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first thread filled up fast. turn on max ads and NEVER tip or sell. it is a mathematical certainty that we will get rich off this. we can control the supply of bat and here is how we can do it.

the total supply is 1.5b tokens and there are currently 25m brave users, which is projected to hit 50m by the end of this year and growing. that means that if every user had brave ads enabled thats only 30 bat per wallet for the entire supply. to put this into perspective, i earn anywhere from 10-20 bat per month on EACH of my devices.

heres the best part. the advertisers HAVE to buy it. they don't even care what the price is, they pay in USD for their ads and brave market buys the bat to distribute it to the people seeing the ads. then we just keep it and dont fucking sell it. simple.

on top of this, they just announced a new roadmap where they are making a DEX that will include staking for liquidity providers, an nft platform and a bunch of other shit thats going to suck up the supply.


biz can collectively pull this off alone between not selling ad earnings and buying small amounts (optional) over the next few months. reddit has capitulated on bat already. good. fuck them. WE are the ones who do the fucking. biz gets rich on BTC, ETH, LINK and now BAT. fuck normies.


imagine GME but without citadel, robinhood, and wall street to fuck us. WE CONTROL THE SUPPLY. we can push this thing to extreme prices. this is literally free for you to do, so if you dont do it i cant even call you a cheap fuck - i can only call you STUPID.

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I'm feelin' a little batty anon

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and for the crazy schizo posting in the last thread - i simply just like the browser

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Getting GME vibes from your post but BAT does indeed seem legit even if OP is a fucking faggot.

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Posting this to combat the schizo anti-Brave faggot who will likely shit up this thread too.


It's a free and open source browser with features like:

Ad-blocking by default.
Tracker-blocking by default.
Anti-fingerprinting mechanisms to prevent you from being monitored.
Built-in Tor windows.
Run by a based Christian and not furry leftists.

As far as I'm concerned, Brave is indisputably the best general-purpose browser out there. There are other okay browsers, and I'll mention things about Brave I don't like, but Brave is especially good because it comes with all of these sensible features out of the box (you don't have to go install an ad-blocker), so this makes it very good for installing it on your grandma's computer. The anti-fingerprinting abilities are even unique among power-user browsers.

Despite that, there is a loud clique of anti-Brave agitators and Brave skeptics. Whenever I do a video on Brave, I can expect at least 20% dislikes and a torrent of comments from people with anime avatars calling me a "shill" for recommending this browser.

This, I suspect, is because Brave has an optional extra feature: Brave Rewards, which is "too good to be true."




"Douglas Leith, professor of computer systems at Trinity University, examined six browsers for his report – Web Browser Privacy: What Do Browsers Say When They Phone Home? He found that Brave’s Chromium-based browser is the least likely to reveal unique identifying information about the computer using it."

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Jesus christ how did a BAT thread actually reach the bump limit? When's the last time that happened...
I'm running out of time to accumulate, aren't I? I suppose we've had nearly four years by now.

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Reminder that OP is a brainwashed cultist.

Brave is spyware garbage. The Batshit token has been complete garbage for years, and morons like OP have been desperately insisting for years that it's on the way up.

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So pissed I can’t earn bat on iPhone anymore

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How are you guys getting ads? Literally nothing I browse, except Binance, supports it.

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Can someone explain this to a noob with a ton of disposable income?

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thank you sir. your feedback is appreciated.

there will be a lot of people that are going to be crying about how they had started using Brave early but tipped it all or lost their restore key when switching devices or reinstalling their OS

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>As far as I'm concerned, Brave is indisputably the best general-purpose browser out there
Because you're a tech-illiterate moron, who desperately seeks out youtubers for validation.

Brave ships with spyware by default, and requires you to completely compromise your identity to withdraw the garbage tokens.

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More anti schizo-fud: https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2020/02/27/brave-beats-other-browsers-in-privacy-study/amp/

"Users looking for a privacy-focused browser might want to consider Brave first, according to a study published this week.

Douglas Leith, professor of computer systems at Trinity University, examined six browsers for his report – Web Browser Privacy: What Do Browsers Say When They Phone Home? He found that Brave’s Chromium-based browser is the least likely to reveal unique identifying information about the computer using it.

The study examined six browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave, Edge, and Yandex. It used several tests to deduce whether the browser can track the user’s IP address over time, and whether it leaks details of web page visits. To do this, it looked at the data shared on startup after a fresh install, on a restart, and after both pasting and typing a URL into the address bar. It also explored what the browser did when it was idle.

Even though Mozilla makes a talking point of privacy in Firefox, it was Brave, developed by Mozilla’s founder (and creator of JavaScript) Brendan Eich, that won out. Brave, which has accused Google of privacy violations, is “by far the most private of the browsers studied” when used with its out of the box settings, according to the paper.

The study placed browsers in one of three privacy classes, based on the time span over which they retain identifiers. Brave gets the top class all to itself because it uses what the study calls ‘ephemeral’ identifiers that link a handful of transmissions and then reset. This means it doesn’t remember your identifier across browser restarts.

The paper lumps Safari, Firefox, and Chrome together in the second band. These browsers share some privacy issues, the paper warns, including auto-tagging each browser instance with unique session and browser instance identifiers..."

Tldr: Brave, OOTB, BTFO other browsers in terms of privacy and security.

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What do you recommend, anon? Are all browsers trash?

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Should be pissed at yourself for buying an Apple product. It's like you're were asking to get shit on.

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google of web 3.0
wait where have i heard that before...

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WARNING: Do NOT use Brave under any circumstance. If you believe in Bat tokens, buy them separately. Do NOT fall for the Browser/Ad scam.


>On its website, Brave claims that "Brave fights malware and prevents tracking, keeping your information safe and secure. It’s our top priority.". Yet despite this claim, Brave actually disables its tracking protections for Facebook and Twitter's scripts that allow them to track people across the web. Brave has been actively downplaying the role that JavaScript plays when tracking someone.

Brave has committed DONATION FRAUD:



Not only do they have sponsored backgrounds (recall Mozilla's Directory Tiles?) in their New Tab page but they were also earning big money from the included affiliate links without telling you (this is illegal and they've locked the convo as expected)! More recently, they were caught rewriting typed web addresses to add referrals for various partners. Brave Browser also has auto-updates (archive) that cannot be disabled which is extremely malicious (complete with a closed topic, of course - in a Mozilla-esque fashion). The only real reason to use Brave is their so-called Brave Rewards program with which you can earn their Basic Attention Tokens in exchange for watching ads (displayed as system notifications). Here's the catch: to pay out their BATshit tokens, you need an account on Uphold, whose Privacy Policy states this:

"To verify your identity, we collect your name, address, phone, email, and other similar information. We may also require you to provide additional Personal Data for verification purposes, including your date of birth, taxpayer or government identification number, or a copy of your government-issued identification"

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Brave is undeniably BASED, I made the switch recently and it is just like Chrome but even better. It's also rad as fuck to get paid to shit-post, though there still is a lot of speculation as to the longterm price of BAT.

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read the previous thread

what specifically do you need to know

>Jesus christ how did a BAT thread actually reach the bump limit? When's the last time that happened...

there is no more viable BAT fud since the latest roadmap was released. that coupled with the really incredible rate in user growth on Brave and the supply having reached max circ with the end of the ref program and grants etc + the insane added utility that will come with the DEX, NFT market, and built-in crypto wallet connecting it all that is centered around BAT...its impossible to ignore the impending moon mission any longer. $40 is now FUD.

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When ETH hits 2k again, I dump my bag and put it in BAT. Simple as

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If you like Chromium browsers, get Ungoogled Chromium (marked as Marmaduke): https://chromium.woolyss.com/

It's a fork of vanilla Chromium, except with all the Google telemetry removed, and the best security settings enabled by default. Make sure to also install addons like uBlock Origin, httpseverywhere and Decentraleyes for optimal privacy and security.

If you like Firefox, you can get vanilla Firefox, but you'll want to mitigate the settings. The easy way is to just download a hardened user.js and put it in the correct appdata folder: https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js

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>though there still is a lot of speculation as to the longterm price of BAT.
if there wasn't it would have mooned already.

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Reminder that this dumbshit: >>29943277 is a brainwashed cultist and almost certainly indian.

You should NEVER watch ads under any circumstance. Ads are a security and privacy risk, and you leave yourself open to malware by enabling that garbage.

Browsers like Brave are a scam. Brave offers nothing worthwhile that Ungoogled Chromium doesn't, except for built in spying telemetry.
If you care about BAT, buy it from an exchange. Don't use this shitty browser. Even if you want to withdraw the tiny crumbs of BAT this shitty browser gives you, it requires you to compromise your real life identity.

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point to the part of the doll where brendan eich touched you

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Brave, IceCat, and Vivaldi are all great choices. Don't listen to schizo-fud. I see this guy on /g/ all the time. He's a complete retard, and is addicted to spouting outdated and spurious claims about Brave, because he forgot to backup his user directory when switching to a new PC, and subsequently lost like 500 BAT or something as a result. He whined about it on /g/. He posted about it on the Brave support forums, and they didn't help him out because he seemed like a scammer. Now all he does is hunt down discussions about BAT and Brave, then shitposts all over them.

Which contain valid information and research about Brave.

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Why aren't you addressing any of the arguments, Rajesh?
Would you rather everyone just silently accept all the spying and criminal acts of Brave? Are you really that stupid?

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Wait, I'm retarded, how do I log in on mobile?

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again, you sound like a moron and in any case it doesnt even matter if what you are saying is true (its not)

this is biz and we dont let our feelings get in the way of making money.

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Funny you bring up /g/, idiot. Every time a Brave thread pops up there, it's a laughing stock, because anyone who's tech-literate knows it's garbage that encourages ad-watching.

Most of /g/ uses either Firefox or Ungoogled Chromium for a reason. Idiots like you who fall for scams do not fit in.

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I'm just trying it out. So far, I got 3 cents in the last hour and half. It's definitely not sending me 5 ads an hour, but whatever. I'll try it out for a while.

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we have already done it multiple times in the previous thread. you just look like a retard at this point.

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>again, you sound like a moron
Great argument you have there, streetshitter. Come back when you actually find something in my posts to address, stupid idiot.

Until your tiny currybrain is capable of even that much, you're just a deluded cultist moron, and Brave retains its status as a scam that compromises your identity.

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Thanks, man. Based.

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> WARNING: Do NOT use Brave under any circumstance. If you believe in Bat tokens, buy them separately. Do NOT fall for the Browser/Ad scam.

The FUD is evolving from pure malice to concern trolling. The shitskin posting this thought this likely thinks it may be more effective

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it can also vary day by day depending on how many active ad campaigns there are. like i mentioned in the previous thread, pic related is what i have earned this month so far on my desktop.

the new tab ads also count.

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Speak for yourself, curry filth. I still haven't heard one valid excuse for Brave committing donation fraud. You keep skimming over it like the deluded fucking idiot you are.

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You gotta click the little Bat symbol, mate. Then "Verify Wallet"

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You still haven't made even a single argument against donation fraud, or all the phone homes the Brave browser does and cannot be turned off, idiot.

>> No.29943739

I only run GNU/Linux on my PCs, am a package maintainer for Fedora, and work for a Red Hat + IBM-affiliated company. Sorry bro, you're just some faggot who spams up Brave and BAT threads, and I've seen you on /g/ a lot. Find a new hobby, or keep wasting your time. Whatever works mate.

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I like how non-invasive it is. It honestly doesn't feel like that bad of a deal to get a couple of ads and get a couple of pennies (which might be worth much more some day). Mostly everything else is still blocked. It's actually a great idea. They are cornering the add market in a way. Maybe I'll sign up to get tips, but whatever. It's pretty passive.

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>s-some guy i met on /g/ was anti-brave! y-you must be him!
Typical behavior from an idiotic schizo like yourself.

Why don't you make a thread about Brave on /g/ right now? Or are you too scared you know what's coming?

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based and BAT pilled

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Well, interesting that I could very wallet on my laptop but cannot on my mobile

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I miss you Donald sama

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>It honestly doesn't feel like that bad of a deal to get a couple of ads
Every time you watch an ad, you browser is at risk of a malicious javascript injection. Learn how javascript and ads actually work before you pretend you know what you're talking about.

>> No.29943848

It’s 5 ads MAXIMUM, not 5 ads per hour guaranteed. It’s a ceiling and the rate you get ads will vary sometimes they rapid fire sometimes you go a day with 1 or 2

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So sorry that you lost your BAT, you retarded mental patient.

>> No.29943953


Brave is self updating software, uses Google as the default search engine, has built-in telemetry, and even has an opt-out rss-like news feed similar to Firefox Pocket. These shouldn't be the things that come to mind if someone were to imagine a privacy oriented browser.

On its website, Brave claims that "Brave fights malware and prevents tracking, keeping your information safe and secure. It’s our top priority.". Yet despite this claim, Brave actually disables its tracking protections for Facebook and Twitter's scripts that allow them to track people across the web. Brave has been actively downplaying the role that JavaScript plays when tracking someone.

"Loading a script from an edge-cache does not track a user without third-party cookies or equivalent browser-local storage, which Brave always blocks and always will block. In other words, sending requests and receiving responses without cookies or other means of identifying users does not necessarily create a tracking threat."

This couldn't be more far from the truth. Just because a website isn't able to store cookies, doesn't mean it can't uniquely identify you. Using JavaScript from Facebook and Twitter would be more than enough to track you and blocking cookies alone isn't going to stop that. Just as a quick point of reference to what information JavaScript can scrape, you might want to visit this website:


Brave has built-in telemetry. While running, Brave will make lots of requests to the domain p3a.brave.com as telemetry. They claim they store the collected data for several days. Telemetry should be the last thing to come to mind if someone were to imagine a privacy oriented browser.

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>it literally gives you free money and is no less intrusive than any other web browser

>> No.29944016

and yet we're going to be rich off of BAT, fuck off

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this is actually extremely bullish by the way. there are many people that lose their wallets and that BAT is gone forever, adding to the supply crunch.

we thank him for his sacrifice.

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holy shit this is the first time i actually went to this URL after having seen your crazy ass post it many times and i legit laughed out loud

thank you for that.

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Hm, that’s a lot of text anon. I just like the browser. I think I’ll buy some more BAT

>> No.29944080

>it literally gives you free money
No doubt you're the exact same kind of idiot who believes services like Facebook and Twitter are free? And Windows 10 and iOS are free? After all you're not paying money, therefore they must be free, hey?

>Harvesting your information and selling it to advertisers? Pff, that's nothing! I'm getting a free operating system!!!
Morons like you never learn. You will forever be stupid. Forever and always an idiot.

>> No.29944132

Even if you believe BAT is going to go up, you're not going to make any money off the crumbs you get from the shitty browser you worship so much. You're just compromising your real life identity for no reason other than to satisfy the moronic indian OP, who's so stupid he can only desperately plead you to use the browser without actually addressing any of the elephants in the room.

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this guys neocities site is a comedy gold mine

>> No.29944142

Just market bought 10k BAT. Thanks

>> No.29944149

One thing I don't understand is how this is "robbing" them. I think you're just using their platform the way they want you to.

>> No.29944179

>holy shit this is the first time i actually went to this URL after having seen your crazy ass post it many times and i legit laughed out loud
and that's all you can really do, because your tiny curry brain can't actually address any of the glaring issues. You're just a dumbshit streetshitter who's tech-illiterate.

>> No.29944193

>Every time you watch an ad, you browser is at risk of a malicious javascript injection. Learn how javascript and ads actually work before you pretend you know what you're talking about.
Imagine unironically believing this and then calling other people 'technologically illiterate'. A. This is not a risk with Brave Rewards ads, which are vetted, and served securely, via methods which respect user privacy, and are fully auditable (100% of Brave's codebase is on GitHub). B. Your concern trolling only works on people who are actually tech illiterate (much like yourself).

>> No.29944205

>somebody just market bought my entire stack on a whim
I-I'm just glad to be involved...

>> No.29944220

no one here is going to get rich off the browser dumbass. we all know that. we buy the coin, we support the product, we get rich, and that's that. you're seething mate

>> No.29944249


Brave has made waves thanks to its built-in privacy protections - such as AdBlock, HTTPS everywhere and script blocking - but in the end, they are outclassed by uMatrix. More than that - after checking them out, I can confidently say the Shields are pretty useless - the vast majority of trackers are left alone; in fact, sometimes it seems that a site can have hundreds of them, and yet none of them will be blocked by the Shields. Script blocking option simply blocks JavaScript fully - it's just NoScript revisited. Brave used to be able to install Chrome extensions only from source, but now does it the same as the other Chrome based browsers. Despite those, it not only spies on you:


but is actively working against your privacy by whitelisting Facebook and Twitter trackers. Brave has also been soliciting donations in the name of other people without their consent!



is a thread discussing the issue.

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nigga you a smooth brained retard implying shit i never said. brave is no more intrusive than literally any other browser on the planet yet actually rewards you for use. kys for being a retard ass nigger

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>Even if you believe BAT is going to go up
and there it is. im glad you finally conceded.

as for the moronic indian, i think you should look in the mirror. bat is the patricians choice for good upstanding first world citizens, unlike yourself.

>> No.29944300

>17 posts by this id
this nigga is obsessed

>> No.29944301

>Imagine unironically believing this
It's been comprehensively proven you tech-illiterate moron.

>This is not a risk with Brave Rewards ads, which are vetted, and served securely
Pfahahahaha, yeah keep believing the company that illegally committed donation fraud you stupid idiot.

>> No.29944335

well, some people have actually earned over 1000 BAT from the rewards. this wont make you RICH but it will almost certainly be worth an amount that nobody will scoff at down the road a bit

>> No.29944367

>brave is no more intrusive than literally any other browser on the planet
You're only further confirming your stupidity, idiot.

Ungoogled Chromium makes 0(ZERO) unsolicited requests, and here you are, in all your tech-illiterate glory, trying to claim Brave is less intrusive, when you've been objectively proven wrong already:


On top of that, if you want to claim those tiny little rewards, you have to hand over all your personal details to a third party. Great security you got there, fucking moron.

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50k stack

>> No.29944432

Conceded what, Rajesh? I'm strongly advocating against people using your garbage scam browser, which is a security risk, while you're desperately pleading for people to use it like the idiot you are.

Brave is a scam that is designed to coax morons like you into handing all your personal details over to Uphold. Morons like you will never question it, because you're emotionally invested in Brave at this point.

>> No.29944438

>On top of that, if you want to claim those tiny little rewards, you have to hand over all your personal details to a third party. Great security you got there, fucking moron.
this has already been addressed. brave is releasing a built-in crypto wallet that will allow you to claim your rewards without an exchange

>> No.29944446


>> No.29944467

>this has already been addressed
So why aren't you addressing the confirmed donation fraud, idiot?

>> No.29944485

based. you sir will make it to the promised land.

>> No.29944562


>> No.29944566

The donation FUD was debunked. Can you show us that it has not been reintroduced as a problem in 2021 or even perhaps 2020? I'm just curious as I am actively digging deep on Brave and how it stands against other privacy browsers.
Though I will admit it's pretty hard to engage in conversation with somebody who is perpetually angry and trying to shitpost within the same post as their serious arguments...

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holy shit nobody cares man. get a fucking life good god. if you want to use ungoogled or fucking netscape navigator, go ahead. your 1996 geocities site is not impressing anyone.

dont use the browser, dont buy BAT. try not to neck too hard after having spent this much time in BAT threads only to completely miss the moon mission because you couldnt see the forest through the trees.

>> No.29944656

I am 100% on board for this use case, but the end user doesn't get paid enough to actually care about these tokens, I think. There is also no reason for someone to buy tokens to support a publisher. Just pay then directly through patreon or some shit.

They may be onto something if they create a youtube or twitch alternative that uses BAT to pay the content creators there.

>> No.29944687

the donation thing is ridiculous. its part of the Brave tipping system where you could trip twitter/youtube/reddit accounts etc, and if that person didnt claim the bat they were tipped within 30 days then it would be returned. the way they skew it and try to turn it into something that its not is ridiculous.

and aside from that, the system had been completely reworked since then and this is literally not even an issue. its a 2+ year old tweet from some fucking retarded boomer that didnt understand the system.

just like how everyone hate BTC at the beginning and will keep talking shit about it as they watch it skyrocket (see peter schiff)

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File: 1.71 MB, 480x286, 27DC73971ABE4EFDA586BDA1F5E1A9DF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>comprehensively proven
Show us one proven instance of Brave rewards serving malicious content. I'll wait.

Pro tip: There is none, because unlike some other Browsers, the dev team that maintains and develops Brave actually gives a shit about software freedom, user privacy, and data security. Hell, the sync feature in Brave utilizes blockchain technology (which also further decouples Brave from Google). You wouldn't know this though, because you're some wagie who got cucked by your own stupidity, and couldn't put together a simple bash script or a cron job to run rsync or fsarchiver periodically.

>> No.29944730

Completely abandoned ALGO for this. Already have everything verified, with max ads. It's been like 10 minutes and I already got like $0.10. Bought 1k BAT to commemorate the occasion, cheers boys!

>> No.29944732

When I make 30 million off of BAT I'm going to make a browser the fudders would be proud of

>> No.29944785

>The donation FUD was debunked
No it wasn't, idiot.

>> No.29944835

>get a fucking life good god
Isn't this ironic coming from a dumbshit pajeet like yourself, desperately begging people on /biz/ to use a scam browser.

Too bad, moron. I'm providing onlookers with vital information, and there's nothing a fucking idiot like you can do about it.

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>but the end user doesn't get paid enough to actually care about these tokens, I think.
the amount of big name advertisers and the amount they spend is increasing quite drastically, which in turn will allow larger payouts to users.

the growing pain is that the user base is also expanding quickly, which means they need more ads for the users

in any case, when is the last time you heard people complain that they werent seeing enough ads? the system obviously works, it just needs to be perfected.

i believe there is a huge gap right now between the current state of bat/brave and what it will be in the near future, hence the reason i am bullish on BAT. i want to buy it before people realize this, not after they have and the price is already going up.

>> No.29944918
File: 14 KB, 236x236, 80c5fb99c09c47ec7f0bd8032bbab207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Occasionally, you'll be offered free token grants from Brave. Be sure to keep an eye out for the alert!"

How get?

>> No.29944927
File: 420 KB, 789x539, batmoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based. welcome to the easiest moon mission ever.

>> No.29944929

At this point I'm pretty sure most of the Brave shilling in this thread is just by a group of the same 4-5 pajeets. Most of /biz/ doesn't actually give two shits about Brave or BAT, because anyone with half a brain on this can see the obvious issues associated with a shitcoin rewarded for watching ads.

Enough information has now been provided here to prevent real people from getting scammed by this garbage browser.

>> No.29944982
File: 185 KB, 1600x783, qw3hiwu49n751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they are done. that was part of the reason why the price wasnt going up (the circulating supply was increasing because of the grants they were giving away)

this chart is a bit outdated but you get the picture.

>> No.29945164
File: 164 KB, 828x813, 1614572773893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're right but the world is going to shit and speculative crypto trading is the only thing providing a glimmer of hope to not be completely poor forever. You're looking at this from a correct viewpoint but realistically your concerns only apply to .06% of all brave users. The rest of us want to profit off kikes pushing thier garbage to normies and if that pays off (it will) getting free coins for using a shitty Spyware browser with a potentially corrupt company is literally inconsequential to the end goal of not being poor.

>> No.29945219

And then maybe take a little time to dilate. You're clearly not doing it enough. /biz/ has long had vibrant BAT threads FYI. You'd know that if you didn't come here solely to shit up the board with your mentally I'll ramblings.

>> No.29945269
File: 135 KB, 828x817, IMG_20210227_225058_469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your argument is coming from a logical and morally correct place, that won't keep you from starving under communism.

>> No.29945318

What are the stacks? I have 3k I think.

>> No.29945368
File: 2.20 MB, 1491x1988, 1614573043577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also I'm counting your posts on the last thread and this one and buying 10 BAT for each one.

>> No.29945399

top 500 wallets have around 100k rn
So probably 10k make it,
1k suicide

>> No.29945479

10k suicide, at least 50k to make it, but more ideally 100k

>> No.29945498
File: 674 KB, 474x498, pepe dance.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have 1.015
Considering most of my usage is porn and manga, I am ok with that.


>> No.29945581

I think 10k will actually be a make it stack a few years down the road.

I believe that people are really underestimating how far this thing could potentially go.

>> No.29945615

Hell I've been doing this already got 64.25 bat

>> No.29945652
File: 65 KB, 840x700, 1612503880605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sitting comfy with 40k.

>> No.29945716

Whats the best way to get BAT by browsing?

>> No.29945742

Do I have to use their gay wallet? I heard it was gay but I honestly don’t really know anything about it.

>> No.29945774

Turn ads on to max setting 5 per hour on all your devices and browse normally. Turn off auto contribute as well.

>> No.29945817

They are releasing their own built-in wallet that will be like metamask and you won't need to deal with Uphold after that. That's coming within a year, just accumulate until then and it will be worth a lot by that time.

>> No.29945859

I have to say. I'm a brand new convert. It's the first crypto project that I can fully see the value in. I could see a pump when everyone starts to realize they can get rich off of browser points. Hopefully there's a little time before then, so I can accumulate my porn and 4chan stack.

>> No.29945861

Same, i work 9-5 everyday on my pc and ive saved up about 1000 over the last 2 years

>> No.29945908


>> No.29945914

Does 4chan get these ads?

>> No.29945951

Stop falling for the pajeet OP's shilling. He's trying extra hard today.

>> No.29945980 [DELETED] 


>> No.29945983

I think the ads are not tied to what site you are on. I've gotten ten adds in the last 2 hours and I've been on 4chan pretty much the whole time, other than researching BAT a little.

>> No.29946025

I never see any ads pop up though and its on max

>> No.29946088

Aight I installed brave and somehow I already got 0.4 BAT. No ads are showing. How do I know its working?/

>> No.29946121

If you're not a burger or a leaf, there is currently not much of a reason to opt in to brave rewards. Outside of North America, you simply won't get enough Brave ads to justify using the rewards feature, yet.

>> No.29946179

It might depend on your region. I'm not sure to be honest. So far, they've been sending me the ads just like it's been described. I'm up to 10 cents.

>> No.29946212

You can use a VPN with a USA ip address.

Yes. They pop up in the browser regardless of what site you are looking at.

>> No.29946221
File: 284 KB, 1242x652, 1613506284678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You get 25 BAT and then pray you can extract to a better wallet

>> No.29946266

This wont work unless you first remove the BAT from Uphold.

>> No.29946267

Thanks for the thread, just bought another 1k BAT

>> No.29946312

Im gaining BAT slowly but i just never see an ad im a burger btw

>> No.29946344

iirc some background ads on new tab generates BAT
ads pop up randomly, earning more the longer they stay open. ad frequency. while wont exceed 5/hr, is dependent on how active the mouse is, as far as i can tell

>> No.29946357

Again, brave is releasing their own built in crypto wallet and ditching uphold.

>> No.29946379

You probably are when you open a new tab.

>> No.29946386

It's written by the guy who made JS, so I'm pretty sure he's got it covered.

>> No.29946417

Yeah definitely has something to do with mouse activity. If I am sitting and watching a YouTube video for 20 minutes for example without moving the mouse, the very moment I move it is when an ad pops up. I think the browser knows when it's ready to serve you an ad and then the mouse movement is what triggers it to pop up.

>> No.29946434
File: 1.28 MB, 6032x4376, beBased.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The FUD in this thread is weak AF.

Brave and BAT finally getting ready to rip.

Brave is the best browser in market. Fuck FF, Edge, Chrome and double-ended dildo fuck Opera.

Millions using BAT. Your FUD is looser than geriatric hot wet Depends.

>> No.29946466
File: 580 KB, 1080x2010, 20210228_205701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the free test, anon!

>> No.29946475

You can just leave it in the browser wallet. I have 2,000 in it, I knew eventually this would take off and don’t want to fuck with uphold.

>> No.29946498

>It's written by the guy who made JS
Ah of course, because it's written by the guy who wrote the code responsible for the vast majority of malware in the current year, it must be safe!


>> No.29946573

yep. you can theoretically set up a script to move your mouse while your computer is not in use and open a new tab every minute.

Has anyone calculated whether the electrical usage is worth it?

>> No.29946715

Seems like it might not be worth it unless you can somehow have multiple browsers doing it at once. Not sure how it would work. I think you need to click the close button on the ad too? Or does it go away by itself after a bit

>> No.29946800

Oh, [s that real|are you serious|are you joking}? Why do you complain about this shit?
Want to save your portfolio just but your brains back to your head and listen to me lil boi
>YVS Finance yield farming - that’s what youwanna see since you know about crypto!
So be clever and get money here, no deposit or extra gas, just a clear staking model!

>> No.29946836

>You can use a VPN with a USA ip address
Kind of silly for such small gains.

>> No.29946879

You need some browsing history, I recommend going to all exchange sites because I keep getting ones for coinbase and etoro

>> No.29946898

Ads will eventually become widespread in other countries. If you want to capitalize on BAT mooning you can always just buy some.

>> No.29946976

I have no idea about electrical engineering, but maybe worth it if using an old mobile phone and if you can rig a solar panel to it?

i dunno, am 'tard

>> No.29947013

IIRC Brave is the only browser which randomizes data that can be fingerprinted OOTB. Most browsers can't even be configured to do this at all.

Already there my friend. Been holding BAT since 2018.

>> No.29947367

Yeah just got some now for some nexo crypto coin. I'm on mobile, no mouse here. 0.6 bat. Its going up

>> No.29947504

Firefox does this. It has a mode to randomize things like audio APIs and canvas rendering, all of which are used for fingerprinting. Doing that causes google captcha to go full retard. I'm using brave right now and captcha is still usabele. Ergo fingerprinting is still very much active

>> No.29947508 [DELETED] 

It's telling that other than English, the articles are written in Spanish or Turkish. So you're obviously a low iq spic or roach

>> No.29947614

Big BAT news coming in March by the way. This is going to be the biggest year for brave and BAT by far.

>> No.29947637

Testing out 4chan pass on mobile. I got nuked. Lets see if it works

>> No.29947661 [DELETED] 

What's the news?

>> No.29947705
File: 35 KB, 627x520, laptop electrical usage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, i did some retard maths anons
whatcha all think?

>> No.29947747

BAT one of the top blue-chip crypto gainers while markets are down.

>> No.29947800

Yeah it's not a money-making venture it's more of just a way of accumulating something rather than nothing.

>> No.29947825

the notifications are coming in!
So do I need to click on them to get muh BAT or is just looking at it/dismissing it enough?

>> No.29947937

Yeah seems like too much effort. Just accumulate regularly and watch it moon imo. Buy some on an exchange if you want to make more on it.

You do not need to click them to get paid.

>> No.29947960

This was fixed and addressed, it wasn't due to malice: https://brave.com/referral-codes-in-suggested-sites/

>> No.29947979

They use local machine learning (SVMs) to detect human-like mouse behavior and to separate useful JS from trackers, ads, spam etc.

>> No.29948006

I wanted to see if it would be profitable to automate this process, but considering all the costs involved (i.e. cables, hardware, etc), wear and tear on machines, time spent, etc. it becomes non-profitable to automate

Basically, best way to make money, if at all, is to actually purchase with fiat

>> No.29948035

Looks like you're reducing your electricity bills when you browse anon, keep at it.

>> No.29948073

I've been using Brave for about a week and haven't seen a single ad and have accumulated 1.9 BAT

Does this sound right

>> No.29948082

Reeee I've been doing this for 15 months dont tell people.about this

>> No.29948092

And all the best viruses were written in C, making it all Dennis Ritchie's fault. Fucking retard

>> No.29948111

Have you been seeing the ads on the new tab pages?

>> No.29948112

No, I calculated for a single laptop.
With wear and tear, and a myriad of other factors, you're likely not reducing at all, or reducing minimally due to losses from other factors

>> No.29948173


>> No.29948243


Yes I have actually, I thought maybe it would be more intrusive than that.

>> No.29948248

No, they learn human-like patterns of activity. You'd have to use some kind of GAN to outsmart the Brave machine-learning.

>> No.29948366

not worh anyways

>> No.29948390

hello frens, I have a simple question: I have downloaded the Brave browser and signed up for BAT rewards or whatever, how do I watch ads and start earning BAT?

>> No.29948449

It's honestly not too bad. It reminds me a little bit of how google ads started with just a simple text ad.

>> No.29948513
File: 35 KB, 165x165, uhohtrump.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do I have to be shields-down all the time to see ads that generate me some BAT?

>> No.29948544

They pop up as notifications. You don't need to watch or click aanything. Just browse the web normally and they will pop up

>> No.29948576

No. I never turn shield off.

>> No.29948615

But you're still an idiotic pajeet.

>> No.29948645
File: 123 KB, 409x509, TheLobesAreRinging.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ring ring, its the moon calling

>> No.29948652

I think it functions as a pop up ad in the browser, installing it on your phone is reliable since it shows an ads as a notification regardless you use your phone or not

>> No.29948667

one last question, where specifically do they pop up as notifications? On the triangle next to the lion on the search bar?

>> No.29948799

On your phone it will be a notification on the top of your screen. Desktop will be a notification on the bottom right of your screen. It makes a little ding noise too.

>> No.29948838

1. i only got 150 ads this month
how did you get 600?
2. when i tried to get bats on my mobile browsers, i only had payment going to one wallet, so i quit trying to use multiple browsers

>> No.29948881

For some reason i dont ever get pop up ads on my computer browser. Anyone know why?

>> No.29948888
File: 82 KB, 591x1280, IMG_20210228_230130_769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well it looks like im back guys. Just got confirmation of BMW motorgroup running ads on brave. If you dont have a 10k stack right now you should probably get one. Also im one BAT whale of many in my groupchat and we have been doing some pretty heavy analysis and accumulating for years. Collectively we probably have 1-2% of the supply. I dont want to name any names, but there is a guy pretty deep in the crypto game with a lot of money who has been spying on our group and I believe hes been trying to shake us out of our positions at $4 because we could potentially be a massive liquidity risk at $100+. He was telling one of our guys that $4 is very high for BAT lol. We all know better than that. A person with his wealth and status doesnt message a group of autists to say $4 is high without some other motives.

>> No.29948904

>tfw just set those to not play sound or show a popup and get my free BAT without ever having the interruption

>> No.29948914

>fingerprinting is still very much active
Yes, but a large portion of the data is randomized or "spoofed". Read up a little on canvas (though there are other vectors through which data can be gathered from a user visiting a site). Anyway, this is what Brave does. As opposed to preventing fingerprinting altogether, it gives sites a false readout of certain metrics.

>> No.29949032

Yeah probably. Go go your system notification settings and make sure they are turned on for Brave. I had that issue as well.

>> No.29949074

Checked quads and absolutely based. Bat moon confirmed without a doubt. This year is going to be massive.

>> No.29949136

Dude i just realised that Brave has built-in Tor.
Is it any different in security to Tor Browser?

>> No.29949151


There, better overview. I wasn't aware that Firefox had implemented something similar though.

>> No.29949215
File: 1.79 MB, 1920x1040, 2021-02-28_22-02-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck anon i lied, I am feeling sketched out cuz ive been browsing for 45 minutes and not a single ad. I have attached a pic of my browser, can you tell me where specifically they would be, and also more importantly what websites should i be going to to get ads?
Sorry for being this much of a fucking retard

>> No.29949225
File: 195 KB, 430x490, 1612417326969.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29949248
File: 36 KB, 569x512, 55214427-D7E8-4B41-BE75-4336092D2371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have as many basic virtual machines running that your computer can handle
>unique VPNs for each one
>each one accepts the same mouse / keyboard signal
>duplicate BAT gains when shitposting

Like multiboxing in wow

>> No.29949255

Yes. Brave is not comparably hardened for regular usage with Tor. It's great in a pinch, but if you plan on really digging into .onion sites, it is always best to use the Tor browser.

>> No.29949280

No I use it all the time for dark fail type shit if you know what I mean. I think regular tor with tails is probably safer but I'm lazy so whatever.

>> No.29949282

go ask your friends on reddit

>> No.29949353

Did you check your system notifications like I said? Are you using windows or what

>> No.29949380

can we expect an update on monthly users for Feb? i'm kinda anticipating a decent jump, feels like the hype around brave is starting to grow

>> No.29949410

System notification settings*. As in click on your bottom left toolbar like you are opening the start menu and search for notifications and then make sure brave browser app is switched on for notifications

>> No.29949443


Lex Fridman podcast helped a lot I bet

>> No.29949517

I don't suppose TAILS in a VM would make anything different?

>> No.29949522

Anything interesting in it? I didn't watch because I already know all about it. He probably just went over the basics I'm guessing.

>> No.29949577
File: 277 KB, 655x599, 1612201588799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just checked r/WSB to see if the redditors have realized what's at stake here. They're still talking about fucking GME. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the second GME craze is a psyop to divert their energy from BAT. Unironically getting Reddit investors on board would be huge, even if they're cringe nigger lovers there's a lot of them, and they would basedface at a "fight the big guy" angle.

On the other hand, they're extremely fickle, and some number of them would be prone to dumping once they find out that Eich is a based Christian who doesn't suffer fag marriage or the covid hoax.

>> No.29949585


No they talk about Javascript too much

>> No.29949608


This guy isnt some random twitter crypto shitter either. I would say his net worth is easily in the 9 figure range. He knows all about liquidity and equity divestiture. Dude is trying to strangle us in the crib for an easier path to Billionaire status. Its extremely bullish for BAT.

>> No.29949624

lmao bro it's a good aggregate for NFL information, relax.

PERFECT, thanks anon I will set this up but I know what you are talking about. Appreciate you spoon feeding me man, have a solid week.

>> No.29949628

35 million

>> No.29949821
File: 704 KB, 873x529, ahmet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

restore key ? What restore key . Did I lost my BAT because of my retardation . I guess I will never make it huh

>> No.29949845

Incredibly unlikely that they gained 10 mil users in the shortest month of the year

Sure thing

>> No.29950051

you're a turk arent you?
be honest

>> No.29950224

I get BAT for ads but i never see any ads? What do I do lord?

>> No.29950273


Notification settings

>> No.29950468

if GME pumps I will dump it all into BAT

>> No.29950542
File: 7 KB, 250x202, 1614119155354s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't it obvious

>> No.29950563
File: 5 KB, 400x400, pixelperfect pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't care about his politics I just care about his product BAT and the Brave Browser. Unless of course, his politics interferes with my tokens.

>> No.29950621

iyi geceler ibne seni

>> No.29950640
File: 10 KB, 225x225, 1613095336168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very interesting. Thanks for dropping by, brah.

>> No.29950727

I wouldn't count on it

don't think it would, and the fact that he is spiritually an outsider compared to the major players will contribute to the project remaining independent

>> No.29950977
File: 138 KB, 750x420, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we shall make it to the promised land my batbros. we will look back on this sub $1 times with fondness. savor these precious moments because they wont last much longer.

>> No.29951009

Retard. It's one of the better podcasts out there to understand the full frame work of the world wide web from beginning to now.

>> No.29951010



>> No.29951093

And Google just takes all your information and sells it. Are you one of those faggots that makes .000001c off of affiliate links with Google?

>> No.29951218
File: 39 KB, 640x478, battler painting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm just going to answer the one question that isn't a complete troll.
Users get BAT, yes? Let's connect the dots, here. Who gives users the BAT? Brave does. Where does Brave get them from? Either their own remaining BAT pool (dev fund?) or they have to buy it themselves.
You with me so far?
So, Users get 70% of the total that an advertiser pays to put the ad in front of the user. Brave gets the other 30% by acting as the publisher. This is the trifecta of Publisher/User/Advertiser.
Conclusion: The BAT comes from Brave themselves. The demand is partly from the users, partly from the advertisers.
Thanks for the good question. I usually answer it 1-3 times every BAT thread. Stay tuned for next thread!

>> No.29951257

is this english? ill try and answer some parts that i can sort of understand


the demand currently comes from advertisers buying ad space from brave. in the near future there will be expanded utility from features such as:

- self-serve ads platform
- publisher ads
- SDK which will allow BAT to be used on platforms outside the browser such as mobile games, apps, streaming services etc
- pay with bat feature
- themis
- brave mail
- defi
- NFT platform
- BAT used as fees from native crypto wallet
utility in search engines was announced (not sure how they will work that in)
- brave mail
- VPN subscriptions
- etc etc

im sure there are some things that im missing. that coupled with a user base thats growing rapidly is a winning combo. the first few years of brave was building out the browser, and now they are expanding the utility of BAT by a lot.

>> No.29951311

The tranny is losing it with all the bat interest.

>> No.29951319
File: 9 KB, 233x217, 1599192098158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Where does the demand for the coin come from
Advertisers who want to reach Brave users. Have you even read the basics of this project? Convoluting this fact doesn't change it.
>donation scam
KEK it's the same seething shitskin from before. Changing ID doesn't mean it's not easy as fuck to spot your pattern of spergout
>yfw you lost 500 BAT and are still seething about it

>> No.29951703

>liquidity risk

What is this

>> No.29951706
File: 64 KB, 800x800, AA3B704E-5F93-49FA-BC08-F87E3ADCA0D5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>28 posts
Yeah dude we can see you’re shilling, you’re trying too hard y’know. Here take some chill pills

>> No.29951781

Firefox does the same spoofing/randomization. Somehow brave's doesn't fuck up captchas, suggesting its not strong enough.

Resist fingerprinting is hidden in aboutconfig

>> No.29951829

Obviously. On tor you can be tracked even via autistic means like screen resolution. You are advised to use it on tails and not change default screen dimensions.

>> No.29951858

so the entire tokenomics is "brave will give us a few dollars and google wont" dont pretend it has a revolutionary usecase outside of that

so they are going to bankrupt themselves buying their own coin to give you? no they give you less and less as thevalhe increases, but more realistically dump on you
because its not a perfect ecosystem like >>29951257, the advertisers are paying brave real money. they dont give a fuck about bat, there is no triangle, the pennyfarmers are the dead end

>> No.29951862

Oh and with JS disabled. If you're using tor with js enabled you are doing it wrong

>> No.29951927

Yeah. I don't believe you can even disable js in braves tor tabs.

>> No.29951961

You are so simple minded it's not worth my time to explain anything. Brave is the start of web 3.0 being adopted on large scale. Enjoy your affiliate links while they last

>> No.29952009

LOL rename it to placebo tab lmfao

>> No.29952048

brave mobile browser sucks ass
that said i'm digging the desktop browser, the one thing thats almost a dealbreaker, however, is THE STUPID FUCKING DYNAMIC RESIZING TABS! i'm a tab whore and i miss faggotfox's wide, scrollable tabs

>> No.29952099

Be brave and try out CFX.

>> No.29952105

How do you get so much BAT a month? I only manage 5-6 a month.

>> No.29952173

I think the mobile browser is pretty good.

>> No.29952178

You can.
>Change global shield defults (Brave icon in address bar)
>Block scripts
Why are browsers so hard to use for biz? No wonder you dumb fucks think Brave is insecure. You know nothing.

>> No.29952192

become a porn addict

>> No.29952218

The mobile browser is faster than Chrome. Blocks ads in jewtube and Spotify. You can turn off your screen and still listen to audio in the settings as well.

>> No.29952254

I think it's just different approaches, and Brave shows up as less unique on CoverYourTracks than FF does, even with multiple extensions installed, so I don't think it's a matter of less effective or more effective, overall. It appears that Brave reveals more info about the browser itself and the OS it's running on than FF does, and that's probably why captcha doesn't shit itself with Brave's fingerprinting protection (with the defaults at least): https://www.chrislockard.net/posts/fingerprinting-privacy-brave-vs-firefox/

I bet if you set fingerprinting protection to aggressive in Brave though, that captcha and some other commonly used web components would get fucky. Worth exploring though. Brave replaced FF as my default almost a year ago now, so I should probably dig into FF's resist fingerprinting feature a bit. I love both browsers regardless.

>> No.29952281

Firefox is sorts owned. Why even discuss that shit browser

>> No.29952317


>> No.29952340

how? isn't max ads like 5 an hour? ive had brave for a week and still dont even have .1 bat

>> No.29952369

i am getting ads for Mini now. (as in the little cars)

>> No.29952379

>placebo tab
It's literally an integrated Tor instance. Anyone who uses Tor for general browsing is an absolute retard. Brave's Tor feature is meant for quickly checking out deep web sites. If you're heavily exploring .onion world you should always use the Tor browser itself (ideally on TAILS like another anon mentioned).

>> No.29952385


>> No.29952391

I been using brave for like 2 weeks now and it says I'm only going to get 0.87 BAT
How I get more? I've got ads turned up to max, auto contribute off and I always make sure to click the ads as they roll in and close after 5 seconds.

>> No.29952421


No new ATH ever.

Useless token. Really. Its over man. let it go and you will immediately feel better and gain better.

KLEROS is the one.

>> No.29952454

Do porn sites create more ads? I've tried running my computer for 24 hours just playing constant youtube videos but that doesn't seem to work.

>> No.29952603
File: 645 KB, 2265x1012, Slowbleed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know it's bait but still hilarious.

>> No.29952611

The ads are served via Brave itself in the form of notifications. Your web browsing habits and history have no effect on the ads. As has been mentioned several times, you're not going to be rolling in BAT from using rewards, and It's not going to be very effective outside of North America.

>> No.29952706

>be me
>start shill brave thread last night
>only get 30 replies
>wake up and see these 2 threads and 1 that reached bump limit
FUCK YES BAT CHADS LETS GOOO! Ive been making threads for days now and its finally starting to catch on, i wish all you poorfags best of luck wagmi

>> No.29952722

Right but I've got it set to 5 ads an hour and if I'm not using it then those ads don't pop up. So what I want to know is how do I have it auto loading websites to make it think I'm actually paying attention.

>> No.29952774

they have some sort of humanised mouse detection, as long as you're moving your mouse and have viewed shit theyre targeting then you're sweet to farm afk

>> No.29952805

What happens if BAT goes up to $1 or $5 or more? Do they adjust the rewards from the browser so people get less BAT? Or are brave rewards essentially putting a ceiling on how high BAT can go?

Realistically, how high can BAT even get before it becomes unprofitable to advertise through brave?

>> No.29952889

Oh sick so it's the exact same as Bugman from home work.

>> No.29952904

yeh the advertisers buy bat then everyone gets paid like 1.3c in BAT per ad view. So next year you'll be receiving fuck all BAT but it will be worth the same amount as now

>> No.29952920

yeah but i dont use music subscription services. for jewtoob i use vanced. i dont like that there is no full screen mode in brave mobile. i get the flat tire at the bottom and gray notification type bar at the top. also hate that the new tabs button is at top, not intuitive. switching between tabs opens up big ass tiles like i'm switching aps, hate that also

>> No.29952932

lmao check how this idiotic genius tries to get some cash from these poor people

Fuck that.
Already participated in yield farming on YVS Finance and their genius staking model with low fees. That’s what you should check first now

>> No.29952957

The payout isn't that high at all. I remember reading that the creators say they expect people to be able to earn up to like $250 in BAT a year using the browser. That is probably at an optimistic price point for people who know how to game the system perfectly.

BAT is really promising, but this is like BTC back in the early days. Difference being that in the early days of BTC no one gave a shit about the price and was just happy to use it.

>> No.29952969


It will become unprofitable once the price of 1 SAT worth of BAT becomes too expensive. Stop thinking in discrete values.

>> No.29952979

Anyone has brave is going to make it. Theres a tonne of REAL utility coming over the next few years. No other crypto compares.

>> No.29953085

it truly does feel good to be early, this has early link vibes and early btc vibes all over it. What are you going to buy when you make it anon?

>> No.29953150

Pay off my parents mortgage :)

>> No.29953154

based oldOP

>> No.29953235

>they won't get any money!
>meanwhile receiving 30% of the revenue from advertisers
Reading comprehension

>> No.29953275
File: 24 KB, 474x355, AJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically great thread OP, a unique idea and not just shilling your shitcoin

>> No.29953305

I'll help but only because I genuinely love using the browser (and the shekels of course)

>> No.29953306

good to hear anon
after seeing a bunch of anons get burned through food tokens and farming rugpulls i feel like its my duty to help them out, BAT is truly one of a kind crypto with massive potential i won't ever stop shilling it

>> No.29953307
File: 68 KB, 1279x612, buy the next dip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw parents owe over a million in mortgage

Welcome to Toronto

Anyhow, buy next dip?

>> No.29953536

keep seeing new tab ads but not getting bat. why

>> No.29953545

Crypto is filled with shit rugpulls and the next btc. Brave and Bat have actual uses with a big headed known genius behind it.

>> No.29953561

Lads, I just downloaded brave, and I was able to import all my browser history, bookmarks etc from firefox in like 20 seconds. So the transition is so fucking easy

>> No.29953613

just did this test with brave and i have strong protection, your point is?

>> No.29953703

>this is like BTC back in the early days
My little BAT stack and I hope you're right. I'm gonna keep stacking BAT this year while shilling brave to all my friends.

I'm actually really surprised that brave is such a good browser. I thought it was just a meme but now I'm using it on everything. Easy replacement for chrome for all my casual browsing. All my normalfag friends will probably switch when I show them the adblocking on jewtube because none of them bother to use any adblockers.

I'm worried that once the normies start installing it in droves that google and facebook and others are going to try to put their slimy dicks up its ass.

>> No.29953780

will this go below 0.50 again?

>> No.29953876

if btc goes back to 44k and lower, yes. If it goes up then we'll be seeing $1

>> No.29953987

Me too, bro. The oligarchs won and it sucks

>> No.29954007

A liquidity risk occurs when you have a few people with a large chunk of the supply. Typically when a company IPO's theres some filing paperwork that comes with a vesting period that states that certain parties can only sell so many shares at a time. The founder of the company starts out with 100% control but along the way peoples pieces of pie gets smaller and smaller. Once the company goes public you will have some people with 2,3,4% of a company worth tens or hundreds of billions, and they are only allowed to sell x amount of shares per year or quarter. With BAT though, we do not have a lockup. We own a couple percentage of the supply, and later on down the road it could become a real problem. A few people selling off 3% of the supply over the course of a week can be a problem if theres not ample liquidity.

>> No.29954158

thanks anon, that's the most intelligent projection I have read on this board all week.

>> No.29954159

How can I turn my ads onto max? I can't find it.
Also I've made 1 cent this hour, fuck yeah

>> No.29954231

Most of /g/ is teenaged phone ricers and gaymers who couldn't produce a fizzbuzz if their lives depended on it

>> No.29954321

/g/ is only good if you want to make a home server with a raspberry pi. They don't know shit.

>> No.29954362

Read the fucking thread. Nvm the fact it's really easy to do. Holy shit you guys really are fucking retarded.

>> No.29954448

Enabled in phone, pc and tablet
Only get ads on tablet..

>> No.29954502

I can't tell if you're memeing or a pajeet using google translate.

in the big section with the red words "Ads"
now see the enable/disable click button on the top right of that section?
next to that is another button with three horizontal lines as the, you guessed it, settings button

>> No.29954536

Thats when google and fb get fucked by anti trust/anti competition laws.

>> No.29954698

lads remember the internet of the late 90s/early00s where it was full of ads everywhere pre adblock? Well 20 years later we have eliminated that model and updated the internet.

>> No.29954710

>0.530BAT in a month
Fuck your burger-only games, ingmi

>> No.29954769

I figured it out, it's the weird 3 lined symbol by the ads part of the brave rewards page

>> No.29954813

I am fucking retarded, lots of people here are retards, this browser is like using apple. I've been using firefox exclusively for 13 years now and it's fucking with me a bit

>> No.29954822

>So the transition is so fucking easy
Yeah the seamlessness between the main browsers is quite nice, which happens to include Brave. Congrats btw.

>> No.29954869

Yeah and that's been such a deterrent for them in the past.
They aren't going to just let this slide. If the browser gets huge I fully expect them to pull some greasy shenanigans on yt and fb to try to protect their cash cows.

>> No.29954875

This. I used to love /g/ until I graduated college, got a job, and actually became knowledgeable in shit. That place is should be renamed to tech consoomers. Only thing that board is good for is headphone and monitor recommendations.

>> No.29954923

boomer alert

>> No.29954949

I remember the old school way where you had to battle for a fucking month typing in whole website names and shit. Dark times.

I can't believe I'm being paid to shitpost now, like a professional

>> No.29955016
File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, 1a4[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he expects that the US government will actually enforce anti-trust laws in [current year]

>> No.29955072

GDPR is already happening in europe. Australia just put the heavies on FB (rightly or wrongly). I think it could happen in the USA too. It almost happened with Microsoft years ago.

>> No.29955154
File: 7 KB, 335x135, 45bat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a retard. They'll simply adjust rewards, like they did in the past.

>> No.29955789

the only risk brave has to deal with are google fb twitch etc, its in their best interest brave didnt exist

>> No.29956329

You guys realize if brave starts to pickup significant market share for browsera because of bat what is stopping google from making their own token. Google are not going to go down without a fight and will fight to squash out brave if it finds a lot success

>> No.29956513
File: 8 KB, 250x230, 1612493063924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>55c is the floor

this has been addressed, their infrastructure would need to be totally taken apart and rebuilt, which is just not feasible for an operation of their size. they could try to implement half-measures to address the situation but ultimately it's a structural question

>> No.29956944

Luke is that you?

>> No.29957118
File: 2.35 MB, 1860x894, Mini.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29957252

Nah it's Dim Tool bro.

>> No.29957298
File: 109 KB, 606x143, gotta pump those numbers up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How long you been using? How many BAT?
I cant fathom 25 gigs being saved by casual use anon

>> No.29957350
File: 582 KB, 812x634, 1473985046690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29957420
File: 76 KB, 665x152, 2021-03-01 03_53_38-New Tab - Brave.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to give you perspective I reformatted 2 days ago

>> No.29957425

Vertical tree tabs when

>> No.29957426

False. Googles business model is incompatible with googles current model. It would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. Google collects data to sell. Brave doesn't monetise data to sell. All user data is stored locally on Brave.

>> No.29957452

I have 14gb saved on my phone. Very possible.

>> No.29957478
File: 269 KB, 1242x839, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone else have this? Could it be because it thinks my device is jailbroken?

>> No.29957619

Well, checked my mobile and i have 2.4 gigs saved since Jan. 30th
And I dont do much on it except browse 4chan

>> No.29957639

no brave rewards on iOS

>> No.29957786

how many hours of browsing to make 1 BAT?

>> No.29957819

They sitting on a basic feature req for 4 years
Fucking idiots
This browser will crash and burn
Even Edge is bringing out vertical tabs
Monitors aren't square anymore

>> No.29957845

I see. They allow it on macos for now though

>> No.29957884


>> No.29957895

They are probably 'guessing' the number.
It would be difficult to factor in caching etc. of tracking scripts so they probably assume every request is a full request not served by local cache, which isn't true.

>> No.29957976

noooo not the verticle tabberinos! its all over!

>> No.29958009

Im seething over here they are missing a core browser feature how can I be productive on this shit product.

>> No.29958021
File: 425 KB, 750x1334, CD966E18-C0B7-4824-A949-CDADF943BE14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get a fucking life good god

>> No.29958085

>what other browsers have built in video calling functionality
>what other browsers have built in news aggregating
>what other browsers have native IPFS and TOR
nooooooooooooo! its ruined without vertical tabs!!

>> No.29958163

>video calling
why would i want to look at people when i talk to them?
literal trash why would I consume it
>ipfs and tor
nice i guess

but why are you so obsessed with built-in? Probably because your browser has a shit addon ecosystem.

>> No.29958284

Google already has "Google Opinion Rewards" with over 50 million users

>> No.29958382

Fuck off Luke. We don't like you here

>> No.29958519


>> No.29958540

They don't show up as normal adds, they show up as notifications in the lower right corner. If you've ever used chrome and turned youtube notifications on for it it's like that. You have to maoe sure rewards is on in tue settings and that you click the ad notifications when they pop up.

>> No.29958550

Interesting feature but I dont need it rn. I'm interested in trying it, though.

>> No.29959031
File: 66 KB, 518x526, bat pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Google has infrastructure built around selling data. It would not be easy to just dump that model and all the people working for/within those divisions. It also has key partnerships with the businesses they sell data to. Eliminating that in order to try some risky venture already first-moved by Brave may be too risky to do on their part. And by the time they do decide to switch over, even if it were quite soon, they have already cemented themselves as data sellers and I doubt it would bode well for them. Just imagine the image issue they'd have switching sides like that.

>> No.29959109

>opening new tabs on mobile gives you an ad image every 5th tab

This is helpful info

>> No.29959140

based, installed earlier today and earned 0.1. If this keeps up i'll earn around 5-10 tokens every month. also bought for 1000 bucks, lets see where this goes.

>> No.29959369

yeh you can legit hit your 5 max ads per hour just by doing this, works on mobile and PC im sure when more people abuse this it will change.

>> No.29959639

Why can't someone reverse engineer Brave's communications with the ad server, make a BAT farming app, run thousands of them using residential proxies and collect industrial strength gains?

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