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Incoming moon mission is bigger than we thought.

It’s going to be savage.

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I'm ready for alt season.

Let's fucking go

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Holy shit. I wish you schizoids the best. Enjoy the feast.

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here it comes

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Does this mean BNB gonna go up?

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Posting in a blessed XRP thread.

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No, only BUSD.

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can we break 500

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OP you god damn newfag. Ripple does that at the first day of every month and today is March 1st. Kill yourself.

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wrong tweet?

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no it's February 28th

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Is it alt season, because ripple will sell 500m coins? BTW this is the monthly unlock, it has a chance they will lock it again!
Wouldnt touch ripple with a ten feet pole, but these are facts!

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end yourself retarded nigger

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you idiots fall for this every month

literally means nothing. 2 x 500mil unlocks from escrow automatically then it gets sent back within 24 hours by Ripple

and every time whale alert has retards spinning with this tweet lol

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Exarpee really is doing the lord's work - pumping the crypto market by taking Boomer buxx invested into their shitcoin, and distributing it into the broader ecosystem.

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jesus.. i need to go smoke some pot real fast

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doesn't this mean Ripple is going to have a hilariously large dump?

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That would be unironically great

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The next 2 months are going to be so amazing. For those of you who haven't been through this before, get ready.

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I know they do this exvery month but 500,000,000 seems like a bunch

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Reefies....its time...

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how the fuck do I transfer BUSD from my MetaMask to Binance? It says to transfer a BEP20 token I need a memo as well as an address. I tried transferring BUSD earlier from Metamask to the ERC20 address and I think I lost it. Please help me I am a brainlet.

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Your ALGO is dumping soon. Mar 1 incoming.

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If ever there was a sign to drink.

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you have to use a bsc compatiable service
don't use bep20
use bsc20 you can see here lemonparty.org
has all the tools needed for sorting bsc exchanges (ie bscsan, charting via unidex etc)

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Ahhhhh checked, 2k eoy xrp

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Can’t you just swap to BNB and then transfer to Binance via BSC?

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combined value prob 500 dollars?

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>please do the needful

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I also tried that and I'm getting the same message about how I need a "memo" in order to send. Confusing as fuck.

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