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Biz will be completely priced out from a sui stack soon

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As a result of LTO flowing out from binance into staked positions.
This coin has solid potential for bullrun

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>moons silently
you mooned in the exact same fashion as BTC? with literally every other coin?

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Bitcoin went up 3% , LTO 20% and both not done yet
Yea I know it's a btc market
But show me where you see btc mooning please

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every coin did not do a 22% increase in 24hrs fucking brainlet lmao

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So glad I bought eRSDL instead of this in December for the 10x. Still, a 3x is ok I guess

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Which 24hrs?
Every coin mooned hard in 2017 too,
That's completely irrelevant.
Right now LTO is one of the top performers

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I've been shilling it since 10cents

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whats the sui stack

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10-15k depends who you ask.

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You wrong. Dont forget that LTO is deflationary based. In consequence, the SS ( suicide stack) is shrinking day by day. IMO, right now SS is 5k. In 1 year, holding 1k LTO will be considered as huge (like XMR or LTC).

Yes, SS is turbo downtrend.

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LTO is actual junk to trap newfags into buying a coin designed to fail. You guys know Rick is trolling all of you retards right? Bearish AF.
By the time LTO reaches a dollar LINK will be at $5k and bitcoin at $500k just stay away from this junk

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So you're saying I'm gonna be rich.
Don't you have some PnDs to chase?

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Yes Sir. Not shilling or delusion. Do the math and deal with it. LTO will be in the pantheon (top 10). Buy (DCA) => Stake => profit.

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shady stuff, not like Apollo Protocol desu

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shoo shoo ranjeet

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People will start failing the IQ test soon and they will be priced out

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god i would have loved if i had more time to accumulate, i'm a 3k stacklet.

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You're confusing moon with recover

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rush 5K anon.

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i have no more money left god fucking damn it. you mean another 5k stack or 2k more to reach 5k?

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look at the pattern,
you think the pump won't extend into a new ath?

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Fucking fuck. Waiting for USD to be deposited in Coinbase and this shit pumps. Kill me.

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fucking hell maybe I need to stop DCAing in on mondays, seems to be the high point consistently

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guys i just want to buy some more, is there going to be a drop you reckon? or is this a short pump that will have the floor at the current ATH? i don't know if i should wait a bit or take a loan for another small stack. no big stuff though, no interest on the loan and i can cover it entirely with next month's salary.

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What Coin you guys are talking about?

I just found a gem! real use case, new technology, growing like crazy!

Plz share with me more good projects.

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based bot bumping our thread

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it found support on 35c, I bought before this pump but am buying more now. I'll consider selling if it breaks below 35c to buy back in lower (I do not pay crypto to crypto tax). But with bitcoin breaking its resistance upward I'm optimistic. Even LINK is having a go tonight, hopefully old resistances become supports for those too. That said I'm not going into debt over it, got enough of a mortgage to pay without having to worry about losing on speculations.

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.... i suppose you could wait for it to test the 35c support again if you wanted to be conservative but it really could go either way.

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so happy you had a stroke

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I've done exactly this. Can comfortably afford to cover a small loan with savings, just not liquid enough right now and concerned it might keep rising as its already underpriced.
I'll keep accumulating either way though, it just seems riskier because it feels so underpriced and I really believe in the project.

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It's gambling, my dude, nobody knows and your guess is as good as mine. I do feel like lately everything tends to recover slightly on Mondays and then bleed out during the rest of the week.

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Bought the dip on Sunday, 2k stack. Though if you're not comy holding this for atleast 2 years minimum you're doing it wrong.

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Token literally not needed.

Money grab long-term scam by the CEO and devs.

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so just like most crypto projects
adoption is the key here, not the tech

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token is fundametally tied to the utility of the project, dumbass

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LTO is 75% of my portfolio and I still feel bad if it moons. I need moreee

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yeah and it didn't have to be designed that way.

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I honestly thought we had another 3 months, but I wouldn't be surprised if it shoots up now. Either way I'm just going to keep accumulating - it's a long term hold either way

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>Planet earth is blue and there's nothing I can do

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Ill keep filling my bags until we hit $3.

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>b-but muh UN partnership
Partnership with UN is actually bearish af. They'll waste investor money to Afghanistan government, one of the most corrupt and worst country in the world. Partnership with UN is actually death flag for many crypto project.
Example of another scam project that partner with UN:
Devery team exitscammed months after that partnership
Horizon State token exitscammed months later and have ceased operations
Bizonacci killed himself after Ambrosus revealed as scam
Soon will follow Ambrosus footstep

If you want to invest in real use case coin look up Aleph.im (partnership with Ubisoft) and Origintrail/TRAC (partner and endorsed by World Economic Forum)

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I've done the math and it baffles me how people really believe there's ~120k daily transactions on the main net. Do you even realize how much that is? If they register 3.5m land parcels in Afghanistan and 10% of them change owners yearly that's only 1k daily transaction.
Maybe if 95% of those 100k+ daily transactions didn't come from shady dutch companies owned by Rick, it'd help me believe they are legit.
They promised us companies would use their own node soon™ (it was a month ago) instead of going through LegalThings but there's still not a single independant company having its own node.
My advice is to look at Aleph.im or Origintrail (TRAC) instead. Both have real world legit clients and partnerships, and the CEO are experienced and honest. Meanwhile Rick and his dev team experience was creating universally panned app for sexual offenders called LegalFling (seriously google this, and maybe you'll realize how shady LTO is)

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Why would i entertain the opinion of a bellend?

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absolute shitcoins no thanks.


to be honest your typical midwit retail holder doesn't give a rats ass how 120K+ daily transactions have been achieved it fattens their pockets. Those who do a little bit more research know that those daily transactions come from businesses anchoring data on the public chain.

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took your time fren.

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nah it's copy/pasta

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this seems pretty legit criticism, and yeah I honestly do not see big companies having a node that's too much work, turnkey solutions work best

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>having a node that's too much work


Just because you are a midwit doesn't mean it's hard to set up a node.

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here you go midwit

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I agree but all that means it that it takes slightly longer until the market is ready for maturity. A turn key solution for this is a pretty basic offering and so it's not going to be a blocker in the longer term.

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Of course it's not hard you dumbshit, have you ever worked at a large non technology company? People still use excel for everything, setting up a node is light years away from mass adoption.

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exactly. went a whole 40 replies before he appeared.

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>Meanwhile Rick and his dev team experience was creating universally panned app for sexual offenders called LegalFling
preventing the boys from getting metoo'd
absolute comfy /ourcoin/
thanks bought another 5k

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This is why they bought VIDT
They can offer vidt for fiat, which anchors through LTO anyway

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>Deflation less than 1% per year
>In a year sui stack will fall from 5k to 1k
kek, larp
sui stack is and will be 15k

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and the integrators are the ones running the nodes, supply the LTO for clients. like in pic rel here >>29950605

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If it's so easy to setup a node why haven't any big companies done so?

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>what are integrators

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Deep Analysis, a blockchain analyst firm sharing their thoughts regarding the SignRequest acquisition.

More innovation and terms of positive service changes over the coming year are expected.


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The 4 users of the network can be described as follows:
- Strong passive stakers have a large percentage of overall stake in the platform,
yet do not generate transactions. They run a node to validate transactions, and in
turn receive transaction rewards.

- Passive stakers are smaller (individual) actors holding tokens with the aim to sell
for a higher price in the future, staking their smaller percentages to support the

- Passive clients run transactions and use the platform for its services without
actually having a stake in the network. Note that if transaction fees become relatively large, these clients will incur significant running costs for using the platform.

- Joint Business Builders are clients that are actively participating and having a
stake in the network.


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Kek, this

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Oh you’re back aye. I actually think you hold LTO. I ain’t done the math lads but look at the macro factors, big business and what has happened slowly being implemented tighter and tighter over the last decade, that’s the kicker lads. IYKYK.

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We'll never see 28c again are we? FUCK

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realized you weren't actually questioning sorry here is some more info for new fags to get their head wrapped around the LTO tokenomics.

Type of users in the network
Within the LTO Network token economy, we can make a distinction between 4 types of
token holders:

- Integrator & Partners – stakers in network, running nodes to validate
transactions. They can act on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients;

- Clients – actors using the network and paying transaction fees, incidentally
running nodes;

- Passive stakers – actors that will stake their coins (potentially through a lease)
and run a node to validate transactions;

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edging rn

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I'm sure btc will crash -30% sometime again and then this will be cheaper too

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By that time we might be on the moon already.

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I mean btc crashed twice in january and once in february, I'm sure in three weeks there'll be another one

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15k sui stack is FUD. I vote 10k at the most. It has nothing to do with the fact that I have 10k and not 15k I promise.

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and then LTO will dump from $0.7 to $0.45

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My point exactly.

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I bought @ .41 after your shilling faggot

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You are indeed one of the most retarded creatures I've ever seen.
Consider the rope.

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Oh wow all the way back in 2020?? Thank you sir for this new gem.

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>cant read a simple chart

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That fucking volume pump