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plz i dont wanna be associated with pajeets im afghan

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why is your hand that shiny? did you lotion up before the pic or what? is the paint not dry yet?

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yeah show the backside with a timestamp. i bet you didnt paint the other side

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sandnigger bro

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rather be a sandnigger than a fagjeet so am happy with that sir

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Sure, but stay over there ok?

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No im bringing white sharia

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One race

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Do you drink Onions bro? Only White Aryans drink it.

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no i drink paki tears

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mfw im so white that u think i painted it FEELZ GOOD TO BE WHITE BOYS WHITE POWER 1488

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There is Aryan/Indo-European admixture in your country so you may have an Aryan phenotype. You might be welcome if you have a high IQ and don't have too much non-Aryan blood.

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Honest question.
Ur mom slept with some random US soldier didn't she?

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Based white Chad.

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protip: if your skin is white whether you're arab, hispanic, etc., you can get laid around the world
just don't be too brown and DON'T be black skinned
t. /trv/er

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filter.. OP is a huge faggot

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>found the incel

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Afghans are persians, basically actual fucking aryans. Except the pashtuns, who are more closely related to pajeets.

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Based department

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post nose

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do u lift?

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Honest question. How many men have buttfucked you during bacchabazi? You are too soft to be left alone.

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i dont think so bro cuz i got thick eyebrows and a thick beard you know?

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you realise white people can be hairy too right?

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The ancient name of Afghanistan is actually "Aryana." And Pashtuns are the real Afghans and they are the whitest with colorful eyes n shit like this guy

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That's based enough for me, welcome aboard fellow white man

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