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Aaaaand...we are back

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$10 when?

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$10 by March 15

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Bancor never left.

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$10 soon. enjoying the rewards as we go.

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bancor is the only coin where I actually believe in the price predictions, although $10 is obviously FUD

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Is $100 FUD

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comfy as can be

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i believe $50 is achievable

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Bancor, the only crypto with a true chad dev
Meanwhile u have the fat balding Charles and 1000 identical looking pajeets and chinks
Mega bullish when/if women get into crypto

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charles is literally /biz/ the dev
watch reddit turn on him posting him talking shit on twitter after cardano dumps

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Guys what pool do you stake your BNT?

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but how long would we stay at $50. I just want to print money for my entire life.

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Stake ETH with BNT profit

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I sold half my bag, I like the features, but this is the most kiked project I have seen for a while. The government system is an absolute mess. People can stake on Celsius (for a much lower return) and Celsius can manipulate the votes in their favor. Imagine a system where a competitor can buy cheap vBNT and influence every vote on the platform. This is so fucked up.

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I don't know how delusional do you have to be to actually believe that any DAO is truly decentralized. In the end it's the developer's decision to push through an implementation and they won't actually launch harmful proposals

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I don´t believe that, but which other DAO enables the people to manipulate votes at a discount?

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Do you have any proof celsius actually gets any vBNT? Also how many people are staking there when rewards are 10x less? 0,01% complete retards?

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i stake my bnt in the eth pool, but really that's only because i'm a bancor noob. not yet familiar with the nuances of the system.

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Should I be staking? I only hold about 500 banties

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You could probably make a bit more than 1bnt a day if you stake (once the 2x multiplier kicks in at 4 weeks).

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yeah fees are alright now so 500bnt sound fine, you should be breakeven pretty fast

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Kylin's Dylan is also chad as fuck

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667 BNT staked = 1Bnt earned a day roughly (w/o multipliers) so after 4 weeks you could earn roughly 1.33 BNT day.

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