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I'm a week without masturbating and you, anon?

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12 hours

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im a week with masturbating

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>watching alts fell red
>ready to buy low
>add more money
>buy stupid shitcoin
>weep everywhere that he is stupid lol

I can't see this anymore, lil dumb check Enecuum, stop going into this trashscheme. Use nodes, mining other features. have profit without risk

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20 minutes

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i think like 2 hours

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54 days here

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I did earlier today but it's been about 2 weeks with no porn and I only masturbated maybe 3 times in the last 3 weeks. Very good numbers and my sensitivity is pretty much back, I don't need porn to get off at all anymore and orgasm is just as intense. In the same vein I've realized that orgasms aren't that important nor should it be the focus of my life. Real eye opening desu.

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77 days of nofap and 15+ days of semen retention at the moment

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howd u feel

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4years now. But that's due having sex multiple times a week. Dont fall for no fap lool. Its a way to destroy your life. You will lose everything they claim you gain. Best is to do it 3-4times a week and dont use porn more than once a month. Use non hardcore images.

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Hey anon have you checked $MCM aka Mochimo.org I am seeing it and thinking of getting in looks like the right time.

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Does getting a handjob count? I'm nofap since December but my gf sometimes jerks me off

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pretty good, it gave me a lot of self-confidence that I actually achieved to stay clean for so long. I also don't think about sex as often and am focused more on /biz/-related stuff so that's an upside too

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Can i deposit my coom?

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3 times a day, every day. Life is good.

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I went 2 months and it changed me.
I finally fapped when I started flirting with fatties on tinder and looked at myself in the mirror.

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12 days counting, 28 to go

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about 10 minutes

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Longest I've gone is 25 days, does shit really get better after that?
I always seem to fail around 3 weeks, like I can never find a reason not to at that point and just give in. I wouldn't really say I have much of a problem with fap fap fap - 3/4 times a week when I'm being conscious of it but sometimes slip into periods of once a day.

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I get my dick sucked every day by some fat coworker.
I masturbate once to over 5 times a day.

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Jerking off 2-4 times a day again

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I haven't masturbated in over a month or so. I don't know why, but I just can't get hard. I used to masturbate almost every day, but now it takes a lot of time and effort to get my dick hard, and in the end it's not worth it.

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congrats on becoming a full time biz-nessman

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I'm masturbating right now

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Close to a year.