pass?

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absolute retard here who has stumbled through staking 6.2k GRT. Now what do I do? Just wait?

>> No.29986590

It will be irrelevant whether you got in at 5$ or 6$ when we're at 50

>> No.29986776

Yeah if you believe in GRT long term you should just keep it there, you get full IL after 100 days

>> No.29986821

Wait. You can check the status of your stake from the Protection tab. Should update in close to real time.

>> No.29986853

Got some in, Celsius was much faster with transferring out than in, only took a couple minutes to confirm. Gas to stake wasn't that bad either

Now you get used to checking back every 8 hours to see how your money printer is going

>> No.29986878

IL protection*

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They’re link marine and the link marine started shilling bnt 1 month ago

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Sweet. I also have 500 BNT sitting on normiebase, should I stake that as well or is it not enough to be worth it? If yes, should I put it in the same grt/bnt pool?

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BNT barons, I am a BNT peasant
i will stake my BNT in the linkpool to support the ecosystem
all i ask is that my kind masters protect me from the hordes of brown people invading our governance proposals

>> No.29988647

if you don't trade, sure
once the vortex is finished you can trade the 500 vbnt you get for 400~ more bnt and near to 1k staked

>> No.29989357

What if vbnt goes higher? Doesn’t I need vbnt to withdraw the bnt I staked?

>> No.29989406

are they going to announce Arbitrum date soon ?

>> No.29990191

yea you do. vBNT will eventually be 1:1 and you could be screwed if staking rewards in the pool you are in stop.

>> No.29990252

wanna take a look at new GEM?
lmao, go for Binance Smart Chain and try julswap
forget about this fucking dumped gas on ETH
any coins can bring you profit
>you shouldn’t be expert in trading, use staking

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he's a pajeet pump and dump shill

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post your eom hauls chads.

You can swap BNT and VBNT here with over $6 million in liquidity. Best rates.

All swaps get gas refunded by Balancer.

Already integrated with 1inchExchange


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That's a big haul.

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Holy shit I just realized my staked bnt made moar than my part time salary fucking kek

>> No.29991708

Fat fucking stack dude congrats. How much and how long have you been staking?

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So how much of your link portfolio have you staked on bancor? Currently I have 12k out of 55k link on there wondering if I’m over or under exposed. Right now would be a perfect timing to put more linkies in. What would you do?

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>t. 0x649e74B1CEbAfe73250b5bd1416DC3C9040680ac

>> No.29992380

i just added an additional 10k during this new open space which puts me at 15k link staked FWIW

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Why is this happening?

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Stake 1000 BNT and get 90% apy.

Protocol gives you 1000 VBNT.

Vote and earn 0?


Swap 1000 VBNT for BNT.

Stake the BNT and earn another 90%.

Protocol gives you VBNT.

Vote and earn 0?

Or.... Repeat.

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I was able to earn that much BNT this month with just 475k BNT start and my method above. Above 40% apy per month thanks to the Vortex. I don' expect it to last. Most yields have already fallen 100% to 70% in the last week from other exploiters

I'm getting legit 40-50% per month in rewards... 5x the standard.

Its more than sufficient to cover back and I dont expect to last long as others realize and crowd in.

>> No.29992797

But you always get less vBNT so how will you ever get your initial stack back?

>> No.29992879

I have 6 positions earning BNT instead of just the original 1.

6x trade fees and LM rewards. u gotta make sure to swap on 1inch.exchange tho. directly on the bancor website has some pretty nasty rates for vbnts

>> No.29993013

the whitelist will, don't see why it wouldn't

>> No.29993137

This works only if the ratio when you swap vBNT -> BNT doesn't change when you go back right?

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idk but this is what happened right before the big pump a few weeks ago

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my bro just sold his vbnt for link. then he staked the link. so he can earn yields with his bnt stake and now instead of voting he sold and now he gets link yields and link gains too

>> No.29993432

This is fine as long as LINK outperforms BNT

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>as long as link out performs ____

>> No.29993793

nice man, I’d restake rewards every 4 weeks when you hit the x2 multiplier for some nice compound gains

>> No.29994247

So, am I actually going to receive x2 25% APY on my LINK rewards? Or does the multiplier only apply to BNT?

>> No.29994444

The APY already assumes you reach that 2x.

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Yikes, what a jewish scam.

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>Yikes, what a jewish scam.

>> No.29994721

nice trip quads

>> No.29994773

It does apply retroactivly though

>> No.29995001

That's not going to happen

>> No.29995447

kek yes.

but still reasonable rates of return

>> No.29996158

3 Arrow Capital are buying up millions of Bancor.

>> No.29996903

Is it worth staking 500 BNT?

>> No.29997061

Is it risky to only stake for 80-85 days if I'm only staking BNT?

>> No.29997085

>based or retarded?
Both. I wish I could just wing it like you instead of doing analysis. BNT is shit. I sold my bags and left for the hills, but it can pump and be 4X in a month.

>> No.29997226

LOL that's really stupid. One whale sellof and you're dead too.

With BNT you will get nothing BUT whales, because it has nothing BUT a deflationary pump.

>> No.29997247

why shit?

>> No.29997400

>3 Arrow Capital
what's this some socdem shit? abandon ship?

>> No.29997595

your post made me put in another 12k link for 24k total. feels good man although it hurts to see your wallet link balance drop. are you afraid of smart contract failures / hacks at all?

>> No.29997759

So it's not fine lmao

>> No.29997845

One of the biggest crypto funds

>> No.29997875

grats on the stack but quit posting these same 3 messages. at least rewrite them. you have brainlet tier english

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>> No.29997942

based as fuck azns. extremely bullish

>> No.29998166

It is if you’re willing to pay the $100 gas fee lol

>> No.29998477

If I do 85 days with my BNT in a pool, does that mean I'm covered as long as the price between the two doesn't change by more than 85%?

>> No.29998546

i dont know

>> No.29998553

source ?

>> No.29998720

wait, IL doesn't cover extreme price jumps?

>> No.29999027

Which pool do y'all use to stake? Everyone talks about the link one but the rate seems meh

>> No.29999464

I'm staking in several pools, but USDC is my biggest.

>> No.29999472


Clever. The guy posting is simp2win on Twitter FYI. He owns the vBNT/bnt pool currently. He makes all his money by you guys trading across the pool lol.

He can’t spaz out here or block me either but it’s the truth lol. Isn’t that right simp2win/ Samantha? ;)

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>> No.29999793

pretty sure goes as samantha in discord. annoying as fuck

>> No.30000818

Don't say things like that without backing them up
That's very gay

>> No.30000872


source dip shit ?

>> No.30001017

how much do you stake and how many BNTs do you get as a reward monthly?

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After 20 days.
Probably could do EOM reups.

>> No.30001748

I already gave you the source you poors

>> No.30001776

How much staked?

>> No.30001795

Stack size?

>> No.30001917

No, it means that 85% of any losses are covered.

>> No.30002018

I am guessing around 30k

>> No.30002526

you’re saying he posts to his twitter following that trading bnt for vbnt at 0.65 is free money and then comes onto /biz/ to trick a few poor anons into doing the opposite? doesn’t really add up anon. i don’t think it’s worth his time. the person itt suggesting it is a genuine retard i think

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I would do the same if I owned the main vBNT pool + the big balancer pool that 1inch routing leads to. Volume and swap fees while retards get rekt, baby!

>> No.30003189

the point is that there are plenty of retards doing this without him shilling. so many that he’s already comfortable posting a big thread on twitter about how profitable it is to do what he’s doing. he doesn’t need to come to /biz/ and spend time shilling a few poorfags lol.

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You need to visit the synagogue more often, your mindset isn't Jewish enough yet anon.

>> No.30003671

>Bancor community members have proposed a design for gasless voting in Bancor governance via @SnapshotLabs
>Increased voter participation is crucial to decentralized decision making.
>Implementation can completed in a matter of weeks.
good news

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>the person itt suggesting it is a genuine retard i think
He's likely the guy who owns 88% of the Balancer pool. The account provided 1M vBNT 18 hours ago:
Like 2 hours later this post was made: >>29950398
The intention should be pretty obvious. I don't mind, since I've been buying vBNT too.

>> No.30004781

What should I do with my vBNT to maximize gains that isn't too risky? Put it in the vBNT/BNT pool when space opens up, or swap it for BNT and put that in something like the GRT or UNI pool?

>> No.30005613

somebody answer this i would like to know how get more money.

>> No.30005963

Does restaking BNT from rewards give more vBNT?

>> No.30006095

Honestly the ratio for vbnt/bnt is bad right now to use for leverage. I would just stay safe and wait for a new pool or better ratio to trade with. Honestly if I wasn't staking my bnt I would've just swapped it for vbnt since the ratios will be closer to .85 rather than .65

>> No.30006170

what does this mean

>> No.30006619

>What does this mean
For every vBNT you get 0.65 BNT. That's a bad ratio.
In the future you will get closer to 0.85 or maybe even more BNT for every vBNT. Meaning you get better leverage in the future.
The best play here is straight up buying vBNT and wait for the ratio to get closer to 0.85, then stake the BNT from that trade. You will end up with more BNT staked and more value.
As far as what you do with your vBNT now, thats up to you. Just know that you need the same amount of vBNT to unlock your staked token.

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File: 139 KB, 327x239, 1613752539285.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that faggot messiah will have his house burned in minecraft

>> No.30006790

For 1000 vbnt you would get around 650 bnt now. But the ratio might increase in near future, so you would need to buy back around 900 vBNT to unlock your 1000 stack. So the question is, will you be able to make enough in rewards in this situation by staking in one of most profitable new pools (uni/grt)? It all depends on when burn gets implemented.
Personally I will wait

>> No.30006997

What did you do exactly? Did you pool or stake vbnt?

>> No.30007406

I staked my BNT in the GRT pool a little bit ago so I can’t buy vBNT right now. Would staking my vBNT in the vBNT pool be a decent move once space opens up? Am I right in saying that if I do it I could later pull out the same amount of vBNT I originally pooled, and add the BNT I earn to a different pool?

>> No.30007527

Ngl BNT is a shitty poorfag investment. I can only budget about $400/week and it's going to take me 2/3 more weeks before I have enough for it to even be worth staking

>> No.30007681

How much BNT do i need to stake for about 1k$ worth of BNT as a reward weekly?

>> No.30007881

vBNT pool has only fees and not LM rewards

>> No.30007955

Is there any way to get around the gas fees to stake or am I just stuck waiting until I have 500+ BNT?

>> No.30008254

It has 167% APR though. Wouldn't 1000 vBNT put in generate 1670 BNT per year, or am I looking at it wrong?

>> No.30008434

200 BNT x (52/.8)

around 13k

>> No.30008498


>> No.30009456

How is it calculated?
And how can i see for how long I already am staking so far?

>> No.30009666

because i've got like 382$ staked just of curiosity and I get about 18$ from a period of about 3-4 weeks
That is about 6$ in a week.
So I get about 4.7% as a reward

you for example, are getting 7,7% as a weekly reward
why is that so?

>> No.30010299

Screengrab for exact dates?
$382 at an estimate 80% apy rewards is $305 a year
Divide by 365 gets you 84c a day, putting you around $6 a week

>> No.30010576
File: 1.67 MB, 2268x3594, 20210114_172900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys realize Arbitrum is like 2-3 weeks away? This is going to be one of the first projects to integrate pluggable L2 on eth, right when everyone is looking for a L2 dex (Quickstep, serum, pancake). Problem with all of those is you have to leave the Eth eco system in one way or another to trade there. No longer. Bancor is about to beat Uni/Sushi to the L2 dex on eth race...

Hope y'all have your bags packed (and staked!)

>> No.30010717

How much did the gas cost you to stake $380 in bnt?

>> No.30010769

are we going to have to unstake current pools and restake in arbitrum?

>> No.30010773

Woweeeeeee zoweeeee!

>> No.30010937

Not as far as I can tell, Arbitrum is 100% composable with eth contracts if I'm reading their documentation correctly

I'll try asking in tg and see if one of the devs respond

>> No.30011238

>tfw i mentioned Arbitrum in Bancor tg months ago and give myself the credit for this whole thing even though they were probably looking into it already

>> No.30011439
File: 3.41 MB, 476x400, FBD158AA-0C11-4EAC-B492-D386EB59CAE9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30012132

do i get vBNT from staking rewards?

>> No.30012315

Alright one of the devs basically told me to lurk moar and to find out for myself

Pretty based, I'm gonna take that as a good sign

>> No.30012886


there is balancer pool open to all. 1% fee. significant liquidity. anyone can stake their vbnts here.

i personally suggest the following:

APE your BNT into bancor.
Take the vbnt and go to balancer.
click deposit liquidity.
single sided.
APE your vbnt into the pool and start earning yield.

by my current calcs the bal pool seems 100%+ apys. or you can go vote and earn nothing instead? actually negative gas costs

>> No.30012948


BEWARE. Big brains only allowable.


>> No.30013061

thanks man, guess I’ll wait to restake rewards then. Just did a calculation and you earn about 36% more bnt eoy by restaking every 4 weeks when the x2 multiplier hits. 13 extra gas fees per year are fine, even better at 1/50th the price

>> No.30013081

Anyone who trades in the balancer vbnt pool earns a full refund of gas costs by the balancer dao.

it is ideal great place to trade if you cant afford the bancor gas swap fees.


>> No.30013091

Isn't balancer the competition?
Im all in BNT so I would prefer they fail

>> No.30013344
File: 791 KB, 986x1024, 1613937658425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is not enough that bancie chads should win.
Others should lose.

>> No.30013557

Min BNT to make the fees worth staking?

>> No.30013724

Is it too early to open the $6 waiting room?

>> No.30013771

Dude, you seriously don't understand business, it seems. Apple or Samsung didn't invent the phone, either. It all comes down to popularity. You can even have superior tech losing to inferior tech. Video2000 lost to VHS when the porn market decided to go with VHS, despite it being worse.

>> No.30013961

Bancor is DVD in your analogy

>> No.30015342


>> No.30015582


vbnt added now inside 1inc. very nisu.

>> No.30015700

You want us to make you money by using your pool. I think we got the message already, anon.

>> No.30015817
File: 4 KB, 195x136, APR_weekly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where at the UI can you see the actual APY of 80%?
It makes a lot of sense, but I can't see that 80% visually displayed on my screen tho

i had quite more staked, but unstaked them for another coin to get more profits and left a few BNTs laying there out of curiosity
So I think the transaction cost me about 70$ or something back then

>> No.30015821

Fuck off nigger I will dox you if you shit up another bancor thread

>> No.30015884

How are you guys so fucking retarded you cant see the bonus rewards on the main page

>> No.30016082

Damn. So I probably need even more than 500BNT to make staking worth it then

>> No.30016354

that's fee apy, rewards apy is on the data menu

>> No.30016416
File: 39 KB, 1142x394, HighestAPRRates_Bancor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where actually is it?
the main page doesn't contain any bonus rewards view

>> No.30016505

sort by 3rd column bro

>> No.30016651

Holy fuck the brain damage is severe

>> No.30018152

Who’s ready for that NY pump?

>> No.30018243
File: 1.49 MB, 360x640, 1613855206869.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30018445
File: 114 KB, 1144x841, BNT_Rewards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So it's possible to earn from 60 or 80 to 300% of APY at the moment, as you can see in pic related?

300% is an absurd amount of cash flown back to you
Of 10k$ staked in BNT, that's about 2,5k a month, which will lead to an overcompensation for your investment after only 4 months
this sounds surreal

>> No.30018629

The UNI pool's rewards will drop quickly. It's a pool that just had rewards activated, so everyone's rushing to put their UNI/BNT into it. Because BNT needs to go in first to open space before UNI goes in, it doesn't instantly drop, but I can assure you it will drop a lot over the next few days. Don't go into it thinking you can get 300%.