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Hi fellows, I made comprehensive summary:


w8 for more

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That was actually a very interesting article and big if true.

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Thx for credits, i also putted my Money where my mouth is.

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never selling faggot

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You need medication.

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I bought years before tesla and i'll buy for years after they sell

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you people are basically Qanon except it's costing you a fuckton of money
Going to be almost sad when you all kill yourselves

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that’s right, couldn’t give a fuck about elon cuck

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Great article. Read the whole thing. Looks very interesting. I'll click around on more links in the article tonight. Thanks for putting in the effort

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Absolutely based and truthpilled

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Apple just bought 2.5 billion in btc.

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stop responding to yourself, holy shit i wish this board had actual mods that permaban trash like you

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Imagine being this big of a paranoid faggot take your meds anon

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Lmao, ass blasted btc maxi. I'm literally not OP. I'm just telling him good job for posting an intelligent thread, instead of the two dozen shit threads

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the cope is real
>everyone who has a different opinion than me is a samefag!
>they must all be the same person!
>it can’t be perhaps my worldview or outlook is questionable
>they’re the problem!

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You are the confirmation for me. Don’t know why maxis are so emotional, the truth hurts probably.

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That link has a malware on it.

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it's true, they bought doge
dojo 4 doge
apple bought doge too

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It's a medium link, it does not have malware

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Yes it does.

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You are pathetic, its fucking medium link

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>medium link

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Medium link—coated in 3rd party advertisements. The AV says there is a malware on that link, I hope you didn't click it. Report the thread and move along.

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Yet another BSV shill thread
Just wasted 1min of my life

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It seems weird that they announced the "buy" and yet they don't accept it as a currency. I agree, doesn't pass the smell test.

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what fucking bullshit . it is a shill for that shit bitcoin SV. people ignore that shit, anybody who believes in this shit is a retard. fake satoshiii wrote this

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I love Elon simply because every little thing he does triggers some dumb know tall self righteous faggot. Elon is basically a litmus test for if you are a sour grapes "too smart to win" retard.

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hey anon you should keep up with Zachary K Hubbards work at Gematria effect News


these are all rituals he participated in

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non-whites were a mistake

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Ok. If he purchased 1.5 billion of it and Google has as well - then why the hell hasn’t the price gone to astronomical levels? Supply and demand.

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this^. the man is hilarious and based as fuck. anyone he triggers is, unironically, outing themselves as a total loser.

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To be fair, it probably takes time to integrate it into their system.

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damn I read 90% of that before realizing it was all an elaborate Bitcoin SV shill

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Better now than two years from now anon

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>TSLA lied to SEC in their 10-K report about what they did with $1.5B

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Can you point out where he lied? The filing didn’t mention BTC or XBT, only Bitcoin

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The dust attack part isn't exactly pointing to Elon Musk or any rockets. That spam has been around since years. Just look at any big txs on Bitcoin blockchain, you'll see the bot spamming the same thing over and over just to lead people to the memo.sv thread.

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bitcoin is BTC you dumb retard. there is no planet that it is reasonable to interpret that in any other way. you SV shills are the dumbest faggots around

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Bitcoin is also BCH, BSV, and on some exchanges BSV is traded under the BTC ticker. If you want to get technical what most people consider BTC is “Bitcoin Segwit 2.0”

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Did you know that what you call Bitcoin is actually forked? Segwit needed a fork which why what you call Bitcoin can not be Bitcoin by definition. It's a forked coin from the original chain

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Wtf I clicked and now all of my bitcoins are gone

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Do you actually believe the real satoshi would shill something with "satoshi's vision" shamelessly slapped on it? It's more likely that mdmc was created by actual mcdonald's.

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i clicked and obama flew past my window, he was yelling something about pee pee poo poo or something

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The cryptoverse does not need figure heads to follow. Its fucking stupid.

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absolutely based. core cucks on suicide watch

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Tesla bought BSV

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>here is the tl;dr:
buy BSV

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Oh shit you kept diggin!

I am OhkWGmyT) in the old thread.
Man you went all out. Good fucking job

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Damn I was wanting you to join twetch through me.. ah

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Sent you some tokens

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Fuck. I will dyor. It seems legit. Thank you dude.

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I'm amazed. Time to fill the fucking bags.

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How do i buy this

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take your meds

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Bittrex in the US

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Craig Wright is Satoshi and I can prove it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easily. I've been doing my research as well.

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Where are you in the world ?
Use Bittrex in the US.
Here is a list of exchanges.

and here is a list of brokers

The pic is a whitepaper that Craig Wright wrote in 2001

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opps forgot the pic

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>its another BSV shizo post

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not clicking your links fag

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It’s well made to be honest

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tee bee aitch I don't even like creg or satoj vision but maxipads who pretend 'peer-to-peer electronic cash' is meaningless are pathetic

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>1 post by this ID

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Share this Article please. Fuck reddit, but at least try to save some of your normie friends. The screetching of segwit fanboys is the music for my ears.

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Ty idioto, to jest mniej więcej 10-ty post, zmieniam adresy IP wiec do budy smieciu. Masz moje sygnatury pgp jako dowód w każdym wątku i wypierdalaj

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hahaha wypierdalaj na wykop ze swoimi chujoartykułami ty niedorozwinięta cioto

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Anon just want to say props, ive been going down this rabbit hole for 2 hours now

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This guy is lying Polish shill trying to sell you his BSV bags, ignore his bullshit article.

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>Tesla was vague to the SEC about which asset they bought $1.5b of

This is some dumb ass reasoning.

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>what is an ID
Holy fuck how can you be this retarded anon

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He changes his IP, he admitted it in this post >>29956297
It's basically some samefag shill.

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Cope faggot. Yeah im using my PC to post and my phone to answer when im out of home, just let tyrone to blast your ass stupid nigger and shut the fuck up already.

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Elon recently answered the CleanTechnica post on Twitter. The same portal that made article about dojo and fsd

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>want to be a whale
>go for shit 3lvl scam
>lose everything and wee in the corner

you shouldn’t be a genius to understand what platform to join
my purse with enq and their node systems are bestopp for this year

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the part with plaintext in dusted addresses spelling out a clue, that shit is nuts, how did you find that?

what about the bsv pump on Jan 6/7?

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It doesn't matter if they did, with that announcement they tied the price of their stock to btc.

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>78 replies
>not a single mention of OP being an actual fucking tranny
This board is fucking dead, isn't it

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I was trying to track the Tesla tra sanction initially on btc explorer then this idea came to me, so I checked top 100 bsv addresses and found this suspicious transaction on pretty much all of them. Then I went deep

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Where would you buy BSV? It seems like a lot of exchanges have delisted it outright. It seems very fishy to be honest.

>> No.29958906

I know they are delisting but look on the reasons of de listing. They literally said they've done this to protect/defend bitcoin, what the hell does that even mean? Why don't they delist everything else as well then? I believe this is huge capital and influence battle, and some shady and very bad kikes want to censorship BSV to make you goyim using their layer 2 solutions and pay commissions exactly like you are doing now with your Mastercard. Almost 0 innovation, but muh bitcoin

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didn't read. I don't care about retard opinions. He had a meeting with michael saylor and THEN fake bought? Lmfao fucking idiots

>> No.29958989

>almost sad
The fuck? Celebrate that shit. The influx of fudders/normies recently has me pissed from their sheer ignorance

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Anon check out this gem.

$MCM Mochimo
> Quantum Proof
> Scalable and Fast
> Decentralized and Fair
>Price going crazy right now =)))

>> No.29959021

i fucking hate polen fags. fuck you

>> No.29959024

>please read my tinfoil hat blog everyone
fuck off you disgusting piece of shit

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Kek this shoulda been first post.
to faggot rajeet op, lieing a 1.5 billion deal to the SEC mean Elon going to rot for 15 yrs minimum in the can. Preach as hard as you can but no one gonna sell you discounted btc anymore

>> No.29959149

Retards like op don't have the brain cells to know lying about shit like that has severe consequences.
Too many low IQ fudders due to a normal correction. Fucking morons are getting on my nerves. Not even quality fud. Straight up retarded

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Call the police shitskins. And give me more, I am still hungry and your cope is the proof of being right for me. How many rupees Mastercard trannies are paying you for each reply?

>> No.29959365


why would tesla intentionally mislead their shareholders?

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You're a monkey

Op is a fucking low IQ dumbass that can't even fud right

>> No.29959413

Tesla SEC filling was also tl;dr for you. Congratulations, you kiked yourself, you deserve medal anon.

>> No.29959418

Kek yeah for sure the richest man in the world is running a bitcoin psyop. Fucking OP seek help.

>> No.29959426

Hey, down syndrome. That's exactly what YOU'RE doing, you fucking idiot.
Post pic of your wrist, kek

>> No.29959462

Work on your english, rajeesh

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Don't care Pajeet. I'm Polish. Whether you like it or not.

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Lets say I buy your argument and Elon really did buy into BSV. What do you think will happen to both Bitcoin and BSV? Are you expecting BSV to moon after it goes out of its 'stealth phase'?

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>> No.29960128

This was absolutely enthralling. Creg and Musk have a lot in common.

>> No.29960200

I think so. But there is possibility it will follow btc for next couple months till something happen.

>> No.29960203

Same lol
Couldn't fucking believe it

>> No.29960285

>Buying BTC
Why do you think their FOfficer would invest in bitcoin?How does that increase real value of Test Inc? It's even Inc.

>> No.29960313

fucking $1000
purchase and lost on trading
what a stupid, now he cries on every /biz/ shit
don’t give him funds
I told him to use fucking amazing justliquidity and hold bomb juld but seems like he is too stupid to understand this

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Bunch of bsv nutbags here

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>> No.29960496

why there is no BSV on binance?

>> No.29960593

Investment in BTC would be completely pointless, investment in BSV is reasonable and forward-looking. If u don't agree and still value defi shitcoins higher, then you don't understand the market you're investing in at all

>> No.29960639

Because it's fake bitcoin made to lure retards. A scam.

>> No.29960673

Except I've multiplied my money with bitcoin, shithead

>> No.29960691

It get delisted for same reason that OkCoin delisted it recently. To "protect and defend bitcoin" whatever that means. Chinks are commies, they don't like free market ideas, so they censor what is a threat to them.

>> No.29960761

Good for you Pajeet, unfortunately this 50$ fortune will be gone in TX fee.

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>start reading
>btc ticker
oh no
oh god he is

>> No.29960876

I have over 50k, retard and it's only that little because I lost a lot trading. No one is buying your shitcoin

>> No.29960914

Betting on BTC at this point is a bet that the investing crowd will continue to be retarded
Pretty safe imo

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File: 1.09 MB, 1242x1228, DDED8464-FAB6-44BE-8C25-645F5341453B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>copelet thinks a <trillion dollar company filed paperwork with the sec of their buys just to fool people to make a few bucks while destroying their reputation and business once discovered

>> No.29960992

Great article. Read the whole thing. Looks very interesting. I'll click around on more links in the article tonight. Thanks for putting in the effort

>> No.29960995

Fucking reddit post in biz. Great.

>> No.29961028

So, you are still fucking poor Pajeet. And u will lose everything eventually, because u don't understand the market you are investing in at all.

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File: 1.18 MB, 1242x1503, D58D5735-5853-4CE4-966B-03021F3BF2D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29961135

You are welcome

>> No.29961832

Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie, w Szczebrzeszynie

>> No.29961956

Lmao you don't even have 5 figs, do you? Fucking idiot

>> No.29961963

Ok, I'll bite.
Did coinbase distribute the BSV to their customers when the fork happened?
Or do they just have a big fat wallet with BSV that they held onto themselves.
Could they have sold said stash for say $5000 per BSV to Tesla?
It doesnt make sense otherwise. A 1.5 billion buy would have pumped the markets beyond belief.

>> No.29961996

Don't give ME advice when you are MORE POOR. Learn your place, mutt

>> No.29962279

Dude seriously you barely have 1 BTC, when we've been in this shit for years, you're not even close to us. Even your girlfriend thinks you're a pathetic piece of trash with a small penis. That's why she cheats on you. Your bags are small just like your ball sack. Cope faggot.

>> No.29962312

I had 3, retard. I just lost them trading a bear market. Your dumb bitch ass probably doesn't even have 1. Kys

>> No.29962359

I bet your bitchass doesn't even have the 1 LOL. So fun to larp tho, huh? No one is buying your shitcoin, shizo

>> No.29962419


Fuck off man you dont know anything about me

>> No.29962444

get help

>> No.29962450

Seriously tho. What kind of fucking dumb bitch actually thinks musk was lying about buying bitcoin? This is the saddest cope shit I've ever fucking seen. Why are you bsv faggots the most shizo of all crypto groups? I don't get your cult mentality. So fucking dogmatic that you have to make up realities just to cope LOL

>> No.29962475

I don't care how much u have or had. Let's summarize:
- you are pathetic faggot who can't cope
- you are poor as fuck, 1 BitShit is nothing
- your girlfriend is cheating on you, not even with Chads, because you are pathetic cunt.
- Your Dick, balls and bags are so tiny.

>> No.29962491

Shut the fuck up, bsv shiller (probably samefagging and changing IDs hahaha).
Your attempt to shill this shitcoin doesn't work here. If you've actually been here for years, you'd know no one likes your shizo group

>> No.29962513

who cares if mars guy bought btc?

>> No.29962556

>you are pathetic faggot who can't cope
Why would I need to "cope", retard? Try to make sense, dumbass
>- you are poor as fuck, 1 BitShit is nothing
More than you. Your pussy ass doesn't even want to post your gains. I will if you put up, pussy
>- your girlfriend is cheating on you, not even with Chads, because you are pathetic cunt.
Projecting your personal experiences unto others hahaha
>- Your Dick, balls and bags are so tiny.
Read above

Die poor, shizo.

>> No.29962595

Let me guess, you didn't even read my article? Fuck off be poor somewhere else and stop bothering me pathetic bitchass nigger

>> No.29962642

Again, faggot. Post proof you even have more than me. Stop being a pussy and man up

>> No.29962661


>> No.29962676

Ahh you seethe hard. Have a nice day goy boy.

>> No.29962715

And no, I didn't read your blog post because the very concept of elon not buying btc is the biggest stupidest piece of shit thing I've heard all week. Your dumb down syndrome ass actually thinks elon wouldn't get completely fucked if he lied about this. It's like your bitchass doesn't comprehend the concept of accountability.

>> No.29962735

Well-researched true or not. You change grammar every second paragraph from decent to shit. Gaps are too long to tell if you’re memeing or illiterate.

>> No.29962753

Ahh you didn't post proof. This bitchass lectures me about money but is too pussified to post their gains Hahahahahah

>> No.29962766

You know you can actually write anything into portfolio so it doesn't prove anything, aren't you? God dammit shitskins are so dumb.

>> No.29962783 [DELETED] 

U heard of NEXT Chain? Next chain is the new blockchain where assets and smart contracts can be built on the bitcoin core technology. Due to these extensions they are able to perform many transactions at very low costs. With this they increase scalability and they are able to fully support DeFi. No more high dynamic gas fees or slow transactions, join on Telegram @nextchain

>> No.29962818

Dumb bitch. You can easily screenshot or take an actual pic of the amount that is in your wallet. I can take a pic of the amount in phemex for instance. Use your fucking brain for once in your life, shizo

>> No.29962836

Makes overall sense to me, though one incongruency in your article is that the SEC filing is dated for 2020, so the purchase date for 2021 doesn't really work. I believe it was also probably an OTC deal that didn't show up as trading volume.

>> No.29962882

thanks op, just buyed a couple more (real) bit coins

>> No.29962924

Look at all this concentrated shilling, Lol

>> No.29963332

It was published 2021-02-08. This is 10-K annual report which provides a comprehensive overview of the company. It's valid don't worry.

Look how miserable crying Pajeet looks like. Cope

>> No.29963483

>For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2020
>we invested an aggregate $1.50 billion in bitcoin
Also stop responding to trolls.

>> No.29963516
File: 1.03 MB, 893x1617, 0E1BC3FD-F2A1-49D6-BA67-4A9276B11401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29963663

>3 replies to the same post
What level of cope is this hahaha

>> No.29963708

>In January 2021, we updated our investment policy
>In January 2021, we updated our investment policy

what is incomprehensible to you?

>> No.29963775
File: 7 KB, 229x220, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh look, another BSV schizo

>> No.29963809

OMG, the more users shilling a coin the worse it dumps. Stop being a faggot, don’t go for this shit
I don’t believe in this shill. My assets are on liquidity pools with YVS Finance model. I can withdraw whenever I need and any number without stupid taxes

>> No.29963899

Oh... so I guess they included it in the filing even though it was past December 31st, that's interesting. I didn't really know that was something that was done, but I guess it's reasonable.

>> No.29963968

Post pic of your skin color
Coordinated shillers. Bsv is a shitcoin. Stay poor
Yep. Lots of coordinated retards here. Especially op. Retard talks a big fame but is too much of a pussy ass bitch to post anything LOL

>> No.29964024

b-but sirs! Bsv is the real bitcoin!

>> No.29964057

This whole article is based on some schizo youtube channel that posts some conspiracy theories about blockchain mixed with videos like this:
Don't be a moron and don't fall for this weak shilling by some desperate BSV bagholder.

>> No.29964165
File: 133 KB, 249x243, 1C0575D8-0A14-484A-A736-A93CC9CD305C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hahaha, fuck you pajeet

>> No.29964214
File: 27 KB, 583x616, 3E64E2FD-F2B7-4354-9ECE-BF2D51DD788F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hahaha I'm not a pajeet, YOU are

>> No.29964396

i think /biz/ legit got spammed by a large shill force today, the current number of daily bsv threads is insane
it's been 3 fucking years
that fucking clown got BTFOd by everyone sane, but since he's early BTC hodler and scammer he can shill his shit with insane force for 10 more years

>> No.29964460

It's better to look at all of the data presented and pare away the less plausible things until you're left with something that makes sense, than to just lock down your mind and reject any new idea at the first sign of something dubious.

>> No.29964510

funny way of saying "bsv isn't the real bitcoin"

>> No.29964637

when bagholders go full schizo it is better for everyone to just let them shit themselves alone
don't get emotionally attached to your bags, anons, or you'll end up like this

>> No.29964684

BSV fees=$0.001 (spendable as electronic cash)
BTC fees=$26 (unspendable "store of value")

BSV is Bitcoin.

>> No.29965088
File: 168 KB, 598x386, 007A1774-FA3B-4676-8E36-05147CD3C535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29965149
File: 121 KB, 601x253, 1ED720B4-38AA-405A-993A-DCAC21CE3465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29965177

>Copelet thinks <a trillion dollar company would sue small repair shops just to make people replace their products when broken instead of having them fixed while destroying their reputation and business once on the news.

>> No.29965339

>if you were this waiting for this a sign is it
what did they mean by this

>> No.29965367
File: 759 KB, 1050x850, WTF IS THAT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you aren't the only one, nor the first, to notice strange circumstances surrounding Musk's bloviating about crypto

take for instance this meme:
>bitcoin forks to litecoin forks to dogecon
>Elon speaks prolifically on bitcoin and doge
>Elon buys bitcoin and dogecoin
>Elon has never heard of litecoin
doesn't add up does it?

>> No.29965457


>> No.29965512

Thanks just bought 1000 BSV

>> No.29965680

die poor. The market decided which is the real bitcoin. Sorry

>> No.29965726

you're all retarded. I'm losing brain cells here so I'm out. You shills will just be shilling each other lmfao. Bye, losers

>> No.29965745

BSV isnt listed on Coinbase though
Seems weird Coinbase would facilitate an OTC transaction for something they don't even support. Its like buying Tesla stock at a VW dealer.

>> No.29965828

Read the article. Coi base as custodian is only the unconfirmed rumor.

>> No.29965901

jannies only delete harmless funny meme threads because they are 'off-topic' fuck jannies

>> No.29966020

The metanet data economy that BSV enables will be a powerful incentive to start using it. BTC as "a store of value" is worthless in comparison, from a fundamentals point of view. The market will recognize the value of real Bitcoin value in time.

>> No.29966183
File: 292 KB, 1242x1431, 5B1ED40F-84A2-47DC-B428-BAE0357030B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29966421

No one will miss you

>> No.29966541
File: 13 KB, 416x416, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

did they not put in sec filing they did this? there is 0.0 chance they lied on a sec filing about something like this.

>> No.29966824

They only mention "$1.5 billion worth of bitcoin" and do not say BTC nor the number of coins.

>> No.29966921

Just read the article dude. They haven't lied, this is rather deliberate understatement. There is nothing specific in the SEC filling

>> No.29966930

Yeah but the SEC has to know BTC from BSV right? By this definition they could have bought any fork, claiming that that is Bitcoin.
Might as well have been Namecoin.

>> No.29967026


>> No.29967035

And u may be right as well. Ask SEC if they know the diffrence

>> No.29967276

The Litecoin project's code is forked from Bitcoin.

However, because Litecoin and Bigtcoin share no common ancestor, Litecoin is neither a soft-fork nor a hard-fork of Bitcoin, and it is also not a sustained chain split of Bitcoin.

We can verify that by comparing block 0 (aka Genesis block) of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. We see Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash share exactly the same Genesis block, but Litecoin's Genesis block was created by Charlie Lee separately, so Litecoin is a completely new blockchain.

When people say coin A is a fork of coin B, they usually mean coin A is a sustained chain split from coin B. Therefore, I would not suggest people call Litecoin a fork of Bitcoin unless it is clearly specified that the context is about the software project's source code.

>> No.29967358

The point is that they didn't specify. Even if it *could*be any fork, what fork serves their technological needs best?

>> No.29967370
File: 16 KB, 392x375, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BSV Schizo thread, ignore everything

>> No.29967379

technically, if they buy the ownership of a wallet that has pre-forked coins, he owns both - or rather, of all the versions that came after that date

buying post-forked coins is definitely a obvious misstep that Elon wouldnt take.

>> No.29967476

ok technically speaking your are correct that ltc is no btc fork
however that does not discount the fact ltc belongs to the same "bitcoin" class of digital currencies
and litecoin is a descendent of bitcoin because:
>The Litecoin project's code is forked from Bitcoin.

>> No.29967499

>- then why the hell hasn’t the price gone to astronomical levels? Supply and demand.

Off exchange?

>> No.29967502

also, directly buying ownership of pre-fork private keys will not create a transaction, making the Tesla receiving address unknown

>> No.29967564

this anon raises some seriously strong points, thank you

>> No.29967639

Why does every tranny call himself Cassandra

>> No.29967662

U may be right as well, they could buy all of the forks. I just think that both BTC and BCH are useless for Tesla business purposes.

>> No.29967829

Do you or any other anon know which exchange BSV is being shorted on?

>> No.29967849

Daddy issues

>> No.29967952
File: 205 KB, 512x288, 408754048544.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok I'm thoroughly confused now

>> No.29968120
File: 62 KB, 1168x488, 5BF5BB5B-6E13-4822-ADEF-A9F033F3EF1E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, bitfinex

>> No.29968137

>Cassandra or Kassandra, was a Trojan priestess of Apollo in Greek mythology cursed to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed.

>> No.29968187

Never reading. Never selling. OP IS A MINCING FAGGOT

>> No.29968229


>> No.29968250
File: 77 KB, 1179x577, 7A148BA6-8832-4286-B0BC-0328D9F10A3B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Shorts to Longs ratio is roughly 5:1

>> No.29968404

Mind posting a link to the chart? I haven't used bitfinex.

>> No.29968593


>> No.29968666

Just for comparison
BTC Longs to Shorts ratio is 10:1

>> No.29968695

>haha wouldn't it be funny if our 700bil market cap company made up a massive lie on our SEC filing? For no reason?

>> No.29968749

wtf, 8k to 82k shorts increase within 3 weeks from Dec 2019

>> No.29968765
File: 23 KB, 363x550, 1558910466376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this is how bsv brainlets think

>> No.29969002

So... a short squeeze type thing is possible?
I'm starting to think Elon's shilling of GME and DOGE were test-runs.

>> No.29969477

Not exactly, but there might be huge margin calls.

>> No.29969547


>> No.29969708
File: 367 KB, 660x371, bogmusk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought?

>> No.29970182

That's such a dumb fucking article lmao
I'm dumber for reading it
Take your meds schizo, no one believes your shitcoin is Bitcoin. No company is gonna buy it

>> No.29970249

Now THIS is a high quality schizographic
> repeat the same picture of elon, probably didn't notice
> dude weed lmao
> basic surface-level connections between coins, irrelevant stats
Imagine if it was your brother posting this shit instead of Elon.

>> No.29970476

How much do you get paid per post?
Don't tell me you do it for free...

>> No.29970655
File: 26 KB, 670x435, drake mem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the photos of elon were sorta meant to reflect that drake meme, where it's like:

the schizographic sorta does the drake thing with
but in order of their appearance, and with peppered anecdotes suggesting there's more that Musk most certainly must be aware of, certainly more than he lets on

>> No.29970683

>They haven't lied
Calling Bitcoin SV or any similar scamcoin "Bitcoin" is nothing less of a lie and only a schizophrenic BSV shill would claim otherwise.
They would be absolutely grilled by the SEC if they lied like this.

>> No.29970760
File: 5 KB, 253x56, G545gWr[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know man, I'm not a shill, but you tell me how much you get paid because you seem very dedicated

>> No.29970857

Well, I doubt if sec really have insights in crypto terminology. But you can have your opinion, it's fine.

>> No.29971707

BSV and Faketoshi cultists are the most pathetic people in Crypto. You guys make Synth and Skycoin look reasonable.

>> No.29971735

question: musk has ties to paypal,
and paypal is introducing
>the company is introducing the ability to buy, hold and sell select cryptocurrencies, initially featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin
so then why no BSV?

of the four PayPal will initially list, there's one that is clearly the winner for transaction ease

>> No.29972108

I don't think Musk is involved with Paypal anymore. Just because he used to be an owner doesn't really mean that somehow paypal should reflect or anticipate Elons investment decisions.
I gotta hand it to the schizos here. The SEC is a joke and will gladly side with banks or trillion $ companies. Any trial by the SEC is a mock. Not sure how people don't see this. And Its pretty vague and probably bordering some grey areas.
Is there not some kind of legal material to refer to to get an insight into what the moves of the SEC would be in such case?

>> No.29972262

nocoiner qanon.
fuck you guys are pathetic. you had 12 years....

>> No.29972332

right, my point in connecting paypal is to allude to a common payments nous
paypal would do bsv if they thought it viable for payments
musk would buy bsv if he thought it was viable, etc.
neither of which appears to be the case, belying OP's theory

>> No.29972643

Dude, here's an opinion.
You and that faggoty ass schizo aussie are ruining the vibe. Seriously, just fucking stop. I mean i get it, you would like to see yourself filthy rich by some fluke but you're not realising you're just on the wrong end of history. But really, you need to stop this shit. What is happening right now is THE most important financial event and potential wealth transfer in history. It's a time of celebration. And you're fucking ruining it for everybody you come into contact with by not shuting the fuck up.
Blabbering on and on.
You're just crazy people.
Spreading bad juju while the world is on fire, while people could get rich and smart and free.
Stop with the lies and misleading.
Seriously, just stop. Not for their good, but mostly for yours.
That's some filthy rancid karma you're stacking, i shit you not.
You still have a shot at being the good guy, take it anon.
It's not too late, yet.

>> No.29972767

I don't see how Paypal incorporating the most widely known cryptocurrencies has anything to do with the viability of BSV or Elons investment decisions.

>> No.29972994

Maybe, but you are not the one entitled to tell me which end of history is correct. I shared the information with you, did my job, i am the good guy.

We will see who was right and who was wrong. Now, btfo with your preacher shit somewhere else.

>> No.29973218

it's anecdotal, admittedly tangential, and merely sidebar on my part
you need not draw any further conclusions from aforementioned info

we're speculating now as to paypal's motive in implementing crypto,
which thoroughly departs from the theme of this thread

>> No.29973224
File: 7 KB, 329x155, Bitcoin_Scaling.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With or witout Elon Musk or Craig Wright, BSV takes over the entire crypto market.

People just have no idea what BSV has done in the last 6 months.

World Record 16.4 Million transaction block on Bitcoin SV STN!
309MB block on BSV Main Net. Thats a new world record. Containing 1,178,322 transactions. Thats 1,17 MILLION.
BTC has a 1mb Block size with a max cap of 7 transactions per second.

Pic is yesterday.
Even though is does not matter if Craig Wright is Satoshi, he is and it's very simple to prove.

>> No.29973400

what proportion of bsv txs are non-monetary transactions? this figure relative to other leading coins?

if he is in fact satoshi, and this is so very simple to prove, where then is the proof? why isn't this now indisputable?

>> No.29973666

>wealth transfer
Theres no such thing happening. Apart from a few lucky people most people holding BTC are already filthy rich. It is glaringly obvious that people like Mark Cuban, George Soros, Kevin O'leary, the dude who founded Skype. And probably a lot of others whoms purchases are not in public domain are deeply invested. The only way you can get rich now is by trading altcoins and getting super lucky.

Whats there to celebrate? Faggy freemasons keeping their investment decisions a secret untill its time to dump their bags and they go advertise and shill it all over the place? Play with yourself.
The markets are inherently schizophrenic. There's people all over the place looking for things that may or may not be there. It's a circus.

Or maybe Reddit is more up your alley. Buying he top with the rest of the goyim just as they want you to.

>> No.29973706
File: 39 KB, 898x275, photo_2021-02-24_23-41-44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what proportion of bsv txs are non-monetary transactions? this figure relative to other leading coins?
You think only monetary transactions are what is important ? You can think that but that is a minority position.
The entire ETH and NFT microcosm is smart contracts. Everything that BSV does is a smart contract.

Hell look at this.

That is a smart contract.

>if he is in fact satoshi, and this is so very simple to prove, where then is the proof? why isn't this now indisputable?
It is easy to prove in many ways. here is ONE easy way. See pic.
Craig wright owned those domains and has the receipts to prove it.

>> No.29973709

Interesting investigation, kinda bad ESL writing tho. If you are not ESL you should work on your writing.
Good stuff tho.
>make you goyim using their layer 2 solutions
Eureka! This gets at something that's been nagging me about layer2 though on Ethereum. I've always hated the idea of abstracting the EVM away from the chain. I wonder if part of my skepticism is the potential development and adoption of proprietary L2 systems. I strongly believe blockchain innovation should keep core blockchain principles such as decentralization and transparency. State channels such as Lightening are one thing but it shouldn't go further than that. And now we're seeing people rely on CEXes for trading Ethereum tokens because the gas is so expensive. This really defeats the purpose of blockchain and smart contracts.

>> No.29973841
File: 252 KB, 999x598, BSV is Fast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can your Bitcoin do this ? Everything I am going to post is from 6 months ago until today.

George Carlin Video on BSV Blockchain -
This is an API call that takes the video right off the blockchain . Look how fast it loads

Casino Games with no registration - Payouts right IN the wallet

A twitter were you are paid to post

A Brokerless ON-CHAIN Exchange - Where you can buy Stocks, Commodities and Crypto

A gaming platform where you play instantly without download, and gain BSV while playing

Another crazy Game where you literally buy your city on planet earth and advertise, get citizens etc. 24/7

This Modern Game is ON the Genuine Bitcoin Blockchain right now.

Slictionary - Define words and get paid - Compete against others to get the best definition. The Crowd Decides

Archive a webpage on the blockchain FOREVER

Add a money button to any website and get paid in 10 secs in BSV.
Money Button is a client-side Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet in an iframe.

That's on the Genuine Bitcoin blockchain

>> No.29973853

all transactions are a monetary transaction as they all have a real world value attached to them. Or do you think that transactions with a dollar value below a set threshold don't count? How do you determine that threshold? Are grouped transactions below the threshold ignored even if the sum of their value exceeds the threshold and they originate from one identity?
This is why you guys will never make it, your thinking is boxed in and you lack imagination.

>> No.29973873
File: 218 KB, 2000x1127, Bitcoin BSV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can your Bitcoin do this ? Everything I am going to post is from 6 months ago until today.

"Youtube for BSV". An ad-free video streaming platform built to help creators monetize their content directly from viewers.

Create Bitcoin SV tokens in 3 steps.

The world's first onchain podcasting network.

Relica is Instagram on Chain where you get paid for each like

GoBitFundMe is designed to help people come together to raise money. Onchain on BSV.

Relayx.io is quickly becoming like an app store for bsv , a wallet provider and exchange
AND they have a Payment card that uses your in wallet funds with ZERO fees.

Upload anyfile to the blockchain

Bitstream - Livestream and get paid instantly with immutable BSV

A BSV Exchange were everything is priced in BSV and transactions are instant.

Wechat in blockchain from China

>> No.29973918
File: 352 KB, 2000x1116, Bitcoin BSV 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you recycle ? Get paid to do so.

Get paid BSV to give your observations, or offer to buy others' observations in paid polls.

Index and retrieve climate data immutably stored on the BSV distributed ledger.

Comment on any URL without being censored by the owner.
Comments are stored on the Bitcoin SV blockchain

Spreadsheets onchain

Decentralized Blogging

Uptime monitoring system: monitor your services from real users or run a node on your phone to start earning BSV

A Point of sale BSV wallet being used all over South Africa and allowing people to do things like become thier own UBER, right now today.

Github ON chain

Legally Chained digital contract automation software enables you to create compliant digital contracts and store them immutably on the BSV blockchain. (Coming soon)

>> No.29973956
File: 44 KB, 796x796, The Genuine Bitcoin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Easily check trusted digital documents with absolute certainty in seconds.

The first public Bitcoin API micropayment platform.

Earn money for data labelling. You can work from anywhere.

Old School Gaming Twetch Client - Get paid to play games

Buy almost ANYTHING with BSV right now

Ai being built right now on the blockchain

An on-Chain Password manager. As strong as the Bitcoin protocol.

Instagram ON-Chain

On-Chain Email

BSV in your browser

A New imageboard that runs entirely on the BSV blockchain.

Sports betting on-Chain

Stephan Molyneux uploading his videos to the BSV Sphere. All these will end up ON the blockchain.

>> No.29974075
File: 585 KB, 600x338, nolo.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What has YOUR Shitcoin done in the last 6 months ?
People have NO clue what is going to happen in the next 6 months with BSV's Teranode. I mean rip your face off technology while you play with 7 TPS on BTC and $100 transactions on ETH.

>> No.29974084

pic here is interesting

>> No.29974261

source? whats the whois for each of those?

>> No.29974297

uhhh, g-guys ...

>The markets are inherently schizophrenic. There's people all over the place looking for things that may or may not be there. It's a circus.
this is the nature of speculation

>smart contracts
fair play

that image though:
>please be patient, i have autism
you gotta break this down further and spoonfeed us normans

and wtf is up with the spam this thread is now beginning to spoop me

not so, there's such a thing as a non-monetary tx wherein zero money changes hand. not some insignificant amount, but truly zero

>> No.29974386

Yeah, i'm from Poland. Can you elaborate what was bad with some examples please?

>> No.29974481

Don't even need to read the article. Common sense tells you that Elon bought BTC. Any tweet or announcement his company makes about BTC can affect its price. Why would he NOT buy BTC before announcing that Tesla will accept BTC as payment in the future? Everyone close out of this thread.

>> No.29974802
File: 165 KB, 1097x699, Protocol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Craig Wright owned the bitcoin.com and Craigwright.com domains

BEFORE the white paper was released.
He owned Bitcoin.com until it was stolen from him and he was the sole admin to the Sourceforge repository, and Dr. Craig Wright recently stated in an email for this article, “GitHub existed when I launched Bitcoin. I chose Sourceforge for a reason."
Satoshi was locked out of Github when the Dev's moved it over from Sourceforge. This is ALL coming out in court shortly.

here is another proof

Read this whitepaper from 2001 that Craig wright wrote for the Australian government.
8 years before Bitcoin existed.

>> No.29974875

So tell me, why the price of BSV wont move?

>> No.29974919

Pretty much all of it. Sorry, Fren. Since you're Polish I don't want to be rude. I can still understand what you mean so don't worry too much. It's not painful to read by any means. Writing is very hard and most native speakers can't do it right. If I were to try to give advise I'd say avoid passive verbs and always go for the active. Instead of
>I had been thinking of booba
>I was thinking of booba
That sort of thing. Write cleanly and directly with fewer words and simpler language.

>> No.29974981
File: 121 KB, 1536x768, tulip-trust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then there is this that was submitted in Court by David Klieman's Estate.
it wasn't proof from Craig Wright. It was proof from the estate that holds the Trust that 1.1 million Bitcoin sit in today.
Craig Wright WILL get either 100% or some part of these coins by the end of this year.

>> No.29975060
File: 8 KB, 209x390, 2-26-2021 L-S.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because it has been shorted since 2019 from 81-90% day after day the entire time up to right now.

>> No.29975280

>Theres no such thing happening
You're just not paying attention/are in the wrong circles. I have people all around me who got rich beyond their dreams by just buying and holding BTC/ ETH. You're thinking small and are near sighted. Trade shitcoins, pffsh, you sound like a fag.
You just want quick profits. It's not about that, get a fucking clue. You just buy and hold, and you make it, that's that.
The catch is you need to go through the pain of seeing your shit go -90% OR +20000% AND NOT SELL. For years on end.
Are you made for it? Surely not, judging by what you're saying. But you don't need to be mark fucking cuban to buy for a couple of thousand and hold for 10 years. That's all there is to it. But it will be 10 years of pain, of doubt, of never knowing what to do, of pushing through your instincts. The last 10 years were that, the next 10 will be the same.
Also i said POTENTIAL wealth transfer. Wealth won't fall on your lap while you jerk it to hentai. You just need to get it. You and anyone here COULD HAVE gotten it. If you're a pussy ass bitch you're not getting any. If you sell to coonsooome you're not getting any. If you chase quick profits not getting any. You just hold your shit and wait for the turning of history. You'll know when it happens.
It's that easy.

>> No.29975391
File: 196 KB, 385x385, satoshicoins2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not my intent to deride, merely play devil's advocate. there is an opacity to bitcoin's history which is distressing
>a Sword of Damocles per say, or Sword of Satoshi
>picrel, litecoin meme variant

no doubt craig is a bright dude, certainly could be satoshi, but what's confusing is why then are there so many obstacles to his proving so?

that date has passed, but no resolution? why were the satoshis submitted to a trust in the first place?

i respect the investigation, though i can't yet reach a conclusion on the evidence before me
many more questions than answers at this time

>> No.29975485

a Third reason to prove that Craig Wright is Satoshi and this is coming out as well.
Craig Wright payed Australian taxes in 2009.
In those taxes he paid for his BITCOIN holdings.
In 2009..

Think about that. immutable tax records.

>> No.29975621

>that date has passed, but no resolution? why were the satoshis submitted to a trust in the first place?
Ongoing court case. Next part is in June.
So say for instance he moved 1 satoshi, and Bitcoin drops. He could be held Civilly and Criminally libel because those BTC are in dispute of ownership in the Kleiman case.

1 more proof keys are not ownership. The courts don't agree.

>> No.29975634

Maybe you're just to stupid to read.

>> No.29975734

What a pathetically over invested shill. If you actually believed in the project you wouldn't be shilling so hard you fucking retard

>> No.29975898

>be me
>open threads
>start reading article
>article starts shilling BSV
>close article
those bsv shills are getting desperate uh?
7/10 shill though, made me waste a bit of time

>> No.29976069

not immutable, ato dont hold personal records permanently.

>> No.29976086

again, playing devil's advocate ...

there does appear a preponderance of convenient information:
>i'm satoshi but can't legally prove it
>kleiman is dead
>contempt of court

curious about the trust, and how it came to be corrupted

and that name, Satoshi Nakamoto, what's the significance, has he ever explained?

your writing is fine, perfectly well enough to communicate here on /biz/
this 4chan forum is no paragon of perfect grammar

>> No.29976179

>no doubt craig is a bright dude
a-anon, I..
craig wright = gov agent trying to fuck with btc

>> No.29976239


>> No.29976409

>no doubt craig is a bright dude
with the following corollary:
>if what he professes is assumed true

>craig wright = gov agent trying to fuck with btc
this being just as likely

or alternatively, Kleiman was more instrumental in bitcoin's invention, and upon his death, Wright seized upon the opportunity to claim the coins himself

>> No.29976464

how do i check the pgp signature?

>> No.29976489

>there does appear a preponderance of convenient information:
That's because it's not public information.

>i'm satoshi but can't legally prove it
He can
>kleiman is dead
>contempt of court
Not following

>curious about the trust, and how it came to be corrupted
No corruption. It was a trust with lots of bitcoin in it.
Sathoshi Nakamoto was most probably a small team lead by Craig.
You'd have to watch hours of videos but that seems to be the case.
That Craig Worked on Bitcoin from 2001-2007 part time and then did it full time from 2007-2009
He brought in people to help with certain things like ASM coding and testing.
Klieman was one of those people. The trust was made and Kieman was the trsutee. Wright provided all the bitcoin in the trust.
Klieman dies. Klieman's family now says that half those bitcoin are theirs.
Fast forward, lot's of court cases.

>> No.29976705

Psy ops post.

>> No.29976779
File: 105 KB, 1147x801, The Big Takeover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You wanna see a real psy-op
Read this from 2017 when Bitcoin was overtaken by the banks and mastercard.

>> No.29976791

whats your public address? i wanna verify

>> No.29976894

> >contempt of court
>Not following

this point circles back to:
in violation of legal dispute before the court

appreciate you bringing us up to speed on this issue
all then seems to hinge on the trust mechanism

can it be ruled out that:
>Kleiman was more instrumental in bitcoin's invention, and upon his death, Wright seized upon the opportunity to claim the coins himself

the bylaws of said trust would be illuminating, if we were to read the legalese

>> No.29976993

version 4, created 1614564428, md5len 0, sigclass 0x01
digest algo 8, begin of digest df 21
hashed subpkt 33 len 21 (issuer fpr v4 F9D5544E422BB1155BE22D5DCF19BC5784CD34E1)
hashed subpkt 2 len 4 (sig created 2021-03-01)
subpkt 16 len 8 (issuer key ID CF19BC5784CD34E1)
data: [4096 bits]

>> No.29977095

wtf? i just need a public address to verify. not sure what that garbage is faggit

>> No.29977193

U should learn a bit.

>> No.29977219

Ah I see what you are saying. Well it's the reason he can't publically sign. Not that he would anyway.
he really doesn't want the narrative to be your keys your bitcoin because that is not true under the law.
As for Klieman being more instrumental in the making of Bitcoin you would have to 1) Know who exactly Klieman was.
He was a computer Securities expert with Palm Beach Police Department. He wasn''t the guy who coded Bitcoin.
The guy who coded it was Craig Wright with some help from an australian ASM coders named Phil Wilson who was recruited of some coding forums in late 2008 to help with the ASM.

>> No.29977293

you should stop being faggot and assume all of us are technical. pub address u larp

>> No.29977473

It would be incredibly illegal if they reporting to the SEC that they bought bitcoin but really didn't

>> No.29977477

Klieman's job was to try and hack Bitcoin. Craig knew him because Craig was one of Australia's leading Computer Security experts and did work for the Australian government. Including setting up a project called Blacknet which is a pre-cursor to Bitcoin.

>> No.29977548

Buying BSV is buying Bitcoin.
He didn't say he bought BTC.
He said he bought Bitcoin. it could be Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.

>> No.29977688

Can't believe I read that entire post and still thought I was going to see some relevation or anything. You are absolutely delusional my friend. If you're looking for a connection to something, of course you will find it. You remind me of the LOST fan theories which did stuff like divide by 10, multiply by 12 and then use the episode number as a fractal and you might find out what's going to happen.

Stop doing this. You are just torturing yourself.

>> No.29977975

Okay, tell me how you want to verify? What tool u are using?

I'm using gpg -vv command

In reply above u have both my fingerprint and my public key ID.


>> No.29978033

These mental-health concern-trolling posts are evidence in themselves.
>Just accept "Our Truth" and all the suffering will end. You won't have to worry anymore.
Doesn't work, just outs you as a psyops shill.

>> No.29978170

ok thanks for clearing that up

please excuse the reddit, but i've found the following complementary to this thread:

side note on Tulip Trust ... isn't the BTC-Tulip connection entirely coincident to the trust's founding? like the "tulip bubble" price discovery behavior. seems like a hell of a thing to just know years beforehand that BTC priced in fiat would go parabolic ... anyways

so the trust keys were broken up via shamir, and now there's difficulty getting the gang back together:
>seems an obvious and glaring vulnerability, no?
>why would people so brilliant as to invent btc endeavor into such a fragile agreement?
unless there's provision for the death of a trustee and their part of the key,
and Ms Nguyen is not forthcoming until Kleiman's other trustees share their key-parts?

if i'm following this correctly, Nguyen's and Kleiman's keys are the last pieces of the puzzle?

>> No.29978251
File: 63 KB, 316x338, 1614562529385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He bought the future.
Not a blockstream rugpull.
Metanet to the moon

>> No.29978286

Cringe BSV shill.

>> No.29978519

>unless there's provision for the death of a trustee and their part of the key,
There was. Key slices to be delivered in 2020, which they were.
Now the hold up is the Klieman family.

>if i'm following this correctly, Nguyen's and Kleiman's keys are the last pieces of the puzzle?
Trustees to TT1 are:
– “A company in the UK registered by number 08248988” (previously C01N Ltd UK, since dissolved)
– Uyen T. Nguyen
– Craig Wright
– David (Dave) Kleiman
– Panopticrypt Pty Ltd (Australian company now in liquidation)
– Savannah Ltd (Seychelles entity)
– the holder of PGP keys [REDACTED] “which is Satoshi Nakamoto, ie: Craig Wright”

So Craig Has the keys. He just can't use them.

>side note on Tulip Trust ... isn't the BTC-Tulip connection entirely coincident to the trust's founding? like the "tulip bubble" price discovery behavior.
Yeah geeks being geeks..

>> No.29979399

They kept it quiet otherwise they would start a quick pump and dump back down and maybe even kill Bitcoin
Elon got worried that Bitcoin might have crashed as he wasn't involved in the last bullrun so he finally reveal that he "bought" bitcoin and he later dumped at the top.

There is a 50/50 chance that its over and another chance that it at least hits 100k
Either way when the crash happens that's when large companies will decide to get in on bitcoin and reveal the information once they have at least doubled their investment.
Everything will be "leaked" so speculation will drive the prices high and the actual confirmation will drive them a separate second time.

Then we will truly be at a new paradigm

>> No.29979728

ok thanks, feeling now like i'm caught up

any upcoming court dates to be mindful of?

>> No.29979826

Klieman case in June.
Just follow here https://coingeek.com/
and follow anyone using the #BSV tag on Twitter.

>> No.29979999

>thinly veiled bsv shill thread


>> No.29980197

Check out what Uyen wrote on Twitte in 2015

"And yes, I am 24 year old now. I was 18 when I came to the project. I did wish for a thriller life." <-- Uyen T Nguyen.

"I do owe Ian Grigg and JVP a true sorry because I brought them into the battle of protecting the history. I do not owe the public."

"Starting Jun 2015, we had problematic extortionist trying to expose us, we fought it until we knew the turmoil would be exploited."

"One team member OPSEC practice was bad, lead to the cyber gossip and one of the reasons for what happened."

"I met JVP in early Aug 2015, met who I needed to meet in early Sep 2015 before ended Sep 2015 by a meeting with Ian Grigg."

"I met @haq4good, @iang_fc and a few others, who will be known later to prepare for Dec and recent tsunamis. We formed Prometheus Project."

More will come out in time. I believe Craig has retracted his statement on purpose, he wants everyone to think he is in fact not behind Bitcoin when it's a matter of fact he's of great importance to it. If I wanted great privacy on such a matter, I would have gone about it his way. Satoshi can come out and sign the keys easily, but it's a sure damn easy way to dispel yourself from the heart of claims if you retract on it to throw the public off you. Maybe this is the reason for the NDAs, he really did show Gavin, Mantonis etc the true proof, but they were all he ever wanted to prove anything to, the public don't matter to him. Mantonis even said "But there won't be another Satoshi".

I think 2016 will be an interesting year in what comes out regarding satoshi & the early days of Bitcoin

>> No.29980213

Such amazing number for such a faggot. Shame on you.

>> No.29980231

Digits aside and shilling aside you know we are directly on target.
You are a fucking zogbot for the banking cartels.

>> No.29980247

much appreciated

trying to wargame the consequences now, if wright is proven satoshi
>market confidence in bitcoin presumably shaken
>bitcoin market dominance to suffer
>basket of btc-descendants to compete in power vacuum
probably worth a punt on BSV, assuming wright is ever vindicated
but not so apparent to me that BSV will be clear winner in that case
guessing more of a Wars of the Diadochi scenario among BSV, BCH, LTC

>> No.29980315

>Great article. Read the whole thing. Looks very interesting.
Stop samefagging
SEC filings are public moron, Tesla bought and it’s public information
Go suck a dick with your retarded fud

>> No.29980318

lmao, what are you talking about, poor boy
>these tards took all your money
don’t be so dumped and believe in every trash on /biz/
eat a cake and go to JustLiquidity and their julswap
any asset can give you benefits from yields

>> No.29980527

there must also be possibility that the issue is never resolved
>klieman's family refuses access, burns key, etc
>nguyen refuses to cede keys
just as there's a path for wright, there's also a path to peril

purely unbiased, looking at the odds ... how do you estimate this to occur?
60/40 in favor of wright? surely this is no done deal

>> No.29980695
File: 22 KB, 235x214, Bild_2021-03-01_182016.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bsvtards at it again.
It does, only core is true, fuck off and take your olanzapines

>> No.29980821

based quads

>> No.29980838
File: 313 KB, 822x504, he_Double_Spend_on_BTC_was_Genuine_YouTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well with or without CSW, BSV will shine.
They have 200+ Devs working full time on the project and things are happening fast and furious.
Believe it or not, Craig does not want to kill BTC and impoverish all the holders.
He will allow things to play out slowly.
He shows his hand now and again but the masses are too busy looking at the shiny number.
Remember from 2009-2015 no one knew Bitcoin was Turing complete, until one day when Craig Wright was outed as possibly being Satoshi, He told everyone that Bitcoin was bigger than they knew and turing complete. They ridiculed him into the dirt. Yet, he was 100% correct.

Think about that. How can ZERO blockchain and Computer Scientists not know that Bitcoin is Turing Complete but one obscure guy does ?
The same reason that people were trying to make digital currency for 20 years and the consensus in 2008 was it CAN NOT be done.
The same reason that in 2017 the consensus was if you make Bitcoins block size 2mb it will crash the network.
There is another human on earth that understands Bitcoin like Craig Wright, because he invented it.

anyway, He drops clues all the time. here was the last one
[pic related]

>> No.29980872

im using bitcoin.com verification tool. need pub address, the actual message, and signature

>> No.29980903
File: 9 KB, 276x183, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another parrot for the banking elite. A judas and nothing more. You only shill core because of your holdings.
You are a newfag who bought in with all the other fucking normies. You are no different then a pajeet scamming another 100x altcoin; literally your only goal here is to rugpull others for personal gain.

I remember when bitcoin was meant to upset the power of fiat money. To anyone who isn't a mouth piece for the system they know what I know; the fight is what is important. Bitcoin is not digital gold faggot.

>> No.29981044

You will never make money.

You will baghold BSV into eternity, waiting two more weeks for a australian drunk conman that will never deliver.

>> No.29981062

Only pagans and worshippers of lucifer deal in numerology and absolutes.

>> No.29981095

>>klieman's family refuses access, burns key, etc
it 'could' happen but would you rather have a few million dollars or nothing ?
>>nguyen refuses to cede keys
That won't happen. She doesn't have keys as far as I know.
Although she does claim 650,000 BTC.

I'd say it's 100% that Wright gets something.
The bigger outcome is that the Court Case proves he is Satoshi

because... The Whitepaper is the protocol and the Whitepaper is not part of the MIT license.
That means Satoshi OWNS the protocol. Think of those implications.
He already has over 1000 Blockchain patents. Imagine if the court decides he is Satoshi and he reclaims the name AND the protocol.

>> No.29981189

>retarded /pol/ boomer who doesn't understand GETS is also a bsv bagholder
You can't make this shit up.

>> No.29981209

You speak with certainty as if you know who I am? My net worth?
Ignorance is bliss newfag shill.

>> No.29981305

One thing I have noticed very clearly is that the vast majority of BSV supporters are early bitcoin adopters.
Telling us to stay poor is hilarious.

>> No.29981486

no doubt BSV is sound, and i see the suppression motives
reasonable to attribute a high degree of confidence,
though a 100% attribution to anything is foolhardy

>That means Satoshi OWNS the protocol. Think of those implications.
now how does this reconcile with consensus agreements among miners to edit protocol?
isn't the whole point being that nobody is to "de jure" own it,
though miners can "de facto" own the btc network

fudders and shillers itt, hot and heavy

>> No.29981507

>we're early bitcoin adopters, t-trust me!
Your coin will forever stay irrelevant.

>> No.29981511

Lightning Network totally obliterates this outdated fud... you do know that right?

>> No.29981533

And Craig Wright told people specifically that BSV is not for "hoodling". Why waste time with it?

>> No.29981574

If you were intelligent you would hold all 3. Honestly you speak like a child; No substance whatsoever. I just asked our father and he tells me you hold nothing. Our lord speaks through me.

>> No.29981705

Lightning Network is going nowhere and the second layers for BTC are going to be dominated by corporate payment systems.

>> No.29981752

It isn't about being a speculative asset faggot. You are the cancer not I.
We could be free but instead you rather align as a Judas for a for shekels. Pathetic.

>> No.29981882

If you are trying to put a stop to savings then you're just pushing your ideals. Good luck with that.

>> No.29981893

$11 million locked up in lightning

>> No.29982075


>reasonable to attribute a high degree of confidence,
though a 100% attribution to anything is foolhardy
Yes of course, anything can happen. Yet, the idea that the Klieman family would not play play at some level is not really believable.
At the end of the day Craig Wright HAS the keys. They don't. At least that is what the last court record said from the Klieman's.

>now how does this reconcile with consensus agreements among miners to edit protocol?
Miner's don't change the protocol. devs do and miners either accept it or don't
The protocol is the whitepaper. BTC changed the protocol with the segwit fork.
Now you CAN change the protocol as much as you like. Look at LTC and DOGE.
The thing you can't so is call that fork Bitcoin. Because the Protocol is not part of the open source MIT license.
See where that leads ?

>> No.29982102

I love how you morons expect people to believe that Satoshi doesn't believe that blockchain signatures can prove anything, but the words of boomer judges and lawyers can


>> No.29982140

You don't fucking get it. All you do is parrot the narrative like the borg.
Honor apathy and reward indifference.
No independent thought.

Come back when you are ready to fight the system.

>> No.29982187

2nd layer solutions will not work especially when the people that OWN that second layer solution are these people.

What you will get is Mastercard coin and that is the entire purpose of Lightning.
Create a problem and provide a solution.. Mastercard.

>> No.29982293

It sets a legal precedent. Just because you have the keys does not mean you are the original owner of said keys.
Room temperature IQ fren.

>> No.29982342

>The thing you can't so is call that fork Bitcoin. Because the Protocol is not part of the open source MIT license.
>See where that leads ?
fair play

in nominal terms we can say "BSV is the true Bitcoin"
what's more interesting me is the consequences of such

I'll be following this story with you anon, thanks
hope to continue this discussion in a later thread

>> No.29982367
File: 91 KB, 593x593, Practically Free.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because every transaction on earth was supposed to be done in Bitcoin, trustless, instant, low fees and no third parites.
That was what Satoshi created. The reason we have so many shitcoins is because they didn't allow Bitcoin to scale and do smart contracts.
100% of shitcoins are obsolete if Bitcoin scales to Visa levels and can do smart contracts on chain.

>> No.29982422






>> No.29982608
File: 67 KB, 750x403, EtptnwxXAAU_1qE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in nominal terms we can say "BSV is the true Bitcoin"
Exactly. BSV uses the original 2009 protocol.
The consequences probably will not be pretty but then in the end we end up with Satoshis Vision.
A Peer-to-Peer Trustless Digital Electronic Cash System that every human being can use to transact with a fee or 0.5 Stahoshi

>> No.29982672

>You don't fucking get it. All you do is parrot the narrative like the borg.
That's like the stove calling the kettle black. You, a shill are talking about parroting a narrative while you push BSV's new narrative. My point is simple. I'm not in a war to stop people from "hoodling" anything. It's actually a necessary thing for capital formation. I may not agree with BTC tards but I'm not stupid enough to think I can implement technology that would force my ideals on them and they'll gladly accept it. lol

>> No.29982715

It already has smart contracts, everything is ready my friend.

Twetch.app is a contract for example.

>> No.29982743

So do you get paid to push this information?

>> No.29982753

Someone is very angry. Are you going to continue to parrot the same argument by a crack head with zero integrity? A idiot who created eth as Turing complete without understanding bitcoin is Turing complete... you know what this means right?

Get out of your mother's basement child. Turn off the Xbox. Go outside; meet a member of the opposite sex. Get laid.

>> No.29982834

Ahaha, cope faggot. What u fear the most will happen soon.

>> No.29982862

and instantly goto jail for contempt of court...
and also set s precdent that Keys=Ownership, which they don't, even though you drank that Koolaid

He didn't. Key's are not ownership. If I steal your keys, I am not the owner. I am a thief.
You won't read this but you should.

>> No.29982900

I meant BTC.. Read the whole thread.
I posted over 100 smart contracts on the BSV chain

>> No.29982902

Craig Wright will never sign anything.

BSV will never go above $500

You will never make it.

Simple as.

>> No.29982932

Nope. I would like to though

>> No.29982945

>mfw biz figured this out a week ago

>> No.29983045

I'm the real Satoshi but I won't sign using the genesis keys because that would set a bad precedent :^)

Two more weeks until the tulip trust is unlocked friend, just keeeep holding!

>> No.29983132

What is the point you are trying to make?
All that text for what?

You have the audacity to say "calling the kettle black " and I am a shill for bsv? That is circular logic. Bsv is the original bitcoin period; core and cash are forks. This isn't even up for debate.

They hijacked the code; mutilated it. How do you defend them? Follow the yellow brick road.

>> No.29983150
File: 45 KB, 1280x591, Gavin Andersen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He did sign the genesis key. Just not for you.
You may not like Craig Wright, but he signed with Satoshi’s keys to Gavin Andresen with a freshly unboxed laptop and did similar signings for Jon Matonis, Ian Grigg, Stefan Matthews and Calvin Ayre - none of which would be easy to fool, and none of which have retracted their claims.
The direct successor of Satoshi Nakamoto as lead developer on the Bitcoin project was Gavin Andresen.
Gavin Andersen explicitly said that Craig Wright signed a message using the private key from Block #1 of Bitcoin. Time was spent on a careful cryptographic verification of messages signed with keys that only Satoshi should possess.
So who do we trust? A 4chan anon or the lead developer of Bitcoin BTC?