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Matic: acaully real plasma tech, decentralised, 10x faster and 30x cheeper
BSC: fork of kovan eth with slapped 21 cz nodes and low blocktimes

Why are newfags dumb like this is it binance brand?

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Matic: pajeet ghost town
BSC: based chinaman 2000000m2 expo hall filled to the brim with knock-off food ponzis at bargain prizes and 5 digit yields

Imagine being in it for the tech

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Show us the liquidity on each network

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>thinks competing for yeld is good thing
>thinks playing food token rugpulls is only way to farm
>reeks on luchmoney


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people just discovered Quickswap this week anon, Binance has a big monopoly and is centralized af. Join us to fight centralization we dont need more traditional banks.

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1inch is on bsc faggot

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>cant answer
kek. I'd rather pay a few cents fee on a pancakeswap trade than take a 6% price impact on some low liquidity AMM

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Dude posted it literally post below me you mouth breather

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compare that to uni and pancake now

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Sounds good do they have a token to invest in aswell?

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Yes I can own bigger share of pools=bad?
This is why you morons can't afford fees on l1 you suck at math and logic

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Anyone know what D stands for?

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You'd be much better of going with honeyswap.

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literally doubling in liquidity every 2 days and people still complain lmao

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eth token scam with 200 token withdrawal fee. kys street street shitters

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take your meds

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its 200 matic any exchange nice checked. fuck off eth token nigger

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When this lifts off biz will be seething

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The fact BSC idiots use CeDeFi as a word just shows how retarded this whole community is.

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cant believe /biz/ is supporting an indian project, what has come of greed?

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supporting PAJEET scam such as SALE and RBC is one thing... but MATIC and QUICK?

They're like your honest neighborhood Indian restaurant who works hard with a vision while other Pajeets are street shitting scammers.

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