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>send thousands of algos
>0.002 algo transaction fee
>arrives instantaneously
>pays 7.5% dividends compounded in the algo wallet

wtf, this really is chad coin.

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803.088.849 /

only bad thing is the circulating supply/token supply

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Also it's a huge PnD scam

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Wow anon. You must have insider info.
Its a scam a big ol scam and you knew from
the start?

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You mean 4.603.037.621.68 /

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preddy sure this is wrong but i'm still adding to mug bahgs below $1

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Nice try fudders, but nobody is falling for your screeching.

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i have no horse in the game, but your post is a bad look
people who reply with wojacks instead of with a coherent sentence are always a red flag for any project

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>people who reply with wojacks instead of with a coherent sentence are always a red flag for any project
go the fuck back right now

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>become MIT professor
>win a Turing award
>destroy your reputation with a crypto pnd
Yeah right anon

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Algorand is beyond legitimate. I'm truly tired of defending it at this point.

Bagholding until $30

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took the number from Coingecko
Available Supply
- 2.500.000.000
Est. Circulating Supply


Circulating Supply
2,071,747,422 ALGO

where can I get the correct number?

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can't make this shit up..

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Holy shit go back right now

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Holy shit go back right now

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Why this shit always fucking crabbing?

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Mind I redirect you to a post >>29963760
no but seriously, I hold some algo, Just don't want people to be cringe in my algo threads

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It makes it easier for people to bear putting their entire life savings into it.

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Literal VD PND scam. Get out and into something with less supply / more circ. Union is a good one and UNN's main net is in March.

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second poster is being ironic

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You forgot
>Colleagues with the next head chairman of the SEC
>Name dropped Algorand as the future native cryptocurrency for the digital dollar

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go back

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>t. redditfagot who sold at 5k loss
keep on seething

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>Digital Dollar
Can you please not spook me like this? I don't want Algo anywhere near the dollar

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Isn’t cosmos like a better version of algorand anyway

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How can it not be when it's made by the spooks? If you can't beat em, join em

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>send thousands of nanos
>0 nano transaction fee
>arrives instantaneously
>pays dividends with gas claim feature

wtf, this really is the chad coin.

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It's already starting to drop, which is a good thing. I want to buy more and have at least 1k in it, but I want to buy under $1, I may just eat it and buy in the .90, but I was hoping to drop to under .8 or even .7, oh well. It's hit right now and with that APY, I think a lot more are going to jump on it.

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Don't think cosmos has smart contracts, and its also slower

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I am pretty sure cosmos does have smart contracts but you’re probably right about the speed.

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today they release 50,000,000 algo

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Anon check out this gem.

$MCM Mochimo
> Quantum Proof
> Scalable and Fast
> Decentralized and Fair
>Price going crazy right now =)))

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Mad because you didn't get in at 30 cents

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Just bet on the bad guys. They always win.

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yes, but over time and 0.5% of the total supply means nothing compared to what we've experienced so far in this month.

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I like ALGO, release of 50,000,000 may be reason for a bit of grab

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>over time
you mean the 50M are released starting today and not all at once today?

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Would anyone be interested in working on an algo app? I have no idea what I would do or write, but want to fuck around with their dev tooling

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based on the previous charts, yes. the price would've instantly dipped down but it dipped over time

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I infer the selling is not done all at once, to avoid the price drop, hope it goes down to buy some

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>be me
>buy at 0.78
>sell at 1.18
Feels gud but this coin is purely P&D with zero use.

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same, i hope it goes up for a bit and then dips so i can do a lil bit of trading :sus:

thats bullshit asf bro. research it

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Based af

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They already have one.

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i'm the totally newfag on trades but I think you better trade something else it does not seems to have "big volatility" (?)

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It's accepted literally nowhere. Even DOGE is accepted for porn. Good luck getting P&D'd into oblivion. I am happy to let you hold my bags

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>bought the top

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come again?

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Its incredibly fast. Like actually instantaneous.

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Let me know when I can use it purchase anything. You shillfags need to wake the fuck up. ALGO is pure P&D, always has been

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>Let me know when I can use it purchase anything.
Probably closer to real world use than BTC ever will be

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u mad

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Still no examples of real world use presented.
Faggots and pajeets, all of you. KYS

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No one needs to present you anything, if you don't understand it is not my fault

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>Still no examples of real world use presented.
>The funding round also includes DV Private Investments, the investment arm of a leading North American digital asset liquidity provider and market maker; Borderless Capital, a venture capital fund focused in the fintech space and leveraging the Algorand ecosystem; and a leading U.S. Bitcoin technology and financial services firm; These new investors will join founding strategic investors 3iQ, Canada’s leading digital asset manager and Mavennet, a Canadian leader in blockchain development.
>David Garcia, CEO and Managing Partner of Borderless Capital mentioned “We are excited and proud to back Stablecorp and how the team is disruptively combining the power of stable digital money with the technological superiority of the Algorand Blockchain.”

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another faggot who is mad cuz you bought the top. you thought it was gonna keep mooning but you were so wrong when you saw it dip at 1.7. get fucked retarded :^)

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This. These threads are run by people who bought in at 10-20 cents. There are little to no gains to be had for people buying in now and there probably never will be. Ignoring stimmy checks , you can expect algo to crab for over a decade before it pumps. If you factor Biden bux into things , it's possible algo that could pump again but i think it's unlikely that we would see a new support level after such a pump.

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>value continues to rise despite nearly 1B accelerated vesting injected into the ecosystem in February alone
Everyone has no idea how hard this will moon when the vesting reserves are depleted.

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Everyone's looking for a quick moon to escape whatever hell they're stuck in. People would make more money buying once a month and holding than trying to swing trade.

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Sorry mate I meant an app running on the algo network, not an app like the iPhone app.

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Patience is a trait modern humans lack.

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This, buy and hold it. I plan to get 1k coins and let it sit and just keep collecting that APY. In three to five years, we'll see where it's at, but it also looks like a good boomer/normie coin and it's cheap, wait until they hear about the returns and figure that out, then it should do a run.

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Gotcha. What would you want to have it so?

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I hear you I bought at .60 then 1.70 rip profits

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Algochads how we feeling? Up a comfy 14.88% on the day

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imagine thinking anybody cares about your shitty 3x

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lol $ZNN does the same, only difference is 55% APY

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I will finally make it

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Omnium rerum principia parva sunt

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NO! Drop under $1 so I can buy more.

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Lol, almost forgot to add this, love the flag.

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>that flag
100% a scamcoin, but I’m buying it now

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Any of these areas would interest me; my goal would be to learn more about the platform and how to integrate with it rather than making something useful:
* asset lifecycle - creation, transfer
* using the indexer API to see what info is available on-chain
* write a hello world equivalent of a smart contract

Out of all of those, the assets sound most interesting. I'm not sure how many chains support assets as a first-class object, and understanding the hype would be cool.

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Where’s the cunt from yesterday who promised me a dump today now that 50M was released in rewards to holders? I want to rape that little nigger bitch. I wanted to buy more. RRRRREEEEEEE-

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What's a starter suicide stack, my dudes? I'm looking to add to my GRT success.

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Man, you have 3000 USD, it would be good for you to pour everything into one coin, and not be distracted minor things

> listen to this shillers on / biz / and get shitcoin
> lose everything all in once

And now how to do a trully PROFIT:
> get GSX and hold
10x is available ASAPP. EZ!

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Grt is shit slave coin.

Algo is the comfiest hodl.

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The fact you can't answer my question proves you hold zero ALGO. Fuck off and let the people with money talk.

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Just reread. 10k is suicide stack.

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I'll answer,

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could not possibly be any less wrong

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/pol/ thread of an elite doing an AMA got pruned yesterday and before it got pruned some biztard asked what shitcoins to own....

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4-5k is suicide
>10k is make it

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Elite talking about the Fed in his response

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Thanks my goys. Best of luck to you and your stacks.

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And one of the two glowie posts that we know. Not the original glowie post when some random glowie softly shilled Algo in a pol thread. This was just another glowie confirming

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And here is the original glowies know post

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I fucking love latin bros, some of the coolest sayings we still see them today despite it being declared a dead language centuries agi

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algo is caveman tech and is obsolete

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anyone has a link to the spreadsheet with daily MA and compensating emission?

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Classic 4chan, when people who actually care give real world advice, just to get shit on. Lol imagine believing 7% apy was “good gains” for holding a sack for 5 years. Who ever buys into this scam deserves to be poor.

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Right, my conservative dividend stonk folio pays more than 7%, I am here for the ISO 20022 and potential CBDC usage

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Just sharing my thoughts. When someone posts on a specific crypto with something negative followed by a “look into x”. I take it as a buy signal.

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Based schizo, just bought 1k more

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Anyone have the equation for figuring out when I should stake my rewards?

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>anyone has a link to the spreadsheet with daily MA and compensating emission?

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bad news

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So buy more Algo?

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Good works anon.
The other coins
One you know of
Being dragged across the stage
All i will say.
Celtic symbol


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Staking is automatic and the fee to transfer into the wallet is .002 Algo. There is literally no reason not to transfer to the official wallet (for the highest APY), but again, staking is automatic with any size stack

>> No.29982437

What's bad news exactly?

>> No.29982505

It is supposed to stay relatively stable so it can be used for transactions.

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That's not what I'm asking, sorry I should have said compounding instead of staking. Mine are in the wallet and yes staking is automatic, but it does not automatically compound the rewards you are earning. You must send 0 Algos to yourself for the rewards to be compounded which costs .001 algo.

>> No.29983304

Some guy posted an equation the other day that showed the optimal time to compound the rewards, that's what I'm looking for. Sorry I was tiered when I posted the question.

>> No.29983537

Ah I understand the distinction. I don't have the exact equation but I think it's somewhere around 1k where it's worth it to be sending yourself the 0 every day but again I'm just going off vague memory

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Crabbing piece of shit

>> No.29983635

The everyday shilling is concerning. Are you guys just trying to off load your bags that you bough at $1.50+?

>> No.29984972

No it's a legitimate project, I really wish people would stop making it look bad with these posts. OP sees the shilling threads for P and D's and thinks they are legit, so he's copying them.

>> No.29985607

I used it that equation. Right now I can tell you that if you have 5k+ you should do it once every 2 days. I have 2400 so I need to do it once every 5 days.

>> No.29986481

This shit is gonna moon soon

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Oh no. Now I need to buy more b4 it goes to $5 EOM ;_;

>> No.29986965

There’s almost no difference unless you have 50k. Look at algorewards and compare daily compound with no compound

>> No.29988296

I believe it was every 36 hours at 1k. Again, don't remember, but the formula is on their site.

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puttana ho quell'algoritmo

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based as fuck

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i have to poop, i will bbl.

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>Celtic symbol
Hmm I do wonder.
Anyways, its always nice to see ripple schizos in other threads.

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>tfw over 1500 ALGO now

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Dude crabbing are a dollar while BTC loses $10,000 is a fucking win in my book. It’s like USDC with 7% apy and the chance to go above a dollar.

>> No.29993007

Hahahahahahahahahahaha Goldman Sachs has already partner their USDC on the Algorand platform... USDT is on it too.

Bahahahahaahahahahaah get cucked Algo shill.

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Cosmos is Indonesia’s version of Algorand...... did you guys think America is just gonna let these other countries in on our financial cash cow? Real talk? During the biden administration? The guy who was Vice President while the us stole our money, gave it to the bankers, and was the literal seed that started decentralized banking. If You think that guy is going to do anything but cuck everyone towards US bank backed crypto. You’re a fucking high or someshit

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There are four basic usecases for cryptocurrencies:
>private deflationary store of value
>stable intermediary for transferring between dissimilar assets
>digital cash that's fast/cheap/secure and won't murder you for holding it longer than a week
Algorand is two of those and its network is the basis for a third. I'm holding this for the long term.

>> No.29993552

Fuck I'm retarded, I merged the last two into one
>digital cash that's fast/cheap/secure
>savings account that won't murder you for holding it for a year

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>It's a scam! I'm a knowledgeable faggot...total scam
5k stack in at $0.39. I'm feeling pretty comfy you cum slurping retarded faggot.

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Honestly that's one area where there's zero daylight between Obama, Trump, and Biden. Once Obama started using SWIFT as a weapon the idea that we were ever going to give up that power at anything other than gunpoint became a joke.

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I hope that anti-white cuck becomes a meme in algo history for his faggotry