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>be me
>95 IQ
>holding for 5 years min

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This is similar to my portfolio and I've been holding for 6 weeks (130 IQ).

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How much did you put in? It's not bad, but you'll need around $50k when the next bullrun starts to make it

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I remember this thread. Poor kid.

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Originally I put $8,000 into AVAX and Zero a few weeks ago. Timed it nicely and walked away with $50k. These are now my long term holds.

The ETH is just to cover the Uni-fees

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That's my portfolio. Don't need your sympathy poorfag lmao.

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When’s the “next bullrun” is this one over?

Should I try to time the “top” and move to fiat soon? I’m using google trends as my primary indicator.

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Not going to give you advice, but almost everything you are trying to do is wrong.

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in what planet? kys

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>149 IQ
>500 dot
>nothing else

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>Be me
>145 IQ.
>>Holding for 6 months 5k URUS & 1M eRSDL.
I'm gonna make it, i know.

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collect those fucking candies, you schizo

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Just pull out before the big dip and put back in when accumulation starts

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what are candies and what app is that?
yeah I know.

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>not sure if this is just an ersdl shill.

Pic of your meta with address cropped out?

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you "own" internet hash values

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You sound like me 2014-2020. I missed three distinct no thought chances to be a millionaire.

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At least there’s something going for you in that coin purse.

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I like this one. All 3 of those are great long term holds.

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>just an ersdl shill.
If you aren't holding it at this point you might be dumb look at the chart right now. Ersdl isn't following the market trends.

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My understanding of ersdl is, that it is aave for small to midsize banks. That In my opinion makes it a good hold.

I hold LINK because of the WEF, and because SN = SN

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I'm not collecting new bags at this point.

Chart looks nice, even though it's pumped already though (almost everything is now). Telegram looks pretty clean. I'd need to research the product a bit more. I only skimmed the summary. My gut says it looks good; wish I knew about it a month ago.

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