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great pic but I am financially devastated

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Idk if you made this, but this is a great bobo wagie mashup that I haven't seen before

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ohnonono this is bearish.... dont look! dont look! ahahahaha

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its just cucks buying, nothing special. bearish reversal still in full effect. 30k by eow, not closing my shorts, fuck off

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Bear here
I don't know what you bull faggots are laughing about, Tether stopped printing right here, you're in trouble

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we are laughing at your dumb buzz cut

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i am financially recovered

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U heard of NEXT Chain? A masternode is a securisation node of a decentralised network, from which transactions or tasks are realised 24/7. Becoming an owner of a node, just like with the miners: you will receive a commission in NEXT (currently at 10 NEXT/daily), proportionally to the service delivered to the network. Masternode holders have voting rights and vote on proposals suggested by masternode holders. Join on Telegram @nextchain

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Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares about your pajeet scam.


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Tether 30bil
Biden bux 2T

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Laugh if it makes you feel better but we both know Tether is the one that ultimately controls BTC price and not the people

You're in trouble

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safe short here bobros, why are bulls so generous and keep giving us shorts

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Everything is fine

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Here's a question for you : if you pump 30bil into 1.5T market how much will the price rise?

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Every insult bullcucks come up with will result in their punishment increasing tenfold

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Lmao liar you have no shorts sorry you big faggot

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my favorite bobo meme

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If we go below 47k in the next 12 hours bitcoin will be getting fucked again.

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when do you get liquidated?

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Haven't seen this pic before fucking LOL

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How new are you?

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like 3 months, was a neet with no money before

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XD!!!! that pic omg!

Whys his hair like that lmfao omg bears don't have hair like that

XD I'm gonna save this image if thats ok ape bro


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Don't worry bobo, double top coming in right now

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btc back on track to $100k EOY and a thousand year reich that will send millions of kike bankers up a chimney

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Lurk more before you post

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It's only up from here bobo

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>Create a token called ButtCoin
>Only 21 million $BUTT supply
>List $BUTT on an exchange you control
>BUTT/USDT has thin order books
>Market buy $1 million worth with unbacked, freshly printed Tethers
>Wash trade to keep it at a high price and push it higher
>Print 33 billion more Tethers and repeat until $1 trillion market cap

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Im here since 2016 havent seen that bobo before either

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No you havent you newfag larper

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haha fuk u bobo

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bearfag seething as usual

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Have fun returning to normal you stupid mother fuckers. You’re going down hard soon.

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>dubs died for this

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Why so mad, nigger?

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10/10 meme

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No no it can't go up this fast, I only accumulated half of what I wanted to!!!!

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PUT. THAT BOBO. DOWN. Bobos are for shorters only.
You think I'm fucking with you? I am not fucking with you. I'm here from Binance. And I'm here on a mission of money. Your name's anon? You call yourself a bear, you son of a bitch?

>I don't gotta sit here and listen to this shit.

You certainly don't pal, 'cause the good news is: YOU'RE LIQUIDATED. Oh? Have I got your attention now? Good. Cause we're adding a little something to this weekly candle's TA. As you all know first prize is a CME gap at $3,500. Anyone wanna see second prize? Second prize is a $600 stimulus check. Third prize is you're liquidated. Get the picture? You laughing now? You got CME gaps. You can't fill the gaps you're given you can't fill shit. You ARE shit. Hit the bricks, pal, and beat it because you are STAYING POOR.

>The TA is weak!

The TA is weak? The fucking TA is weak? YOU'RE weak. I've been shorting since 11k!

>What's your leverage?

FUCK YOU! That's my leverage!
Stock to flow? I don't give a shit. RHODL ratio? FUCK YOU! Baghold for another 4 years. You hear me, you fucking faggots?

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