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Are Linkies getting a bit too cocky?

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he's not wrong

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the answer would probably be yes, you can choose not to buy it and be left behind all the same

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Ohnonono ada bros

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>he can use his btc, poorly modded over the years to hack liquidity with duct tape, to buy giftcards to purchase trash at amazon
>he can pay 999% gas fees in eth to purchase... NOTHING

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Who is this faggot?

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adafags are ok with this

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>Yikes. A knowledge shamer.

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I like Charles in a lot of ways, but this guy isn't wrong.

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Oh god this is getting interesting. Ada moonbois getting crushed by Link's big brain trust

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he is not wrong
but people bought chainlik when it didn´t do anything yet
its called speculation
still place 4 is a bit weird

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also im not a fan of twitter boasting or discussions
by chainlink employees
have som dignity like we had for years now
we don´t need another mat acid posting

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speculation from new fork
Now that it is over it's falling back towards 1$.

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Funny how even Chainlink which is chain agnostic shits on ada. Really tells you how a fucking vaporware centralised scam pos this thing is

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>but people bought chainlik when it didn´t do anything yet
Yes, but to be fair Chainlink was the very first of its kind.
Cardano is trying to simply be a better ETH.

Nothing wrong with that, we dearly need it. Just saying there's a bonus that comes with breaking new ground that Chainlink gets but Cardano doesn't.

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Go back

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Yep, speculation

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Mildly put

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You stupid niggers don't fucking get it. You have the most risk and therefore the most upside BEFORE the plan goes into action. When the smart contracts launch, there's less speculation and you're just handing money over to the degens like me who bought at sub 10 cents.

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Oh no bros is this true? Is it that hard to run a node on ada? Lol just kidding I know no one here knows you just bought because Charles is some father figure to you or just because of the hype

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Just delegate, it's easy as shit. There's even a biz-specific pool with the symbol 4CHAN

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I still have no idea how it would be better than AVAX. It's already working and companies use it. ADA is just trying to do the same, but in Haskell? "Wow"

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Reminder Chainlink will hit $81000 in your lifetime

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Go back nufag

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either that or the guy is retarded. could go either way

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Rumor - news : which do you buy and which do you sell

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Dude it's third on coinmarketcap. You're way past the "speculation" phase. It either justifies its current price or it doesn't. Fundamentally there's no reason this has an advantage to "kill ETH" any more than AVAX or other already working PoS alternatives. You're literally hoping for some computer science magic to happen which would make common sense obsolete.

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>but people bought chainlik when it didn´t do anything yet
did chainlink have 40 gorillion market cap nigger?
ethereum itself slowly climbed to 40 gorillion market cap after 3 years of functioning smart contracts and 1 year of booming defi
anyone buying now is set for being a bagholder for life, regardless if ada flippens eth or not, people dont understand that all these nigger coins have inflation to work against them in the long term, unless you tell me ada deserves to be where it's at now, well then eth deserves to be at fucking 10k USD considering the worth of the ecosystem built on it

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bonus but also newbie wall
people know what chains can do more or less and seen their worth in form of ethereum
chainlink is new and so most people dont even know whats an oracle let alone network of oracle etc.
but i agree caradno is massivly overvalued

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>but also newbie wall
Absolutely, as we've been seeing this bull cycle so far.
But remember ETH hit this newbie wall too in 2016.

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we are in the middle of a bullrun
chill out

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he is right though no one knows this ugly cunt
are you a tryhard faggot?

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Holy fucking checked.

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>we are in the middle of a bullrun
you're a 100% going to be bagholding ada once the bullrun is over, because once the dust settles, REGARDLESS if ada smart contracts work, have low fees, have 0 bugs, and can scale better than eth (which is the motherfuckliest "IF" of all time btw, this is NOT going to happen in your wettest dreams you cooming nigger)
then it's STILL overvalued, because you can't build "defi" in a day, it took 1-2 years for LARGE developers like aave, uniswap, synthetix, and so on to build their smart contract and dapp infrastructure
bsc is an ETH clone chain so "dev" is just pajeets copy pasting code
ada is written in a completely different language so even if it works, you're either going to be using some pajeetry-level defi with grade-C developer code written in a month, or you're going to wait, and while you wait, the ALREADY deployed shit on ETH will continue to improve, and ADA nodes will continue to generate money, and holders will continue to bleed, because your
>we are in the middle of a bullrun
won't last forever
you can buy ada today and hope for a 4x or a 5x by the time the bullrun is over, but it won't flippen ETH, because ETH actually has substance backing its valuation

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>it took 1-2 years for LARGE developers
You're telling me it took them that long to produce these absolute nothing projects? Holy shit

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So I guess it is time for Ada to go back and it is link's time to shine now?

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he doesnt know

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LINK was the first large crypto ponzi yes and a true scam at that as well

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I have been asking the same questions brought up itt since the 2017/18 bull run. When it came out, plebbit pumped it to the top 10 and all they had was a white paper. That run was ETH’s ascent as “BTC 2.0” not a BTC killer. It was unique in that way. Stupid niggers have been riding this ADA “ETH killer” marketing scheme for years now expecting what happened to ETH in 2017/18 to happen to ADA, if they just got in early enough like the early ETH holders. You have pumped it to the point where you’ve actually cucked yourself and don’t even realize it. ADA is the longest running FOMO coin that had ever existed.

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Do you think RLCtards would be better off if Gilles spent 3 years hyping RLC like Sergey or autistically avoiding marketing because "le proyecte eez not fini yet". Every crypto project that waits until marketable completion to begin marketing always gets left behind by the vaporware with a good hype man, that's simple facts.

Hoskinson is good at hype. There are probably eth killers out there that can actually kill eth, but no one will buy them because people only care about hype.

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> yet

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i dont hold cardano
stop having a stroke anon

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LINK had first-mover advantage, which is fucking everything in crypto.

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do you remember the flippening between eth and btc? almost completely based on empty promises and hype.

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Charles if you're reading this please for the love of god stay calm

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what does bitcoin "do"?

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Decentralized cash.
Pretty big in and of itself, it was pretty much the first viable instance of its kind.

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>Decentralized cash.
ADA is the same shit too though? I can just send ADA from my wallet to someone else's, and vice-versa.

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>ADA is the same shit too though?
Yes, but it's one in a long line of Bitcoin-alikes.

And when ADA's smart contracts do actually come online, it'll be another one in a long line of ETH-alikes.

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I tried so hard but in the end it didn't even matter

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ADA is going to be a AVAX round 2 and crash to $0.40

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There's like 2,000 people running nodes. Can't be difficult if 2,000 people figured it out.

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It didn't happen, what's your point?

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eth had smart contracts in 2018.

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Its not that complicated. It is the reddit hivemind coin. They all bought tonnes of ada back in 2017/2018 and now are adding to their stacks that they are back in the market. They buy all the bullshit marketing nonsense coming out of the cardano team. They are smart enough to know that ethereum has a problem and cardano is better in many ways than eth, but are too smooth brained to understand that ETH’s first mover advantage + experienced user base + enterprise connections + DeFi dominance + L2 solutions being created means that Cardano is not going to beat ethereum. Ethereum ecosystem dominance in combination with L2 solutions will do everything Cardano can do and so much more, with a better language and more legitimate developer base. It is also more decentralized in comparison to the centralized shitshow that is cardano.

Mark my words, Cardano is going to be the meme network that basedboys build their apps and badges on catering to the redditboys. If you wanna make money and build legitimate applications, Ethereum will remain king.

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yes. unironically yes. There is not enough fundamental market productivity in Venezuela, third-world asia, and sub-saharan Africa to justify a $1T+ market cap. Right now it's mostly a playground for speculators, with the only cash-flowing enterprises being functions that feed that beast (crypto platforms/"ETH/BTC killers", crypto arbitrage/"yield farming", crypto loans, crypto gambling, crypto exchanges, crypto insurance, crypto data feeds feeding these services).

To get to some level of normie adoption (and thus, "real" development/developers engaged), you really have to have actual business accepting actual payments in actual cryptocurrencies - and not in some third-world shithole.

I'm all for the foundational argument behind crypto - but understand that right now the fundamental value of these assets is easily 90%+ driven by speculative adoption and market manipulation.

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It's hilarious when you consider Chainlink is a pricefeed worth 25 billions dollars

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Chainlink's price feeds have over $10 billion on the line in Defi.
And if you fuck up the price feed, you get pic related.


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difference is link didnt have a 40 billion market cap when they bought lmfao. link had the whole defi space on locked with just a smallportion of its whitepaper done. just imagine what it locks in as features keep getting finished...

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Lol, Charles' minions on suicide watch

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