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It is inevitable.

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They finally did the math.

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It was coming

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Big acoomulation on the dip

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Based meme lines wagmi

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I wanted to reach a 20k stack under .40 but I think the last 3k will be above that fml.

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> after enduring a month's worth of schizo fud

are we going to make it bros?

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you mean it's recovering from the btc dump

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>BTC 24hr 9.6%
>LTO 24hr 27.4%

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Because it's THAT good

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This vapourwave again?
Didnt you know the CEO Rick is a known scammer?

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It's recovering but it will set a new ath soon, and enter price discovery

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>b-but muh UN partnership
Partnership with UN is actually bearish af. They'll waste investor money to Afghanistan government, one of the most corrupt and worst country in the world. Partnership with UN is actually death flag for many crypto project.
Example of another scam project that partner with UN:
Devery team exitscammed months after that partnership
Horizon State token exitscammed months later and have ceased operations
Bizonacci killed himself after Ambrosus revealed as scam
Soon will follow Ambrosus footstep

If you want to invest in real use case coin look up Aleph.im (partnership with Ubisoft) and Origintrail/TRAC (partner and endorsed by World Economic Forum)

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LTO will be an oracle for defi


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> a month of enduring this pasta
how much longer can he go?

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Man, you have 3k USD, it would be nice for you to pour everything into one coin, and not be sprayed on minor things

> Take into account to this shillers on / biz / and buy fuckcoin
> lose everything in a moment

And this is way to make a real PROFIT:
> get GSX and hold
10x is available soon. EZ!

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I've done the math and it baffles me how people really believe there's ~120k daily transactions on the main net. Do you even realize how much that is? If they register 3.5m land parcels in Afghanistan and 10% of them change owners yearly that's only 1k daily transaction.
Maybe if 95% of those 100k+ daily transactions didn't come from shady dutch companies owned by Rick, it'd help me believe they are legit.
They promised us companies would use their own node soon™ (it was a month ago) instead of going through LegalThings but there's still not a single independant company having its own node.
My advice is to look at Aleph.im or Origintrail (TRAC) instead. Both have real world legit clients and partnerships, and the CEO are experienced and honest. Meanwhile Rick and his dev team experience was creating universally panned app for sexual offenders called LegalFling (seriously google this, and you'll realize how shady LTO is)

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What an awful shill campaign. Your post is unironically the epitome of a scam marketing campaign for “aleph.im”

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> Partnership with UN is actually bearish af. They'll waste investor money
How does LTO lose out by selling LTO tokens to the UN, which then acts as an integrator for the developing countries?
What is there to lose?

Just because a bunch of irrelevant cryptos failed, doesnt mean LTO will
It's set up to succeed, everything is well thought out and designed, comfiest of holds,

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Smells like vodka in here

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> an app that prevented against rapists and pedophiles


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They didn't sell LTO tokens to UN. They never did. In order to partner with UN you need to pay and that's what LTO did.
Partnership with UN is essentially just another way to advertise your product while at the same time giving impression that you're doing good deeds to nigger and pajeet countries.
Meanwhile Origintrail (TRAC) has REAL, PAYING customer, and they've generated REVENUE. While Ubisoft is currently using aleph.im service.
Easy decision anon.

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>shitting up LTO threads with his own shitcoins shill


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He is a LTO holder.
He thinks FUD makes projects bullish.
Which I can agree to desu.

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>Meanwhile Rick and his dev team experience was creating universally panned app for sexual offenders called LegalFling
Helping the boys not get metoo'd
Based /ourcoin/

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Show me the revenue
You wont
You're a seething cuckk

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Source please, where can I find the regularly updated chart?

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El Tio is smiling upon us bros, feels good

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i'm all in LTO and it's comfy as fuck. next paycheck goes straight into it.

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>CEO is known for scamming and pathological lying, has spent most of his childhood in psychiatric hospitals
>The issuance of the ERC-20 LTO tokens have a tradeable asset versus the staking asset. This could certainly flag the ERC-20 LTO token as a security at the SEC, and the resulting measures taken against the LTO Network would be anything but good.
>The whole process of having three different tokens (native, ERC-20, and BEP-2) is confusing and unnecessary.
>The team claim to have been working on it for 6 years but their website was created 2 years ago
>LTO is centralized, slow, and the tokenomics are unsustainable if the price gets higher than $0.5 as it would force clients to pay much more than if they were using a regular a regular company.
>They are using IBM cloud to host empty PDF files and claim they have a partnership with IBM
>The token was only created to get funds in the ICO and could easily be replaced by a stablecoin
>Their only real partner is the government of Afghanistan, which has the 7th lowest GDP per capita of the entire world in 2020 according to the IMF
>Most if not all of their marketing budget goes into paying pajeets to shill their scam on /biz/ and Telegram
>There's no proof that all 60 clients LTO has are paying customers and the team didn't offer a free or discounted trial run to boost their numbers to make LTO more appealing to investors.
>In fact the CEO explained several times that they are giving free tokens to companies to try out their system, and you wouldn't know if these companies stopped using LTO and their transactions were replaced by fake ones.

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>Rick made a short livestream after the pornstar incident and admitted he's had trouble keeping his porn addiction under control and has been spending his days jerking off to Brenna Sparks lately. (he was clearly drunk and high during the livestream)
>IOTA will be able to perform LTO's entire usecase for free. LTO is a fork of waves which offers no real innovation and will be replaced by IOTA
>CEO is a long time friend of Jed McCaleb and Mark Karpelès, he was the mastermind behind the rise and fall of Mt. Gox
>Rick only managed to become the CEO because he is 6'3" and was not chosen for his skills.
>Most members in the team are trainees with no experience, only the Lead Architect is talented but he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month and is likely to pass away this year
>The parent company of LTO, Firm24 has lost customers and is close to bankruptcy after a scandal involving 2 employees who participated in child trafficking
>It's been proven that the team shares and publishes misleading information about the number of staked tokens and daily transactions
>They recently hired a XVG twitter shill to be their spokesperson and marketing advisor
>They also dumped 500k LTO on Binance a few days ago and were caught red-handed
>Pic related is OP, working as a freelance to shill LTO
If you are a newfag and wonder if you should buy LTO or not, do yourself a favor and use filters to hide every LTO thread. Do not listen to the paid shills ITT unless you want to end up broke.

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fuck this piece of shit i bought at .40

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Zoom out retard

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this is from RedPheonix a guy who runs a node on LTO , I took it from his twitter.
I think he updates the charts himself, with the publicly available info of: LTO's current fees * transactions

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Appreciate it

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who knows where this goes in a few years, but I think its fair to say now that 10bil mkt cap is not the unrealistic highs but a conservative estimate based on their clients/txs & roadmap. When stansberry did their analysis with a 6 dollar target we were sitting at 50 thousand txs a day, with so much more development since then.

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We've been telling you to get a bag for literally weeks. No excuses

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its undervalued. should be at $3 already

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same schizo from the VIDT threads. its fuckng unbearable and he knows it.

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I can only get so erect.

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I've been participating in LTO threads since January, before schizo riddler came by. Biz kept crying "it hasn't mooned yet dude it's too cheap". Let them FOMO in at $2.

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12k at 0.28 average. My comfiest hold.

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17k at similar average, my only other hold is AVAX for which I have a sui stack so I can run a node soon. I'm poor but comfy.

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Is it too late to get in?

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Based, LTO + AVAX here as well

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absolutely not we're just getting started

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We're going for $30bn mcap, fren. What do you think? Get as much as you can and lease it to biz node xeno.finance

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You should've listened /biz/.
1bil MC EOY.

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Got additional 1k today, bag is decent enough. Wanted to wrap it up to at least 65k but this will have to do, I had to get some more ROSE as well and I plan on not shoving more than 50% of my salary anymore.

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High IQ, fren. Wagmi.

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I'm FOMOing hard

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10k @ $0,24 <- so angry at myself for not having funds on the side when dipped to $0,19
sui stack is now 15k right? I should upgrade
honestly, years from now I will still use the "did the math" meme, after making it with LTO

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welcome back rose anon, havent seen you in a while

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Absolutely gmi

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So what apy could we expect at 1 Million transactions a day?

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Depends on how the fees are adjusted by the nodes to reach a market equilibrium, but in one of the interviews Rick said clients were willing to pay $1-2 per transaction

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Too many factors desu. They will be spread through all leased/staked tokens and by that time I'm guessing the price will be lowered.
We're at 7.7% APY right now.

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I wonder if they factored in the bullrun,
I think it's a pretty big factor in price movement.
50% circ supply staked and the transactions give us nice pump fundamentals too.

Hi Nauts, happy to share Marius Kramer (#1 cryptocurrency writer on Quora with 10,000,000 monthly views) included LTO Network in his recent picks / post: https://qr.ae/pNQzak. Published yesterday by the way.

Mmm braleeeee

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