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So, today there's gonna be an announcement right ? what can it be ?

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I think they'll want to complete the hard fork first.
My understanding is that it's at the end of epoch 250, so 14 hours away

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That tits > ass, and that foot fags btfo

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Two hours till i get my paycheck
i am going to gamble on a ATH and then buy back in when it crabs during the correction

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Does coinbase carry anything binance US doesn’t? I started using it to get ADA, but I don’t see a point for coinbase if I’m not using it as a wallet.

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No announcement, just the Mary hard fork at the end of epoch 250, 10 hours or so. Native tokens.

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well, the announcements will be the tokens that move/join cardano

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i keep buying more cardano

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fagdano fans are genuinely retarded. no substance. HBAR FTW

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oh no no he didn't buy in
Cardano bros look at this dude!

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Teriyaki Emerald Griffon patch releasing soon, then Cardano will DESTROY ETH, soon guys

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Feet are the connoisseur's choice

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>begging for shitcoins
>lose all
>cry on 4ch on each thread

I am not a tard to take this way, my wallet with GSX, I know how to do bullish operations

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Post your waifu when Cardano eventually reaches 100$ in 6-8years and you can move to Japan to retire

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kek based

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Even though that's a man I find that hot

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you obviously don't follow the Japanese Gravure scene like I do, its a girl

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why would you want to move to that shithole? Why would you move into an expensive oppressive socialist country with a culture hostile to foreigners? If I make it big time I'm moving to Austria. Maybe Switzerland if I can buy myself an instant citizenship somehow.

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Your not a man till you've had a man

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youre gay bro

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Clear for takeoff

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I live in Japan, its amazing and you're an idiot

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is the countryside cheap to buy land/housing?

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Is it worth the 4% debit card fee to move 5k fiat into crypto today and catch the mary hard fork? Or should I wait 3 bank days for it to go through without a fee?

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That's great sweetie.

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It's probably good to sell Cardano now, the hype is stronger than afterv the announcement, for sure

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>country where everyone hates you
>move there anyway
Your mere existence is an inconvenience to everyone around you. I'm 99.9% you're an English teacher if you're not larping and can't even engage in anything beyond elementary conversations with the natives there like a cringey third worlder. Truly embarrassing.

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you can't own guns there + you will never be japanese
enjoy being a faggot

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>Your mere existence is an inconvenience to everyone around you

As opposed to wherever he lives? Come on, man.

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explain why you'd need guns in japan, there's no niggers or white trash

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>country is and has been openly xenophobic
>CLEARLY expresses wanting their population to remain homogenous since forever
>insist on intruding into their country and take up residence anyway
>W-why does everyone hate me...?

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So, is this going to moon after the announcement?

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>Still no smart contracts
>Requires a hard fork to implement anything of substance


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I work for the US Government

I worked for the 353rd SOG in Okinawa before I quit, moving to Japan to be an English teacher is like moving to New York city to be a cab driver when you're Indian, its just fucking stupid.

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Guys seriously should I take a instant 4% hit to go big on ADA for the update today or should I wait

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Ada bros, give me a piece of knowledge: I vaguely understand the concept of the marketcap, i see the potential in Cardano to reach from 5 to 10 dollar as something feasable, not now, but maybe in a couple of years. I would like just to understand: Is not possible is gonna touch the 100 dollars in 5 years or more? I mean, nobody would have guessed where btc or eth is rite now, still we did see this prices. With all the utility of Cardano, and suppose is gonna take over eth what are the chances we are gonna see this kind of price?

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1) You missed the point.
2) You browse 4chan too much and think you know what Japan is like.

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Guns are pointless when you dont fucking need them, enjoy living in a country where your kids get shot when they fucking go to school.. or a mall.. or walking down the street..

Ill enjoy Okinawa and Japan while you live in a 3rd world country

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Fucking you, I'm moving there anyway.

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it will but that will take time. Cardano will be onboarding hundreds of millions and then billions of people. With that kind of userbase a multi-trillion dollar marketcap is inevitable.

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Good plan, if they see 0,01 cent up their paper hands won't hold and will destroy our efforts.

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>>country is and has been openly xenophobic

You clearly have no idea what the fuck you're talking about lmao. The Japanese are very kind, you spend WAYYYY too much time on 4Chan

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>Because they are retarded and incapable of finding women of their own kind where they live.

>Because they have a "the grass is always greener" mentality

>Because they want to wield economic power over their catalog wives (Russia/Poland/Thailand/ect.)

>Because they only think of their own sexual gratification and not about the legacy they will leave for the mixed race abominations they will inevitably create

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Yes and no.
Fuck off, you literally know nothing.

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Japan is very hospitable to well behaved whites, the only anti-gaijin shit I've seen are those boomers who march around with megaphones

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Guns are fun and useful for things other than nigger slaying, like hunting and keeping a reserve of well armed and consistently trained men (conscription + reservists sport shooting). Enjoy throwing your genes away and being a bugman I guess, your children will be asian.

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enjoy your 3rd world shithole and globohomo re-education camps, your children will be trans.

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thx for the answer adabro, just trying to figure it out shit: I listen alot of fud about the multi trillion market, but as far as i can understand, even though technologies have been there for more than 10 years actually looks like we are still pioneer in the field. Still early, still too soon for the mass adoption. I see Cardano being a huge catalyst for this, being it affordable, and innovative. Why and how you (or anybody else) think we are gonna reach this multitrillion marketcap? we need a mass adoption of cryptos to reach this? Also opinion on AVAX or IOTA?

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There's no helping you pests as most if not all of your knowledge most likely comes from 4chan weebs with warped views constantly praising Japan because of anime brainwashing. Maybe try browsing around 5ch and see how they honestly think. They fucking hate you. They don't want you there. Stop looking for a false dream and settle somewhere better like the nordic countries.

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5-10$ is inevitable

65-100$ is going to take some time, like 10-12 years. I have no doubt that it'll hit that. Cardano is playing 4D chess when everyone else is playing checkers.

Yes, this exist. But only in inner cities and most Japanese don't consider them normal. Its like the Confederate racist fucks in the south in America

>your children will be asian
they already are and they are beautiful. Jesus dude go outside and meet people, you sound like a buzz kill at a party lol

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How likely is it going to be that the price will dump immediately following the hard fork? Do keep in mind that this could even be considered a soft fork as no new coin will be created

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>Tfw hold both ADA and HBAR

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>I'm just gonna give up and pretend to be Asian instead of even trying
There are western countries besides US, Sweden and England, you know. Though personally I think the bugman lifestyle is a great fit for you.

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Jesus how dense can you be, GO OUTSIDE

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And you need to go back.

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Damn that's a nice picture homie

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fucking weeb

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thanks, its near Itoman. Lovely place. Nice people and great food.


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I spent 3 years learning Japanese. Might as well go there anyway at this point.

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its also full of niggers

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Why did you ping me? That's what I'm saying. I'm staying put where I am.

>> No.29957605

>I live in Japan, its amazing
I’m glad your first week there is going well for you anon

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AAHAHAHAHA this faggot has no ADA stack. What a pajeet streetshitting nigger shill. Aaaahahahahahahaha.

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Charles is visiting Japan soon, can't wait to meet up.

? There are no black people here, youre an idiot

ive been here since 2012 and have a Japanese wife, kids and a great life.

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cope more, enjoy being a minority in your own country whilst others enjoy being in civilised nations, you'll be the last white guy in a country of violent browns but atleast you'd have tried..?

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Ada fags don't know about the age old trading tactic: BUY THE NEWS, SELL THE HYPE thanks for holding the bags faggots

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>and great food.
Is there a place in Japan with bad food?

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You are shit, you didn't start shit.
Stop with the stupid shills that aren't about earning money
this scammers never know good project to advise
>Buy no worry about it, hold SWG and wait for swirge development

>> No.29957942

Nobody is replacing me in my own country. I'm not Swedish or English. Cope more and come up with more fantasies to justify making yourself a minority in a country you don't even belong to.
Reply if coping and mad

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>Why would you move into an expensive oppressive socialist country with a culture hostile to foreigners?
It's my fetish.
The way of the samurai. Sex with women is gay.

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Sweden and England are far from being replaced holy shit, get off /pol/ you uneducated spaz, whereas whites in the US will be the minority in 10 years, please reply with more cope it's delicious

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Ok, can you faggots take this shit to /pol/ now? I want to know if this gay ass coin is going to moon toady or not.

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yes it will do if iohk announces Mary and coinbase

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Thanks m8.

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Your gene pool dead ending when your kids go through hrt is a great fit for your gene pool. Glad it's happening and americans willingly accept it as they trust the plan, waiting two more weeks. What's even better is you get to watch your own weak genetic line die out in front of your own eyes as you embrace them for not being bigots.

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you're welcome bruv, wagmi

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Read this carefully and you will understand market cap.

Always do your own research and make YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT as to whether or not a price prediction is realistic or not.

Never trust /biz/ (except for me right now, of courshe)

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It will crash back to sub 2k very soon, it's breaking the descending triangle as we speak

>> No.29958317

Guys what should be the first /biz/ token we make?

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Even without HRT, most mixed race kids have health issues (physical or mental) and usually get the worst of both worlds.
Don't get me wrong, Japanese girls with high Jomon admixture are beautiful but race mixing is cringe and has always been taboo for a reason.
I'm glad those anons can find some happiness in this though, I guess it's better than them just dying without knowing the warm embrace of a loving woman.

>> No.29958465

fair point, I knew us Cardano bros could settle this matter respectfully
I also said I'm not American + London is like 50+% muslim so sorry but you're just wrong

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post your country now, also london != the whole of England, stop browsing /pol/ and enter the real world

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EOD predictions pls nigs

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I've got 1k coin @ 1.285. What do?

>> No.29958611

how low we goin boyos

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Just live your life and try to be the best man you can Anon.
We're on a basket weaving tapestry exchange blockchain so of course some people will never be happy about your life choices.
That said, show me your portfolio so I can judge your value as a man.

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Should I buy more before the hard fork??!

>> No.29958690

inquiring minds need to know

>> No.29958729

Yes, buy before americans wake up

>> No.29958734

90 cents. I called 2 previous crashes and made half a mil from 50k since dec

>> No.29958765

you are a few weeks if not months late, don't fomo in

>> No.29958813

Based but what if the hard fork causes a moon?

>> No.29958857

This thread is insane. Everyone smart is riding the crashed coins back up with their old adabags. Might buy back in after acorrection

>> No.29958863

This the first hard fork you have been through? It will recover but we are dumping no question about it

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To all the guys saying I'm going to move to X and marry Z when Y moons: Just remember any women you get once you're wealthy is only with you because of your money. Do yourselves a favor now, and work on who you are to make yourself into someone that would be a desirable match without a great deal of wealth. You'll be happier in the long run. Self improvement is hard, and a lot of times quite painful, but it is worth it, believe me. You are your own key to happiness, not wealth or women.

>> No.29958880

That alone won't make it moon, I'd say wait for it to dip under $1.20 before FOMOing

>> No.29958884

I like their culture, I would rather my kids be hafus, maybe they will get bullied but it will make them stronger. Here in North America, having white kids, the future is too bleak

>> No.29958904

This a good moment to buy ADA? what's the suicide stack lads?

>> No.29958911

>This the first hard fork you have been through?
Well I've held ADA since 2019 but I've mostly just let it ride and never paid attention to charts or anything.
I unironically just read the whitepaper and believed in the project. I'm not a trader.

>> No.29958934

are you guys moving your funds to an exchange? just in case the hard fork forks up

>> No.29958961

If the hard fork forks the coin you aren't going to have enough time to dump your bags

>> No.29959142

>She views me as success object
>I view her as sex object
Sounds like my future spouse and I will have our priorities straight after an amicable agreement.

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boys do i fomo in now at $1 or wait till it hits $3 ?
serious question, im looking for an alt coin that i can stake and cant decide between ada, dot and avax

>> No.29959174

Charles is creating a cult. Look at the livestrem, he is losing it.

>> No.29959186

middle anon, a guesstimate would be 1.5, if it continues rally up to 1.7 then 1.9 potentially

>> No.29959265

stop thikning in round numbers and just buy waht you think will grow
this is the fundamental rule to investing in ANYTING

>> No.29959346

You say that now, but I'm sure you've never been in a loveless relationship. Do what you like, but heed my warning, fren. Self betterment is the path to happiness.

>> No.29959378

>Do I buy low or high?

>> No.29959382

Who cares, as long as there's money to be made. Already way up on my ADA investment

>> No.29959482

Cardabros are indeed very high IQ and enlightened.
You can't reason with those people, money is their God and they can't see the world any other way. They probably can't hold a coin and keep missing out for that very reason too.
That's why there are so many crypto millionaires in this board that still feel like they haven't "made it" and think that accumulating more and more money will somehow make them happy at some point.

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I fucking hate the internet, whenever I see a picture of a girl on the internet nowadays I instantly question whether I'm actually looking at a man. This shit is spilling into my real life, I remember pissing off the first girl I met on tinder badly and blew opportunity by telling her I need to make sure she's actually a girl before we go any further, hell never again.

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I'm sticking around at least until this

>> No.29959558

If you're scared wait for a 2x and cash out half.

>> No.29959603


Fucking wanna be eth shitcoin. You faggots are going to get dumped on HARD. No one is building anything on this old shitcoin.

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We just need to learn that self fulfillment doesn't come from the outside, but from within. Money is a great thing to have, but it is a tool. It is a means to an end, and not and end within itself.

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I'm willing to wager a Lil sum so see.
If there's hype

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True, pic related. I've been poor for most of my life and in that time I've learned to cultivate happiness from the inside. This is the path I had to take in order to become my best version.
Now that I don't need anything external to be happy anymore and I'm immune to blackpills, it's time for me to get rich.

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Good on you, fren!

>> No.29959865

h-high, right ?

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God bless you, money is the means to an end but not the primary focus, never has and never will be.

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What game is this?

>> No.29959924

Thank you frens. I'm glad there's people on this board that understand

>> No.29959930

death strandings good ending

>> No.29959937

> What do?

>> No.29959943

Seriously dude graphics is awesome what game is this?

>> No.29959971

I sold. Will buy back tomorrow I think. Buy the rumour sell the news fags.

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>tfw I want to make it so I can show my abusive family that I am capable person.

>> No.29960103

but would that make you happy? honestly doubt it.

>> No.29960110

well the big surprise announcement didn't happen last month

>> No.29960141

I wish you all the best, and all the luck in the world. I really hope you make it!

>> No.29960156

BUY more then.
you would have to be a complete brainlet to sell this coin.

even if it drops bellow 1 dollar, there is a chance americans will hype this again to oblivion.

Additionally, i am observing several facebook groups about ADA. All the americans from trailers and ghettos are investing into it, as well as pajeets nad nigerian princes.

these nigaboos maybe have paper hands, but that will only help it.

>> No.29960187

You're the gov/millitary guy right?
I saw you in previous ADA threads.

you is a bro.

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>3 years of development
>nothing to show
>$40 billion market cap

>> No.29960249

Thanks mate, I know you'll make it too!

>> No.29960279

It was promised not guaranteed. Not going to stress over it the hard fork is at 945pm. If that goes well I think it will be a great month for ada.

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its quite popular, its called "Move to Japan in 2012, find nice job, chill on the beach all day since I retired early on Crypto"

>> No.29960337

>doesn't rush
>has said this the whole time
>updates are rolling out
>youre still fudding

>> No.29960402


>> No.29960406

Get the dog

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Yep, I work with the 33rd/SOCOM/SEAL etc.
But I'm on my way out of the Government. Its super comfy and fun but I always wanted to retire and just chill all day. What do you do? I like meeting other ADA bros

>> No.29960587

>updates are coming guys keep waiting for me I'll be out in a minute !
>slips out the bathroom window

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File: 1.30 MB, 5928x3942, DSCF9259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek its an old photo, but I still go to that little beach almost every weekend. I can give you the location if you like ;)

>> No.29960769


You can't make this shit up
Downhill it goes

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File: 292 KB, 945x745, wagmi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i am a designer - i work in advertising and gamedev. I just pumped half of my paycheck into this. I am hoping to retire from working in advertising in two-three years.

I live in Poland so i only need it to moon to 50dol if i reach my deadline of 20k ADA in my bitpanda acount.

After that i am off with 4,5mln PLN
I will be able to buy a big ass apartment, a car and invest into actual passive income.

Would be nice to chat with you some point in the future tho.

If you'd comment on the last pic on this IG
i could reach out to you i hope


(that's not my IG) those dudes just have a shitpost crypto group

>> No.29960809

It's literally happening today and you're still clutching your pearls(eth bags) good luck in life anonigger

>> No.29960930
File: 2.26 MB, 6000x4000, DSC01926(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dope, say no more

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File: 454 KB, 1001x823, 1614292177473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Only need it to moon to 50$

That's not happening. Maybe in 20 years.

Though I wish you well, since I am also a poltard who wants to escape miserable life of mexico of europe citizen.

9k stacklet here. I pumped my year savings into ADA when it was 0.30. So far so good

>> No.29961044

Or just short and win going up and down

>> No.29961207

Does ADA look bullish right now?
It's been dumping since btc recovered. But are we about to see a turn?

>> No.29961241

tell me straight, is Polkadot gonna replace Cardano ?

>> No.29961291

there's room for both, having money in either of them is smart

>> No.29961303

What we are going to see is actual market competition between the coins for market dominance. Hopefully killing eth.

>> No.29961307


>> No.29961321

I fucking hope so. Borrowed 1.5k EUR and while I'm still in the plus. I don't just wanna break "even".

>> No.29961399

I got almost everything on Cardano rn, ima put some money on Polka, also i have a bit of XLM, but do you think XLM and especially Tezos can be a good investment ? i feel like Tezos is criminaly underestimated

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> Believes ETH is going to get killed
Sorry guys, now that ETH figured out its shit with the fees and you don't even have to pay fees in L2 exchanges anymore that's never going to happen
Keep dreamin

>> No.29961417

Im Looking at the 1hr chart mate. Certain it's going to spike. However zoom in and out and it looks retarded.

>> No.29961457

Don't know about XLM, haven't researched it.

>> No.29961526

serious question, I delegated a few k through Yoroi wallet about just over a month ago, still 0 rewards but i have no idea what I could've messed up if anything. Is that normal?

>> No.29961565
File: 19 KB, 466x284, WYWCRB1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, this is dogshit...

>> No.29961567

its not really a coin that is gonna make you some money honestly, its stable for now, still cheap, i just put a bit of money on it just in case it one day goes to the moon for some reasons, but the thing i like with it is that it doesn't dump as hard as other coins when everything is dumping

>> No.29961611

You stopped yourself from accidentally being gay. No mistake was made.

>> No.29961623

the pool you staked with could be saturated or too low to earn you anything

>> No.29961631
File: 1.47 MB, 680x552, Ass bounce.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is normal, took me a month or when I first staked in Daedalus.

>> No.29961640

okay how do I see if it's saturated?

>> No.29961654 [DELETED] 

$MCM Mochimo for the legends

>> No.29961708

use a website like adapools to find out how saturated they are, you can also see the expected ROA

>> No.29961774

>Hopefully = Believes
Are you retarded

>> No.29961791

its a bullish symmetrical triangle, its going to explode upwards in 3-5 hours, then we get the hype around the fork taking the relay in the evening, ADA 2$ by tomorrow morning.

>> No.29961861

Looking at it again, it's gonna dump.
That 100hr resistance line canot compete with the dump between the highs.
If it breaks through the bottom it's gonna hurt.

>> No.29961901

We all have our meme tokens we love, for me it's BAT. Probably because I earn that shit while shit posting.

>> No.29961920

Getting mixed messages here. I just need it to be around $1.4.

>> No.29961990

That's what I saw at first, but in thinking it's bearish. If you take into account the original high.

>> No.29962030
File: 61 KB, 654x457, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29962051

We're in disagreement.
It's a symmetrical triangle so it could break either way. >>29961791
Thinks it's bullish as I original did
However I now think it's bearish.

>> No.29962056

you're saying eth like it's a good thing

>> No.29962072

it takes 3 epochs to receive rewards

>> No.29962095

What are you using for analytics?

>> No.29962308

Why is ADA stagnant when everything else has bloomed and is recovering?
I honestly see it as a good sign that it's not hugging BTC so tightly, but it's strange that it's not pumping a bit ahead of hard fork announcement.

>> No.29962355

haha funny shapes

>> No.29962406

i think its because people that had everything in ADA are now trying to sell them to buy the bitcoins that they lost during the dump

>> No.29962501

What's up dog?

>> No.29962656

Some exchanges halted withdrawals and deposits for the upgrade. They will resume when its done.
Ots been dumping at this time usually so that stopped the dump or pump

>> No.29962700
File: 105 KB, 751x482, lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29962852

That makes sense, thanks for the explanation. I should be DYOR-ing more but I'm trying to juggle 7 tokens with my measly invested amount so I'm not quite managing it.

>> No.29962858

Cheers cunt

>> No.29962859

2 more days
Hut hut Hut
The pump of all pu.M.ps

>> No.29962944

go home, /pol/. you're drunk

>> No.29963107

The news has been hard to come by. I couldn't tell you when they'll restart and from what I had seen a couple days ago they didn't even say.
I'm hoping we get some news with the upgrade. This thing today is part 2 of 3 and the 3rd part hadn't been announced yet.
It's all bullish to me so far honestly. Ada isn't a short term hold. I'm hoping biz has been wrong and it won't be a dump tonight.

>> No.29963140
File: 98 KB, 474x355, fghfghfgh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29963463

How do people feel about ADA making a moon shot?
Looking at it it's worth $1.3 right now. And is the third highest traded coin after recently beating out bnb.
So are we to assume that one it forks it will rocket? I Can't see it dying is there any stopping it, in not seeing

>> No.29963498
File: 40 KB, 627x363, future.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cardano is a temporary money printer, as is the entirety of the crypto industry. A tool for transition and a buffer for inflation, it'll end in a rugpull once the powers that be have integrated their systems into every aspect of daily life.
If you are smart and not just NPCs LARPing as autists, or worse even redditors, you'll print as much money as you can with this industry and move the profits into real valueables; real estate, precious metals, food supplies, medicine, weapons, whatever.
This entire industry hinges on a circular logic, fairy tales and wishful thinking. It derives its 'value' from the infinite supplies of FIAT money which are being funneled into it 24/7, if it wasn't for this scam - if all this useless FIAT currency wasn't pulled out of circulation and locked in these 'projects', staking protocols or lost along the way in pajeet rugpulls and glitches - the social and financial tensions would have already reached a boiling point.
People are being lured in by promises of effortless accumulation of wealth and 'decentralization' (in terms of governance, tech is irrelevant, as the vast, vast majority of victims are technically illiterate)...

I am sure the people sitting on real wealth accumulated over generations (read: centuries) will just sit back and let autists and NPCs LARPing as such usurp their thrones; they won't co-opt it or lobby it out of existence - likely because they are the ones engineering it. Meanwhile, you go on and preach the good word about crypto, ignore its dependance on hardware filled to the brim with backdoors and centralized infrastructure owned by your sworn enemies.
Hold onto your digital 'assets' for all of eternity, don't mind the CDBCs, I am sure they'll honor your investment and not just kill the projects they are interested in with controversy and legislation to shake you out and assimilate them behind the scenes.

Propaganda, idealism and tribalism are drugs, don't OD on them.

>> No.29963542
File: 68 KB, 842x460, 1614597123090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29963572

stay poor faggot

>> No.29963623

We have a lot to learn from ancient religions.
Same, I come from a poor family and only ever seek enough money to fulfill my basic needs.

>> No.29963626

Why is it doing so badly? I'm all in adabros

>> No.29963662
File: 200 KB, 500x514, cardano.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29963674

Hoskinson's response to Nick Szabo is above and beyond. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2bhIQdzeI4

>> No.29963709

Just relax, this is a long term hold. Plus this was around 25 cents a month ago...

>> No.29963733

>Why is it doing so badly?
Because you touch yourself at night, and several times during the day.

>> No.29963826

what are your predictions? I am thinking of selling this

>> No.29963866

Brillant reply to a post that boils down to:
>use the opportunity to print money
>move money into actual real assets
>don't get scammed
The pinnacle of /biz/.

>> No.29963959

That's it the coin has stalled.
Where is it going from here?

>> No.29964182

Up... hodl guys wagmi the day is still young.

>> No.29964303
File: 34 KB, 500x335, 1415271137060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have to say it, relation to forced memes of old not implicated: Nice feet. Also based enjoyment of a beach all to yourself. I rate you for rating space.

>> No.29964491

Going to bed mate. Pretty certain this thing isn't going to do anything drastic for 24 hours.

>> No.29964605

based essex

>> No.29964665

A lot of exchanges have halted trading until the hard fork is complete.

>> No.29964865
File: 45 KB, 1280x720, 1614074106439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We should be aiming to the moon fuck this 1.25 stablecoin

>> No.29965209

Today was a historical day.
Hoskinson indirectly made clear that everything else beside Bitcoin and Cardano is more or less a shitcoin.

Watch and learn:

>> No.29965360

You could have said that in the first place.

>> No.29965368

Fearless narcissistic hooker fucker shit talks the competition.
Very bullish

>> No.29965556

people who owned hbar are literally subhuman and should be gassed

>> No.29965740

Guys when the fuck will it moon ?

>> No.29965843


agreed, they dont understand their meaningless shilling turns more people away lol. brainless cries that it will hit 2 digits with no tokenmetrics

>> No.29965869

it's multi-asset blockchain, learn to read

>> No.29966028

I have 5ETH. Should I swap for Cardano or am I too late?

>> No.29966080

should you jump ship to the boat that's sinking yours? yes.

>> No.29966107



>> No.29966172

raoul seething again

>> No.29966186

If you are planing on selling at least wait for smart contracts in q2. I have no idea. If everything goes well then maybe $5 - $10 eoy.

>> No.29966201

desu its not about short term. long term eth gonna slowly inch up to 1.7 and then crab forever. i frankly don't care about either ada or eth winning like these biz fucks i just care which makes me money and eth doesn't seem to be

>> No.29966251


>> No.29966338

“Yes I saw the timeline, but I can’t read!”

Bird app was a mistake, stop linking it in every thread you mong

>> No.29966897
File: 123 KB, 750x734, D63036ED-E44B-4599-BC8B-349DA2D74367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys what’s your favorite project on Cardano??

Nobody could answer this yesterday through the entirety of the whole thread.

Can you guys help

>> No.29967439


>> No.29967641

your mom

>> No.29967855


>> No.29968076

Holy fuck actual realistic advice on /biz/? Are you lost or something?

>> No.29969518

Buy in before the fork or after?

>> No.29969592
File: 15 KB, 538x199, Fhoxglm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is killing me.

>> No.29969651

just dca it

>> No.29969697

Charles will announce he is now Charlene and he's having his dick cut off.

>> No.29969842
File: 41 KB, 512x564, 1608532565739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That would unironically bring me some gains from white suburban liberals who would jump straight into ADA, I'd love it.

>> No.29969965
File: 73 KB, 480x320, buddha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We have a lot to learn from ancient religions.
It's all within yourself

>> No.29969997

It's a great time to be alive.

>> No.29970171

Just started staking. Feels good man.
But I know it will feel shit come tax time. All the ADA I earned will be stuck away delegating, so I will have to pay tax for this out of my own pocket (of fiat) so it will feel like I'm losing money.

>> No.29970381

What? Pay tax on unrealized gains?

>> No.29970410

Shoulda gone to monero and then to ada using a non-kyc exchange.

>> No.29970507

Just remember tax on staking/interest rewards is calculated at cost at time it is received, not what it is currently valued today.
It's treated as if you sell off the rewards for cash and immediately buy back in at the market value basically.

>> No.29970609

Yes. In Australia we pay tax on any staking rewards, then we pay tax on them again if we sell them for fiat :)
I think it's the same in other countries too, it has to be...
Not sure what monero is/does, but regardless, if I eventually cashed it out the government would be asking me where I got the cash from.

>> No.29970626

>unironically has a desecrated American flag as his cover photo on twitter

The desecrated "blue lives" flag = auto ignore of their opinion

>> No.29970758

Make them chase you, fuck kikes.

>> No.29970827

How would the tax man even know?

>> No.29970891

Exchanges report to feds.

>> No.29970955

The tax man will eventually find out when you cash out anyway. Keep good records or stay off KYC exchanges and hope that one day you can actually use crypto to purchase most things anonymously on the internet without tax/taxman finding out.

>> No.29971098

>"I mined a lot back in the day, forgot about it and swapped it for something else when I found it again"

>> No.29971161

>stay off KYC exchanges
Name 1 (please).

>> No.29971246

What does it matter what pool you stake with, outside of differences in your rewards/fees?

>> No.29971329

tradeogre and binance up to 2 BTC withdrawals

>> No.29971411

Changing the color scheme is not desecration dude.

>> No.29971429


>> No.29971453

>We have a lot to learn from ancient religions
Agreed. That's why I'm holding a coin investing in africa. I want to see the rise of cannibalism in african with doctor worship again and will help back it financially

>> No.29971463

huh... I signed up for them but never used it because it was asking me for KYC details when I tried to deposit AUD. I will re-look into this.
Thanks for the aware.

>> No.29971467


I just like to notice trends in crypto and honestly if Cardanos DeFi ecosystem gets up and running this thing goes to $10 easily.

>> No.29971479

Uniswap is probably the most popular.

>> No.29971773

Shamanism is a valid and schizopilled path.

>> No.29971899

When is this shit pumping, give me a time bros

>> No.29972200

If digits it dumps instead

>> No.29972458
File: 324 KB, 335x506, 60c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29972519

Jizzus christ has jizzeth

>> No.29973210

>sold at 1.272
Thanks anon

>> No.29973860


Dubs undo this

>> No.29973894

holy checked

>> No.29973964


>> No.29974000

>making coin threads
at what point will they just make a dedicated /crypto/ board?

>> No.29974101

>buying stocks in 2021
ok boomer

>> No.29974175

functioning product when?

>> No.29974230

BSC ecosystem is growing extremely fast
So there is no reason to wait
Join really amazing Swirge and earn with fun
>I hold SWG, coin price got great liquidity this year

>> No.29974320
File: 1.12 MB, 327x251, FineThinEskimodog-small.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off GME tourist.

>> No.29974432
File: 453 KB, 1080x1175, 1614610796267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if digits they cancel your digits and it goes to da moon

>> No.29974463

Only trips will undo this

>> No.29974532

god bless

>> No.29974552
File: 318 KB, 858x900, ssb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29974585

those guys are based

>> No.29974649

$100 end of march, screencap this

>> No.29974657

>L2 exchanges
Is that a nice way of saying CEXes? Kek. I'll resist layer2 until everyone has given up on the idea of chains that can scale. I hate the idea of doing computations off the EVM because even if it's legit it might kill mass adoption of blockchain and smart contracts.

>> No.29974841


Post waifu pics

>> No.29974847
File: 3.13 MB, 480x360, 1612375886203.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

watch this

>> No.29974906


Based and zenpilled.

>> No.29974910

>no idea what market cap is
>no real projects in the pipeline

>> No.29975000

why is ADA having a heart attack, why is it staying stable, im drawing meme lines rn, it seems that in 3 hours it will explode either up or down

>> No.29975300


Trading is blocked? I thought it was only transfers of the actual token into and out of private wallets based within the exchanges?

>> No.29975328

>always do the opposite of what /biz/ says

>> No.29975367

Gimme that up line

>> No.29975457
File: 482 KB, 504x754, pug trader.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

digits confirm that ADA will either go up or down

>> No.29975493
File: 31 KB, 128x126, bad_doge.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sold my tiny ADA stack
>pumps immediately

No need to thank me pals

>> No.29975513

Looks like up...

>> No.29975522

2$ EOD

>> No.29975541


>> No.29975575

It will move sideways until the end of time. This is the $1.30 stablecoin

>> No.29975603

i cant believe u guys are buying into a $30B+ marketcap coin with a whitepaper and no dapps or meaningful development over 3 years just cause its "$1.25 and going over $1500 to beat ethereum"

>> No.29975635

Woah Cardano will have native assets? That puts it in elite company with those other 1000 blockchains that have had native assets since like 2017. Really groundbreaking stuff.

>> No.29975637

Thank you for your sacrifice.

>> No.29975647


>> No.29975655

how many hours?

>> No.29975663

Wtf just happened? It was crabbing for an eternity and suddenly it rose up

>> No.29975714
File: 5 KB, 255x181, is this it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29975722

Another rich boomer fell for Charles' grift probably

>> No.29975750

How much does the fact that 86% of ADA is being staked affect it's price?

Logic tells me it helps the price remain stable but would all that staking over time increase the price due to rewards or does it equal out as new blocks are produced?

>> No.29975753

Green line go up. Make Grug happy.

>> No.29975775

feels too good to be true desu

>> No.29975807
File: 42 KB, 500x467, 1585365817026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thank you, fens.

>> No.29975838
File: 28 KB, 450x450, 1305371550291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>two days
>out of all days of the week, saturday and sunday
>an eternity

holy fucking shit how retarded are you

>> No.29975856

Why do niggers not zoom out

>> No.29975895


>> No.29975907
File: 32 KB, 552x446, salty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29975923
File: 61 KB, 1128x264, e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29975954


>> No.29975964

Guys, OP here
made a new thread


>> No.29975980

>bought in at £0.60
>sold when it got to £0.90 on Friday evening
>wake up Saturday morning and it's £1.05
>Fomo all my money into it thinking it will moon shot
>currently sitting at a loss
>keep telling myself 'long term hold long term hold'
I fucking hate this game

>> No.29976040

I don't usually do this but I just bought 10k
You niggas better be right on this pomp

>> No.29976111

I've always had very little money so it's the women who usually ask me out, don't worry I'll be fine fren.
Still solid advice, men who think money make women be attracted to them don't realize that they're actually attracted to the money. I know that because I come from a family that used to be upper class but lost almost everything so all my friends are richfags.

>> No.29976135

Niggers moon to 100$

>> No.29976198

If it's a long-term hold why do you need to convince yourself?

>> No.29976202
File: 576 KB, 447x574, 7547445457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Insider here. The announcement is that BeefChain is coming to Cardano mainnet in 2023.

>> No.29976230
File: 202 KB, 933x933, 1612303603800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is ADA an actual eth killer potential?

>> No.29976276

Buy it now and it will go up in value (to you) quicker . Why buy it went it costs more

>> No.29976283
File: 74 KB, 600x378, 1612273419827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice trips, fren. Stay Zen!

>> No.29976300

Yes sell all your ETH, you can trust me

>> No.29976321

Yes but not for now, its too soon, the hype is here for nothing, polka is the current ETH killer, ADA is a bubble its top 3 for nothing bro trust me, leave the boat

>> No.29976339
File: 1.09 MB, 498x498, Pepe Toast.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahem gentlemen.
I have an announcement.
Fantom is superior.
You still have time to jump ship.
Godspeed Anon.

>> No.29976415

Check the live vid where they explain how tokenization works.
Literally changing one line of code, plus cheap as fuck tx (it's 1ADA and it would be even cheaper but they do it for anti-exploit reasons) and you can send multiple tokens to the same Daedalus wallet address at the same time.
Gamechanger and extremely normie friendly.
Can't wait to see how NFT implementation will work.

>> No.29976427

new thread

>> No.29976518

1:45 or 2:45pm eastern. I forgot.

>> No.29976863

How is it not? Its disrespect to the flag for a political cause.

>> No.29976884

are you going to sell the news? anyone else transferring to an exchange?

>> No.29976947

closer to 5 eastern. Stakers are used to the 5pm every 5 days getting those rewards, when the new epoch begins.

>> No.29977425

HBAR's only merit is convincing a few retarded corporate boomer it was real.

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