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Who the fuck else has made some good money on this coin. Been watching my 10 stack grow and sitting so cozy right now.

Who else out there is up big on this coin?

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i bought at 0.25 kek

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Its a slow slow grower, i bought at 0.09 and i am very very comfy. 1$ seems fud

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You bought at 0.09 and are calling 100% growth in like 2 weeks slow?

What the fuck. Sell it to me for 0.1 or fuck off because this thing is just getting started.

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Don't worry. We are coming in hot.

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Whats your end of march prediction? If the team delivers I'm thinking we are going to see 1$ two weeks from now

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Yeah cuz i got 2x on bake in few days and i am spoiled

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this is the way

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1$ isn't impossible for end of march but I think 0.5 is more realistic but 2$ EOY definitely possible. Just ask yourself, would Charles Hoskinson pick a team which wasn't well vetted with a good track record? Course not.

These guys have a history of delivering and the coming year is going to be massive for them.

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Did you guys buy coti's little brother $govi? Well if u didnt wtf are u waiting for

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22k stack and I'm 3k off my staking. Change my ADA to COTI or wait for pay day tomorrow?

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Thanks cotibro I really needed that

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Depends how much ADA you have i guess, im 30% COTI 70% ADA.

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OMG fk what are you all talking about
Wanna have real profit? Don’t trust this dumb scammers
they try to give you a fuck spamming on /biz/
>my advice = glance at YVS Finance! That’s real yield farming GEM!

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3k per year?

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600 stacklet here, was hoping the bear market would continue so I could buy more

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EOY prediction?

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I made them. And it made you mad. How do you feel?

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That 600 gonna be 600$ one day soon fren

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Anon check out $MCM
They are gonna rock soon.

> No investments
> no ico
> original concept

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>And it made you mad.
>How do you feel?

Actually retarded

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Get this shit out of the cozi coti cuties chuckling chill centre please you fucking cuck

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GOVI is actually a great idea for something like COTI where it will enable governance to be controlled from a separate portion to the wider use, given its a coin aimed for mass adoption and as an intermediary to ADA

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I have the most powerful orgasms when I look at the roadmap and my 800 coti stack on my dual monitor display

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give it 3 months and you'd sell your daughter to buy in at 0.25 lol

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100 GRT to COTI? retarded or big IQ move

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Lmfao this better be the official name of the Coti general

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Got in early but I'm a poorfag. 3000 [email protected] 7 cents, 700 agi at 15 cents and 200 ada at 0,85 cents.

Also around 800 dollarinoos in amd, Qualcomm, soxl, bp, gevo, adamis and mio.

Pls rate my retardness

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Biggest opportunity around atm

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Depends on when you bought the GRT.
But still COTI has more potential and it's early.

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bought in around 100 at 0.7 so not too bad I'd say

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Hurty gurty or cozi coti? Coti is partnered with Cardano, third biggest. The graph is very overpriced atm

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SO comfy with my 200k stack. best staking gains in crypto.

IMAGINE being a cuck with no COTI

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Up up and away boiz. Got in early and am up big. Surely this hits 1 dollar by the end of the month

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Now registered as a payment processor in Singapore. You know how much money the chinks have.


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Thanks for the reminder to stake

30% returns is cozy

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Just saw Mochimo posted over biz

Cool to see a project actually doing something new

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Just been doing some COTI chart analysis

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Bro, leave some pussy for the rest of us.

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I applied to stake 150k ages ago in 2.0 and never got it and then applied for 100k staking with the 3.0 upgrade and they moved me from 15k to 25k wtf. I just want to stake a decent amount of my stack ffs.

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Crazy how few Cardano holders know about this so far

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Bought 2k Matic and 2k COTI for 0.2 each. Hoping to moon.

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Dude tell me about it. Met someone with ADA who hadn't even heard of it before... like bruh what hahaha

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with great comfort comes great responsibility

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Just wants to stay poor I guess

Not that ADA will do badly, it just isn't doing a 10x any time this year while COTI could with ease

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ADA is going to do well. COTI is going to be the % winner of 2021 though screencap me.

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Is 11k enough to make it?

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>Speaking with someone irl about crypto

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More staking will open up. I'm staking 150k rn...

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10$ EOY? I think yes

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Depends if you love money or not. I think you have to be pretty crazy to not have at least a bit of COTI at the moment... Its about to pop off hard in the next few weeks. EZ 10x

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Thinking of moving Atom stack to Coti... Coti wont go to 0$ anyways and atom seems stable after stargate and airdrop pump.
Also its 1k $ so nothing worth x1.5 or something, coti has more potential.
Am i right?

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COTI is a very safe short term hold - with all thee upcoming announcements will probably 5-10x. I think its an even safer long term hold if you get a decent stack because the staking returns are crazy good.

Overall I'm closing a lot of positions in other shitcoins to ride this one to the moon.

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Is this a legitimate project? First time hearing about this so have no clue. Someone explain why this coin is good and why it will succeed.

>> No.29961400


"the Google of blockchain"


>> No.29961470

Did the same with other stacks anon. Thx

>> No.29961719

A true bargain right now. Getting in under $1 is such a great opportunity desu. One of the only projects discussed on this board that actually had a proven working product that has real world use. Probs only have a few more weeks to buy low...

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What's a COTI suicide stack?

>> No.29961995

How much do I need for staking?

>> No.29962000

dyor lazy ass

>> No.29962040


25k and up
pretty good entry point atm but lots will be priced out when this moons.

>> No.29962179

Holding ADA and not holding COTI is like buying google shares and choosing to use bing.

Cmon coti.io its not hard. 25k.

With the amount of literal trash on this board I can't wait for the threads where people are crying they didn't get in at 0.2 lol....

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Why is their youtube channel so ass with extremely generic shitty corporate videos and tons of bot comments?

>> No.29962580

Eh? Which bot comments? Link?
Yeah it is a bit corporate but honestly id prefer corporate and effective to loads of other trash in the crypto space

>> No.29962663

I've been holding coti for months and the fact that all these memes have popped up out of nowhere over the past week has made me feel quite uneasy.

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All these seem fake as fuck.
I feel like this makes the project look much less legitimate.

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yeah I think I'll keep my GRT in place. got some COTI in but damn that doesn't look good

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three figure stacklet checking in at the cozi coti cuties chuckling chill centre. afternoon frens

>> No.29963127

Both good points. Don't know what to say about the comments hey, its a bit odd but also even if it is bots and not just 3rd worlders I doubt its the company doing it.

Also yeah memes tend to go up as price does and its been doing very well for a good few weeks.

>> No.29963371

Its just the payment processor for the third largest coin lol. GRT has had its day for a long time.

>> No.29963431

so you be sayin - sell GRT, pump COTI? inb4 get stoned to death COTI below 0.15 lmao

>> No.29963738

Pushing 20c for the third time. We about to pop and I couldn't be happier haha

>> No.29964488

This is how actual singaporeans talk, wouldn't worry about it.

>> No.29964589

pop? to what capacity and in what time? 40 cents EOM?

>> No.29964708

You cunts just made me FOMO in - now an 18k stacklet. What am I in for?

>> No.29964838

losing 5k (hopefully not)

>> No.29965011

The roadmap looks very promising, as long the normies are pumping ADA and keeping it relevant we are going big this month

>> No.29965100

Its been at .19 to .21 for days. What gains are you talking about?

>> No.29965306

comfy gains. smart move.

>> No.29965317

40k stacklet reporting in. EMI Licence incoming also few projects have this (AAVE confirmed it last July). Expecting big things and should really have secured a 50k stack on this dip.

>> No.29965395

"Big gains". Coti hasnt moved from 21 cents in days.

>> No.29965398

I have 10k Cotis tell me I'm going to make it lads

>> No.29965499

Anyone with accounts in social places where normies buy ADA should big up Coti. Etoro etc. Also on ADA reddits. Cunts think they've invented electricity, be good to get them to pump this.

>> No.29965577

why does pumping ADA = pumping COTI?

>> No.29965648

Nah man not what I meant. Just get them buying Coti. Let them pump ADA all they want.

>> No.29965739

You check coti.io to buy and it gives you bitmax which was raided lol

>> No.29965778 [DELETED] 

Is coti ever going to etoro? I know its not popular here but its full of wealthy retards and the social aspect is good for getting the word out.

>> No.29966041

Its pushing on 20c, you do realise when it breaks the 20c barrier solidly it will hit 30 fast.

>> No.29966223

Shall I sell my medical weed (knb, cbx) stocks and buy enough coti to stake?

>> No.29966232

They are just partnered with bithumb who were raided. It wasn't them who was actually thr target.

>> No.29966336

That said bithumb are listed too. Welp, if they are still running... might email the COTI team though

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>> No.29966604

Keep on fudding buddy, I need to increase my stack before the moon.

>> No.29967256

> Cunts think they invented electricity


>> No.29967322

you literally won't see COTI under 20c again after today. March is going to be massive. HODL frens

>> No.29967364

I have 1000 euros i was thinking of putting into Coti
I have ONLY 1000 euros i can use cause it's scholarship money
I liked the roadmap a lot so this would be something I wouldn't mind holding for a long time, enough to see it through anyway
But at the same time, I wouldn't even have enough for staking if i only put 1k
would it be better to try and gamble this money on bsc shitcoins so that I could hopefully get a decent bag of coti or will i miss the train and get priced out if I do?

>> No.29967575

Zoom out

>> No.29967776

You can loose it all on bsc gambling. If you are okay with that go for it...
Else, you can put 100$ in 3 shitcoins and 700$ in coti. For example
Set price targets on shitcoins or just when they x2 you pull out your 100$, if they go x10 you get 1k which you can move to coti if its your pick.

>> No.29968047

Nice, I might just do that, slower but much safer for sure
I think I'm going to play it safe and get out as soon as they 2x then move that money into another shitcoin and repeat
Thanks anon

>> No.29968116

Just bought 15 ETH worth. Hopefully I can be comfy too.

>> No.29968379

comfy COTI bros, srs question:

What do you think about PPAY?

>> No.29968579

What's with this shilling? Two weeks ago no one spoke about this.

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Np. I made x2 on asko, could make x4 when it went for ath but played it safe. Every "scam coin" can net you gains if you play it smart.

No one says coti cant do x10 but the big question is when, and i understand you because i started with around the same. Just 2 months ago, on 3k right now, could have been 10k but you learn from mistakes

>> No.29968773

Thats not true, i've seen coti posted here first when it was 0.06$.

Also more people catching up and making threads, lot of things mooned too and anons are hunting the next moon.

>> No.29969121

Does anyone know why the US is restricted for COTI staking?

>> No.29970048

because the jews dont want their cattle to earn money. Stay poor, fattie and bow to your european masters

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