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How do you not look at pic related with your crypto wired brains and not see the next silver bull run as SKYROCKETTING the price of silver to $1000/oz?

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The current crypto bull run is over, once btc reaches 80-100k it's over. So you all have 50% more to make on your crypto's before the next 10 years of bear market...

Hop on the silver train anons, shits going to go to the MOON!

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We invest 500€ in physical silver and move on. You can't really have 100 k worth of silver lying around.

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I’m already invested. Current stack: 400oz silver, 8oz gold, 3oz platinum and 3oz palladium

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100k isn't much at all, IT's easy to store up to 20k in silver without a safe, and places like PSLV will store it for you, and ship it to your front door should you want to withdraw your bullion from their vaults.

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Obligatory copypasta

With the current mayhem occurring in the bond market, it's important to remind anons about the following:

Decades ago, the money changers realized that national debt levels and the levels of money printing they were engaging in were unsustainable with any kind of reasonable bond yield levels the market could sustain. The interest on 1 trillion debt at 17 or 18% interest as occurred in the 1980s would be absolutely impossible to sustain at current debt levels of 28 trillion but with 30 year bond yields at 2%, they can kick the can down the road for a few more years.

To keep bond yields low, the money changers also needed to trick the markets into thinking inflation is LOWER than the bond yields they require as nobody would buy 2% yielding bonds if inflation was obviously 5%.

The learned that they could drag the entire commodities market lower by controlling the price of precious metals, the price of wheat for example was dragged into a brutal bear market for the last 10 years at the same time as the gold bear market.

They also learned that the silver market was much smaller than the gold market, no nations used it for monetary purposes, and very few had strategic stockpiles of the metal. By suppressing and controlling the tiny 20 billion dollar silver market with 5 TRILLION dollars of notional derivatives trading, they could force gold down which is always tied in a ratio range with silver. If you'll notice, when the gold and silver ratio are at the highest peaks, the price of the metals are near their lowest troughs.

By controlling silver, they could force gold to act in turn which is used as an inflation signal for the broader commodities market and supported the continuation of artificially low bond yields and an impossibly high level of national debt.

Tl;dr As the silver suppression ponzi scheme unravels, so too will gold and all other commodities, bond yields will spike, taking down the financial system.

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i started stacking silver last week but you have to be fair and include 2018+ in the chart

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Tbh this is going to take more than some time. Biz is more about that insta-grat than real investing.

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not my chart, but i agree. However its still hyper suppressed BECAUSE its being used as the lynchpin of the US treasury in its shinanigans to just print more money and say "no we're not undergoing inflation, look look the price of silver is low, our money printing indicates economic growth!"

Wait til the bond market skyrockets, the stock market tanks, and your bitcoin bullrun ends and your shitcoins all go down 10x.

And yeah 10x is EASY, 20-30x more realistic by years end with the amount of demand and current market supply amount

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forgot pic related

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What’s to stop them from continually suppressing it at the current rate?

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So are there variable rate treasuries that one could buy now with lower yields that would spike in your pasta'd scenario?
>only just learning about bonds

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>40+ year chart
>10x EOY
Yeah ok

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you have to pay 20% vat on silver

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absolutely nothing except one little detail.... which is they'll run out of silver because the buying power only increases as the movement increases. If the prices stay low then anons will simply buy out ALL of the bullion, at which point it'll be anons deciding the price, which will make it skyrocket when industrial need keeps growing but there's no physical supply and the mines can't really be ramped up all the way up to 2024, by which point the movemnet will be big enough to absorb any mining into the hodlers bags as well.

They literally have no defense against a physical buyout. That's why i'm OVERALL against PSLV, because most anons should be able to horde/hide 1000-2000 oz of silver with ease. But some anons who are millionaires and want to put in a lot of money, they actually need the big dogs like PSLV to hold/stash the money for them... but for them Sprott literally offers the service of shipping the bullion to their front door whenever they want to redeem their shares.

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>places like PSLV will store it for you
how do you trust them?

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jp morgan himself would rise from the grave and strangle every single one of you before he lets silver be squeezed

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>If the prices stay low then anons will simply buy out ALL of the bullion

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I'm sure that there are, but even then why would you want to buy one, if inflation could theoretically hit 10-15% a year, any locking money into a bond would make your hands tied. Silver is the most comfee hold because you fucking hold it, own it, and it feels fucking GOOD to look at shiny

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Are you aware of Clif Highs predictions about silver and a supposed new discovery related to its use in electronics that's should occur in the next few months?

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because if you don't physically possess silver then you don't own silver

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it's not 1980, wake up you dumb boomer

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>The current crypto bull run is over
found the moron

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>They literally have no defense against a physical buyout.
Making it illegal to buy silver for the average joe

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well look at pic related >>29924097 the people have decided that this will kill the fed and the treasury printing things out of thin air. So why now of all times? Honestly i have no idea, but i'm behind it kek

they have literally no defense. How can they physically stop people from going to their jolly coin store or online bullion dealer liek SD bullion and just buying more?

I honestly don't, i only reccomend it to anons with 1+ mil, who havent figured out storage yet. Other anons can just buy safe's or figure out some more creative storage.

yeah 20%... but what will the VAT be when the price has doubled and dealers are expecting it to jump even more?

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70oz physical, 20 more on the way, and couple stonks, and a couple options. amgi anons?

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To be fair I think he’s been saying that for years. I know he recently said something big would happen between 2/24 and 3/24. I also recall reading a soaring 20’s report 3 or 4 years ago making similar claims.

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>mentions boomers

When the boomers get wind that their golden child (silver) is now hip/hot again, they're going to jump on it like white on rice.

You think millenials pumping bitcoin is something, wait til you see what millinoaire boomers pumping something looks like.

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It won't be easy, but yes you will make it. Hopefully you are still young.

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Let's say in the theoretical increase of the silver per ounce price would silver mining stocks increase parallelly? Would the increase be delayed and less violent or maybe even more?

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Except now he's got enough temporal markers to think it's going to happen this year. I don't know enough about his past reports to jewsplain why he was wrong years ago.

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why not. i got more....

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I will probably convert ~.05 btc a week into silver

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Clif High is "nothing ever happens" incarnate

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>60 years of crabbing
>if you buy at the wrong time youre bagholding for 300 years
>the person who sells you the silver charges you a premium

metalfags are the god damn dumbest fucks on the planet

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Even if some new mineral or element could take silver’s place, it would take years for entire industries to unwind processes that used silver and create new ones with the mystery ingredient. Would not be an overnight change.

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>The current crypto bull run is over

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He claims it's a new use case. Some property silver has will be discovered or revealed that relates to magnetism and how its used in electronics. This new use for silver is what's supposed to drive its price past $600.

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>How can they physically stop people from going to their jolly coin store or online bullion dealer liek SD bullion and just buying more?

By increasing premiums.

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My mistake. Silver may go past $600 on its own accord, but good to know that this theory is out there.

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>wait til you see what millinoaire boomers pumping something looks like.
This is me. And my frens.

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I find it interdesting but there's no one to compare his research with. You either take his word for it or don't.

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Global silver production is 1 mln ounces per year, just so you know how bullshit COMEX actually is.

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Fuck Gayhorse. Stop shilling your bags. Silver, yer, Gayhorse, no.

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This year shit is going down and it will go far beyond silver, because of the bankster's inability to 'print' commodities like they print fiat or shitcoin protocols. summer 2021, the rotshchild rockefeller system is going to come crashing down...a historical once in a 600 year event type economic crash. Nobody will be spared. A global metals panic will happen except instead of toilet paper and bleach, fools with fiat are going to desperately search for gold and silver but will find nothing! By end of 2021 we will be in a global precious metal standard with the price of an ounce of silver being the reference global monetary unit for all international banking, pricing of currencies and foreign exchange! This is because the enormous need for industry to physically hoard their own stash of silver once COOMEX defaults will manifest into a global metals panic since silver is a monetary metal.

Lets say the trust funds, big banks and worst of all insurance companies lose confidence in fiat and put 5% of their valuation into silver? AXA alone putting 5% of its cash into silver could purchase all the bullion currently existing. Imagine if it was on a global scale, it would leak to all tangible assets, even wood or grains of sand at this point. It would entirely halt the production of everything and push price discovery of every commodity sky high.

This is why the system needs an exit strategy by creating a whole world of infinite fiat resources that can be created at will : the crypto-space. You can create 100 billions XRP and then tomorrow morning add 100000 billions of a new shitcoin and it wont impact the real world in the slightest. Just sponges to soak up fiat fed printed money!

Silver and gold are the canary in the coal mine because they historically have been money for the past 5000 years and have all the functions asked to be a perfect medium of exchange (fungible, divisible, portable, durable, uniform). GLOBAL METALS PANIC INCOMING!

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Das Payhorse muh nigga.

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How to buy Bayhorse as a burger?

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Schwab, etc., a real OTC broker.

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>PSLV will store it for you, and ship it to your front door
not if you have less than $270k worth. if you can't touch it you don't own it.

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They will kill anyone trying to pull another Hunt bros again.

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What do you think about buying sXAG on Synthetix?

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>has to buy his metals at a 20% premium, will only increase as more people buy
>paper silver doesn't budge
>can only sell his silver at a loss even if it has massive gains

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Try killing 10s of thousands of boomer millionaires wanting in on the action.

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I don’t care what the paper price is. I am never selling my silver. My silver is ONLY for surviving the coming end of dollar reserve currency status. Where I need, I will sell it on the future black market only for fiat for my immediate needs. What I don’t need during the crisis will be my starting capital on the other side of the crisis. For now, I will continue to buy physical silver every month below $100/ozt. If you aren’t buying physical gold and silver, you’re a retard. I’m not shilling my “bags”. You will never sniff my stack. I don’t care what you do, but since I’m not a kike and I have a soul and a conscience, I tell you to make hay while the sun shines and don’t let kikes scare you out of parking at least a portion of your wealth in physical metals IN YOUR HAND. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

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I can tell you never bought or sold silver

>> No.29929256

Canadian stocks trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ

>> No.29929263

Silver is 100% controlled by institutions and retailers cannot squeeze it. ONLY a major institution can squeeze it OR the SEC can stop being literal crime enablers. Both of those are unlikely.

>> No.29929298

>silver squeeze
they won't let this happen as it will cause the entire system to implode

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Lol stfu, you don’t even have a foreskin kike slave.

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We are going back to the 90s boys! Simple fact is once the silver panic goes global, virtually 90% of big tech business models as well as crypto go belly up.

No matter what plan the faggots at the big bankster meeting in canada come up with, they cannot avoid the fact that a global precious metals panic will HARD RESET THE ECONOMY BACK TO THE 90S.



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the problem with the silver going to 1000 oz idea (or anywhere close to that) is that the minute silver gets above a certain price, mines that are currently inactive will be turned on and begin producing. Current supply flow can easily expand considering there are tons of idle mines sitting around where the silver just isn't profitable to extract at current prices but would be at higher prices..

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Nice of you to drop by, golem.

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I've bought it, just never sold it.

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A major jump in demand for physical creates a jump in premiums far out of line with "spot prices". This causes loss of faith in the paper prices and dollar value. Then what, print more paper? Lol. Reset incoming.

>> No.29929541

based, i haven't seen it explained this well before
silver truly is the key

>> No.29929570

>This causes loss of faith in the paper prices and dollar value
Except that clearly isn't happening. Premiums are 20% fucking higher than spot.

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Nah he wouldn’t

>> No.29929770

While that's a neat theory, literally the entire world is turning away from the US and toward trade with China. That may be a bigger indicator that the post is accurate though, since those countries are more likely to have stockpiled gold than silver, which would make the Golden Yuan/Ruble a much more attractive currency for them.

A silver standard is a much better commodity for a currency though, since it's much more abundant and has more practical uses than gold.

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>Premiums are 20% fucking higher than spot.
Pick one.
>spot prices are paper.
>premiums get you real money.

>> No.29929877

>If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.
Well said bro.

>> No.29929935

SLV puts are dumb anon..
They will still rise with the spot, that money would be better spent on PAAS, WPM, or HL LEAPS

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What are my chances of making it?

>> No.29930037

>gas price
>broker fees
Same shit, different medium. If you're dealing with finance at all, you're gonna get jewed at some point.

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>the great silber conspiracy

>> No.29930095

Those are a lot of risky gambles anon...

I hope you have a position in ETFs and Majors and not just this portfolio

>> No.29930150

Haven't heard that about silver, but they have discovered some magnetic properties with graphene https://www.livescience.com/graphene-hides-rare-magnetism.html

>> No.29930151


This has a miner section that has a lot of resources for you.

I suggest you check it.

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I dont think it's a secret that treasuries yield less than inflation. People/institutions/governments dont buy government treasuries to beat inflation, they do it for the safety of holding US federal debt.
>1 mln ounces per year
So if I have 1000 oz then I've got 0.1% of a years production of silver in my possession?

>> No.29930648

I'm sorry are you an institutional investor taking delivery on the coooomex? No? Then your puny retail buying isn't doing shit except TEMPORARILY pushing up premiums on RETAIL silver.

>> No.29930707


nah, mines take a long time to revive, even if they go through all the government permitting required these days.

>> No.29931047

sure let them increase the premiums to $100 with the spot price staying at $27. I'd love to see them try

>> No.29931372

What would even prevent them?

>> No.29931468

Thanks for the read and the concern. I have a couple of majors and etf's on my robinhood, at a lower balance than here. If you have any in particular though, I'd be happy to check it out. My general thought was that there's a lot of risk here, but all it takes is 1 good miner and it pays for the rest of the portfolio, then anything above that is profit.

>> No.29931554

>invest in something that has crabbed for 3 decades

Yeah, that chart isn't as enticing as you think it is.

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Excellent, I am glad to hear that.

Some of my favorite Jrs are VGLDF, BLAGF, AOTVF, DNCVF, AAGFF, MAIFF, and GOTRF.

Some of those are gold or silver and as always Do your own DD.

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File: 2.54 MB, 1578x1834, SILVER MERCURY DIMES FWTDHWATQUAD BLOWJOBS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's unspeakable stupidity that silver is at the lowest price probably ever in recorded history and nobody cares

>> No.29931944

price gouging laws

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*me when silver hits 4k/ozt*

>> No.29932095

What laws?

>> No.29932131

This will pump 40% max, better off investing in produce. Wheat and oats are about to go parabolic. Look at pictures from Germany during hyper inflation

>> No.29932183

How are they not effected by these laws now? 20% is a lot of fucking money.

>> No.29932243

He's right

>> No.29932407

>t. morons whose brains have been atrophied by shitcoin trading

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>> No.29934281

>Lets say the trust funds, big banks and worst of all insurance companies lose confidence in fiat and put 5% of their valuation into silver?
See every silver shill theory requires some hypothetical that would never happen.

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>he paid 20% premium
Just because you didn’t play the game right doesn’t mean others can’t

>> No.29934412

You mean buying?

>> No.29934578

>boomer rock price is suppressed at greater cost to the buyers

If you're okay with this game, then you're a massive faggot. It allows them to exhaust buyers FAR faster than they would have otherwise.

>> No.29934651

Large in size if factually accurate.

>> No.29934775

Guys what the fuck do I buy I only have like 1k, do I stack as many silver coins as I can from pawn shops, or go all in on PSLV or Bayhorse?

>> No.29934883

bumping my q

>> No.29935010

bhs or 1oz rounds. Opposite ends on the risk spectrum, so maybe 1/2 and 1/2

>> No.29935036

>the person who sells you the silver charges you a premium
premiums are charged with anything finance related. how do you like your 50%+ fees on crypto?
>60 years of crabbing
have you even looked at the charts?
>if you buy at the wrong time youre bagholding for 300 years
applies with everything
you're stupid. have you also considered that people here aren't 100% precious metals?

>> No.29935049

Bayhorse 50 cent calls expiring tomorrow

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File: 2.53 MB, 4032x3024, C2693776-8964-416B-8ED3-6BD125628D98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can. Maybe I shouldn't (yes most of what I've got is gold - been buying gold and getting cucked by gold since 2008).

Wrt safety - I live in the densesf part of one of the largest cities on earth and have no issues with this. Wrt portability being an issue - yeah 100k in silver at today's prices would be a lot to carry.

>> No.29935529

what is that and how do I buy

>> No.29935592

XRP looking graph lmao

>> No.29935604

That's a nice stack lad. I too used to keep a lot in my home and learned the hard way that silver is not easy to move when I split with the wife.

>> No.29935977

when the big boys playing the paper game demand physical silver instead of dying usd

>> No.29936113

If /biz/ says 10x growth, expect it to fall in price before the week is over.

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File: 1.36 MB, 5506x1220, 1613758019639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I suspect bitcoin will get near 200k before this bull run is over.
As it nears 200k I will be hopping on the silver train.
Probably 150k ish to be safe.
If I sell at 150k and it goes to 200 I will be very happy with my exit point.
I like to pick a number that is as conservative as possible where if my actual expectations happen I will still be happy with the exit point.

>> No.29936352

you think bars of .999 silver are just waiting to be unearthed?

>> No.29936426

Silver's value is not in fiat, silver is "real money". There is a massive difficulty in selling silver, especially once silver is actually worth something.

>> No.29936603

Bond Market broke Friday night, bucko.

>> No.29936736

that's my plan as well, at least 20% of crypto profits into silver and gold

>> No.29936740

We should get WallstreetSilver to buy up the digital billboards on the QEII Highway

>> No.29936812

you buy at least one 10oz silver bar


and at least a fraction of gold with $1k. Physical of course.


>> No.29936965

this. 1oz rounds have a lower premium per oz on JM right now and are much easier to sell individually on Craigslist if the price skyrockets

>> No.29937143

>been in crypto and stocks a few months
>10x and 15x
>pay almost no fees


>> No.29937213
File: 398 KB, 768x2144, 1612152978405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Skip the gold fren.
Did you know there is more above ground gold than silver?
And gold is used in hardly any industries where as silver is running out by the day.
Silver will provide you similar protection to gold.
Your silver will never go to zero.
But with VASTLY more upside potential.

>> No.29938152

Thats rude.

>> No.29938508

What’s the forecast for bonds tomorrow? More disorderly sell off or is it calming down?

>> No.29938770

Market's open right now. Checkem

>> No.29938782

there's no way there is 10 kilo of silver in a tesla. All the sources i can find say about one to two ounces.

look into silver zinc batteries though. 40% more efficient than a lithium ion. Those would use a lot more silver in electric vehicles than we use today.

>> No.29938827

australian bonds are up (yields down) so the rest of the world will likely follow... is my forecast.

This is investment advice.


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File: 25 KB, 1176x861, 8d1khe5jtaj61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its not a "secret", but that "safety" comes from them owning US debt and knowing that approximately within say 10 years, their money will be worth as much as it is now. Once that interest rate rises (ESPECIALLY in a biden printing press go brrrr administration) then the people stop wanting to buy those notes.

Also no, world silver production is 880 million oz (or was last year) Annual world consumption has been about 800 million ounces. The current buyout has already taken 200 million ounces off of the market and we're just getting started...

i know anon, its amazing at the level of jew paradigm dick that the people have sucked on for too long.

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it sure as shit did in the 80s when the last silver run happened.
80% into bars, 15% into rounds, 5% into constitutional or "junk" silver
i know its eerie, except silver has been around for millenia and has a literal genetic appeal to people who hold it.
what if the rising treasury yields causes the stock market and bitcoin to crash? What if this last pump was the end of the bull run? See the USD itself is held up by silver, so when a silver buyout happens all rules are out the window because it undermines the USD itself.
i know, its literally glorious.
nice, i've 5x'd within a month and a half before i sold everything and went all in on physical silver.
silver is the most conductive metal on the planet though, as we get more efficient electronics, silver usage will go up and only up.

>> No.29939329

If a bind auction fails the fed will put any amount of them on it's books at whatever price is necessary to back stop the system. That plus a 1.9 Trillion spending bill is about to be signed into law next week. I would not bet on long term deflation anon, while some temporary bond spikes/deflation is possible that shit is coming back to near zero within a couple weeks and money printer is about to brrr harder than during peak Covid terror.

That being said silver is manipulated to hell and it will be the ABSOLUTE LAST thing these demon banksters will give up control over... Silver is not a get rich quick scheme. We all know the value of 1 oz should be equivalent to a weeks labor, but we will not see that valuation until endgame AKA hyperinflation... At that point a tenth oz of silver will be worth a blowjob and who knows how many USD. Could be 10 million USD, but a loaf of bread might be 10 grand at that point. We are no where near peak clown world yet anon... If only you knew how bad things really are.

>> No.29939390

>hat if the rising treasury yields causes the stock market and bitcoin to crash?
Not all rising yields are the same.
If they are rising because the government wants to fiscally tighten that is a very different animal than rising because creditors are beginning to see us as a credit risk and bonds as no longer being the safe haven they used to be.
I'm thinking the rising rates we are seeing now are the latter type not the former.

>> No.29939392

I think physical is a meme, good luck finding a pawn shop to unload your bags on in the few days/weeks its high

>> No.29939578

This guy gets it.
Cough FSM cough cough (100% satirical, not financial advice)

>> No.29939584

actually going to my metals guy tuesday to pick some more up
its undervalued rn especially with hyperinflation incoming

>> No.29939685

This shouldn't be your smallest position

>> No.29939689


>> No.29939754
File: 124 KB, 1136x988, selling_on_craigslist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29939759

Miners are usually more volatile during massive spikes. For instance during 2011 many junior miners did a 10x. Who know ls how things will play out this time. It feels like endgame this go around, so all bets are off. Miners should 100x in value, but this will be a global chaos catastrophe and nationalization of strategic resources is never off the table during circumstances like these.

>> No.29939990

Wasnt that spike caused by two brothers who shorted silver and went to jail?

>> No.29940136

They didn't sshort it, they tried to corner the market on it, and they basically did it, until (((they))) abracadabra'd the shorts into dominating the Hunt bros. with their liquidity.

>> No.29940193

The problem for the brothers was they were overleveraged.

>> No.29940198

That is the (((official))) story but not really what happened see below for a good article on it

>> No.29940259

The Hunt Brothers story is a very interesting one anon. They were the first to realize that the silver market was a weak spot in The newly created Fiat only system. Since then the government and the largest banks along with other bullion banks around the world have joined forces in the singular goal of making silver as unwanted of a metal as possible. They labeled old silver coins junk. And they short the shit out of the metal using naked shorts during run-ups in order to dishearten any investors looking to make money in the medium or short-term. The market wasn't as controlled when the hunt brothers did what they did, but the way you read about them now you might think that they were mass murderers. The government and the banks do everything in their power to smear their names into the ground. Because what they really did was challenge the power of the money system.

>> No.29940470

yeah those boomers wont be looking to buy it at 1k an oz, they will be looking to sell it too, my recommendation is a Perth Mint Account, I understand keeping a relatively small amount at home in case shit hits the fan.

>> No.29940564
File: 2.28 MB, 3696x2601, 03D25349-5163-4C10-9231-5FF982074260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve got 300 oz of silver. Was thinking about switching to gold now until I have about 5 oz. how much silver do you feel is enough?

>> No.29940605

After reading through this thread I've determined the lot of you are morons who don't know what you're talking about

>> No.29940683

How much Bayhorse to make it?

>> No.29940702
File: 97 KB, 1024x800, 1613062842383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good explanation anon.

who will they go after if there are millions of people buying around the world though? It's a foolproof move right now, and it's game over for (them)

>> No.29940817

Yea. This is probably good advice if you are looking to trade in and out and not taking a long patient conviction trade.
I think I might use bullionstars custodial service at some point.

>> No.29940983

Not even you believe this shit

>> No.29941015

Mark my words the robber barons are going to be forced to raise the price of silver dramatically to stop the flux of new stackers from hoarding and depleting the supply

>> No.29941108

if i just buy bayhorse stock will i do ok?

>> No.29941181

It will happen anon.
That which must happen will happen.
When though... who knows?
Thats the problem nobody knows when.
Could be tomorrow.
Could be decades...

>> No.29941396
File: 100 KB, 358x553, 1613200368418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i and 100s of thousands believe this... and everyone is pretty much media/jew pilled...

So guess what, like >>29941181
says, we are going to buy, and buy, and buy, and fucking buy... because it WILL happen

Crytocurrencies overall will be rejected by the people at least for a few generations before they get widespread acceptance. What's being forced now is them desperately pumping up bitcoin so that they can make it mainstream. However the people will very quickly realize and say that, hold up, every single transaction is public, fuck that, i want my freedom and my hand held currency so i can go buy things sneakily and freely.... For this reason FEDcoin will be rejected too.

Only silver is truly anonymous and with built in intrinsic value and only silver is truly freedom (gold too, but its not what this push is about since gold is too big to budge unlike silver)

>> No.29941469

Gentlemen, silver stackers, crypto hoarders - whatever your investment inclination is... you MUST read this article. It details the events of the Hunt brothers in the late 70's... they saw the writing on the wall for the western economy and wanted a way to hedge against inflation, so they started buying as much silver as they can. And guess what? The banking system, the government and the federal reserve joined forces to stop them, crush them, and re write history so whenever anyone thought of silver they thought of 'those con men hunt brothers'.

You MUST read this. It forecasts exactly what is happening now and what it means for you.


>> No.29941733

you dont avoid taxes buying bitcoin with silver, cause silver has a premium of 20%

>> No.29941852

i meant taxes
im in btc right now and stock market. just don't make fun of PM cuz physical assets are important

>> No.29941890

You can sell it on craigslist for the same as it costs to buy on the internet.
If its 20% premiums on the net its 20% premiums on the street.

>> No.29941990

I saw 10x and thought this was about BOND. for real.
didn't even see that it was about boomer metals, sirs

>> No.29942018
File: 224 KB, 849x735, shillings2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29942092
File: 363 KB, 827x554, 1613114491760.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

perhaps be more objective... its a lot more based than some new crypto that JUST came out and is obviously a pump and dump (all cryptos are)

you can sell at your local coin store easily too. I can sell at my LCS for $29 an oz right now, 2 bucks above spot, to the owners of the store. They sell theirs at $32/oz to other buyers

>> No.29942333


>> No.29942431

>Crytocurrencies overall will be rejected by the people at least for a few generations before they get widespread acceptance
Good, more time to acumulate
Take your gold and get into your anus

>> No.29942436
File: 546 KB, 900x600, bousouzoku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29942658

selling crypto for silver is a taxable event, at least in the US

>> No.29942660
File: 1.33 MB, 900x900, 1614567047613.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they might also be completely killed you idjit. How many coins were shilled here in 2016 that are now DEAD, and nobody wants? Some retards still holding millions of things worth 0.000000001 dollars?

What makes you think that your coins will be worth shit when all cryptos are rejected en masse? On that topic, why do you think bitcoin is worth anything, if litecoin is superior technologically in every? Perhaps its all a jewish psyop pump and dump anon?

>> No.29942661

I stick to 1:100

>> No.29942731

>they might also be completely killed you idjit.
Now, bitcoin and crypto are here to stay
Have fun with your gold

>Perhaps its all a jewish psyop pump and dump anon?
Perhaps you are just stupid

>> No.29942746
File: 268 KB, 1234x1102, Historical Silver Valuation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much should silver be worth now? pic related.

>> No.29942801

>50k to 100k is a 50% increase
This is your brain on argentum

>> No.29942830
File: 67 KB, 1125x799, ahplz65t8yj61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lets talk then anon, lets use our logic and mind, and not our emotions (unless you're a women, then you can gtfo... unless tits ofc). Why is bitcoin worth more than litecoin?

>> No.29942873


>> No.29942906

Its 00:036 am here, I took melatonin to sleep, I don't wanna to debate with a stupid moron on the internet
Again, stick your gold into your ass

>> No.29943096

fer sure dood
this time its differnt

>> No.29943383
File: 55 KB, 625x439, 1486664848610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What can i say? Logic and numbers are all i got... more physical silver buying in february than the last 20 februaries combined (first month its started on) and more bought by the 28th of february than all of last year.

Movement is only starting, fucking WSS is now at 70k gathered... word going to get out, even more buying will happen...

But noooo, there's no reason for it to go up... lets pack it up guys, cuz faggot number 1 and number 2 said "nah its not going up"

>> No.29943537
File: 489 KB, 497x373, 1613855524558.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


ITS THE BILDERBERG GROUP and the only option that they have is to crash the global economy by increasing the price of oil. They own big oil so that way the get to suck up goyim money.....but the goyim are mostly remote working and already under lockdown. Air travel is nowhere near normal pre COVID era levels and their shitty tokyo olympics will suffer.

They pretty much have no choice. I am predicting they are probably arguing and infighting right now because every one in the bilderberg club will have to take a big hit.

Also there is absolutely no way of predicting how high oil prices will pan out, because it is going to make the nigerians, saudis, Russsians, Iraninas all rich again flush with dollars from whatever little oil they are selling now because of the low demand.

THE BILDERBERG FAGGOTS ARE IN A SATANIC BIND. WHATEVER THEY DO THEY ARE FUCKED! THE CONSEQUENCE OF WORSHIPPING SATAN ALL THESE YEARS! NOT EVEN ABRAMOVIC OR EVEN BAAL / MOLOCH CAN SAVE THEM NOW! If they crash the economy hard, no GREAT RESET, no central bank digital currency, no social credit score, no post COVID era vaccine passport pysops etc because all of those schemes require massive amounts of free paper money injection into the economy at low interest rates.

ONLY ONE THING IS CERTAIN: 2021 USA/UK bankster caba WILL LOSE price discovery power over gold and silver, the natural monetary metals! The ability to keep western economic zone inflation low by artificially rigging the price of gold and silver with shorts in New York, Chicago, LBMA london and Zurich will be lost forever.

There will be massive infighting and the Bilderberg Great Reset WEF group will disband. Everyone in that group will be a loser...there are no winners this time around. The only winners will be silver stackers! A hard reset to the 90s economy is inevitable now.

>> No.29943631

those old examples are ridiculous. They paid soldiers in salt so should we go on the Salt standard? evaluate silver currently, not what it was.

>> No.29943652

Is PSLV safe? I need substitutes

>> No.29943767

wise sentiment.... the electronics and robotics industries that are booming all will need to use the best alloys that they can... and the BEST conductor of electricity out there is silver.

That and, its going to be in all smartphones, in all laptops etc

>> No.29943987

I think PSLV is only safe if you can afford 10k oz of silver...

Nothing is as safe as physical bullion though. You can fucking defend that shit and aint nobody getting your money unless you want them to (provided u own a gun ofc)

>> No.29944317

Damn. That was a good read. (((They))) changed the rules mid-game, screwed the Hunt's, and got the media to blame the victims.

>> No.29944377

Global supply is just under a billion ounces a year you bellend

>> No.29944385

Take your meds schizo.

>> No.29944525

You’re right, but the invisible chains become a little more opaque

>> No.29944626

That is why you stock up on little shit so you aren't out there whipping out a 100k crown royal bag full of silver to buy some ramen. There will be some sweet barters going on once this shit gets rolling ie. trading a 10 oz for riverfront acreage junk silver is good for small transactions. But we wont be as consumerist once this thing pops off it will be more going to the butcher for the week, buying milk for the next 2 weeks from the farmer down the road etc.

>> No.29945191
File: 740 KB, 1000x1188, cryptobhs_(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29945506

So what your saying is farming becomes viable again. That's more exciting to me than silver x500

>> No.29945576

Salt is great. I went to the Krakow salt mines and had a brilliant time, you can lick every wall and they all taste like salt.

>> No.29945690

yes farming becomes viable again, they have to stop suppressing the prices of all commodities, that includes wheat, milk, beef, etc. This is going to be a boom for the US after the initial shitshow that will be the crashing of the USD

>> No.29946574

Silver has more utility now than ever before, and human population is enormously higher, so how can we reach any conclusion other than the fact that silver should be at least as equally as valuable now as it was then?

>> No.29946871

Degenerate wall licker.

>> No.29947063

put in an order for 12 of those beauties a day or two ago

>> No.29947124

388kg of silver in swiss ZKB vaults reporting in.
Also 60K stocks of Basedhorse cause there's a guy in a hat so why the fuck not
We will unironically make it.

>> No.29947180
File: 590 KB, 250x250, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking silver copeium pure and unfiltered in this thread

Silver is worth MAYBE $15. Tops. That's it. Look up the price of silver in 1964 when the US stopped using it and adjust for inflation. Around $10. Now add regular market fluctuation and it should top around $15 and draw back down. Same shit with gold. Gold should be around $800. Gold and Silver are in a fucking bubble, you smooth brains. This whole scam is a pump and dump and you idiots are buying it hook line and sinker. $1000 silver? Fucking lol. Shitcoin $1 million too. What a fucking joke.

>> No.29947256

high iq poster, is this the pengulum swining backwards we have all been waiting for? Has the time finally arrived? I have boomer inheritiance all tied up corporate bonds, should my mom sell?

>> No.29947349
File: 1.67 MB, 2821x2289, 20210225_093138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My old collection. Lost it in a tragic boating accident. What was I thinking...

>> No.29947370
File: 85 KB, 900x600, e277148d-8366-46f6-9aec-b50878f4884a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They literally have no defense against a physical buyout.
The kikenbergs made it illegal for non-juden to own gold in 1933. This didn't change until 1975.

If the jew needs to stop you, the jew will stop you. Because you stupid goyim refuse to stop the jew.

>> No.29947428
File: 249 KB, 659x345, 2ReichsMark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ask yourself... the movement just started about a month ago and more silver bullion has been bought since we started than has been bought in all of last year. What happens when the movement keeps growing and FOMO piles on?

You realize just how many boomers like >>29928099
there are that have been DYING for this moment for their entire lives? Do you realize just how coiled that spring is? Once the boomers get verified proof that there is a silver run... hoooo boy, good fucking luck stopping them from dumping EVERYTHING into it to prove to EVERYONE who didnt believe them, that they were in fact right all along that the fiat USD can't be trusted...

retarded kike

>> No.29947523
File: 1.54 MB, 815x441, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29947691

>this will kill the fed and the treasury printing

>> No.29947777
File: 89 KB, 640x960, bladechain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29947945

Whose gonna buy the silver at such a high price? Do you guys plan to hawk it to a jewler or a smelter or some shit? Who would pay the prices for such a thing?

>> No.29948037

No see what's gonna happen is that society is going to fall apart and we're all fuckin hard men who will build new empires in the post-apocalypse and instead of paper jew money we will use METAL just as god intented

>> No.29948051

Because the ability of the US treasury to sell their bonds is directly proportional to percieved inflation. Picrelated is what inflation was like, the periods of inflation are when the government had to have high interest rates.

Silver being forced low is what has led to the US having the ABILITY to keep printing. They just point to silver being worth like 10 an oz and say "guys look, there is no inflation in the us, you can buy our treasury notes and just make money on the spot, it won't be devalued due to inflation, after all look how low silver has been in relationship to the dollar for so long."

Which works and in the financial world they were able to get away with that, because silver is till very an important international commodity of finance. Now, what happens when the price of silver skyrockets and stays high? Well, they have to admit that guys, theres actually been some strong inflation, and your money thats currently tied up in our bonds, is actually going to lose out to inflation. So you LOST money by buying our treasuries and lending the money to the US.

So what will the treasury buyers want? Well they'll say "guys we have 5% inflation in the nation... can your bonds beat inflation please, we want at least 7% bonds"... which the government will ahve to do for all of its spending... So that 23 trillion dollars will become VERY quickly unserviceable to where we can't even pay the interest on that money, and we can't borrow any more because its hard to get anyone to want to park their money in our bond market.

I'll share obligatory copy pasta with a bit more technical details

>> No.29948088

Thanks, just sold all of my silver and bought gold.

>> No.29948124

>calls me a kike
>is shilling a worthless metal
The gaslighting is surreal

>> No.29948154

Obligatory copypasta

With the current mayhem occurring in the bond market, it's important to remind anons about the following:

Decades ago, the money changers realized that national debt levels and the levels of money printing they were engaging in were unsustainable with any kind of reasonable bond yield levels the market could sustain. The interest on 1 trillion debt at 17 or 18% interest as occurred in the 1980s would be absolutely impossible to sustain at current debt levels of 28 trillion but with 30 year bond yields at 2%, they can kick the can down the road for a few more years.

To keep bond yields low, the money changers also needed to trick the markets into thinking inflation is LOWER than the bond yields they require as nobody would buy 2% yielding bonds if inflation was obviously 5%.

The learned that they could drag the entire commodities market lower by controlling the price of precious metals, the price of wheat for example was dragged into a brutal bear market for the last 10 years at the same time as the gold bear market.

They also learned that the silver market was much smaller than the gold market, no nations used it for monetary purposes, and very few had strategic stockpiles of the metal. By suppressing and controlling the tiny 20 billion dollar silver market with 5 TRILLION dollars of notional derivatives trading, they could force gold down which is always tied in a ratio range with silver. If you'll notice, when the gold and silver ratio are at the highest peaks, the price of the metals are near their lowest troughs.

By controlling silver, they could force gold to act in turn which is used as an inflation signal for the broader commodities market and supported the continuation of artificially low bond yields and an impossibly high level of national debt.

Tl;dr As the silver suppression ponzi scheme unravels, so too will gold and all other commodities, bond yields will spike, taking down the financial system.

>> No.29948156

>41 years ago
I don't have an entire lifetime to wait for gains anon

>> No.29948183
File: 8 KB, 96x44, Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 9.37.23 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

silver schizos in 3 months
screencap this

>> No.29948187
File: 154 KB, 1646x1189, B343AD56-80A7-4B4E-B3E1-AFC7BE2F1E5A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>were going to le moon
kek nobody here is dumb enough to touch silver anon check the chart

>> No.29948204

my 10 lot 21calls back when silver was 17 have been doing great. over 6 figures of profit so far

>> No.29948273
File: 1016 KB, 943x575, C2FF6E86-C3FF-42C9-982D-6FFF6FB08ECA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody can even acknowledge or rebutt this, silver is a trash “investment” and always has been

>> No.29948387

>Buy 20kg silver at a premium from dealer
>store the shit and lug it around only to see it crab for 10 years while inflations 5-10% yearly
>Sell it back at a discount to same dealer cause forced to
people actually invest like this

>> No.29948389

retarded shills

you want me to answer your question seriously?
how about you look at your logic and explain to me how you can rationalize the things that you did... i've done a LOT of explaining in this thread, you did virtually none.

Lets start with the price of silver in 1964 where you start your chain of logic... that clearly is the year where they wanted it to be lowest so that their de-pegging of silver off of the coinage would make sense, so it was suppressed to that level. The rest of your argument falls apart, you've ignored the rest of the fucking thread didn't you? Did you miss the post about how silver being low is HOW they manage to print free money? Does that not matter to you as an argument?

If you are an actual real human being of an anon, please consider.... that your argument is shit, and you didn't think about it past basic level logic

>> No.29948480

Bitcoin is up over 12x since the lows pops, chill

>> No.29948485

10kg sounds way too extreme and I can’t find anything close to backing that up.

>> No.29948580

I have about 3kg of silver and that's my limit. If shit goes bad there's no way I'm hauling around a shitload of metal.

>> No.29948750
File: 934 KB, 640x800, 1611367561484.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1933 USA was 100% racist and USA was not a world power. Countries around the world did not hold a ton of US treasury securities and US banks did not hold a massive amount of debt or derivatives.

Also 1933 the gold laws were never enforced. Only banks that held gold turned their stock in and dumbass patriot plebs voluntarily turned their gold in because USA had a racist high 'huwhite' trust in the ruling establishment.

That is not the case today. If you replicate 1933, dollar will collapse to mugabe zimbabwe dollar status, because the US govt has openly delared their currency is toilet paper and only physical silver is the real monetary asset = GLOBAL METALS PANIC AND USA UK EU ECONOMIES, GREAT RESET AND CENTRAL BANK POLICIES ALL END UP IN THE BIGGEST DUMPSTER FIRE THE PLANET HAS SEEN SINCE THE FALL OF ROME!!!


>> No.29948833
File: 353 KB, 1493x767, 1612236392904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

already took the silver pill faggot. you need to take yours!

>> No.29948879

Because I know what caused that 1980 peak and it wasn't natural market pressures.

>> No.29948896
File: 52 KB, 608x608, 1612139043014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTC is just an entry on a distributed ledger. The 'value' is only created when governments deliberately allow their fiat notes to be converted to your ledger entry. If they ban it, it is technically worthless. So yes for most practical purposes, to transfer or store wealth or value bitcoin is useless in places like India, china etc where it is banned if not highly regulated. Its value is directly tied to governments allowing it to have value.

The opposite is true of gold and silver! which is why you can buy armies and literally topple governments by paying in gold or silver. Gold is still the money of governments and stability, that is how the rothschilds got rich and that is why Gold remains highly hoarded by central banks and major powers around the world, unironically in JPM LBMA vaults in london and New York and those days are coming to an end once COMEX collapses wrt silver...the first domino to fall.

Bitcoin is a deep state scam to soak up fiat printed fed dollars into a new invisible bullshit store of value, much like the emperors new clothes. The banksters are literally attempting that with bitcoin and it is going to backfire and fail in an epic way.

London and New York are able to run a credit DEBT BASED economy because they are the price discovery centers for gold and silver. This allows them to keep the price of precious metals low thereby increasing the purchasing power of the dollar and the pound eliminating inflation. This year they are going to lose that power!

This has nothing to do with being a gold or silver bug. This is a geopolitical event. 2020 the US UK lost the petrodollar:

2021 US UK Israel are going to lose the power over pricing of precious metals! The power to control inflation via COMEX AND LBMA SILVER AND GOLD SHORTS TO INFLUENCE PRICE DISCOVERY! HYPER METALS INFLATION ECONOMY INCOMING!!!

>> No.29948912

lol what makes you think i dont own any? I have over 12btc in btc/eth/link/dai

>> No.29949017

it was 3 people buying it up. Now its 1 million anons. They were able to ruin the 3 people... will they be able to get to all 1 million anons?

Also read the fucking thread, this has been addressed lol

>> No.29949048

and i should add ive been loading links since .34c. loaded big on 200-300$ eths, and sub 12k btcs.

>> No.29949187

It reminds me of XRP's graph and that makes me cringe. XRP's graph is the most unhealthy looking thing I've ever seen.

>> No.29949227

What ETFs to get bros? Do I get a Junior silver one or do I just get a generic silver/gold ETF one? Or do I just get Bay horse? Also how much do I need to put down?

>> No.29949289

word wall of shit, didn’t read

>> No.29949296

what is your account size? work out some contract spreads that cater to your budget on silver futures-/SI

>> No.29950177

I forgot FFMGF

>> No.29950635


>> No.29950712
File: 3.07 MB, 4032x2268, 1614569268145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

50% physical 50% bayhorse? I honestly don't know. I'm all in on physical silver. I hear bayhorse is the lovechild of /pmg/ right now, but how much of that is shliling i don't know.

This is more of a physical thing, after all your shares can be seized since they're basically just receipts... but nobody can touch your silver that you hold in hand.

>> No.29950763

Fuck off with butthorse, same fag.

>> No.29950811

We will know in two more weeks.

>> No.29950837

Person who made this definitely missed out on crypto and is hoping for the same scenario in silver. Cringe.

>> No.29950841

that's a cool half and half watch

>> No.29950956

is there a stock I can invest in that makes these batteries?

>> No.29951023

Silver has been used as money for thousands of years. Once hyperinflation happens you’ll kill yourself for not buying at least a kilo when it was cheap like shit

>> No.29951207

I hold bitcoin anon, I’m fine

>> No.29951224

kek, whatever you say

>> No.29951262

Yes, and he wants to avoid said taxw

>> No.29951788
File: 119 KB, 749x751, 1600781115577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goddamn I can't imagine the total remorse and existential regret that cryptofags will feel when they realize they missed out on the biggest wealth transfer in recorded history

>> No.29951835

...Bitcoin went up 2 million times and yet you shill silver?

>> No.29951895

imagine not owning both cryptos and silver. tribalist retard ngmi.

>> No.29951912
File: 163 KB, 774x581, 20210218_110031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Silverbros why don't they get it? How can I make them get it? "Forgive them for they know not what they do"

>> No.29951925
File: 335 KB, 1601x866, Rise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bitcoin is a jewish ponzi scheme invention, of course it went up. You had no control over it, and you personally probably don't even know what bitcoin is. You just see "numbers go upppp"

Silver is real currency though. So real that even the fiat usd is simply a blip in the timeline of the 5000 years of wealth that silver represents.. and crypto is a blip on the fiat usd timeline lol.

Oh BTC went up 2 million times? Tulips were worth 200k in inflation adjusted dollars back in the day.

>> No.29951955

>he doesn't zoom out

>> No.29951960
File: 78 KB, 555x631, 1614337206840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are you retarded? it was rented for a bachelorette reality tv show

>> No.29951971
File: 96 KB, 1024x1023, 1612717907344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i would FUCK the two of them at the same time in an alternate universe that ceased to exist after the deed was done

>> No.29952065

wtf i posted this https://i.redditmedia.com/doqi99mu0fgPFY-cGSUo0IiIFbhafniU0vOP1r8THiI.jpg?s=9891411604f73a51b0bbf2f1be4eaa12 image and 4chan censored it

>> No.29952071
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thats the way to go for the uncertain future: cryptocoins and silvercoins
>otherwise you ngmi

>> No.29952076
File: 351 KB, 800x627, We-the-Pepe-Revolutionaries-Meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Silverbros why don't they get it? How can I make them get it?

There were no dedicated silver threads before this one when i made it. The answer is simple, you gotta inform people, make threads yourself, post content, inform the anons, make frens.

Take the matter into your own hands anons, make sure that the word is continuously getting out about silver as a service to your fellow man.

"love your neighbor as you love yourself" is a good quote for this anon, not "forgive them for they know not what they do".

Help them learn anon, its YOUR responsibility (and every other anon reading this who can see the big picture)

>> No.29952106
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>> No.29952128
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COPE: the thread

>> No.29952129

to the downside? CFX solves this

>> No.29952208

Heckin chequed!

>> No.29952220

But a 1/10oz gold round and put the rest into 1oz silver ASEs.

>> No.29952255
File: 157 KB, 640x418, a7f311h5vuj61_665947928114656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29952338

Sell to a wholesaler who will flip it to a retailer. It's like watching normies buy 40k BTC now, there's always a market for idiots. If Silvers hits $250 per ounce I'd be perfectly fine even selling it at $200 to a wholesaler who will handle the rest of the bullshit. I'd still be well up

>> No.29952397

Can someone please confirm this? Someone save this >>29952065 image and repost it to see if 4chan censors it

>> No.29952477

Mining stock price is based on sell price of the produced commodity minus cost to extract. This leads to a counter intuitive stronger gain on weaker companies when silver (in this case) goes up.
A mine that is barely able to break even will see the largest gain in stock value, as they will go from barely scraping by to making nice profits. A company that was already making decent profits would already be priced as such and therefore not realize as much stock gains off of a commodity price increase, although they will still go up.

>> No.29952622

i thought in the 80s there were Great Generation old money guys who monopolized physical assets like this, hence the spike

>> No.29952662

This looks like the chart of any dead 2017 shitcoin. It's never going anywhere. It's precisely BECAUSE of my crypto wired brain that I see it's a dead coin

>> No.29952847

The biggest difference is people increase the value of silver by turning it into electronic components or jewelry, whereas shitcoins cannot increase their value.
Well that and most cultures across the globe value silver

>> No.29952959

Millenials and zoomers give 100x times more fucks about virtual things than jewelry.

>> No.29952993

USGS said that the earth's known unmined silver supply itself peaked last year. It's downhill from here on out.

>> No.29952999

Wasn't the dollar the same as one ounce of silver? Much better to compare to wages 100 years ago instead of 2000 years.

>> No.29953073

Makes sense
1 oz = 1 oz
As god intended

>> No.29953083

Back before the stock market was ever interesting.

>> No.29953096

my blockchain is pearl
>niggers try to shill shit on /biz/
>they can’t see how PoW PoS algo works on ENQ
only smart asses will get it and make profit

>> No.29953112

I think it's so funny that metalcucks use these arguments now. When PMs were actually used as currency they didn't have any usecase and THAT'S what made them valuable. You do realize that industrial usecase is pretty recent right? Metals were precious because they have the properties of money. Crypto is artificial money that deliberately and directly represents our concept of money. Metalbugs out of all people should understand the value of crypto more than anybody but instead you're using the commodities peasant arguments lmao.

If you wanna argue usecase, cans of beans are what's gonna save you if shit hits the fan.

>> No.29953177

So what happens when silver runs out and buying cypto is only a few clicks away? Seemed a bit weird to see crypto fall with stocks when the 10y bond yields went up. Does that mean when yield rise to 3% crypto dies?

>> No.29953219
File: 607 KB, 240x180, CrispWanAsianconstablebutterfly-max-1mb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>f silver to $1000/oz?

>> No.29953260

Western millenials and zoomers sure, but india, where most silver/gold jewelry ends up, is buying more than ever.

>> No.29953432

And Kenya is just discovering the value of rocks. Should I invest in rocks now?

>> No.29953482
File: 253 KB, 557x1250, 1614535518894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29953487

Do more research. The GOAT rechargeable batteries are actually LiFePO4 batteries. I invest in a few ETFs Th at follow lithium in general though.

Regardless, rates will keep rising and as we saw in the most recent rise all tech loses big time compared to everyone else for some god damn reason. I only foresee rates going up further. Given that any and all tech is doomed until rates lower back down.

>> No.29953557

Yes but cryptocurrency is just printed out of thin air, just like fiat, literally like fiat. Oh you can't make more BTC? Don't worry we'll just make a new crypto! lets give this one 10 billion valuation, that one 2 billion!

BTC is valued.... wait for this.... as high as it is.... wait for this.... BECAUSE IT WAS FUCKING FIRST and not for ANY blockchain or technological mumbo jumbo.... If you disagree please explain to me why BTC is worth more than LTC... i'll wait.

all crypto is just a pump and dump, and i knowww its hard to believe, but you best realize that tomorrow, BTC can be $1000 dollars and there is diddly shit that you can do about it... and then be $1 in a decade. It's not about technology anons, its about simple faith, a faith based currency... sound like fiat at all?

Thats why the jews love it.

>> No.29953596


So isn’t the current price of silver only this high because companies use it? When the silver runs out for companies to use, doesn’t that mean demand will also decrease? I know supply is increasing, but with interest rates rising and a lower dependence on silver due to the fact that companies evolve to use something else. Wouldn’t silver go down not up when we run out?

Are we all buying at the top?

>> No.29953597

Everyone is talking about ecosystem
can’t remember even one platform with full-workable eco
and these homeless beggars try to shill with their trashprojects
well, if you are an autist you can invest in this
I am clever really and have enecuum ecosystem and its mining

>> No.29953633

its more or less not replacable in most applications

>> No.29953658

BTC is valued the highest because it has the highest backing of miners and thus the most work put into it and thus the highest security. It's not the highest because it's the first, it's the highest because people chose it as highest. People could have easily switched to BCH when the fork happened, but people chose BTC.

>> No.29953774

Is it really though? What makes you say companies can’t just create or use an existing alloy to do what silver does? How special is it really?

>> No.29953778
File: 96 KB, 112x112, 1613465852770.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good question.

No, the current price of silver is this high because it is being shorted by every bank and major institution so they keep the price as low as they can. Nobody wants to bet against 10s of billions of dollars, so they just assume that the banks know something that they don't and never buy up the silver.

Silver isn't about use at all or consumption, it's a currency, much like gold, but for common usage, always has been, and always will be. Silver is suppressed to the price it is now. Adjusted for inflation its worth about 300-400/oz... that's with zero hype. That's where it should be. Gold should be at about 5k.

>> No.29953812
File: 10 KB, 304x301, DtnaWG8W4AAZcQ3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol the loser ran away.

truth is, crypto is exactly the same as fiat currency. It only has value because people give it value, but it has nothing upon which that value is based except convenience.

However, physical Silver and Gold will always be valuable, at least until metallurgy science reaches an advanced enough point that they can literally print it like paper money (philosophers stone/ alchemy tech).

>> No.29953892
File: 504 KB, 700x820, 1613062407020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

again, its not technical... its simply faith based... someone was able to convince enough people to stick with BTC... but other than that? The technology can easily be replicated, improved upon... made to be 3x better "tokenomics" can't it?

All of crypto space is pure faith and selling it.

But imagine that bitcoin hit $1 tomorrow, and every other crypto went to 0.01 cents.... Literally nothing would happen, the world would keep going and it would have ZERO impact on the world other than the fact that some people would lose money.

The silver bullet on the other hand... can destroy the FED.

>> No.29953898
File: 35 KB, 358x292, 1513977484830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29953905

Is it possible for the supply of silver to run out ever? I’m pretty sure there are mines everywhere that are closed down because silver is too cheap. When silver prices rise, wouldn’t they just correct to a new high and eventually be super shorted again?

>> No.29954055

Of course, silver is the most conductive element in existance. So the use for electronics is huge and will only increase in time.

There are some mines that are closed because theyre cheap, but keep in mind that they were mined like crazy back in the 60s when we WERE silver backed, and adjusted for inflation they were running and had to work for it to pull silver out of the ground at 100/oz.

So yes mining will pick up after 100/oz or so, but don't forget that most of the money in this world is held by boomers, and they ALL respect silver as currency, so the push into silver WILL bring about more mining... but it'll also bring about wayyy more demand than the mines can provide.

>> No.29954118

Are you just allowed to go to vacant mines and do some mining yourself? Would be pretty cool to mine your own silver if they don't want it

>> No.29954205

That's literally how all money in the world works. Metals aren't different from that. We historically only used Gold and Silver as currency because enough people agreed it was valuable.

Bitcoin is a new and disruptive technology and is ALREADY trailing Silver's Market Cap. Silver is going to become obsolete in this very year and yet you think you're holding something actually valuable lol

>> No.29954323

Bitcoin is about to get curb stomped back down to $5000 so hard that redditors are gonna be scared to buy a fucking bond for the next 3 years meanwhile silver is gonna make some fucking moves.

>> No.29954411
File: 33 KB, 600x600, 1612255637076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here's where you're wrong buckaroo

See only about what 10% are even aware of crypto and like 1% are involved in it? I"m not sure but apparently the numbers are catastrophically low. So widespread acceptance is something that YOU are jumping the gun on, not us silverchads.

Now to get to the CORE of value... silver is valuable because its rare, and shiny, and because it makes women want to have fucking babies with the person who gives them gifts with it. Same effect as gold has ultimately. You give silver to jeweler, he makes pretty thing, you give pretty thing to pretty lady, she makes you baby. Babies are worth living and working for. THAT is why shiny metals (and gems) have value... its literally womens vanity, something that we as humans wont be able to get rid of.

So yearly we have a consumption of 200 million oz just for jewelry with silver. Regardless of price, regardless of hype, the people want fucking silver jewelry.

So there is a intrinsic use case isnt there? One that doesnt need explaining ... ITS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT, no tokenomics required. Not to mention the health benefits of silver and silverware.

And completely disregarding the use in industry, in cars, in electronics... which is also HUGE, even bigger than jewelry desu (800 million oz consumed a year of silver across all categories) because of silvers epic conductivity.

Now, what about bitcoin? It's PURE faith, and has NO intrinsic use case, something that people WANT. Sure you can get a bunch of autists to make the price go up, then idiots to go "ooh price go upppp" but once that's gone, much like for the tulips, its worthless.

>> No.29954602

Can someone tell me why I shouldn't just go all in PSLV instead of buying physical? The last time there was a silver squeeze silver mining and trusts stocks went up 150x

>> No.29954674

in 1933 the government got desperate and seized the gold and the people complied because they trusted their government
In 2021 the government will get desperate if the silver squeeze succeeds, and will want to confiscate your silver. You don't trust the government and wil shoot anyone that enters your property.

Armored vehicles will surround 1 central location of PSLV and will seize control of ALL bullion held at the PSLV reserves.

That's why PSLV is weak compared to physical... it's better than SLV, which is pure paper, but its MUCH weaker than physical that you hold and protect/hide.

>> No.29954680

btc what is slower to mine every time we have big bull run.
silver is faster to mine than before.

crypto has bull run every year, but big one every 3-5years

silver had one 40 years ago

>> No.29954688

Lol at people who still think their are greater fools out their to buy their bags. It’s over people!

>> No.29954959

Bill Gates is now that largest Farm Land owner in the US

>> No.29954968

If we get at this stage I think we would have even bigger problems, this is zombie apocalypse level stuff, not sure it could happen again

>> No.29955024

Can i pick your brain?

I'm genuinely curious.

What's it like being retarded?

Do you find yourself bumping into things often?

Or like falling down often or something?

READ THE FUCKING THREAD YOU FUCKWADS. There were plenty of retards like you who had the same dumb fuck questions and comments...

>> No.29955063


Which ETF or silver miner you guys recommend. Using the app 'stake'

>> No.29955112
File: 35 KB, 662x377, 153643043_1453535128312368_8701429617065390922_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i know, bill gates sees ahead of his time, he's also invested heavily into drinkable water... so im starting to suspect anyone without a well is fucked soon too.

it isn't. There is the mental trend to think "oh shit man, all hell will break loose if that happens" but realistically we had an example in history, the government was brazen, they simply seized the peoples wealth after suppressing the price. Then they let the price spike.

They also outlawed ownership of precious metals for the longest time too after that... it was just standard order of business... so its very possible that they CAN do what seems to us as draconian measures... but to them is just another order of business.

>> No.29955320
File: 139 KB, 885x582, tetherbrrr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTC is manipulated by tether printing to make it seem like the market naturally values it, when otherwise it doesn't. This can be seen when tether stops printing and people continue selling even as they were while tether was printing. If tether stopped printing Bitcoin would go back to its market value of zero USD

>> No.29955368

just look at the physical properties, silver has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity of all elements in the universe

>> No.29955505

Any source on the bill gates agricultural investment? If it's legit, he will once again be one of the richest goys on the planet, probably far wealthier, in real terms, then he has ever been before.

>> No.29955509

That's why you buy ZKB Silver instead. If armored vehicles surround one of the biggest swiss STATE banks, shit's beyond fucked and holding phisical will do fuck all to your well being anyway. Sure i can see leafs bending to da gubberment if some sort of ownership restrictions apply but swiss giving up money in their banks? Not even if zombies.

>> No.29955570

i know... its literally tethered to the universe and the real world. The world itself is saying "guys... silver is THE shit"

But no, muh 0's and 1's are REALLY valuable guys...

MUH NEXT 1000x!

>> No.29955669


no, no matter how FUCKED things are, silver will reign supreme. Literally you have middle ages level of tech, and there silver reigns supreme. If we kill off like 99% of the people and the world enters the dark ages... silver will be the currency

>> No.29955695
File: 264 KB, 750x859, 2EA1F216-67B6-4BAA-8D0B-488C60609D5A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> https://www.forbes.com/sites/arielshapiro/2021/01/14/americas-biggest-owner-of-farmland-is-now-bill-gates-bezos-turner/

>> No.29956302
File: 48 KB, 480x481, baby-yoda-old-yoda-1574103229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its been a fun thread frens...








>> No.29956386
File: 3.73 MB, 2096x1984, 1614311718655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you understand that if silver did go to even just $100 a ounce that my silver mining stocks would go up 100x-1000x? I would be a billionaire.

>> No.29956540

get ready anon. Because it's coming

>> No.29956705

What are you holding? I'm looking to start accumulating miners.

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