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> Anatoly glimpsed into the future and predicted this little crash, delaying the announcements until the bull run resumed.

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Be honest with me bro's, are we the schizos?

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No, they/them/xer are the real schizos

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>native american singing and wood rattling noises while a fire roars in the background
2 more weeks

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PRQuties thank god you're here I thought everyone dipped after I saw no threads yesterday

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Should have bought GRT

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I’ve had a dream about PRQ on two separate occasions, once last night which I was only reminded of when I saw a Parsiq thread earlier today, and once a month or so ago. I don’t own any PRQ and I literally never think about and have been ignoring the threads until now. I’m starting to think I should buy a suicide stack just for the sake of dream/meme magic. Where’s the best place to buy some?

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>the caviar of happy meals
>the obsidian of igneous rocks
>the webbed feet of evolution

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No matter how lonely you get, just know I am riding this thing to $50 a coin no matter what. I either make it with a 10k stack bought at .10 or I die. No in between.

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InshaAllah we will make it if its the best for us my prAqhis

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two more weeks
trust the plan
time travel, blockchain
*flushes toilet*


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Thanks brotha really needed the moral support

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Based mashallah

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coinmetro for cex, uniswap for defi

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just 2 more weeks - trust the plan

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Inshalla brother, soon the blenchod non-believes shall feel our shoes علي الله

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How many fucking weeks left? ANd don't fuck say two cause you said that two weeks ago

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14 days

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one and then another one

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we will get another announcement this friday, or if we are lucky wednesday as well

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1 week, give or take 7 days

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how high we going? no bullshit

whats our title too

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based, i really like when theres announcement, it gets me really hyped up and i tell my mom about the new parsiq announcement coming. even was sharing to friends the parsiq boss talking with the chinese man on live broadcast. i think this next announcement is going to be the biggest one yet, and maybe we'll get more announcement the following week

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I work at Parsiq HQ, I have been on since the new wave of hires. I am Estonian national so please pardon my English.
Things are going crazy busy here, many new partners and lots of promise. It's very exciting here, but one problem.
Anatoly has been acting very strange, he seemed normal in interview process but since I start working I see him pacing always around the office and muttering about quantam riddles.
Always, always he is flushing the toliet. Sometimes multiple times in the same trip to the bathroom. He goes to bathroom several times an hour, there is no reason anyone would need this restroom so often??
But flushing, always over and over. And now people here are worried. The water utility bill is coming in and we can barely afford this cost to our overhead it is that high. He is flushing gallons everyday.
I can hear him now from my office going to toliet again and water rushing through the pipes.
Andre confronted him about this yesterday and Anatoly again only speaks in riddles. This happened right on the main floor infront of everyone.
I am not feeling so good about This, dumping so much water...

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If we're not schizos? $100 is legitimately in the cards.
If we are? $1.10 to 1.50 permanently, forever.

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skys the limit fren, this project is really undervalued, will get to $10 with certainty this year, maybe even $20 and higher if we have a good alt season
the real money will be the next bullrun though
if anatoly is able to build his empire and i see no reason why he won’t, we will be looking $50+ in the 2025 bullrun

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please stop being a schizo fren

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I should add im being very conservative, this has huge potential to really blow up looking at the roadmap, could see some crazy gains this year if we are lucky
but say $10-$30 just so you aren’t disappointed

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A fortnight

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You are shit, you didn't start trash.
Stop with the stupid shills that aren't about earning cash
this shillers never know cool project to advertise
>Buy no worry about it, hold SWG and wait for swirge development

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14 days

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If nothing happens by the end of March then I will conclude that we were just deluded bag holders all along

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I had a dream that some dude on reddit messaged me saying PRQ is a shitcoin.

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I'm so tired bros

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Half month.

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Wait until end of thos month
Who am I kidding, shit ain't moving

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336 hours

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Wasted years on an empty wallet
Where crabs buzz around my head
If the parsnips in my pocket
Was silver or gold
I'd spend it all on nothing
>two more weeks

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>10th daily shill thread
thanks just sold 100k

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anyone says 2 more weeks again i'm going to lose it

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honestly the PRQ threads are starting to remind me a bit of the XSG threads which scares me. I've been in PRQ since like 0.50 so I'm in the green, but I might sell soon

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I’m giving it until the end of March, if it’s still crabbing then I’m out.

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What? NOBODY ever said to go all in prq. That's a great coin to hold desu, i'm here since december with 2k and it's one of my best hold, with grt and nu.

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to be fair, we explicitly had a breakout, but our breakout was cucked by the bitcoin retrace twice in a row.

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let them leave

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I highly doubt it will still be crabbing for another 4 weeks, but if it does... im selling

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my digits predict a mid-week announcement, pump to $3

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Is this how LINKies felt?

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post the asylum pasta

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Yeah this is unironically LINK v2

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yeah this, we do need a pump soon though or people will lose interest and volume will just drop off a cliff
hopefully anatoly and the team can see this and will announce binance sooner than later, it’s all ready to go

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big week this week

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if true god bless you sir

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im the same guy who said we had an announcement on friday last week. no need to bless me, just spread the good word of PRQ lad

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Based, I screenshotted it in case. I believe you anon

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On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Solana because it was priced in and 10 being Binance, how good are this week's announcements?

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>Anatoly glimpsed into the future
Dude you guys sucking that slavniggers cock using autistic, 16 year old redditor-tier "le funny inside jokes XD" is literally the reason PRQ hasn't pumped in a month.
Every week that PRQ doesn't hit $2, remember that YOU are at fault for being so fucking gay and cringe. Pic related from their TG

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>a telegram group holds back the price of a token
imagine being this dense

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telegrams are always cringe and full of redditors

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as a market maker, i get told timing, not content. sorry mate. i have been told it's big though

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you guys hiring? how can I get a job.

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are you new to the team?

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Whats actually stopping a big cex listing?
Unfavourable contract for the devs?
Waiting for confirmation from cz?
Devs wanting to get more work done before a big listing?

>> No.29986125

they dont want to pay for a listing...
but cz obv wants money

>> No.29986345

nothing, binance is ready to go

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I know you love endlessly sucking slavnigger cock. You don't have to justify it to me, just hold off for a while and PRQ will start to pump

Yeah except this thread is proof that it's not limited to TG. Every PRQ thread here is incessantly sucking that fat ESL slav autist's cock with "muh time travel, muh based anatoly, muh PRQties, muh wallet joke, muh toilet joke, muh InshaAllah, muh cringe reddit-tier le XD style jokes"

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have sex, you are pic related in a couple years

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a binance listing would pump us to $2 for sure
anatoly is fucking everything

>> No.29986855

when we get listed on binance we will pump and dump back to 1.30, i dont know why you freaks think binance is gonna change anything, new listings on binance stopped pumping a long time ago

>> No.29986937

it’s coming, i just pray they aren’t holding off that one for last as some grand reveal
ideally we need binance first, then all the other announcements to sustain the pump
if they did that right we could easily be $5 at the end of the month, sadly im not sure the team is that tactful

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people who are so sure of themselves are so cringey bro, kys with that fake confidence

>> No.29987044

because binance opens it up to a load of new potential buyers, we take bollocks like uniswap for granted, but if it’s not on binance or coinbase most mouth breathers won’t buy it

>> No.29987146

we're on coinmetro and uniswap, that should bring most of the big investors already

>> No.29987280

Gas fees are ludicrous and CoinMetro doesn't have any liquidity.

>> No.29987344

common mate, let’s be real hardly anyone has a coinmetro account
plenty of buyers don’t want to deal with gas or don’t trust something that isn’t on a major exchange

>> No.29987406

>> not even top 200 coin anymore
>> 2 million daily volume.
It's over, parshits.
Sell while you still can.

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A-Are you in the gay and cringe t-telegram, Anon-kun?

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no, binance will allow new people to buy it and hype alone will make price go up

hope so.
team is so misterious and when make aannouncements price dumps.

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how about a fun trip from planet earth when the GSX does x10 ??
doDO NOT spend your time on erc20 coins, if you want profit - get GSX and receive $$$

>> No.29987536

>opens it up to a load of new potential buyers
potential buyers who are retarded and are looking to take part in a quick pnd
Binance is shit and if we need Binance to pump then this is a shitcoin.
Am I missing something?
Was the IQ protocol delayed or something?
That's actually a useful service that would get Parsiq more hype.

>> No.29987560

name one project in the last few months that got listed on binance and did a x5

>> No.29987617

Is binance expected to drop with the q1 news or is literally just whenever they list it?

>> No.29987709

no binance isn't expected in any specific time frame

>> No.29987736

At this point it's only ever been hinted at and they had some Git repo shit going on with them. But we're all pissed off because whale manipulation, no volume and high gas fees are fucking us and the PRQ team is just content letting us eat ass.

>> No.29987811

>Was the IQ protocol delayed or something?
nope that’s still on track too
at the end of the day anything that makes it easier to purchase is a good thing, the more exchanges the better
so i don’t know why you are acting like getting a listing on binance means nothing

>> No.29988049

anyone can say there's a big announcement and be right, there's only a few weeks left and they only announced 2/7 announcements

>> No.29988183

we don't need a x5 at listing
we need more volume and people knowing it exists
one pump to $2 with listing and news its not that hard

>> No.29988286

>PRQ dev here

You're fake. there's nothing coming this year other than crabbing.

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unbased and not checked

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Oh god, staterafags are now in parsiq? I remember that picture with statera logo, you probabyl saved the PSD file and made one for parsiq FUUUUCK im out

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No I was banned almost immediately

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>I was banned almost immediately
I find that hard to believe, your posts in this thread all seem well thought out and insightful. So now you're just building a personal collection of gay and cringe telegram screencaps?

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How many prq is a suicide stack?

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>> No.29989273

if you cant afford 15k parsiq dont even bother buying it desu, gamble it with shitcoins until you can

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>> No.29989474

i mean, you are right anon. that's why PRQ is a good hold regardless of whether you believe anon insiders or not. i am able to give credit to my posts thanks to my post last thurs/fri though, in case others need more confidence for putting in their buy orders. shits coming this week.
How does crabbing up to $17.50 sound?

>> No.29989543

This, shits boring yo

>> No.29989591

I hear the toilet flushing again

>> No.29989929

>How does crabbing up to $17.50 sound?
Depends, how long we thinking?

>> No.29990109

my uft tokens some days ago.

>> No.29990288

my parsiqs gave me large nips

>> No.29990334

uhh yeah... need to see a science study to back up that claim buddy...

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Just ∞

>> No.29991004

10k short term. But longterm then 1k is fine in total

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>> No.29991652

Q4 21 / Q1 22

>> No.29991720

You are anon, you didn't start shit.
Stop with the stupid shills that aren't about making money
this scammers never know good project to advertise
>Buy no worry about it, have SWG and wait for swirge development

>> No.29991768

but the bullrun will be over by then, nearly all alts will lose at least 70% of there value

>> No.29991836

does PRQ seem to follow the market?

>> No.29992119

It seems to be more decoupled than most coins

>> No.29992213

hahahahahaha no
prq doesnt give a fuck whats going on, its hilarious

>> No.29992501

Based, Choi's a cringy faggot

>> No.29992595

good point, despite that dump all last week PRQ never left crabbing territory lmao
but i feel that will change once parsiqs volume increases

>> No.29992700

based and redditpilled

>> No.29992713

Asuka-poster shilled me this coin and that Estonian exchange. I've never been this grateful to an anon on the internet.

>> No.29992833

It's not listed on any relevant exchange, that's why it doesn't follow BTC that much, still does, just less than others, instead it just crabs.

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now that's what I like to hear, literally only do this for posts like this

>> No.29993071

Deliver me from the wage cage Anatoly plz

>> No.29993144

Oh boy, I'd completely ignored /biz/ since its inception. To think that I'd get to experience something like it again.

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i had a dream freidns. that prq fucked my wife. it was amazing

>> No.29994017

Moments like this are when I'd like to ask questions but without any verifiable way to determine who is Asukanon there's no point.
What if that Asukanon isn't the OG Asukanon and we all got baited into Anatoly's shit scam? Aaaaa

>> No.29994128

yes guys

>> No.29994309

Oh shit it's you. Are you in every Coinmetro/Parsiq thread? Bless you and your normie-tier taste in girls.

>> No.29994397

2 weeks man dont even worry kek

>> No.29994568

I can tell I’m going to be holding onto my double-sui stack for years. This is going to be LINK 2.0, where we all know where it’s headed but won’t know how long it’ll take.

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>Are you in every Coinmetro/Parsiq thread?
I haven't seen any imposters until now

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>bought into the "WEB 3.0" meme
>PRQ, RLC, GLM, all the cool "supercomputer of crypto" meme tokens in my folio
>they're all totally fucked
>would have been better off if I just bought a token literally called "Female to Male" by scammer Andre Cronje and bet on eth shitting the bed



>> No.29994940

I blame Elon, he turned this bullrun into a clownshow with his Doge

>> No.29995034

prq isn't a supercomputer, also cloud cumputing is a meme, the only coin that is getting usage is render or whatever is called

>> No.29995167

don't bring your gay RLC shit into our Parsiq threads we are not the same fuck off

>> No.29995180

>the only coin
rendering coin*

>> No.29995274


>> No.29995470

>he fell for the digital dogshit meme

>> No.29996103

Alright Asukanon, if it's really you I was told you're the one with the knowledge on DNA. I've done a lot of research on it and concluded that while it's a low cap, it's likelihood of beating PRQ was low enough for me to buy more PRQ.
What are your personal thoughts? I think, considering it's niche (not ultra niche but certainly not an industry-wide application like PRQ or LINK), has pretty poor marketing, and the lead dev is an NPC (mostly jokes but does concern me a little) turned me off.

>> No.29996933

did you at least get the €100 starter bag?

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>has pretty poor marketing, and the lead dev is a boomer turned me off.
Pretty much my thoughts, I'd read everything here >>29768075 if you are interested in any way.
The insanely low mcap is also a big plus, people might just buy for that fact alone, pair that with them having a working product and being dedicated.. well doesn't look too bad now
at least it's not vaporware like with vxv, If the only bad thing about the project is marketing, then I'd say it's a nice buy at those prices

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more info

>> No.29997505

Nope. My rationale was that there's no guarantee the bonds will ever be worth much. And even if I were to sell them on the secondary market and get my money back for the free 500 DNA, that's in a month. I only have about $300/m US to spend. I could either spend most of that on what is currently worth $45 USD for free, and a very very risky 10 bonds if I keep them, or on PRQ which we think might very reasonably hit $3 EOM along with lending.
I also don't expect its price to move anytime soon, and because the project is decent but not well marketed I think buying the coin is a better bet than the bonds.
I'm still hesitant but I appreciate the insight. I do know they're working hard on it and it has a product, but can't really shake my main concerns.
I'm keeping my eye out for another IEO or new recommendation from Kevin primarily.

>> No.29997614

>another IEO
have you seen this >>29994514

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File: 66 KB, 940x931, D2109E5E-5EC5-4694-ABEE-B394BAC8CB84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This week’s announcement had better not be a let down

>> No.29998160


I bought 100k DNA before the listing and was holding through two pumps and didn't sell because I was convinced that Encrypgen has some good stuff up its sleeve.

The poor marketing isn't a big deal for Encrypgen token-wise as their true value comes from the millions of genechain sales from research companies that will inevitably flow through it. The Indygeneus partnership kept me holding on.

But in the telegram group I decided to drop a message to the doc and asked when the Indygeneus samples will be processed and uploaded, and fair play to him he honestly answered that Q3 is their prediction if their sequencing capacity is built on schedule (they have the dna samples but are only now investing in sequencing equipment).

So I've sold my stack and will probably buy back into it after this bullrun, DNA price isn't going anywhere for quite a long time.

>> No.29998302

It won’t be. It will be ground-shaking. Earth-shattering. Mind-boggling. Absolutely pivotal for the future of crypto, quantum computing, time travel, and humanity’s evolvement as a whole. And you know what will happen?
>*toilet flushes*

>> No.29998452

I've only got 500 PRQ, feels bad lads.

>> No.29998524

thanks for sharing, you saved me a FOMO

>> No.29998630

nice info, you're probably the guy from the screencap right?

>> No.29998880

how does $8000 sound?

>> No.29998895

Thanks anon, good to know you're still bullish but that saves me some time if I do try to accumulate.

>> No.29999229

Why am I still holding this shitcoin?

>> No.29999400

because it has potential anon

>> No.29999503

how does $550 sound?

>> No.29999662

because smart triggers and stansberry research told you to buy it

>> No.30000317

I am actually! Still got great faith in David and his passion for the project. Looking forward to getting a bigger stack for when the time comes with my PRQ gains.

No worries, it's kind of comforting to know the project is a solid bet but still have plenty of time to accumulate for it.

>> No.30000933

crab run starts now

>> No.30001180

I'm interested in all this DNA business, where is the best place to accumulate DNA? Are the bonds better than just getting the tokens?

>> No.30001364

same here
whats the mcap?

>> No.30001910
File: 283 KB, 1170x765, C9B636BB-50C6-4A58-8C0E-13EC7A61EC5F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30001947

jeff sucks lmao so happy he’s gone. fuck jeff

>> No.30001983
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>> No.30002213



>> No.30002258

are you lost fren?

>> No.30002398

oh and also join the officially endorsed encrypgen telegram group for news on flash sales for bonds.

>> No.30002511

>whats the mcap?
5m or less

>> No.30003977

We're creeping back up slowly, bro's! 1.4 and we're primed for announcement takeoff I feel!

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>> No.30004681

how big are your stacks? hodl 11k.

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Pls moon

>> No.30004837

are you all in?

>> No.30004865

It’s 46% of my folio

>> No.30005143

thinkin about increase my stack, but this constant crabbing trend worries me.

>> No.30005247

March is supposedly /ourmonth/ so could be a good time, but yeah the past 5 weeks have been discouraging

>> No.30005663

>March is supposedly /ourmonth/
It is
$5 EOM!

>> No.30006109

gib parsiq

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I have more than you.

>> No.30006792

Lul 40k PRQ crabbing

>> No.30007206

I’m pleased for you anon

>> No.30007299

I'm pleased for you too. We both gonna make it.

>> No.30007450

Parsiths? I don't fucking know, we need better memes for sure

>> No.30007684

PRQuties you retards

>> No.30007750


>> No.30008044

If I see another Onions Wars reference in my PRQ threads I will personally kick your ass through the astral plane

>> No.30008296


>> No.30008710
File: 319 KB, 862x861, kevin cuties.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30009021

take off the hair and extend the forehead this is hilarious

>> No.30009119


>> No.30009337
File: 226 KB, 1020x575, 7B2859EB-6F98-4B9C-84E8-02007C6E3DAE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a fucking faggot
It’s Parsieg and we are all Parsniggers

>> No.30009428

the nazi memes have always been cringe sorry bud

>> No.30009503

They are the sole reason why I bought a stack

>> No.30009587

Haha lick my nuts spic

>> No.30009678

ok mutt

>> No.30009807

7k ):

>> No.30010086

fuck off with your forced gay ass meme.
probably bought most of your 2k stack after 60c.

>> No.30010310

Nah, extend the forehead but keep the hair.

>> No.30010459

Communists aren’t human

>> No.30010492

>mfw only 2k stack
I bought at 50c though. Gonna make it.

>> No.30010633

Always has been

>> No.30010745

didn't ask you, mutt

>> No.30010766

I’ve been making parsneed memes since before you even heard of the project fag

>> No.30010976

Lmao you’re never gonna make it with your pathetic little 20k stack

>> No.30011012

my stack size will never change the fact that you will always be a non-white mutt

>> No.30011027

then why are they so fucking bad?

>> No.30011066

Just sold 4k
see you at 1.20

>> No.30011368

Maybe we'll get an announcement tomorrow then.

>> No.30012560

Lol you really got triggered by being called a spic, typical spic

>> No.30012590

non-white mutts aren't allowed to speak in a based PRQ thread, sorry shitskin

>> No.30012630

What have you made?

>> No.30012704

Holy shit what a pump. I hope we crab back down to $1.20, having the price be so high makes me nervous.

>> No.30012713

Lmao calling someone a mutt will never make you white bro
Maybe if you’re good in this lifetime you can reincarnate as an aryan
Ps, only shitskins hate Hitler

>> No.30012779

fucker made me google it.

>> No.30012832

Two retarded white people calling each other shitskins, nice

>> No.30012875

your forced nazi memes will never make you white kek

>> No.30013048

? We're dangerously close to the upper range of acceptable crabbing. I'll be forced to report anatoly for abuse of marine wildlife if he doesn't reel it in.

>> No.30013142

gtfo seething jew rat. find another tranny friendly coin faggot.

>> No.30013187

>only shitskins hate Hitler
imagine being this 11 years old

>> No.30013412

polshitters and redditors have taken over

>> No.30013702

used to be a high iq coin baka

>> No.30013735

i dont mean prq i mean biz in general

>> No.30013934

why respond to me

>> No.30014246

dilate faggot
you will never be a woman

>> No.30014692
File: 314 KB, 421x519, 1608088651241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$1.50 tomorrow.

>> No.30014776

Perfect alignment for crabseason

>> No.30014811

>claim about shitcoins
>lose everything
>cry on 4ch on every topic

I am not a tard to go this way, my wallet with SWG and SWGb, I know how to do cool operations

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