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What is the most painless way to kms and make it look like an accident?

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banana peel

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don't do it anon

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Demoralizing and not biz related

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>he fell from a ladder

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Hi guys, wazzap here?

>Have you seen that spam attack on /biz/ today?
These homeless niggers really believe that clever trader will look at their shit
Funny imo
>I never risk today, my assets are on yield farming on yvs finance and I can reinvest any time

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what happened anon?

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drive through traintracks crossing while having phone in hand. so they think your phone distracted you then u got smushed.

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Fork in toaster with a piece of toast jammed in the bottom

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shotgun to head is painless but i don't know if you could make it look like an accident

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if you're free enough to kill yourself you're free enough to rob a bank. stop being a pussy.

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>fork in toaster
using this analogy if cardano dumps tomorrow

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Hmmm don't see diarrhea death on that list

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>get loan for sport bike
>doesn't matter how bad it is because you're going to kys
>don't wear helmet and 150mph into solid concrete wall
A parking garage would probably be strong enough not to break. This is how I plan to do it when the day comes. People will just think you were being reckless.

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hahahah genious, do hard forks usually pump or dump projects?

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Dude the fact you’re in the mindset where NOTHING matters is so powerful. You can do ANYTHING because you are literally dead inside. Feel free my dude

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in ADAs case it should pump it, a big milestone towards gougen and coupled with the potential coinbase announcement it should pump hard

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Banana peel

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>doesn't matter how bad it is because you're going to kys

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tie a rope to a tree and your neck(make sure there is atleast 200 ft of rope between your neck and the tree , get in car and test it's 0-60 mph

p.s. make sure to hide the rope after your head gets ripped off

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grenade buttplug

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I had a car accident at that speed, in an old opel
I got out of the car without a scratch, and my dad was laughing.
The best way is inhaling a gas. Shooting yourself does not always work. My dad shot himself with a shotgun in the chest when he was young, and survived.

But to OP, do not do it. Life is worth living, and we do not know if there is something on the other side, dont make a mistake.

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why does it need to look like an accident

is that going to matter to you when you cease to exist?

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It won't solve your problem. You will reincarnate in different but similar circumstances until you wake up.

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The state of this board

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>solid protection cage crashing into wall
>body flying into concrete wall with no protection
There's a difference

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Actually this. Since you always have the option of being dead, you have nothing to lose by being alive.

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>Life is worth living,

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I ate a whole one and I'm not dead yet, does anyone have another advices? Please sirs I must do the needful

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lol somebody just took out a life insurance policy didnt he

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kekd and checkd

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quints of quality

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>and we do not know if there is something on the other side
when I was a teen I hoped there was life after death now I'm twenty years older and all I want is oblivion

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