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I kind of miss when it was bouncing around 50c and there was a "just a wallet" meme thread every hour.
What happened bros?
When will this crab end?

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this month

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2 weeks.

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This month.
Dubs of truth

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next big announcement will be on a day bitcoin dumps. check'm
analtoy uses his master time traveling wallet that is piloted by the neo emperor of japan, Abe, to tactically release updates on inopportune moments to give time for industries and partners to accumulate

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No green ID, no dubs.

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>hold this and inj
The pain of crabbing

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you can't /thread yourself fag

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I actually like it, as I can acoomolate more.
I have no problem holding them for months or even years before moon

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Eternal fucking crabcoin
Selling if we don't hit $3 before eom

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I'm only 2 months into crypto with poorfag money (roughly 1.5k eur for each coin), and it seems like an opportunity for accumulation. Its just pain not to see any type of major action, only crabbing and recession on both of your holdings. But the projects seem good, hope they wont fuck up either

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2 more weeks - trust the plan

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Don’t worry anon, we will

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40 $ eoy

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will we be getting the next bit of news earlier in the week or will we be waiting for Friday again?

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How the heck are we supposed to know that?

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One anon has been correctly predicting the announcements so far

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just got off the phone with anatoly, he overslept the other day due to a hangover and missed the big announcement. he will be traveling back in time and retroactively announcing it on February 26th, 2021. Keep an eye out on the price, you likely won't pick up on the fact that time has been altered.

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End of March => IQ Protocol deployed

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Should have bought GRT

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End of March they will implement the Low IQ Protocol.

Imagine all the niggers and brainlets buying this coin. Massive pump!

After that, it will be back to 1,30$. So don't forget to swing on the top.

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I had a dream they announced IQ protocol launch last night. The price stayed the same. Then, I woke up. Bros, is this a premonition??

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Don't expect the world when it's released, the good stuff comes with more integrations and ncase.

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Can someone give me the big enchilada on what the anticipated announcements actually mean in real terms? I'm a retard who bought 50k last year because I liked you guys and the memes

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sounds good

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you undid your dubs, retard

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Prq is burning like half of its supply
GRT is flooding the market in a few months

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NOOOOO anon don’t you see? the extra 10 BILLION tokens are already priced in
(this is what GRTrannies actually believe)

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Lending and binance listing

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is 650 parsnips enough?

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how does $12000 sound?

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Pretty good

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You are shit, you didn't start shit.
Stop with the stupid tangents that aren't about earning money
this scammers never know cool project to advertise
>Buy no worry about it, hold SWG and wait for swirge development

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Just two more crabs