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German-Bros, if i buy 5000 Euro worth of Bitcoin, make 1000 Euro Profit und then Trade These 1000 Euro worth of Bitcoin into a different crypto currency, do i have to tax these immidiately? And inform the Finanzamt-Jews right after, or can i wait a year?

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dude weed lmao

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Yes, every transaction taxes are always a must.

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go to bed

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What the fuck are you doing, gtfo of Germany.

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you should leave Germany as fast as possible if you want to make it

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haltezeit >1jahr frei
(((die))) machen es uns echt schwer

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I don't know about germany but in Austria you have to send your "Einkommenssteuererklärung" in the middle of the next year. If you don't hold for a year, then every gain will be taxed but not immediatly. The gains for this year need to be taxed until the middle of 2022.

You can also use something a crypto tax website like blockpit.io where you can import your transactions and they calculate the taxes for you. It should also work for germany. But you should also see a "Steuerberater" to make sure you do it correctly, also they can help to lower your taxes.

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Nein Bruder nur wenn du dir para ziehst drückst du ab

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am Ende des Jahres in die Steuererkläring bei den Kapitalerträgen und fertig

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Stfu stupid investor cuckcoin
>I will never go for your shit you try to give
no one will trust this dum[
smart buyers chose juld, just check this stat for last year. easy +220%

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do you have to file tax even if you don't have any income and make < 9000 euro per year by trading crypto?

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Alle trades?
Krieg ich die Kosten erstattet? 39$ gas fee absetzbar?

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Ne musst nur den Short Gewinn/Verlust (unter 1 Jahr Haltefrist) eintragen
Am Besten mit ner Website wie Cointrackig machen

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Does this mean taxes for swig trading too? I just trade from one crypto to another then back.

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based and redpilled

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>was geht brudi
Kys fagot

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yes. But seriously, I hope you guys don't trade on an exchange that you are verified with.
>Buy coin on coinbase
>transfer to kraken/binance
>swing trade

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You will make 3000E loss du dumme schwulette, und must gar nichts mehr ausweisen. So wie ich

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I'm fully registered with Binance.....how fucked am I? Is the SEK going to get me?

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Oh oh

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Good tip I'm new
dubs prove it

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probably lol. you better buy zcash/xmr, move that somewhere else, make a new account on binance with a new email, and put that back on binance.

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although you should clear your browser cache and cookies first, because otherwise, they could probably finger-print you.

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>>29929010 >>29929068
and never log in to your old account again

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QUADS CHECKED inscrutable kraut

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Dude, you're bullshitting me rn, right? R-right...

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no? That's how I would be doing it if I ever fucked up and swing traded on a platform where I'm verified.

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what about using metamask and dex exchanges?

should not be difficult to find if I sent something there once, but also a lot of work

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Ja ja ja ve mussen die schwarzen zu fressen geben jawohl ja ja ja

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Well, all Ethereum transactions are traceable. Depending on whether they'll put in effort, they can track you with that. Also, enjoy that €200 TX fee on uniswap.

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Just don't pay taxes you stupid nigger, buy some blocks of gold if you have to

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>kanaken found out about /biz/

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Fuck fuck fuck die bullen

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Icke muss wieder JENE tecKNIEk anwenden…

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But it isn't money until I turn it into money. Crypto isn't "money" here. I'm trading crypto to crypto.

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Is your government the type that has your wellbeing in mind? Does it respect your time and natural rights? Or does it treat you as a disposable slave?

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I get really salty whenever something is not on Binance or BSC , gas needs to be fixed

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be sure to cut off your hands and drop them from a cruise ship when you make your escape and never ever go to sleep or masturbate

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Crypto to crypto is a taxable event you idiot. If you trade shitcoins 1000 times you have to calculate the gains/losses in fiat on each fucking trade.

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Dude....I've done 7.71843 BTC worth of swing trading this month alone.

fuck my fucking mother. dude....please tell me you're joking.

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Might be time to find a way to spend only 179 days in this country. They'll only take the 25% tax they also take on shares, right, not income tax on trading as well?

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I dont see how they can catch you unless you payout lots of cash

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I've never payed out. It's was only 2k, and now it's 1k. That's why I do so much swing trading, I'm trying to get my money back...

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Relax moron. They only catch you if you cash out. When you cash out a huge chunk of cash, normally, your bank reports you to the Finanzamt and the Finazamt asks you where you found this cash

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hoffentlich hast du keine Pepps mehr dabei..

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"It was a gift from 0xYZ...4 for being helpful on an anon forum. He's a whale."

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anon do look up if theres something you can buy that you can write off in taxes to balance the tax burden to zero

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guys sell your bitcoins while you can
things will change for the bad coming days.

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go away with your FUD

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You fucker. I've got a friend in AT that can cash out for me for 4% up to 20k euro. I thought thos finanzamt niggers could see what I'm doing on Binance.

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if they at any point in the future have reason to investigate binance could turn over records, don't fuck yourself over

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not cheap, but way less than 25%

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or he could just buy stuff that he can write off in taxes and cover his ass

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implying i'd ever make 20k chasing shit coins like I do. But you know what they say:
Auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal einen Korn

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Do you have to report if you have no income?

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dont give a shit. ill never report it. i just flee the country if they ever even try to come afte rme.

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yes, just consider all your profit like CFD trades you do with forex.

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Like a new PC for his office, new desk, chair, stuff like that
Definitely smarter to not take huge risks there
But if he's down 1000€ he's not due any taxes anyway, correct?

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