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yoo dawg so youse be sayin effereums is tha real kang of cryptoz n sheeit?

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is that pic real?

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lmao what's with the blacks and their obsession with ethereum? funny old folk.

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Fuck this is hilarious

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are you fucking retarded ? it's so obviously clear his nose and lips were edited to be bigger in photoshop

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Coz my dealer told me dawg. He always got da good sheet, purple kush white widow ak47 n sheet so when dat nigga tell me efferium iz da best den i say word my brotha

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da fuck you saying yt boy, first you hatin us coz of BBC now BBNose and BBlips modafucka? you ytboys be al raiceest n sheet

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yo dawg muh donut sum!

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its an endangered type of nigger, its called the nosegger

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effereums is going biggie pac my butthoe. Weza kings now going to bang bang rocks

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got dayum nigga gimme some a dat efferiums!!

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Mm-hmm! Tck! Muh ferrums be all red n sheyat, tck! an nyquil be awning meh sum muneh cuz I gotsta hit muh nails dum honeychile cuz muh nails be all showin an stuff.

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shiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ma nigguh u mite just be rite im finna buy me sum mo feriumz

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Nah dawg, im all up in dat cardanas. shit be doin sum.

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>so obvious
That's what you think and then you see these retards irl. And they have ENORMOUS lips and noses. I mean what the actual fuck.

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and whites have no lips but must cow protein into their face slit to look more human.

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I'm a white man who's been told he has DSL but I feel like a 7/10 just looking at those wide negroidal noses and giant ass lips.