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So...did you buyed?

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If GRT LM passes I'm putting 400k on there. Not that there will be space by the time i undelegate ahhhh fuck 28 days is an eternity.

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Yep, but I dropped by the time I realized how useless it is.

How many times has it been hacked by now, 3, 4?

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Dude, your pissing off a lot of people buying intentionally misspelling "buy" with "buyed"
Knock it off it's annoying as fuck and your doing it on purpose for God knows what reason

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You fool, it's been audited like 5 times in the past year. It's unhackable now

mmm...have i made you angery?

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I've taken a gamble and staked some grt now

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Biggest mistake this year so far was not going all in when I bought at $2. Will be adding to stack on dips.

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>new pool design soon
>arbitrum soon
>gas-less voting soon
>vBNT token burn soon

Never been more comfy

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>t. didn't boughted

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I bought somewhere around 40 or 50 cents below ATH, I think. Not even going to check where exactly, as it's pretty clear I will just be disappointed. Debating with myself if I should cut my losses in case the market keeps "dipping".

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>we have the fag coin -> NU
>we have the bitch coin -> BNT
what else we got boys? I'm making a list.

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don't because
all this is about to happen, there is definitely a big pump coming

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7k bankies reporting in

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I rounded out my stack to 8,000 when it dipped to 4.5 earlier

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Sell it to me

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The markets gonna be choppy and down for another 2-3 weeks. Just hold.

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BNT is an israel-backed, highly professional uniswap competitor. If it *only* makes it to become even with uniswap's market cap, you're looking at ~$50/coin

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Not bad at all.

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What s the current apy for usdc single staking?

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>bancor thread
>no tik tok sluts
Come on

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Where can I buy bancor directly with cash

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Coinbase has it, new friend

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Guy i know sells it round the back of the local spoons. Used to do it next to the pub quiz machine, made it easy to spend your winnings but with covid he's had to do it out back.

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fuck we need gasless voting so we can defeat the pajeets once and for all. how the fuck ROOK got listed is beyond me

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What the fuck is going on in their Discord?

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Pic related. In addition to the 12% paid out in USDC you also get 68% paid out in BNT if you leave it there for at least 4 weeks so that the multiplier goes to 2x. Note that the rewards program will undergo some changes once it's renewed. The details of the changes are being discussed, but they're pretty much guaranteed to go down some.

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Initially I thought the rook pool was stupid but now I realise it doesn't matter because the protocol will have deflation built in to counter the LM rewards. Hopefully there wont be too many incentivized shitcoins, but a few is irrelevant.

The more liquidity the better. BNT is going way higher than anyone expects. As long as it generates trading revenue.

Yea $50 is Uni equivalence, and BNT can do better. It's a more flexible protocol with future proofed features.

t.12k banclet not selling

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sold at the top

now that people are pushing their bags via votes over garbage like rook this shit is finished. enjoy holding my baggies

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Yes. But only got 250, being staked in the BNT/LINK pool now because why the fuck not

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ayy mayne u lookin for some....sniff sniff...

u lookin to buyy some bankor man? i got some bancies that be really stanky. FRESH. YA DIGG?? u wan som??

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my ecosystem is perfect
>pajeets try to shill shit on /biz/
>they can’t see how pos and pow algo works on ENQ
only smart asses will get it and make income

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why do you think rook is garbage?

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Celsius network pushed the Rook pool over quorum supposedly. They collect BNT in their CeFi scam and use it to manipulate governance. This is bullish actually, even though Rook is still a shitcoin.

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want to take a look at the true GEM?
rofl, go for BSC and go for Julswap
forget about this fucking dumped gas on Ethereum
any tokens can bring you profit
>you shouldn’t be expert in trading, use farming

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We want the liquidity. It'll be fine and rewards will expire in due course (potentially just 1 month)

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fucking coomers I swear

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Lot's of people are talking shit about Rook but Bancor would be the only place to stake it with LM rewards and we would only be competing with Uni for volume.

The way I see it, we can capture a lot of their liquidity from Uni (there is literally 0 point of being an LP on Uni vs on Bancor if the token is on Bancor) and if we capture significant liquidity, we will capture almost all of their volume, both on platform and through aggregator's routing through Bancor.

While I agree that listing any other shitcoin on Bancor is a terrible idea, certain ones that only have significant liquidity on Uniswap with no in-house staking are actually good targets to bring to the platform, IMO. Rook isn't even that much of a shitcoin, has a clear use and revenue stream from what I can tell.

Same goes for uni: they have no in house staking solution and LPing uni on uni is kinda retarded when you can do the same on Bancor and have IL paid for after 100 days. We can capture significant uni liquidity + volume.

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thank you anon
I have also read about 48% on waves dex

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why does the multiplier come in action?

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the badger vote a few days ago was certifiably retarded but the current coins up for rewards are just fine. Kind of iffy on GRT but even then it's a big mcap that we can have under our belts

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They want to incentivize you to leave it in there, so there's a multiplier that rises every week until the max of 2x after 4 weeks. This multiplier works retroactively, so any rewards you've accumulated before you hit the max will also get multiplied. The APY in that screenshot assumes you hit that max.

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I bought 3k at 5.45 and staked it all. I'm buying more. Idgaf about price.

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you start at 1x, going up by .25x every week until 2x.

If you put 1000 bnt into a pool, on week 4 your rewards are 2x. If you withdraw from a pool or withdraw your rewards, it resets ALL pools back to 1x, but when that pool that reset the multiplier back to 1x gets back to 2x, all pools that were affected are retroactively brought back to 2x rewards.

Restaking rewards does not reset the multiplier.

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When arbitrum release that means we would be able to actually restake our gains pretty much every time without worrying about gas cost?

If so that’s pretty insane considering how fast it’ll compound

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Grt price is whack, it swings so much it can def fuck il protection...

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Im voting for RLC LM rewards. I know I probably wont get them, but fuck it. I think Rlc on bancor is gonna bring in some decent volume

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Yes! Can't wait

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Even know 2/3 of rewards are restaked

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Yeah I buyed weeks ago at 2$ and I hodl

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mid march is likely for Arbitrum

Not sure how much of the protocol will be ported to Arbitrum right away but hopefully the staking contracts are high priority for that

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Buy high sell low like a paper handed new fag, nice plan. Just hold retard

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thanks, great info. I have 2k bnt staked. Let’s say I earn 300 bnt after 2 months to make the math easy. If I restake the 300 bnt, I just pay gas and it’s an instant x2 multiplier on the 2300 bnt total?

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If the link pool is ported to Arbitrum will we have to unstake and restake in a new Arbitrum link pool? Or will our gas fees just be reduced when unstaking or restaking rewards?

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only reason to do this would be to sell and rebuy immediately to offset short cap gains incurred for 2021. Even if bought at $6.50 surely you don’t think bnt will be under $3.25 after 1 year? $3.25 would still be a break even after 100% apr

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Nobody knows yet, or at least they arent saying

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T. Newfeg

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much appreciated my man

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> If I restake the 300 bnt, I just pay gas and it’s an instant x2 multiplier on the 2300 bnt total?

not quite; in that case the 2k bnt portion would continue to get 2x rewards and the 300 would start at 1x again, but as soon as you were at 2x on the 300, the rewards you got along the way from 1x to 2x would ALSO 2x. As long as you stay in for 30+ days on your new 300 bnt stake, you would effectively have been on 2x rewards the whole time, but it's not applied right away.

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Only have 1.2k :(

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Also we think the DIP whitelisting will pass? Have a bit to put in there

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why would anyone buy this jewish trash

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That’ll be at least double in a year. Chin up

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400 off from me taking your post seriously
why would you suggest not buying it? looking for a logical answer, not a spergy one

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i bought 1.1k tokens at the average price of 6 dollars
bancor whale bros please my future is in your hands.
is the pajeet proposal shit thats been going on just meta fudding to get people to dump?
I have my BNT staked in the linkpool like a good goy.

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My only regret is I couldn't buy more, I bought a house mid-last year and had no money left. Bought 1.4k at $2.5. Oh well, the value of my house increased in price by 100k since then. Thanks Californians.

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Easy money fren

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>Corrects people's spelling.
I'm afraid it was over for you before it began.

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anyone know if/when bnt will be listed on binance.us?
should see a nice pump, hopefully they wait for this dip to end before listing

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much cheaper gas prices coming your way soon thanks to Arbitrum...with a 160 stack you're gonna want to wait for that before staking

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just hit my first .25x
retroactively added
already feeling good bros, holy shit

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somethin bout that multiplier kickin in.... hrnngnrghgnrg

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>capitalizing god

expert level (you) farmer

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Sold my 1100 today and bought back 1023. I really need to stake because I'm a retard.

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The only fud people can come up with is "it's da joooos!!!"
Bullish af

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i know, i am pumped for next sunday

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did the same thing the other day and lost over 300bnt. Just stake it and forget it man, keep your sanity

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Comfy 20 some days of staking

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>sold the top
>he wasnt staking

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given their luck they'll be hacked again. You're better of buying pancake or burger swap as even these shitty coins will outperform bnt

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what do you stake and how much to get those rewards?

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It also has huge volume. If we’re not listing high volume, high MC tokens just because they’re volatile, then wtf are we even doing.

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eom hauls bancor chads?

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>not investing in the jews
No way people are still this retarded.

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The rewards are dependent in the volume in the pools right? So when ethereums rewards get revamped I assume rewards will stay the same??

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I'm buying tomorrow. Keep the price down for me

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dependent on stonks...no guarantees

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Yeah I know.
I'm planning on picking up 5K BNT and staking it for rewards and passive income. %k enough to make it?

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What pool should I go into for staking just BNT/should I do it for 100 days? wNXM looks like it has good rewards and APR with the most time left. If other pools vote to continue rewards, does the reward amount stay the same as it is currently?

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am I retarded where do you see when it kicks in

>> No.29945014

Staking 7k BNT and 10 ETH by the end of the month I’ll have 2x across the board. We’ll see next month what it nets (granted the rewards get extended)

>> No.29945352

rewards are a no-brainer for ETH. All the shitcoins getting them now are likely just for one month

>> No.29945533

i just watched it kick in once my countdown made it past 7 days
my rewards ticked up 6 BNT
it was pretty cool

>> No.29945555

How is the rewards APR calculated? Why has BNT's reward on the ETH/BNT dropped to 65% from 100% in a week?

>> No.29945668

People buying a ton of vbnt today

>> No.29945703

Apr is an average of the rewards you can expect to receive with multiplier. This will decrease as the pool fills up (available LM reward amount distributed to more people)

>> No.29945913

finally, too. I've been trading that vbnt/bnt cross but its been shit for the last week. keeps hovering at .65 or below, rarely getting above that now. annoying.

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>Staking 7k BNT and 10 ETH
so both for a total of 40k €?

>> No.29947590

wat did you stake?

>> No.29948800

25k BNT split in eth and link pool

>> No.29949278

>25k BNT split in eth and link pool
so single bnt side staking?
why not directly staking link?

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I think you're on the wrong site pal. Reddit.com is the one you're looking for

>> No.29950089

what does it mean protected value?

>> No.29950134

are those the rewards of 1 month?

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eom haul chad here.

You can swap BNT and VBNT here with over $6 million in liquidity. Best rates.

All swappers get gas refunded by Balancer.

Already integrated with 1inchExchange

read about gas refunds here - https://forum.balancer.finance/t/proposal-extend-the-exchange-gas-reimbursement-program-4-weeks/1121

>> No.29950439


check my post above. nasty slippage last week but its getting better now. make sure to use 1inch

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>he selled?

>> No.29950499

>You can swap BNT and VBNT
why should you do that?

>> No.29950573


Stake 1000 BNT and get 90% apy.

Protocol gives you 1000 VBNT.

Vote and earn 0?


Swap 1000 VBNT for BNT.

Stake the BNT and earn another 90%.

Protocol gives you VBNT.

Vote and earn 0?

Or.... Repeat.

>> No.29950653


I was able to earn that much BNT this month with just 475k BNT start and my method above. Above 40% apy per month thanks to the Vortex. I don' expect it to last. Most yields have already fallen 100% to 80% in the last week from other exploiters.

>> No.29951248

How are you going to get the vBNT to unlock your stake? Or are the improved staking rewards enough to offset not being able to retrieve a chunk of BNT

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Feeling comfy, my average price is $2.1.

>> No.29951463

I'm getting legit 40-50% per month in rewards... 5x the standard.

Its more than sufficient to cover back and I dont expect to last long as others realize and crowd in

>> No.29951478

1.3k BNT has been in the LP for 1 month
added the 5 ETH and 2k more BNT a little over 2 weeks ago
impermanent loss protection. after 100 days i can withdraw my initial without any losses from price changes

>> No.29951504

pls dont dump on us

>> No.29951731

why should someone vote?

>> No.29951800

>thanks to the Vortex
what does the vortex?

>> No.29951888

with that much staked he'll get passive income fees long after the LM period ends

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ngl this does look nice but is there a reason i can't just take advantage of the staking by staking my link? what's the incentive for me to buy this token then?

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>> No.29952916

What pool gave you these return?

>> No.29953066

I think you get more rewards from bnt, you can basically double the stake in a year. Link still very nice, although difficult to get into the pool (it’s full right now)

>> No.29953779

Yes and by that point the APY has been diluted so far and with vBNT burn the peg is back closer to 1 and thus you can not access your underlying stake nor the rewards without all the vBNT per stake so good job on locking liquidity for us forever

>> No.29953875

I’d suggest getting a job

>> No.29954268

It probably will 2x in the next few weeks, whether you stake it or not

>> No.29954438

what the fuck man even people in 3rd world countries can earn that much through work in a few months

>> No.29954501

Same reason why climate change happens.
People will do things on Bancor over time that will benefit themselves and disregard others, unless ppl are active. ( basically drain the platform of its value, unless you protect it w your vote)
Ie, I hold 300k BNT. So me and 9 other big dicks, can now vote in whatever assets we want onto the platform and vote for those assets to get LM rewards. Thus getting richer and richer.

Bancor is working on a few ways to negate this above scenario beyond vbnt voting, so we/you are in good hands long term.

>> No.29954555

I buyed at 2$ and make 7k a month with current bnt price
Comfy af

>> No.29954612

Bancor seems to have a core group of non-team supporters who very much have Bancor's best long term interests at heart. And thank fuck for that, it's been an insight into how fraught running as a DAO can be and how much harm selfish fuckheads with money can do.

>> No.29954749

you can acess rewards

>> No.29954853

Good for a quick buck. The name came from an antisemite, so there’s that at least.

>> No.29954885

Its a mutual advantage, you are liquidity provider for them

>> No.29954912

you a master troller or plain stupid newfag?