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ITT: We discuss our favorite projects built on top of the Cardano blockchain.

I'll start:

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got em

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every single ethereum project by eoy

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recovering from the loss that this shitcoin brought me will be my top priority

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kek. there is literally nothing running on this ghost chain, except it's worse than a Chinese ghost chain it's run by pump and dumpers.

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good one anon!

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cardano is a huge hype with redditors and that alone is a huge turn off. yikes.

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it's pumping starting tomorrow lol
yeah man 4chan is just so much better shilling link, look where its at now

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Cardano has already more market value than all other POS projects.
Even without having smart contracts or dapps being build on.

Other POS projects should walk the road of shame.

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you talk like a buttsex

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Delusion. Based on what evidence. It'll be BSC all over again, one or two weeks of hype with very few projects and them all being shit projects then it'll be dead just like BNB.

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Uninformed clown.
Government contracts already in the pipeline.

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Sorry bros. Sold my ada for eth last night. Taking profits. Riding the eth wave back up.

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>Government contracts already in the pipeline.
[citation needed]

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by 2020 cardano will have thousands of projects faggots

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Please sir do the needful

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Eth 2.0 unrionically

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So it's already priced in.

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Whats Cardano suicide and make it stack?

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Is the launch confirmed for tomorrow?

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First time in crypto history we will finaly see mass adaption.
Shit is priced in.
When a few crypto retards can push broken shit like ETH to 170 bill value, imagine what only 5% of mankind will do to ADA price.

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COTI. if you dont already know ignore this.

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making sick gains

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Nobody is gonna move their projects to a centralized chain controlled by this karen

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COTI obvs

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Not a single person who understands the underlying value proposition of crypto will move to this shitchain.

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sshh we said enough today.

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yes, buy more BNB and ETH for the chinks, that will show them

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Enjoy holding this peson's testnet chain bags

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That happens with a POW dev who was great 10 years ago and missed every important tech innovation since then.
He becomes a dinosaurus .
Like VHS or Netscape .

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buying the dip, fren?

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SingularityNET (AGI)
been holding since 2 cents.

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Eth is nothing like Bnb. Bnb is much more similar to Ada in regards to both being Chinese made and centralized. You know what the HK in IOHK stands for don't you dumbass? Hong Kong.

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what's delusion is thinking that ETH survives this in-tact.
desperation intensifies. god I love these fud threads. watching mETH heads squirm and seethe. Imagine my fun as the ETH trainwreck moves forward into this year. gonna be soooo fun.

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What bags?
ADA is up x70 since March covid crash.
ETH only x12
BTC only x 9

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my dad told me and he works at ADA

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All you can do is deflect with empty sayings like "desperation intensifies" you can't even begin to challenge the content of the argument. So who's really desperate? Who's the one spamming shilling threads non stop because you have no substance to back up your project, just marketing hype and delusions of grandeur.

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You are a bread buddy.

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ADAbros?? not feeling so good here...

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Dump this shit while it's at the top and get some TRX.

TRON is heavily oversold, and is the better blockchain/platform

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>Chinese made
yes show me the chinese team. I'll wait:
Cardano being the most decentralized crypto so watch the BTC maxi fud it as centralized. BTC maxis and ETH bagholders are on suicide watch these days. Cardano must be doing something right.

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>challenge the content of the argument
there was no argument. but if you think there was then please frame it clearly and I'll address it for you my desperate salty fudder fren

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>ADA has no proje-

nice try fudders

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this brings fear to my heart. iohk better deliver before eoy.

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This bull run's xrp.

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How is cardano decentralized....?

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but the pair DOT/ADA did a -50% in a few weeks?

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1. Plus auto updating on quality software is considered a good practice.

Plus humans actually like to be able to trust things. Very few people care about “trustless” because it’s counterintuitive.

2. Deadalus is open source and if people don’t like the auto update feature a developer can copy and paste the code and remove it. Plus there are at least four other Cardano wallets to choose from.

Nick Zabo never did serious deep research on Cardano and lacks fundamental basics in understanding POS build by scientists .
Old POW faq.
Missed crypto innovation of the last decade.

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personally I hold both, although my Ada bag is quite a bit bigger, I sold off a little at ATH to buy DOT at $33

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how much are we anticipating in 5 years? i think 500 per ada desu

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nahh they are moving to tezos as we speak

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Even with such an ecosystem in place already , the market values Cardano higher - without any of that.
Doesn't sound very comfy for DOT holders, right?

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$100 a bit more realistic but wagmi regardless

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now not yet

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why this shit is poomping now? I wanted to short this bitch, but changed my mind

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Kek, this!

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>How is cardano decentralized....?

>Block production
1849 active stake pools when the target is set to 500 (pic related is an old image). Cardano is about to increase the target range to 1000 pools and that 1849 number is just going to grow.

>Cardano's on chain governance platform is already the Largest DAO on the planet and growing
>On chain funding of CIPs and DAPP development - community curation of applications - voting on best projects. this fund is worth about $300 million right now and growing. DAPP developers funded this way.
>Future development will be funded and chosen in the same way - a competitive market. IOG will have to submit a proposal to continue as a core developer going forward if they wish to be funded going forward.
> greater than 71% of ADA is staked - the most of any cryptocurrency

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cosmos, tezos, polkadot, even Fantom and avax
All better than Cardano. Cardano will not be finished for several years to come

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lies. 79% of XTZ is staked, so greater than Cardano. Cardano community is full of lies

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For me? It’s

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cardanos on chain governance hasn´t done shit. Tezos on the other hand has done 5 successfull on chain governance upgrades and is miles in front of cardano development

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native tokens are coming out tomorrow.

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Truth is:
Market gives a shit about them all.
All are behind Cardano in market value.

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>All better than Cardano
none better than cardano, nice try fren.
>Cardano will not be finished for...
1 to 2 more months. but on a serious note, no project in the cryptosphere is really ever finished so you've made a great moronic point there anon. Perhaps you were referring to smart contracts on Cardano? then April/May is your answer. Perhaps you were referring to on-chain governance (Voltaire) - already live and just being iterated and improved and this will continue literally forever... and it's already the largest Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on the motherfucking planet Earth. Perhaps you're referring to Ouroboros Omega that brings in Hydra L2, Instant settlement, Healing (recovery from dishonest majority) and... SHARDING. that will be IOG's 5 year funding proposal going forward, but Omega is not needed to make cardano the best blockchain bar none in the forseeable future.

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And far behind Cardano value.
So what shit is this Tezos thing when it has already everything in place and Cardano has not - but can't beat Cardano in value?

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yesssss nigger

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Interesting - I didn't know "Auto update software" translate into decentralization. What good is a governance if you don't even have a say as to how the blockchain operates? This isn't a trustless environment and if you honestly think there's going to be a move to a permissionless blockchain where the stakers don't even have a say about updates then you are very, truly out of your depth friends. Also big money funds mean jack shit. EOS had a $2 billion warchest and look at it now.

Christ, ever bull market there's an influx of newfags who think they understand the market based off a couple clicks and a video. You HONESTLY think ADA will overtake ETHs network effect? DO YOU TRULY BELIEVE THIS? I'm all for a blockchain ecosystem in which there exists multiple blockchains but to overtake ETH right now IS FUCKING ABSURD YOU FUCKING MONKIES WAKE UP

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AGI is the next 10-50xer just because of its ADA affiliation

https://youtu.be/6eD_rnII3ms?t=2240 here is Charles namedropping the founder of AGI


Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/cognitiveworld/2020/07/14/is-artificial-general-intelligence-agi-on-the-horizon-interview-with-dr-ben-goertzel-ceo--founder-singularitynet-foundation/?sh=244ffc4859d0

why have you not bought in

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holy fuck who is buying this shit

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network effect doesnt seem to be worth much, if you could easily port your whole project over to another system, that gives you certain advantages, eg. lower fees. you saw, how quick people jumped to bnb

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Literally seething his bitcoin is dropping. Satoshi is about to pull out completely and dump BTC for ADA. Szabo is a genius, but objectively Bitcoin is more centralized than Cardano.

Hilarious to see Satoshi (or half of the core group that makes up Satoshi) himself slip up and start fudding a coin.

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honestly wasn't aware of it my Tezzie fren. I do notice you seething in a Cardano fud thread though, color me not-surprised. Typical Tezos bagholder behavior. Let's take a look at those numbers shall we:
79% of tezzie coins = 601,574,918 x $3.45 = approx $2billion (baked?) coins
71% of cardano coins = 22,089,864,099 X $1.34 = approx. $30 billion staked coins
no wonder I didn't notice the tezzie stat. good for the tezzies though.

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Network effect is undermined by token inflation. Cardanos lack of inflation is what makes it a much better investment than polka or eth.

Polka runs the same consensus algorithm as ADA.

>> No.29925529

look at what happened to eos. you just can't get people to move, especially with chink chains like bsc offering zero fees for gambling and other things, what can cardano offer? slightly better throughput, and lower fees, for more centralization? not really an easy sell

>> No.29925536

oh shit i was about to disagree but that twitter cap really convinced me, anon!

>> No.29925685

Will happen in the next few weeks.
Watch it live and in real time.

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>hasn´t done shit
citation needed.
>Cardano is on its 4th on-chain round of funding for DAPP developers and Cardano improvements (current one at $1 million)
>5th round to go live soon.
>Cardano's on chain governance system already the world's largest DAO
>Cardano's on-chain governance systm has undergone a ton of upgrades since first implemented and is continuously evolving and pushing the space forward. Yes tezos came before Cardano in this regard and cudos to you.
Bitcoin also came before Cardano with it's UTXO system but, as is with all thing tech, it's UTXO system is outclassed by cardano's Extended-UTXO system. so I'm not sure what you're bragging about there desu
you sound very salty anon

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how the fuck did you lose money on the biggest performing alt, are you retarded




yeah it should be promoted by wagie fedoralords on 4chan, that's how I know a good buy when I see it


I see kneepads and rope in your future

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Does ADA offer an ETH bridge? You have a nascent defi industry just starting up and you think all these dapps will just suddenly move over to ADA because it's "better"? They don't even have smartcontracts at the moment.. You think dapps with billions of dollar of value are going to suddenly drop everything that's been working and just trust that Cardano "just works"? What the fuck? You do realize that your bags of 1000 ADA mean jack shit right? There's a reason why BTC and ETH haven't been replaced. They fucking work and as much as I hate ETH right now and it's congestion, it will eventually figure itself out but the ecosystem for ADA (if there ever will be one) will need to develop slowly over time. Network effects aren't switches that happen flippantly. There's a discovery to networks based off organic usage.

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If they manage to fuck up this like avax and ftm did recently it will be funny.

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March 31st - 100% of blocks will be produced by stake pool operators. This was the most responsible way to decentralize the system. It provided optimal security and the rollout has been perfectly smooth. All the other metrics put cardano as way more decentralized than any other project, with the caveat that you've noted. That said on March 31st you'll lose that fud point and then what will you do? eh anon?

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Celsius moving to cardano will be a big get

>> No.29926161

BTC and ETH are still on top because there never was a high tech blockchain in place like Cardano is.
And yes, dev teams will come in herd style, because they are sick of ETH fees and all the hacks and exploits.
No serious dev team likes a broken and unsecure chain.

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multi-chain is the future you absolute dingus. do you not realize this? That said, cardano offers predicable fee structure which is a massive advantage, the ability to pay transaction fees in native tokens rather than requiring ADA (no other blockchain offers this):
and a more stable and secure platform with provable security (including at the token level and smart contract level). You will see more platforms following Celsius' lead:
>Celsius Network to Cardano - Losing Millions of USD each Year in ETH Fees (start at 26:15)

>> No.29926347

Being able to pay fees in kind will be a huge deal for stablecoins. So if I want to send $100 tusd I have to buy $50 eth and then pay that in fees - no thanks

>> No.29926352

Correct, and no one has signaled that they will switch. Cardano is hype for midwits like reddit. Who are more numerous than /biz/ so i bought to ride it up and will dump on them.

>> No.29926415

what is KEVM and the ERC-20 converter

>> No.29926469

In the meantime ADA pumps
Better join.
Don't fight against it - Cardano has already won.

>> No.29926517

With the decreased fees and huge spike in profitability, we can probably expect celsius copycats to spring up, eg regional (non english speaking), maybe platforms which focus on native tokens only, wrapped btc etc. Huge potential here

>> No.29926550

I dumped at 1.4
You’re late bro. It’s not gonna reach it again and will dump after 1st March

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>Network effects
absolute kek.. Charles eviscreated the network-effect meme narrative peddled by ETH shills here. see if you can counter it:

>> No.29926602

Kevm = ETH 2.0 - but even better, because Cardano style.
So like ETH 3.0

ERC20 converter = easy 1 click converter of every ERC20 token into Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

>> No.29926703

Stop it.
Biz can't handle so much truth.

>> No.29926733

>Correct, and no one has signaled that they will switch
lie or just ill informed. Cardano has over 100 projects lined up who want to switch, so many that they cannot service all the contract offers and they're going to be rolling them into Catalyst to apply for funding from Cardano's on-chain treasury to help those developers get the resources and assistance they need to make the switch. that said, here is a public known set. will you retract your statement or just shift the goalposts?
Projects Coming to and Moving to Cardano
>SingularityNET moving to Cardano and fully focus on Expansion into Cardano - ETH token to have low importance

>DNATags™ full conversion to Cardano

>Celsius Network to Cardano - Losing Millions of USD each Year in ETH Fees (start at 26:15)

>Stablecoin AgeUSD algorithmic stablecoin

>> No.29926793

Ethereum is going to get wrecked. This is particularly bullish for Statera. Without impermanent loss that project will finally fucking implode infinitely.

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>you saw, how quick people jumped to bnb
Yeah...none of them outside Binances chinese knock off projects. Uni. aave, balancer, synthetix, etc are all on eth still. Not porting to anything outside eth either.
>because they are sick of ETH fees and all the hacks and exploits.
If people were sick of eth fees theyd stop paying them and the fees would be lowered. Fees are high because no one has stopped using Eth or cared to stop using Eth.
>Cardano has over 100 projects lined up who want to switch
Im talking about real projects that have users and dont hire porn stars for their asset management.

>> No.29926883

Say Statera team - welcome to Cardano .
They shall join.

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This one guy has been FUDing all day, hahaha. Either that or they all follow the same NPC script. I love it! Hey man, your pictures of meaningless tweets aren't stopping anything. Do something I can screenshot when I make my ADA at $5 thread!

>> No.29927149

Funny how this one pops up everytime. My goodlooking man Charles even jokes about it now.

>> No.29927257

You are in denial stage.
Who is using ETH?
0.01% of mankind?
ETH can even keep all this shit dapps the masses don't care for.
Cardano was designed from scratch for real mass adaption.
Government contracts, Fortune500 dapps, projects that actualy make the life of billiones of people on this globe better.
Not some unimportant Defi stuff for rich cock suckers who send a token from one place to another one.
Keep that shit and wait for the next exploit, hack or rugpull.

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>What good is a governance if you don't even have a say as to how the blockchain operates?
Cardano holders absolutely will, so you're just plain ignorant or lying, I don't know which it is. The parameters of the system can be changed through voting using Catalyst going forward. Cardano holders will also decide who will be building out the platform as a core dev going forward thorough Catalyst, so wrong again.
>This isn't a trustless environment
at this exact moment in time, no. going forward, yes.
>if you honestly think there's going to be a move to a permissionless blockchain where the stakers don't even have a say about updates then you are very, truly out of your depth friends.
Do you just truly not know what the fuck you're talking about with cardano, or are you intentionally lying? which is it anon. Stakers will 100% have a say about updates in the future. you're the seeting moron who is out of his depth, at least when it comes to cardano. you have a lot of research to do if you want to productively fud cardano. fud works best when it's accurate and truthful, and yours is neither.

>> No.29927354

Suicide 50k, make it 250k

>> No.29927387

>Government contracts, Fortune500 dapps, projects that actualy make the life of billiones of people on this globe better.
>Not some unimportant Defi stuff for rich cock suckers who send a token from one place to another one.
>its not made for users its made for banks and companies.
Literally XRP copium.

>> No.29927443

I love these threads from clearly seething people that didnt buy ADA earlier. still time to buy anon ;)

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KEK. you switched the goalposts just as predicted... the absolute state of meth desperation-fud faggotry. KEK.

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>If people were sick of eth fees theyd stop paying them and the fees would be lowered. Fees are high because no one has stopped using Eth or cared to stop using Eth.

WOWWWW, the delusion, lol. No one is tired of paying for gas? No one listen to this clown, haha. People moved to BSC over it, dummy. Binance has seen huge growth BECAUSE ETH IS SO GARBAGE IT CREATED AN INDUSTRY OUT OF FIXING IT'S PROBLEMS.

>> No.29927485

blabla bla blabla
Watch and see

>> No.29927575


Project: Ergo

>> No.29927593

the fact you can buy ada right now for $1 ish is insane. enjoy being poor. 7200 ada stack here

>> No.29927633

The FUD is getting outdated, try to find something new, if possible ofcourse....

>> No.29927715

I think most ADA holders also like DOT.

>> No.29927717

I think eth will still be around a bit like eth classic is still around today. There will still be a vibrant community it just won't be #2 like for the past few years now.

>> No.29927722

of course your faggot charles "jokes" about it. He reads 4chan posts.

>> No.29927748

>People moved to BSC over it, dummy. Binance has seen huge growth
Nobody moved to BSC. The entire thing was wash trading on non American exchanges, mainly Binance. No one is using any of those products.

>> No.29927757

Wait till Chico army enters and say Cardano is a japanese gaming platform.
Some dudes are....well....

>> No.29927799


@NickSzabo4 you are a retard and do not know how a decentralized self govern blockchain look like. BR, anon666
- can someone post this on twitter

>> No.29927850

Gavin + Charles are already in contact.
Polkadot and Cardano chads united in future.
Will end ETH even quicker.

>> No.29927994

>Dumping money into a project that isn't even finished yet.

Literally when has that ever been a good idea in the history of mankind? You people are gonna get rugged so hard its comical.

>> No.29928096

The two Ouroboros' would make quite a team.

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Right, it's not like ICOs release to raise funds for further development or that pre-sales happen and these people often do well on their investments. You are right, DOT is completely finished, all of the alts we see are like entirely fleshed out products...Some people just can't be helped. Launching March 1st, tokens right after. Cry while we fly and keep mentioning it's not fair because it's not 1000% finished.

ADA haters put me good spirits man, so bullish seeing the state of 'em.

>> No.29928481

One possibility is once eth traffic goes down and fees become more tolerable, it becomes the de facto testnet, which can then be very easily migrated to cardano. Particularly given how many solidity developers are out there

>> No.29928607


>> No.29928630

Its ETH 3.0.

>> No.29928652

100% agree.
Let's build a big united ecosystem of all 3rd generation blockchains.

Cardano + Polkadot + Algorand + Tezos + Avalanche

A dream would come true.

Well, Hoskinson is working on it.

>> No.29928827

EOS all over again, but with an obese lardlord ChARLES HOPKINSON, Cardano, IS A FAT FUCKING NIGGER FAGGOT. I know you see this through your bot. SEC coming for that fat ass soon.

>> No.29928939

My favourite is NEGROSWAP

>> No.29928961

Oh shit - EOS supporter here.
Look, it did x2 since Covid crash in march 2020.
While ADA made x70.

>> No.29929024

I really like Cardano and believe in its future, but ethereum looks kinda undervalued now and I want to invest in it too. But I dont like swing trading so I only want to put my money on ethereum if it's going to keep improving and becoming more valuable over the next few years at least. What do you guys think? Is it still worth it to invest in eth?

>> No.29929102

>hasn’t heard of selling the news
bagholding is an art fren

>> No.29929260

Lmao, even AVAX has projects

>> No.29929295

1 - Not the same faggot
2 - timing matters!
3 - see you at $5+, the moon isn't over!

People are tired of ETH, simple as. This "undervaluation of ETH" is the groundwork and the sign for its replacement. I would personally wait on going heavy into ETH, all BS aside. Unless 2.0 comes out QUICK (It's not...might take 3.0 actually), then ETH is facing real challenges in the coming months.

>> No.29929427

ETH tries to figure out how to build a proper working POS since 2016.
And even if they find a solution to huild ETH 2.0 in 1-2 years, it will be magnitudes behind Cardano tech .
And along the way you have high fees, smart contract exploits and hacks too.
Rugpulls on a constant basis on top.
ETH is old tech of 2nd generation, hardly upgradable.
True first mover disadvantage .

Better invest in the future.
Buy Cardano or Polkadot or Algorand or Avalanche etc...

but don't buy ETH or BTC

>> No.29929494

if you have a problem with stuff that's been programmed by trannies I'm curious to hear what you think about literally everything else you use that's been developed by trannies. it's like the one thing they do right

>> No.29929573

liqwid finace

>> No.29929596

The question is will 3rd gen make 2nd gen obsolete? Btc is clearly the winner of gen 1, but remained dominant even at the ETH peak. Will eth stay relevant in a similar way to how btc is now ie largely being from legacy, or does gen 3 obsolete gen 2 entirely?

>> No.29929719

why would i want to put ai on a blockchain

>> No.29929781
File: 183 KB, 1200x1200, 3AAEC572-915C-4837-9B82-4CAD800928D8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cardano is Reddit/YouTuber/Influencer chain.

AVAX is the organic /biz/ chain.

>> No.29929908

How did VHS end up, Mosaic, Netscape, AOL, Model T ... etc...

>> No.29929909

crypto is only useful for hiding wealth, sending money across borders, and certain niche financial products. anyone telling you otherwise is scamming you.

>> No.29929988

>AVAX is the organic /biz/ chain.
okay... and when has /biz/ ever outsmarted reddit? There are billionaires browsing reddit while the richest fags here are pajeets and chinks.
I would rather follow reddit advice

>> No.29930004 [DELETED] 

reckt, get the dip retard or die poor
this shillers try to scam you with trash token
don’t go for this scam, wanna see the best staking gem?
take a look at JustLiquidity with dual system on BSC
>1700$ got here

>> No.29930009

Well, tell that 13 year old kids in Africa or Venezuela who are running Cardano validator nodes.....

>> No.29930082

this is how we will talk to vishnu sir

>> No.29930250
File: 418 KB, 220x206, 1608746244564.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw i just like the coin

>> No.29930303


>> No.29930325

Ask this Bosch or Festo who are using Fetch to build smart device marketplaces for them.
Or the city of Munich using Fetch AI agents for their parking infrastructure.
When it comes to AGI and Cardano , AI will monitor the Cardano platform compared with other blockchains to make sure fees are always competetive.
Only a simple example. Much more possible.

>> No.29930410
File: 200 KB, 500x514, cardano.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fud in here is great, keep it coming.

>> No.29930479
File: 5 KB, 456x106, B50569A8-BCD1-4E9F-9B28-8681B2134BB1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is GME all over again.

>> No.29930593

Im hearing these youtube basedfaced analysts all say that Cardano will dump as soon as the fork launches. In other words, its pumping. Buy now, its your last chance boys.

>> No.29930621

We all agree 2$ tomorrow right?

>> No.29930626
File: 830 KB, 1847x1591, 1611715973874.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29930638

Nope, sorry.
There is no institutional money shorting ADA.
They are going long.
Look here:

>> No.29930666

Exactly let reddit have their fun and we can shit on them when it crashes. ADA has been and always will be the "smart man" reddit vaporware coin.

>> No.29930777

Must be a religion you are follwing.
What caused this mental hostage ?

>> No.29930857
File: 312 KB, 960x540, Satan_Angel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Peace out reddit fags. Check out /xsg/ for your fate.

>> No.29931009
File: 15 KB, 426x197, CE62AB09-363E-4722-85E0-D5C88846B183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked, and you’re right, satan.
ADA will be the XRP of this bull run; beloved by normies and redditors, superficially attractive, but deeply flawed if you look a bit closer.
Short term spikes from speculators are possible, but will ultimately shit the bed long term.

>> No.29931097

Yeah , who cares for science and high IQ tech stuff.
You definitly not.

>> No.29931147

You found a picture. Now you have it all figured out.
Bravo maestro.

>> No.29931228
File: 170 KB, 360x346, a20ddd95ed33c6937246c1f37232e519.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>science and high IQ tech stuff

>> No.29931271
File: 20 KB, 323x570, 5CBD0C13-7101-42C0-ACA4-DF8215475584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>science and high IQ tech stuff

>> No.29931515
File: 95 KB, 901x1024, 1594242379679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>science and high IQ tech stuff

>> No.29931557

What's so funny about truth?
Are you conspiracy terrorist?
Here fact:

>> No.29931617

LOL, shut up, you are hurting the cause faggot.

>> No.29931691

thoughts on COTI fellow adabros? i swinged my ftm profit into it

>> No.29931951

I only shit all over biz trendy lifestyle.
Most disgusting pleb forum on internet.

Racism, sexism, homophob, Alu hat dudes and so on.....

I am only here for the 1% who still are humans and should join Cardano movement .

And i give a shit about the opinions of the rest of biz.

>> No.29932075

Coti goes for Cardano .
Coti team has to be high skilled devs.
Go for it.
Fantom is random at best

>> No.29932242
File: 221 KB, 1269x1920, 87a0d9d99aaffa99bfa3cba1e16f6aa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you. You don't belong here. I'm in cardono for money, not you faggot beliefs.The races are different, the sexes are different, homos are gross degenerates and trans people are mentally ill. You're almost certainly a troll.

>> No.29932449


>> No.29932481

Didn't take long for the 1st sub creature to respond.
You are a good example for the 99% biz creatures.
Have a nice day buddy.
And learn to walk upright, even as a mutant.
Much success .

>> No.29932532

you will never be white.

>> No.29932592

But you are right, i really don't belong here.
My area is mutant free zone.
Therefore :
Bye bye

>> No.29932725

For me it doesn't matter what colour shirt you have on.
Or where you were born because of a genetic accident.
I judge the people on how they are doing

>> No.29932783

>I judge the people on how they are doing
And India is a literal shithole, unfortunately for you.

>> No.29932809


>> No.29932969

Good attitude fren, all the best.

>> No.29933067

Well, you find bad places everywhere, right?
Look at Detroit or Philli or Berlin ....
But you find nice places inevery country too.
By the way, can you pls tell me what you activly did to be born white or to be born in a certain country?
I mean, did you write some letter before your Dads cum was spread in yourMoms pussy?

>> No.29933127

For you too.

>> No.29933195

make it is 10x a suicide stack newfag

>> No.29933255

>Look at Detroit or Philli or Berlin ....
None of those places are white (or Japanese). So obviously they are all shitholes too.
>By the way, can you pls tell me what you activly did to be born white or to be born in a certain country?
I was given a gift by God

>> No.29933314


Bold move, Cotton. Let's see how this plays out.

>> No.29933481

Ah, The God excuse, the last refuge of a man with no answers and no argument.

>> No.29933491

thanks fren i just need some affirmation

>> No.29933520

Big fuckin Charlie. Bringing us those gainz. Fattening up my wallet and making my girl want to suck my dick. She thinks I'm so smart buying Cardano. She's so impressed with my crypto knowledge (of which I have none)
Thanks to who ever shilled this little baby to me. ADA! It go UP! Then it goes down a little. Then it go UP higher and higher. Damn

>> No.29933701
File: 347 KB, 1200x1200, 22702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ADA Bag Holders: this is who you're investing with.

>> No.29933716

You are already above average smart when you follow real smart people.
Cardano ecosystem is full of them.

>> No.29933751

shit cope

>> No.29933826

Now this is just odd. ADA usually follows wherever BTC goes, but with slightly higher pumps. However, in the last 30 minutes, during the big BTC pump, ADA barely moved at all. In fact it even went down a bit. I haven't seen this kind of irregularity in a while with ADA

>> No.29933971

Meanwhile you try to change the legacy financial system in the west?
With all these regulations and a working payment infrastructure!
Good luck.
Lets see who gets faster to adaption and change.

>> No.29934028

anon you've been posting this image a lot. i like the image but you should space it out some more

>> No.29934032

Anyone who gives a shit about smart contracts understand why Tezos will dominate this space within a year.

>> No.29934040

Very strong.
Try to answer it!
You can't .

>> No.29934196
File: 24 KB, 400x400, 98C3D81D-4C2C-47FE-951B-F2011526E25E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek ada is truly the dunning kruger retard coin. Imagine investing in a coin shilled by illiterates and 12y/o youtube commenters. shiggydiggy

>> No.29934228

no worries to godless heathens
burn in hell newfag

>> No.29934252

AGI is moving to Cardano

Buy now or forever regret the pump to 1200 sats

>> No.29934565

hasn’t hit the news yet. subreddits dedicated to crypto aren’t mainstream.

when people are talking about it as much as eth then you sell, of course. we aren’t there yet

>> No.29934581

The money is green. You act like reddit doesn't invest in other coins...

>> No.29934627

There is no hell, never was, never will be.
There is no tooth fairy too.

"Something is wrong. War, disease, death, destruction, hunger, filth, poverty, crime, torture, corruption and the ice capades. If this is the best God can do, I am not impressed. This is not what you expect to find on the resume of a supreme being. It's what you expect from an office temp with a bad attitude.
George Carlin"

>> No.29934638

When does it hit the mainstream news?

>> No.29934647
File: 14 KB, 391x400, charles-hoskinson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cardanbro think were just going up from here?

>> No.29934874

don't care you're still eating shit

>> No.29934921

Imagine thinking Carlin was some leader. You don't understand religion nor God and you don't know what he knows. Here is a clue, stop placing so much importance on earthly existence. Of course, that's all you believe in so this is a wasted effort. If you belive there is an afterlife, the stuff you mention is really not important. God doesn't cause these things, though he allows them to happen. Evil people do evil deeds. Anyway, good luck.

>> No.29934929

It's going down even further now, despite BTC stabilizing. The last time it acted against BTC was when the new ATH was reached. This might be the trend reversal

>> No.29935064

>The FUD is getting outdated
ok smart contracts arent existent on the chain so

>> No.29935110

You don't care because you are an ignorant and mentaly weak person. You need some invisible man in the sky to give you strength.
Personaly , i would prefer to visit some doctor to help me.
But if it helps you and you don't kill other people for your God - keep believing.

>> No.29935245

If God doesn't cause bad things or doesn't do anything against it - what the fuck is his job in the first place at all?
A dude or a woman or a tranny who simply gives a shit?

If so, why praying to it?
Sounds like wasting time.....

>> No.29935415

sure do love watching CZ manipulate the price because it threatens his BNB coin

>> No.29935699

God did not make us sin, Adam freely chose to sin and we are all sinners by nature. It's not his job to save us from our own nature. Actually, he does save us in the end if we would only have faith. He doesn't save us bodily. that's not even what matters...

Why pray? Because you see his wisdom and his love in saving us in all our wickedness. Anyway, I could go more into detain but this is /biz/. God has a plan and it is for the greater good. Not the good according to you. You largely hate him because you are judging from ignorance simply by virtue of being human. We do not have that capacity to understand. Of course, if you have faith this is the thought process. You don't belive in god so none of this matters to you. I will just was to watch some James White debates and discussions about such things.

>> No.29935894

my god the absolute state of you fucks
grow up, goddamn

>> No.29936219

Hey fren, don't get me wrong. I don't hate God. Because i think the God described by certain books is only men made. This creature doesn't exist . So i can not hate something that is not existent .
And what God do you talk about? There a a dozens different Gods out there.
Depending on where you were born, you believe in a different God.
I think these different Gods had been put in place by people who want to control other people more easily.
Does it mean there is no afterlife? No, perhaps there is - i simply don't know.
Do i need some God to tell me what's bad or good?
Not at all.
Do i need religion or church for that?
Fuck no.
These guys are responsible for mass murder on an epic scale in human history.

>> No.29936511

Human "morality" is only preference and opinion. If you are an atheist then you should not believe in objective morality. Everything is subjective from out point of view. It changes by time, culture, experiences, individual. Nothing is good are bad, they just are. In the end none of it matters because you won't even know you ever existed. Modern atheists have things so screwed up...they get the most basic things wrong anon. Religion keeps this terrible "moral innovation" down. Anyway, good luck. Watch james white.

>> No.29936661

this. trannies are just really autistic men, and turbo autists are the most powerful programmers

>> No.29936774
File: 81 KB, 1052x1028, IMG_20210227_194833_367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When $2

>> No.29936780


>> No.29936821


>> No.29936898

Well, i don't agree.
By the way, i don't care for atheists ether.
I am only me.
I think there are things that are never subjective from out point of view.
And they never change by time, culture, experiences, individual.
Example :
Murder, racism, sexism.
If you abuse a child, it doesn't simply matter who you are, when you are or where you are.
It's always bad and ever will be.

>> No.29936936

this, every second compiler dev or PL creator seems to be a tranny

>> No.29937137
File: 69 KB, 988x704, 1004225D-11AB-4976-B88F-6B89AB27B5D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29937201

By the way, don't you find it disgusting when a person does bad stuff all of his life - killing, torture other humans - but close before his death he prays to some kind of God , he found God deep in his heart and this God forgives his sins?
What is with all the shit he did before?
Well, only bad luck for the other people i guess, right?

>> No.29937249
File: 17 KB, 216x198, CA546CB3-2ABD-4247-8A8F-6772AD1BE4B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29937418
File: 49 KB, 312x300, 07B01208-A16A-4633-9D3F-1BDA6AD59F4B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek eth is truly the dunning kruger retard coin. Imagine investing in a coin shilled by illiterates and 12y/o youtube commenters. shiggydiggy

>> No.29937551


>> No.29937820

I'm building crowd funding software on Cardano

>> No.29938728



>> No.29939997

Not selling til $1-2 billion mcap
Applied for staking too, coti are the real deal

>> No.29940367

You Failed

>> No.29941290

Jesus fucking Christ the state of ADA holders and muhh research papers

>> No.29941489

This is the official make-it coin of 2021 and you're stupid if you're not heavily invested at this point. It's too obvious by now.

>> No.29942081

Don't care, don't trust Charles. Simple as.

>> No.29942161

>and when has /biz/ ever outsmarted reddit?


>> No.29942926

>t. drives a truck and has no idea how software dev works

>> No.29943579
File: 43 KB, 442x694, DC86E9EA-BEB6-4C6F-809D-57022F523E51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29943919

I bought this shit because it was 8 cents and something namedOuroboros protocol sounds sick as fuck.
The only midwits here are all the poorfag fudders who were actually too stupid to buy in cheap.

>> No.29944471

Jesus christ everytime I see this it just becomes a little more cringe, what a manchild

>> No.29944966
File: 54 KB, 424x424, 20210228_230806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29944974

Historically plenty of societies did "murder, racism, sexism, abused children" by your standard. Hell, I already know I disagree with you on morality and many others do, just from what you have said. You can't say I'm wrong in any meaningful way, you can only disagree. You can only not like it. Hey anon, the races are different, the sexes are different.

>> No.29945070

most based take yet

>> No.29945093

>centralized chain

>> No.29945139

Anon were you seriously not around during EOS hype 17/18? This is not enough...

>> No.29945424

I'm literally laughing out loud at your stupidity Nick Szabo knows more about decentralized systems than all of biz combined

>> No.29945575

We as humans probably shouldn't it's so the robots can create their own economies and really have no need for us

>> No.29945628

Cardano is centralized garbage. You may as well buy stock in a fintech company, it's the same thing.

>> No.29946334

did it hit the news when crypto crossed $1 trillion market cap?

>> No.29948093

holy shit LOL.. There is still time to jump back in because it is releasing news tomorrow you retard oh my god... I'm not trying to make you FOMO man, i'm just trying to help you because holy fuck hahahahahaa

>> No.29948659

How is Cardano centralized?

>> No.29949464
File: 2.67 MB, 1354x1013, 1559168865913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crypto is the greatest IQ test that man has ever stumbled upon. To watch from above (Mt. Link), I'm left speechless everyday at the stupidity of lower IQ people. Vechain, XRP, ADA, BSV, the stories are all the same -- retardation. And in the midst of the schoolchildren, intellectual geniuses will chime in with calm and reasoned questions of doubt, only to be completely unseen by the retards, or written off as a FUDer, Nigger, or faggot. Stay poor, they say. Unaware that they could have already made it many times over, like we have, but you are too fucking retarded.

>> No.29949647

>you are a retard
do you by any chance meant to say 'you're retarded' ?

>> No.29949886

there is stuff missing from this infographic

>> No.29950019

>the cause

>> No.29950054

Do people still unironically think ICOs are good investments? Fucking newfags