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What Yugoslavia shithole is this

He should have just bought $CLF

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I've barely worked 80 hours this entire year

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I wouldnt call a farmhand a wagie. Seems pretty comfy if youre into that lifestyle, long hours are for the animals.

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Same. Furloughed chef working the odd weekend doing takeaway. Earned more money this year selling sauces from home and bit of crypto trading than wages working.

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yum what kinda sauces

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Ive been a furloughed bartender since March last year more or less. We barely opened before we had to close again. Just been investing my gummint NEET bux and making gains trading from home. Pretty comfy.

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What? It's the definition of waging. He isn't raising those animals to live off of. He's raising them as merchandise to sell. We need to go back.

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his dad probably owns the place.

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I mean it more as in that seems like a job you couldnt just get into with little interest or qualifications like most wagie jobs.

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I'm the military, I would sometimes work 100 hours a week on deployments.
I've never felt like more of a slave.

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Did 100hrs a week for 500$ doing air con and refrigeration in sydney at the age of 18

Builds character

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I fucking knew before looking it'd be farm work.

Only time in my life I've consistently worked 70-80 hours a week was on a dairy farm. Okay at times but would not want to do again.

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I did a 100 hours a week 1,5 months and almost killed myself. I did it not even for the money just to test myself. Absolutely no regrets. Also made a lot of money too, invested, and escaped wagie. One of the best times of my life.

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To me, context matters and I'm not sure what to think of this.
If he's a farmhand working 80 hour weeks and not progressing to anything else in life, that sucks pretty bad outside of the perk of being able to work outside.
If he's working his or his family's land to provide for his family, that's the absolutely most based thing in the world.

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Northern Ireland
guy in video has a strong city accent but larps as a culchie
nice guy irl apparently from people ik who know him

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Wagecuckin’ it.

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R u the guy from the song? Haha

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I'm a tech lead in insurtech, I'd give my right bollock to be a farmer.

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>I'm the military
Hi military, I'm dad

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No he really is the entire military. You can't even fathom this level of chad

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>has to do whatever daddy government says

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wagie wagie working 80
fingers bleeding, vision hazy
sunday off? don't be lazy
spinal collagen degrading
Wagie wagie work so much
his pee pee has not been touched
just so welfare queens like me
sit in drive thru of KFC
watch on phone, this retard bleed
scooping poop, down on his knees
wagie wagie work like a slave
next week you dig your grave
Superflat! superflat!
your spinal discs will soon be that
work 100 hours start next week!
the spic nig cycle needs more meat!

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"80 hours a day" usually means thats where the dude lives and all the "work" he is doing is actually just maintenance for all the shit he lives around.

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I'm the government

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his girl's IG i wonder how many black men have been inside her

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what a badass

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not my type

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What else you gonna do at 18 years old? Study some trash or wagie shit in college? lol

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It would have to in order for you to get some tangible benefit, wouldn't it?

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Depends on the years man, real inflation is 5%+ per year.

2005 - 2020 good job man

1990 - 2005 Meh

1970 - 1990 That was good money for the work you did

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No the fuck you didn't. Commanders aren't allowed to work people that much. And if you did infact work 100 hours a week, you had a fucking cake job.

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The fact that zoomers think that this is abnormal or weird as fucking crazy. We're in for a nightmare

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Just a reminder that less than 80 years ago we had child labor and they pull shift of 14 hours per day 6 days a week.

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Slavery was never abolished. They just changed the name of the game.

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You have no idea what you are talking about you stupid nigger.

Tell you CO you've worked too much and see what happens.

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They also died at 30

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Way younger than that sometimes. Pretty sure they died before their teens in a lot of instances.

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>it's normal to spend 48% of your life working (job)
Do americux really

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When I was working UPS, I worked on average 85-96 hours a week. The guys loved the fact that I could preload, then drive, then off load. I’d sleep in the facility. What a thrill

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it was also a different type of labor... manual / repetitive / physical labor mainly
still shit tho

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If that's his family farm or he is part-owner:
>based and redpilled
If he is just an employee
>cringe and bluepilled

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Imagine having a midlife crisis at 9 y/o

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Also, they would get payed the equivalent of 40 dollars per week in today's money or 2.5 dollars back in the day.,

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Anon. No. He is not a wage slave. Making money does not make you a wage slave jfc

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His labour will mostly go to waste in the clown world economy, but unless you live like a slave for a little while, you'll never appreciate freedom, plus the work ethic will come in handy eventually.
Good on him for checking this on his todo list before his 20s, he's gonna make it unlike /biz/ retards saying "this time it's different, it's not gonna crash".

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Working 80s shouldn’t be a flex. If you are working toward something you enjoy, you love, or if you are working 40 hours somewhere and spending all your spare time on your dream/passion, incredibly based.

Younger generations thinking working 80 hours at a wage job makes them based. It’s not a flex it’s just fucking sad.

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Wtf why is he so dark? He looks borderline arabic

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Ireland received lots of brazilians.

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he's not a wagie nigga that's probably his familys farm so he actually benefits from working longer hours...if he's just some random farmhand they hired then yeah that's goofy but he also seems like he enjoys what he's doing so wtf do I know

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Farmers always work long hours, in the summer especially, my brother in-law works 16 hours some days, only good thing is he’ll inherit the farm
Black Irish, supposedly descendants from Spaniards a few centuries ago

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farm work is actually based and redpilled

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Need to find the quints

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>down 17% this week with bleak outlook and analysts saying to sell now

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I guess I understand now why the Brits couldn't stand them if they're literally part non-european

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this, as someone who grew up with parents who owns a business, it fucking sucked. I was (probably still am) in line to take over their business one day and I spent half my teenage life working 6 days a week 8+ hours a day helping manage their stupid business

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He should join the Marines. I don;t understand why everyone is all lik e"boo hoo I work to much." We marines work harder than anybody protecting our country. If some POG farmer doesnt like his gig, he should join the marines. He'll make some money, get some vacation time, and learn an actual skill. Fucking snowflakes just complain all the itme.

I would stick around, but I have to go to class for FREE on my GI Bill that I EARNED by serving my country. OORAH!

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sell it and all in btc on the dip

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Cringe. Shooting innocents for a living is not something people should strive for.

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>The guys loved that I could take so many loads

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My father also owns a business and doesn't give a fuck about his family because he's a dark triad workaholic. It's usually bad to own a business bigger than 30-40 people in 2021 unless you're not Elon Musk lol.

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This is why I come to /biz/

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If he was taking care of 4-10 dairy cows to provide milk for himself and his white neighborhood, that would be based. but if hes slaving to fill some plebs cup for $3.99 a gallon, then fuck that.

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>protecting our country
LMAO, fighting for jewish interests is not protecting the country!

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That hasn't been normal for the majority of human history and was only normalized with the recent innovations of large scale civilization(and subsequently slavery)

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Good goy

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Shit tier employer for hoodrat midwits.

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Jewish hands typed this post.

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that Mr. Mitosis sojak always puts a smile on my face

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What phenotype is this?

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baltic / romanian mix

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No trickery could possibly happen here

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The Ulster Scot phenotype

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As usual. Irish women are disgusting

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Hope that's his own business or at least his family's.
If that retard shovels shit for 80 hrs a week for someone else's yacht and pretends he is doing something "big", that's not very smart.

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>pretty comfy
You are lucky videos don't transmit smell. Yet.

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>everybody who owns a business is a cigar smoking giga capitalist who owns yachts and flies to California for ice cream on the weekends

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Kek layed off cashier here
>collecting 9/10 of my paycheck when I worked 40hr weeks
So god damn nice

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>puts it on youtube to make a ton of money

thats his plan

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If your parents didn't teach you to properly measure the value of your skills and time - they are shit. I know that from my own experience. There is nothing but low self esteem in the fact that you slaved away yourself for dimes instead of getting a fair payment, at least.

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"Yacht" is just a metaphor for someone else's profit. Don't be so insecure, gosh.

I waged my youth away and learned the lesson hard way. There is nothing distantly noble in labor, that's just a fud made up by the elites to make you work while they are taking everything for themselves.
Working your health away for digital numbers in this clown economy until jews decide you have too much numbers and it's time to halve them by another crash is a joke of an existence.
Even having your own small-mid business comes close to being a joke today, because you will compete against both corporations and their pocket governments to get some leftovers.

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Furloughed FOH manager. I put about $50k into bitcoin between October/November and putting in almost all of my NEET bux as well. I'm up almost 2 year's salary in unrealized profits so far @ the prices as of writing this.

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>with that music
He makes exactly $0 from the revenue because track is copyrighted.

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>respect this wage, he works hard to abuse animals 80 hrs a week

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He actually bought his own farm recently. This kid is based.

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I wish i made 80 bucks a week lmao

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you guys are all retarded, working 80 hours a week when you are 18 is the most intelligent way to go, and will reduce your total life work hours

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Same. I lost my job 8 months ago and I have been getting $4000 per month in unemployment from the government. I'm so glad I don't live in an Eastern European shithole.

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I know a guy who works 80 hours a week and spends all of his money on vidya and anime shit

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fuck meat eaters fuck ruralfags

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File: 138 KB, 1024x1024, eyJfdHlwZSI6ImNvbW1lbnQiLCJjaGlsZF9wYXRoIjoiMTIwMjAzMTUwOTI1MDg0MjYyNDowOjAiLCJlbnRpdHlfZ3VpZCI6IjEyMDIwMjEzNTkwNzE5MDM3NDQiLCJndWlkIjoiMTIwMjAzMTUwOTI1MDg0MjYyNCIsInBhcmVudF9wYXRoIjoiMDowOjAiLCJwYXJ0aXRpb25fcGF0aCI6IjA6MDowIn0=.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I worked 80hrs a week when I was his age

Thats how you become a king

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